Police ‘assault’, detain mum with baby over alleged bribe

Nigerian Police [Photo credit: Today.ng]

A woman, Toyin Adeleye, who returned from the United States of America about a week ago had a feel of the brutality of the Nigerian police on Friday in Ado-Ekiti State after she reportedly refused to give bribe to police at a check point in the city.

The woman was manhandled along with her two-month-old baby, Heritage, and her younger brother, Adeniyi Dada, by five officers before they were detained at a police station.

The incident occurred at the checkpoint in front of the Ekiti Pavilion and a few metres from the official residence of the newly deployed Commissioner of Police, Abdullahi Chafe.

Apart from detaining their victims, the policemen also impounded the black Kia Picanto car with registration number LAGOS FKJ 221 EE which she drove while returning from the market.

The injured woman was seen breastfeeding her baby when journalists visited the police station on Saturday.

The woman’s husband, Akanni Adeyeye, while speaking to journalists, lamented the inhuman treatment meted out to his wife, pointed out that she had bruises on her face and lacerations on her body.

Mr. Adeyeye, who slept in the police station to keep his wife company, said the policemen had requested the vehicle papers and the driver’s license of his brother-in-law, who was driving the car.

He said one of the policemen withheld car documents given to them, demanding that they be “settled,”. He said the demand was rebuffed since the papers were valid.

“My wife and her brother were returning from the market at about 3.00 p.m. on Friday and on arrival at the checkpoint in front of the Pavilion very close to their station, they asked for all vehicle papers and driver’s licence which were produced and they are valid,” he explained.

Mrs. Adeyeye breast feeding at detention
Mrs. Adeyeye breast feeding at detention

“After checking all the documents, the policemen were demanding for money to be given as ‘settlement’ which my wife and her brother refused. My wife drew their attention to the baby that was crying in the car.

“Five of them were beating her at the point of arrest and on getting to the station, the beating continued. After thoroughly beating her, they obtained her statement around 10.00 p.m. There are wounds on the back of my wife and face to show for it.

“On getting to the station, they now cooked up a story that my wife slapped one of them and tore his uniform which is a lie. They are telling this lie to justify their action of their cruelty to my wife, my baby and my brother-in-law.

“Neither my wife nor her brother slapped any policeman or tore any uniform. The question to be asked is how would somebody who is not armed attack an armed policeman? They cooked up this falsehood to cover up their brutality,” he said.

The Ekiti State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Chafe, claimed Mrs. Adeyeye was detained for attacking a policeman on duty.

He said the woman tore the uniform of the policeman, adding that the matter would be further investigated.

“Those people slapped my policeman on duty and tore their uniform,” he said.

“Uniform is an authority and what those people did was against the law and it is not good for a civilian to slap a policeman.

“It is not good for somebody to prevent a law enforcement officer from carrying out his lawful duty.

“It is not about his age but the authority he carries. I don’t allow my men to do something contrary to the law.

“I don’t want a woman to be detained with baby or with pregnancy. I don’t want an old woman or a minor to be detained. I have taken note of this and we will take the right action on the matter.”


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  • kenmege

    Shame on the Nigerian police force. Thank God they did not kill the innocent woman, her baby and the brother in law and label them as kidnappers or armed robbers.

  • Buhari d scarecrow.

    Nigerian police force are just bunch of wankers.

  • Kickboxer


  • GbemigaO

    ANIMALS ! King of animals – CP

  • Impulse400

    When those whose duty it is to uphold the law, become criminals themselves, what right do they have to demand authority? Under what justification must Nigerian victims submit to criminals in uniform?

    If Police, Soldiers and Government constitute themselves into “Public Danger”, it is time for member of the public to take adequate steps to protect themselves from these Dangers in Authority!

    Medical doctors that can mislead the public, by approving soft-drinks banned in the home countries of concerned parent companies, so that the patronage of their hospitals can increase are nothing but a Danger to the Public.

    Government that fails to provide drinking water but criminalizes citizens that provide water for themselves, through deep-wells, that fails to provide housing for the poor but engages in unlawful demolition of slums for the benefit of corporate cronies and real estate developers forcing crime to increase, that perpetuates diabolic experiences through its various “Agencies of exploitation and extortion” of road users, for the purpose of revenue generation, is nothing but a Danger to the public.

    But what is most dangerous, is an ignorant, docile public that is unwilling to remove the criminals in authority. Such a public is a grave Danger to itself! Such a public is destined to perish, for the prosperity of its invading parasites. Millions of underprivileged along with their descendants will become extinct for the sake of the descendants of a few rich.

  • Galantman

    I abhor all forms of brutality from uniformed men because I can also become a victim. but the story did not add up. I find difficult to believe that police will beat up a beast feeding woman simply because she did not give bribe. There is more to it. I have personally watched a woman slapped a policeman in lagos because her husband is a big man.