Sex scandal: Stephanie Otobo petitions Lagos police, wants Apostle Suleman probed

Stephanie Otobo

The woman who said she had an amorous relationship with the overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Johnson Suleman, has formally filed a petition asking police to investigate multiple allegations against the preacher.

In a letter to the Lagos State police commissioner, Stephanie Otobo, 23, accused Mr. Suleman (popularly known as Apostle Suleman) of illegal procurement of abortion, threat to life, and attempted murder.

“That sometime in June 2015, Apostle Suleman Johnson and I started an amorous relationship in far away Canada. The relationship was nurtured by Apostle Suleman who inundated me with cash gifts and pleasure trips all over Europe,” Ms. Otobo stated in the petition dated March 13.

“In particular, I was invited by Apostle Suleman to join him for his crusade that was held in 2015 at Napoli, Italy, the full expenses for the trip was paid for by the gentleman. While in Napoli, Apostle Suleman would preach and do “miracle” in the day time and take the much needed rest in my bosom at night.

“Napoli was our love nest for three good days and after the crusade Apostle Suleman left Napoli and I also returned to Canada.”

Ms. Otobo’s petition came days after he told journalists at a press conference that her relationship with Mr. Suleman ended after the preacher began to insist he wanted a sexual activity that involves a threesome.

It also came a week after she was arraigned by the police before a Chief Magistrate Court in Lagos on a four-count charge of terrorism, fraud, and blackmail.

She denied the charges.

Shortly after the Napoli experience, she continued in her petition, she said she discovered she was pregnant for Apostle Suleman.

“I called my lover to inform him of the pregnancy but Apostle Suleman was not particularly excited about the news rather he requested that I should come to Nigeria,” Ms. Otobo said.

“Based on Apostle Suleman’s instruction I left Canada for Nigeria to meet Apostle Suleman. It is important to note that despite the amorous relationship, I saw Apostle Suleman like a father figure who takes care of me and to whom I was extremely obedient to.

“I arrived Nigeria on the 25th of August, 2015 and clandestine arrangement was made for the two of us to meet and consequently, I met Apostle Suleman at Definite Destiny Hotel, beside Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos State. It was at the hotel that I was given a concoction to drink by Apostle Suleman who told me that the concoction was for my spiritual fortification.

“But in less than ten minutes after drinking the concoction, I started vomiting blood and passing out blood. Apostle Suleman then gave me pills to stop the blood though the blood did not stop immediately but the pain subsided and the pregnancy was gone.

“I was devastated by the development and Apostle Suleman gave me cash gifts in three different currencies, to wit; Euro, Dollars and Naira to console and compensate me for the loss of the pregnancy. I could not come to terms with the facts that the man that claimed to love me and promised to marry me, could procure abortion for me without my consent which could have led to my death.

“Unfortunately Apostle Suleman did not stop at procuring abortion for me without my consent but also in a desperate bid to keep the amorous relationship between him and I a secret not known to his teeming followers, Apostle Suleman invented various devices to bully and threaten my life.”

Ms. Otobo called on the police to investigate her claims.

“I plead with you, in the course of your investigation, to confirm the exchange of all our text messages from the networks, forensic analysis of all the nude pictures we both sent to ourselves (and whether they are, indeed, photo-shopped or authentic), our international passports to confirm the dates and times of our travels, investigation concerning the hotels we slept together both in and out of Nigeria and bank accounts to confirms the transfers of funds.”


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  • Kunle Ajayi

    Yeparipa! Oya o .
    Over to you Sulewoman.
    Refute these allegations with facts not grandstandings or so -called spiritual posturings you are known for.
    Money, sex, adultery, hotel rooms,cars,buildings et al are physically enjoyed and not spiritual issues.Pls tackle these allegations physically.

    O fese lu.Ayakata !
    O fese won.Ayakata !
    O fees wen.Ayakata !
    (Apologies to Baba 70.)

    • Tare Daniel

      Did she make the allegations with fact? Please be objective.

      • No Bull …..

        No, YOU be objective. If Stephanie is making up her story, why Suleman of all people?

        • Tare Daniel

          The question should be why she decided to come forward only after Suleiman made statement about fulani herdsmen… and why ‘victim number two’ was seeking protection from the Kaduna state govt.
          Theres so much more to this drama that we dont know.

      • Kunle Ajayi

        If you have been following, she called for fact sources which will be provided on request by court not media. Bank records,international passport stamps hotel CCTV et al can and will be summoned if this goes on.

        • Tare Daniel

          Thank you. I have made a similar point in the past. If her goal is not to tarnish the image of this man and shake him down for money, why is she fighting her battle on the pages of newspaper instead of a courtroom?
          Why the constant threat to release evidence that is never forthcoming?
          What happened to bank statement? If her account in Nigeria what about the one in Canada?
          I’m not holding brief for the pastor but some things dont add up.

      • Onye Obosi

        No she made it with conjecture. Person mentioned cell phone, passport, hotel CCTV etc. You are still looking for fact. Wait fact dey come.

        • Tare Daniel

          “She mentioned” the same way I can mention that you part of vampire’s gang that has been terrorizing Eastern Nigeria. Unfortunately, i lost my phone containing the evidence, if the police can retrieve it, I will prove it. Now defend yourself with facts.
          I dont hold brief for the Apostle, theres a chance he could be guilty but lets not be too quick to reach a conclusion. His problem started after fulani herdsmen statement.

    • Julius

      hahahahahahaha, abi ooo..pasi, pasi !! O fe gbe san !

  • Shahokaya

    The spirits have abandoned this fake toto licking pastor. What now remains is his gullible members to also abandon him.

  • Truthometer

    Useless “Power ooo, Enter ooo” apostle. The hottest part of the hell is waiting for you, unless you change your ways.


    Yet some Nigerian Christians still believe that this lady was telling lies or is being used to tarnish apostle Sulewoman.

    • No Bull …..

      Those gullible Christians are simply in denial.

    • Julius

      Because they are mumu. Remember James town ?

  • The Patriot

    Apostle, you saw all the fake visions but didn’t see this one coming.

  • deltavoice

    Ashewo kobo kobo

    • Onye Obosi

      Even if na penny penny. E no consain you. The same thing Sule dey pay thousand euros u dey call kobo kobo. I no blame you.

      • deltavoice

        You say e no concern me yet you say Suleiman pay thousands of euros to the yeye Sapele Ashewo, that one concern you?
        Look make I tell you, if you nor get sense make you get sense. How she go claim say Suleiman promise her marriage when she know say he get wife for house.
        Abi na your sister?
        Na penis carry her mother comot from marriage about 30years ago.
        Her father see nude pictures of her in her phone, he rebuke her say why. Na quarrel she follow her papa quarrel till she insult her papa. Na she disown her papa.
        See the kin hair she carry for video sef, if you get sense you go know say na blackmailer,hooker and a dirty Jezebel.

        • Julius

          Yet, your fake pastor was travelled the world and slept with her. If she be ashewo, wetin be your pastor ?

          • babsjatt

            Na ashedi

          • Julius


  • Onye Obosi

    This is the most legal, and gentle way to go. Now apostle rebute her claims. Submit your self for investigation, while she submit herself. Let the police, DSS, and the judge do their work, no more running. You are the one that caused it. Nobody knows Otobo till the day you decided to use your power to intimidate her. Now the calabash don burst. “O lue n’omume, Onye a gbana oso.”

  • Edwin

    She has been well advised by lawyers to make a case of threat to life and abortion without consent.Why didn’t she toll these line before blackmailing with N500m demand

  • Julius

    Good move by the young lady’s lawyer. I was wondering when they will take this step. Now, the ball is in the fake pastor court.

    • babsjatt

      Kasara don burst ota-obo ti fi obo koba sule …..