Channels TV anchor, Suleiman Aledeh, quits; gives reasons

Sulaiman Aledeh

Sulaiman Aledeh, a Channels Television anchor and producer, has left the Lagos-based broadcaster for AriseTV, he told PREMIUM TIMES Saturday.

Mr. Aledeh, 43, made his debut on AriseTV, owned by newspaper publisher, Nduka Obaigbena, on Saturday evening, reading the station’s 4:00 p.m. bulletin.

“My babies and their mother, parents and family are so fine with my decision to move on,” Mr. Aledeh told PREMIUM TIMES by telephone Saturday.

Mr. Aledeh spent eight years with Channels Television, and was well known as a co-anchor of the breakfast programme, ‘Sunrise Daily.’

His departure from the station was effective March 2.

He said he had mulled the move for some time, especially amongst his immediate family members, because his routine at the station was becoming boring.

“It was time to move,” Mr. Aledeh said. “Almost eight years, I needed greater challenges and not routine that was getting boring for me.”

Mr. Aledeh said his friendship with his former employers and colleagues remains cordial.

“I have no quarrel with anyone,” he said.

Mr. Aledeh said he would use his tenure under his new employers to do broadcasting in “a more friendly and professional way across diverse cultures and people with special attention on the African people.”


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  • Frank Bassey

    I do hope Sulaiman did his home work very well. Channels TV might be “boring” as he claims, but the organization is stable, predictable and popular. Moving from the known to the unknown could be disastrous if divine element is not involved. The owner of Arise TV is not known for organizational stability and predictability. Let’s pray Sulaiman does not Arise (in London) to Fall (back in Nigeria).

    • ikenna

      He left because channels tv is now APC mouthpiece. Watch they morning shows, so boring. I wish him the best.

      • Jossy04

        You people we not stop amazing me!!! So if you call a station that carries balance news like channel TV APC mouthpiece please what would you call AIT??? Please answer me….

        • Daniel Cyril

          APC mouthpiece

        • Olaola

          AIT is PDP news outlet simple.

        • share Idea

          Nobody is contesting that AIT shows obvious bias to PDP. Even the owner is a PDP member, however, you are contesting that Channels is not guilty of such behaviour even when a child could perceive and feel it too.

      • share Idea

        It might be true but the guy showed more sympathy to APC than others

    • Kareem Haroun

      Na him work there for 8 years, I suppose he knows better… Life is boring with routines…The guy is a great broadcast journalists and a sought after

    • femi

      You hit the nail on the head

  • ikenna

    Channels tv is now APC mouthpiece. So boring.

  • shekonlumi ABDULLAH

    You tried and I joined in praying for your success.

  • Pete

    The guy is tired of calling black white, APC style.
    Bro, God will bless your move because you have moved from evil APC DARKNESS….

  • walter

    It truly amazes me hw pple love to have selective memories…ait is obviously biased towards pdp and nobody screamed blue murder. both ait n channels r wrong for their bias if that is the case. But ofcourse, honesty and integrity never hold sway here. In all truthfulness, Nigerians really get the leadership they deserve.

  • Williams Terna

    Wish you well Bro, monotony kill interest.

  • El Patron

    I watch sunrise daily EVERYDAY and I watch Seun Okinbaloye’s politics today occasionally. They bring in the best experts in the area of discussion whether s/he be anti or pro this APC govt. I have watcged countless panel experts critize the govt. Seun has even had Fayose on his program at least twice im the last 6 months, i dont think he has had any APC governor on. Anybody that says channels TV is pro APC govt is simply a liar

    • share Idea

      If you don’t know and understand that Channels is pro APC, it means that you will never say the truth. Though they bring in PDP members every now and then because they need their money, but in terms of percentages – APC is 80% while PDP & others are 20%

    • Deji

      You should have read between the lines, Channels is not good for being pro APC but he turned to Kakaki on AIT, kindly just leave him, the choice is his.
      If objectivity, professionalism of reaching the two sides to a story is the issue, Channels remains the unrivaled leader in Nigeria of today.

  • Say the truth

    Moving from channels to arise is like signing himself to oblivion in my opinion. Good luck though. Think he is attracted by LNDN.

    • Broadway2

      I don’t think so. New challenges, new opportunities. Look at the civil service, people don’t have the courage to start something else, something new. At the end, you know how it is for them. In terms of pay and hierarchy, he must have advanced.

  • Michael

    Good riddance. Lightweight reporter
    with a poor attempt to mimic an English accent.

    • Aminu Siraj

      Okay Mango Park. The man who brought English language to Nigeria.

      • Franky

        Bros its Mungo not Mango

        • Aminu Siraj

          Noted, it’s typing error.

    • The facts

      Are you jealous of him because he speaks fluently better than you?

    • Ajibola Fabusuyi

      Lightweight reporter, did you say? “Poor attempt to mimic an English accent”! Are you sure you’re talking about the same person, or you just learned the words you used now? You must not have been watching while the man is on TV, otherwise you would have learnt yourself how he asks hard questions using a very good accent (my best so far, and I watch news channels a lot) while still maintaining a lot of decency and decorum.
      Feel free to ask other viewers.

      • Michael

        Lol. Oh I have no doubt that he would appeal to a certain type; and of course people like you are easily hoodwinked. It’s interesting that during a particular interview during the elections Wole Soyinka had difficulty understanding him but he could understand everyone else and you could see Suleiman getting really annoyed. I say to people: speak naturally. If you mimic an accent that is is not yours, and believe me, I know, then you will end up sounding ridiculous. The only person of any calibre is Maope and even at that we are talking relative standards.

  • Ezekiel

    Arise TV ke!!! Which one be that?

  • shasha

    Good decision. 8yrs is more than enough in one place. You need to boost your CV with new challenges
    Wishing you the best in your new assignment.

  • Christian Festus

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  • Emona

    That’s the best decision for Sulaiman because it’s becoming too obvious for even a new born baby to notice that Channels Tv is becoming APC tv. I used to watch channels’ tv sunrise daily every morning but since I started noticing their Fear and support for the APC government, I stopped watching sunrise and turned to kaakaki on AIT. Though you must admit with me that channels have more sophisticated professionals in the sunrise daily program than AIT has in the kaakaki morning program but the truth is that the media should be the last hope of the common and defenseless man, and when the media sells itself to the government then their is a big problem. IF you watch sunrise daily you will see they direction they are moving to, it’s a big problem for them and also for us Nigerians. Goodluck my friend, I love your courage and personality. You need not tell us the truth about why you left channels, we understand your diplomacy. God bless.

    • George

      God be with you Emona. You said it all.

    • The facts

      I would refer you to go watch the interview Channelstv had with Femi Adesina recently on Sunrise. After watching you’ll know they’re not pro-APC.

    • Veteran

      Ur kaaka n ait is which party.? This is how pple like u mislead d puplic wt wicked lies. Always mischievous…

    • George

      Why did you make your comment about about political party? This is about professionalism,not politics. If Channels was prejudiced in favour of any party,how come it won the prize of the best TV station for many years,even under the PDP govt?

    • WJasper

      So AIT and Arise TVs are PDP?

    • Femi

      You could be right in your own right but come to think of it, if you submit that you have stopped watching Channels because they have soft spot for APC govt, doesn’t AIT (owned by PDP stalwart) that you have now chosen as your information haven have soft spot (permit me to use “huge spot”) for PDP? The bottom line is, everybody/organization has it’s own interest…..your loyalty lies where your interest lies.
      Just trying to make common sense anyway.

  • ilesanmi

    My man Suleiman, you can’t afford being quarantined; you need to move ON

  • Kevin Peter

    There’s absolutely no smoke without fire. For AriseTV to have snatched him from ChannelsTV, competition is actually playing out. Wish him well though.

  • I wish you the best as you look to advancing your career.

  • femi

    Hope you will soon get the normal Nduka Baptism Non payment of salary how gullible are you moving from certainty to no future

    • Victor

      Lolz. Na real baptism my broda

  • Aguluzigbo

    Well done Sulaiman, you are a great broadcaster.
    It does not matter where you are now….
    The most important thing is that you have decided to make a move….a change I should say…
    Explore your talent further elsewhere….everything in life is in a state of flux…
    Journey well dear…