Apostle Suleman’s wife addresses Stephanie Otobo in new video

Wife of Apostle Johnson Suleman, Lizy Suleman

Lizy Suleman, wife of the senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministry, Johnson Suleman, has addressed the alleged sex scandal involving her husband and a lady named Stephanie Otobo.

Reacting to the ongoing drama, Mrs. Suleman described the purported photos of her husband, published online, as fake.

In a video, Mrs. Suleman also said that her husband’s alleged persecution is the handiwork of the powers that be in the political circles.

She said, “Since the day my husband said they should stop the killing of Christians, those who are not happy with that statement are doing everything possible to pull down the lord’s anointed.”

She said, “I don’t like media appearance but for the purpose of clarity, I have to speak. I have known my husband for the past 19 years and if you are living with a man who is promiscuous or adulterous, you will know, especially if you are an intelligent woman.

“I have to appear like this to address this because it is a woman-to-woman talk.

“I have heard all kinds of rubbish and the nonsense this lady has been talking about that has gone viral on the Internet. My marriage is the target and it is so unfortunate. For the 19 years that I am married to my husband, even while we were courting, we had never had any issue over any woman.

“For all the pictures that have been released, you can release more but it will never replace the picture of my husband in my heart.

“As you can, those pictures were photo-shopped. By the grace of God, I am a trained journalist, a mass communicator.

“Nigerians are so gullible because they believe everything.”

Meanwhile, the man at the center of the storm, Mr. Suleman, has also reacted to the ongoing scandal in a series of tweets on Monday night.

He wrote, “(You) hear stories and (you) laugh. Very poor job.We know where certain stories come from, every voice has an invoice. The church is standing tall.”

“Just saw the picture… they could have used a more presentable lady… Nigeria(n) politicians and comedy”.

In a related development, counsel to Ms. Otobo has denied a certain press release credited to their client wherein she debunked all the claims she purportedly made against Apostle Suleiman.

Reacting to the alleged press release in a chat with PREMIUM TIMES on Tuesday, Uchenna Moneke of the Festus Keyamo chambers, said, “It is all mere propaganda from the church. Stephanie did not retract the evidence or statement. The church tried to rope in terrorism allegations but the court could not find any correlation between the case and terrorism. Stephanie has not reneged on her words, she still stands by what she said and the case is currently in the court of law.”

Ms. Otobo had accused the clergyman of impregnating her, adding that he breached his promise to marry her.

Ms. Otobo, through her lawyer, Festus Keyamo, had threatened to slam a N500 million lawsuit against Mr. Suleman.

Ms. Otobo was arrested at an ATM spot in the Anthony Village area of Lagos State.

Mr. Suleman’s Communications Manager, Phrank Shaibu, had said that Mr. Suleman sent the money Ms. Otobo went to withdraw at the instance of the police, adding that it was a bait to arrest her.

Ms. Otobo and her male colleague, Wisdom Godstime, were arraigned before a Chief Magistrate in Lagos on Monday.

According to the charge sheet, they were accused of “threatening to do an act preparatory to an act of terrorism”, terrorism, and plotting to extort Mr. Suleman.

In an interview on Monday, Ms. Otobo said she did not deny that she had anything to do with Ms. Suleman, adding that the clergyman plotted to have her killed.

She alleged that Ms. Suleman is obsessed with threesomes, sexual orgies and also talked about his relationship with a certain tall and buxom light-skinned Ghanaian actress, and alleged that Suleman pays different ladies N400, 000 for sexual activity per night.

She also shared screenshots of alleged video calls with the clergyman.


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  • Bright Henry

    The woman shouldn’t have gone to all this length. She should have just sat back and watch matters.

    • Gbola

      Precisely !!

      What if the photos are proven to be authentic ??
      What would she then say ??

      And this woman had the audacity and effontery to label Nigerians as GULLIBLES ??
      She must be smoking crack.
      She needs to spend time convincing her husband that he didnt cheat on her.
      We dont need her to convince us.

      This girl claims to have raunchy text messages between herself and the pastor.
      If This is released, THEN the true picture would start emerging.

      I guess the wife would claim the sms was sent from a cloned phone — not her husband’s phone.

      This wife claimed this is the handiwork of supposedly the FULANIS in power.

      Meanwhile this supposed affair has been going on for years — way before the killings of the southern Kaduna Christians.

      At this point,
      I wouldn’t rush to judgement YET.
      But I’m sceptical of this pastors account.
      I believe they were AT THE VERY LEAST — FRIENDS.

      • Great Ogbu Ajagbodudu

        Dr. Pat first be ashamed of your poor variety of English as i proceed further, I was trying to talk about something before i made my initial post, but so fortunate Mama Lizy said it all. For decades now Apostle Suleiman has never had this sort, but just after trying to put wrongs right, this agents of devil has suddenly produced a defamatory actions against him, I have just pone word for you, you can never live to see the light of the day cos you have just touched the Lord’s anointed. And should you don’t have any aforementioned, let me sensitize you who believe of ever conceded it that you have sinned against the Holy Spirit as thus said my Bible that whoever sinned against the Holy spirit will not be forgiven.

        • IIS

          Abeg get out with your nonsense comment. For someone with good English your structure is lacking and so is your sense of righteousness. Leave the devil out of this, pastor cant keep his dingaling in his pant and he has been exposed so stop supporting stupidity.

  • Africa

    “if you are living with a man who is promiscuous or adulterous, you will know, especially if you are an intelligent woman” even America would know..

  • De’Victor Olanrewaju

    some and not most Nigerians are gullible, I take an offence on that o…..

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Look at the wife of a so-called pastor Johnson Suleiman, not covering her head and she claims to the the wife of a Pastor Johnson Suleiman.Quite very unbelievable how innocent worshippers troop often to some churches gathering.As a role model to other women,the wife of a pastor and leader of a church must lead upright and ensure her head is covered in public

    • John A

      Moron she is not a muslim, covering of hair in Christianity is not by force and moreover she is not in the church.
      Don’t be displaying your foolishness in public.

    • Samson Folarin Ayorinde

      Stop this foolishness, where in the Bible is it written that she must cover her head before addressing the media. Ignorance in the air

    • Joe

      obsolete man. What was your great grand father wearing before?. Somebody trained you in his own way of life to behave the way you are, and it has nothing to do with fellowship with God.

    • Princewill Boma Iyo

      So your problem is her uncovered head ?

      • Nkoyo

        i tire o

  • Obosi Warrior

    Nigerians are gullible, that is why they are flocking to you and your husband’s business center day and night, believing all that he is saying.
    You know deep down in your mind that there are some elements of truth in what Ms. Otobo is saying. Nobody expects you to come out to deny your husband, moreso with the kind of business you guys are into. But one thing you will know, it will become a history, the level of havoc churches and religious bodies have done to this nation.

    • Joe

      She is right. Nigerians are gullible and they believe everything evil and that is why APC messed them. APC/PMB has made every Nigerian poorer by increasing fuel price, electricity bills, multiple taxes, etc. Nigerians believe anything, unfortunate they do not believe truth.

  • IIS

    There is no way this man does not know this lady. Its virtually impossible and you cannot deduce that to be Photoshop by merely looking at it online unless you are an expert. I tend to believe this lady had an affair with the pastor. The extent of the affair is going to be played out pretty soon. Now if she was in Canada when all this sexting was going on all she has to do is get her phone records of incoming and outgoing calls. Lets see if pastor called her at all. Right now the onus is on pastor and right now its lady 2 Pastor 0

  • Kool Obiora

    Stephane Otobo is a Pig. Look at her very well to confirm.
    Pastor Suleman can not be blind to have anything to do with Pig.
    There are so many over-sweet ladies, all over the world, wishing to see him. If he is interested, he will go(sleep) with an Angel and not a pig .

    Madam, you are fine dear. You and your husband should go and sleep.

    The Devil is a liar.

    Pig (Stephane Otobo), repent or catch fire and die.

  • Waiting for facts to emerge.

  • tundemash

    Yes Nigerians are gullible hence they give their hard-earned money to cl0wns and fraudsters claiming to be “men of God”.