45 serving, ex-presidents expected for Obasanjo’s 80th birthday celebration

Olusegun Obasanjo

At least 45 serving and past presidents across the globe are expected to grace the 80th birthday ceremony of former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, an official has said.

The Chairman, Publicity and Media Sub-committee of ‘Obasanjo at 80’, Dayo Adeneye, stated this on Wednesday while speaking with journalists.

Mr. Adeneye, who is the Ogun State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, said the high point of the ceremony will include the commissioning of the multi-billion naira Presidential Library and Mosque

He said the world leaders would witness the opening of the two major projects in Abeokuta.

He described Mr. Obasanjo as a worthy and exemplary leader worthy of emulation

Mr. Adeneye described the celebrant as the architect of modern Nigeria.

He said the grand opening of the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL) attested to the popularity and honour bestowed on him as one who has continue to contribute to the development of the nation and humanity.

“Obasanjo is a worthy and exemplary leader, who, most leaders in the world, are emulating his leadership skills. Let me say that no fewer than 45 serving and past presidents and 700 important personalities in the world would attend the grand opening of OOPL this weekend,” he stated.

“The library is first of its kind in Nigeria and has over 42 million knowledgeable materials, books and documents, including Obasanjo’s primary school uniform, shoe, military cap and uniform, first car (Volkswagen) and other personal things”, he added.

He said despite the fact that the former president was no more in government, he still relates with present and past leaders in Nigeria and other countries, due to his vast experience in government.

‎Speaking in the same vein,  Peter Okebukola, Chairman, Obasanjo at 80 Celebration Committee, described the former president as an epitome of knowledge, who has used his wealth of experience in government and agriculture to transform his country and others.

Mr. Okebukola said the history of Nigeria would be incomplete without mentioning Mr. Obasanjo.


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  • Mamman Bako

    It is 80 or 90?! Please check well well o!

    • Inside Story


      The real truth about Aremu Obasanjo’s 80th birthday

      I am hearing on the radio here that President Donald Trump has declared Obasanjo’s birthday
      as national holiday in United States of America. According to the radio station all flags in America
      on that day must fly with Obasanjo’s picture on it showing his face in an enlarged portrait with his
      tribal marks and brown teeth, so that all Americans can see the face of international statesman.

      All living and past presidents of United States of America are struggling to book hotel rooms in
      nearby Ijebu-Ode before the rooms are fully booked. But President Vladimir Putin is said to be
      taking the initiative to book a hotel room in Ibadan from where he will drive to Abeokuta to pay
      homage to the king of kings – Olusegun Obasanjo – the only international statesman the world
      has ever known. Presidents Putin and Gorbachev have also made plans to share one bed in a
      single room if the hotels in all of Nigeria are fully booked as Russia will declare a public holiday
      in Moscow and St. Petersburg for Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo’s birthday.

    • PolyGon2013

      It doesn’t matter. Just wish him happy birthday.

      • Julius

        Amen !

    • henry

      45 past and present Head of state.Can’t you comprehend simple English?


    Na lie! We shall count them.

  • Foreign View


    Never, never, never! There will never be 80 ex-presidents at Obasanjo’s 80th birthday.

    Common sense defeats that obvious lie because neither Obasanjo nor the Police in

    Abeokuta, Ogun state, have the capacity to provide security for 80 past presidents,

    99% of whom, of course will be Africans, like Yahya Jammeh, and his type of riff-raff.

    • Truthmaster


  • Yoruba Ronu


    No past President of America or past Prime Minister of Canada will attend such valueless event of no consequence.
    Obasanjo will get the President of Sao Tome to come. He owes Nigeria debt for helping him stop a coup, but for that.
    I will not be surprised if Thabo Mbeki comes, because he’s been jobless after he was virtually impeached from office.
    But no past president of any country with a name to protect will ever associate with Obasanjo’s crass life of immorality.

    How many countries are in Africa? There are 54 countries. How many former presidents is Obasanjo boasting about?
    He is making mouth that he can get 45 jobless African past heads of state to come and attend his 80th birthday party?
    That means first of all that that nine African countries rejected any nonsense invitation. No self-respecting past head
    of state or government in Europe will undertake a self-disgracing trip to Abeokuta to endorse a wasted life of failures.

    • Diplomatic Bag

      If General Aremu Obasanjo
      cannot get the only two respected African leaders alive today, he may as well
      invite area boys from the nearest motor-park as look-alike of many an African
      president. The only two respected African leaders left today, after the death of
      Nelson Mandela – are Kofi Anan and King Muhammed of Morocco. If those two
      don’t come, anyone else attending will add no value, moreso that Kofi Annan
      lives next door there in Ghana. It won’t matter, for example, if say Jacob Zuma
      – who did not attend any primary school – comes to Obasanjo’s 80th birthday,
      since i won’t want an illiterate person like that at my own banquet, anyway.

      • Public Rekord

        “Following a request by the United States government, President Muhammadu Buhari has
        ordered the re-opening of the widely publicized Halliburton bribery case. President Buhari
        has therefore directed security agencies to re-visit the case and recommend the next line
        of action.

        To further convince the US officials that the kangaroo trial that took place during
        the Jonathan administration, which saw a former Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs to
        then President (Obasanjo) being arraigned and then let off the hook following alleged
        connivance of certain government institutions, will not re-occur, the President (Buhari)
        will tell them that private legal practitioners, who cannot compromise because of past
        government patronage, will be commissioned to handle the case.”


        .[July 19th, 2015]

  • Extee2000

    @PolyGon2013:disqus : I just hope Nigerians can
    truly forgive Obasanjo for his loot because he was virtually living by plunder.
    He was never accountable in public office. He gave cars as gifts to girlfriends
    with money from the treasury, according to his Vice President Abubakar Atiku.
    He was a dullard in basic administration, Atiku added, adding that a south-east
    Asian country once ordered cassava and Obasanjo rushed fertilizers to farmlands
    without thinking of required storage for exports. In the end the cassava
    harvest wholly rotted and Nigeria lost market and became poorer.

    That’s how Obasanjo
    destroyed Nigeria with his ignorance. His birthday should be roundly ignored, because
    it has no meaning, especially because he may still be brought to justice if he
    lives long enough. He only seemed to have got away with it because his coupist
    surbodinates took over power in succession. Nigeria is on the cusp of a bloody
    revolution from state failure and there’s no immunity for any crooked ex
    president in a firing squad revolution.

    • No-Comment

      “We have received several complaints about this OBASANJO charity and issues including

      alleged conflicts of interest and alleged financial misconduct. We currently have an open case

      in relation to this OBASANJO FOUNDATION and have been in contact with the trustees.

      We have recently become aware of further information about potential wrong-doing

      at the OBASANJO FOUNDATION which is of regulatory concern to the commission

      and we are currently considering this new information. We cannot comment

      further while our case is live.”

      …….Sarah Hitchings

      (United Kingdom Charity Commission)

      [May 16th, 2015]

    • aisha ani

      What did Atiku give his girlfriends and other lovers? Mr Abubakar Atiku should not even be opening his mouth because he is no better.

      • Baba Oloye


        But only a knave without sense of shame will invite people to come and
        celebrate with him inside a dingy house full of rats and flies, un-painted and
        smelly, and with no electricity or water – the way Nigeria is, by analogy.

        I wonder what Obasanjo will tell
        his guests that he did with his eleven years in power. Nigeria could not have been
        worse than this if the country had no elected president. Obasanjo in that sense
        could well be deemed a waste of space on earth.

        • Goddy





          • Ayinde

            As my Kids will say Go hug transformer if you are not happy.

  • Guest

    The ‘thing’ don dey craze now sha.

  • Sarah

    OBJ, your place in Nigeria’s history is assured and you are the GREATEST LIVING NIGERIAN.
    1) You led the final push to defeat Biafra and accepted their instrument of surrender. Nigeria exists today through what God achieved by your hands.
    2) You were the first military leader in Africa to voluntarily hand over power to civilians
    3) You, as a civilian president, reformed the Armed forces such that it is no longer possible for any single ethnic group to have the critical mass needed for a successful military coup.
    4) You gave Nigeria our largest ever non-oil economic boom by ushering in mobile telephony.
    5) You paid off all our external debt
    6) You left $60bn for Nigeria in Excess crude + External reserves
    7) You accelerated the establishment of private universities.
    Nigerians will ever remember you for these and more. We pray to God to forgive you in the areas of your shortcoming in God’s eyes, Amiin.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      “”””4) You gave Nigeria our largest ever non-oil economic boom by ushering in mobile telephony”””. Please please and please you guys should stop with such ignorant talks. The GSM tech started around the world in over 75% of the countries at the same time. The business rule for such ventures is that The countries Government must approve and issue a licence for you to bombard their airways with comms signals. Even if a monkey fire ant spider snail was our president in 1999 he still would have signed that document. so would you all then credit GSM to the spider monkey? Please i have been in that telecom industry since 1990 so remove from your head that Gsm is an Obj achievement. It is not.
      And as for number (1) How well do you know the art of war and the Biafra war history? Biafra war was no war. it was just a bunch of ill armed and ill equipped few igbo’s fighting a globally backed Military force. That wasnt a war. A war is two sides having access to hardware and fighting a bloody battle. The Biafra war was no war so please Obj achievement there is nothing. I have lead troops to capture towns from taliban. Now those are fighters better than the Nigerian Armed forces. The likes of FARC are real rebels not the Biafran people in 1967.

      • Sarah

        By being the President that oversaw the introduction and ensuring Nigeria made hefty fees $500m+, OBJ is indeed great. Pls note that Abacha had previously handed over a few licenses to his cronies for FREE!, but OBJ cancelled it.
        Re Biafrans, whether you think they where ill equipped or not, the fact remains that they had overrun much of Southern Nigeria crossed Benin City and were at Ore Town, virtually the gates of Lagos. It took 3 years of blood, sweat and persistence to decimate them to the point of surrender. OBJ was dispatched to the front by Gowon to lead the final push, hence OBJ was the man of destiny that accepted Biafra’s surrender. That is an achievement.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          Obj cancelled it and awarded it to his own croonies you know that right? so if Abacaha 1st issued it to criminals then Abacha should be the person commended and not Obj. the keyword is “issuance of the licence 1st”. Obj did not invent GSM. so lets give to Ceaser what is ceaser’s.

      • Ayinde

        Bad belle,
        pull him down syndrome,
        You are a never do well, that is why you will never see any thing good that he as achieved. Why trade so much on evil. Give honour to whom honour is due, simple.

        No matter what you think and say. the fact is clear
        There is no other leader like Obasanjo in Nigeria. None could stand his achievements. So at least honour him.

        Yes i may not like all he did or not do. Its normal, just like i do have my personal challenges and similarly my family may have some expectation met or not of me.

        BUT, in all OBASANJO is the MAN, the LEADER. Give him that honour and kudos.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          pulling who down? a man who failed us as a nation? you are not a patriot. true patriots give honor to whom honour is deserved. now weigh his successes against his failures. And i dont listen to the media. They choose whom to immortalise and idolise. That is where your knowledge of Obj comes from right?

      • PeaceAmbassador

        I believe that BIAFRA lost the war because of greed. They were actually winning the war initially, even withh their crude weapons and few allies… but all of a sudden, they started treating their South South brothers like slaves. When the Ibos entered the then Cross River State territories (now Akwa Ibom and Cross River States), they would drive away the indigenes, and claim their farmlands and houses. Saying “no” attracted instant death.

        One Ibo man would claim a whole village in Akwa Ibom for himself and the inhabitants would be his subjects… Trust Akwa Ibom people… we were blessed with fighting spirit. Some few people that could read and write now decided to join forces with the Nigerian soldiers by leading them to the camps of the Biafrans. The Nigerian soldiers found new allies and intelligence in the indigenes of the then CRS, just because of the illtreatment of the people by the now strong Ibos who were real progenitors of Biafra. That way, the nigerian soliders were getting live intelligence and therefore intruded the south and their creeks even further. It led to the defeat of the Biafrans when they had to surrender when it was obvious they were losing. But the Nigerian govt decided to declare the was no victor no vanquished.

        This is why we still ask 6 countries if Nigeria should split today. As a people, we in Akwa Ibom state do not and will not ever be wiith Biafra. We need a country called Niger Delta if Nigeria should split today.

    • Julius

      Well done !

  • ‘Konko Below’


    General Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo actually does not
    need flattery; he needs fasting. There’s no way he will be missed out
    as a sitting duck should a revolution start in Nigeria. He will likely be the first
    to go. He’s like epitome of evil; a villager who locally thought he knew how to
    steal cleverly as if the purpose of public office is to steal. With his bare schooling
    he deluded himself that he won’t be called out as a thief if he was seen shouting
    against corruption.

    But nobody in the world ever called Obasanjo a honest man with integrity – nobody –
    after all his local village tricks and almost silly disguises just to look less than a thief.

    A useless person with no citable good personal example
    as personal trait. No good education, no knowledge – just bluster – no ethical
    direction, no functional family unit, no single coherent political or economic
    idea was ever thought up in a head as large as his for 80 years. Unsurprisingly
    no single political thought will survive him, meaning he’ll be forgotten in a hurry,
    almost immediately he’s eventually buried, like a morally stinking wretch who
    came to this world just to sex, to eat, to belch, and, to fart.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      God bless you. Tell these Ignorant Obj supporters. The man is a liar liar agbada on fire. My father was a kid during the war and obj was an adult. My father today is about 75 and OBJ is just clocking 80. Liar liar man.

      • Julius

        smdh..this man scares you people to no end !. Enjoy !!

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          he doesnt scare me. he’s gonna be in a whole soon. I just will not deny that he started our problems of today neither would i allow his blind supporters rewrite the truth and our history..

      • PeaceAmbassador

        I DON’T HATE OBASANJO FOR ANY REAL REASON, BUT I DONT LIKE EITHER. Although naturally, I like men who have the guts to chase their enemies into a hole… not like GEJ who sheepishly said that he had no enemies to fight….eventually his enemies fought him into a hole. I would only admire him because he’s a MASTER STRATEGIST…the kind of human being that i am.

        But Mr. VERITAS, you lied. You even lied more than OBJ. The war took place in 1966 -1967 or thereabouts (Just about 50 years ago). For your dad to be 75 years now means he was NOT a kid. He was 25 years old… old enough to graduate from a university, work and marry. So how then was your dad a kid? I hope you dont call yourself a kid also!!! I’m not trying to say that OBJ is right…he’s always saying he doesnt know his real age. I guess that OBJ is about 85-88 years while our oga president is about 90 years. It is my own opinion o. DSS, CIA, CID or what ever acronym you answer, don’t come for my head o.. na joke I dey joke o!!

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          i may have approximated my fathers age. but he was anteen during the war. And as for master strategist i wouldnt give any of our military officers past or present such kudos because they havent faced a real foe. The US, UK, Russia, Syrians, Libyans have true strategist because they have faced real armies. not a bunch of properly untrained civilians running around shooting guns.

  • henry

    Congratulation sir more strength, more vitality, grace,good and sound health and longevity.God has created you in a unique way and has given you a place in history because it is God’s doing no one can take it from you, thank God for God he is not a man ,he does not consult any man before he blesses his own, if not some would have protested because of hate, some because of tribe, some because of the position you’ve occupied, some for not appointing them during your Presidenship and some for no reason at all,and some because you have refused to be irrelevant and some because you are still alive and not dead.I join you to appreciate God for your life and his special grace and love for you.Thank you for changing the face of communication technology in Nigeria,Today in the comfort of my room i can do bank transaction, call anywhere in the world, get any information on the net these all happened when you were our President we are grateful, some think you could have done more but we believe that is how mucheap God enables you.We thank God for that.Ride on prosperously, the chairman of the “World former Presidents”

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      History will tell you all the truth. Time is the real story teller. After his death the CIA will declassify his files. Then you will know the money you have been collecting to come online and praise obj is blood money.

      • Alpha

        OBJ will remain the ONLY president that left some enduring legacies for a while. The creation of EFCC, ICPC and using the former to cleanse Nigeria of the then prevailing 419 nation toga, are enough to guarantee that. Though there are so many to his credit and he towers above all else.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          ICPC and the Police fraud unit existed. Why didnt he reform, train and fund them better? these are the questions we need ask. I dont remember the US having different agencies to tackle corruption crimes. That is the police which the FBI still is.

  • JasV

    Of course the library is the first of its kind in Nigeria. Let me hasten to say “in the world” Why? It is the first library built from stolen public funds and forced donations from patronizing Federal Government contractors.

    • George

      That is why he worship Bingo Bahari not to remember his sins

  • Rommel

    And when did Nigeria become a modern country? having defied all logics,the man has remained more popular than those before and after him,no one can take it away from him for he is a phoenix

    • George

      People monkey him not that he is popular.

      Shameless he goat who slept with his own first son’s wife, haba God hate him

  • Rote

    May God grant OBJ more enemies to help spread his fame! Happy Birthday Pa Okikiola, Matthew Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo, Balogun of Owu.
    You are man so we cannot expect of you the infallibility of a Saint or Angel. You remain a pride of the Yoruba extraction!

  • Julius

    Oh noooooo !!. Here we go ! Some people will be peeing in their pants because of this announcement. Lets wait and see who will show up since we’ve been told that no leader or president past and present wants anything to do with him. If they show up, they will come up with another story. We shall see !

    • George

      I agree with you but I can tell you if at all they won’t more than five and those five will be beggars from Gambian, Togo, and Cameroon. watch-out boy

      • Julius

        “I can tell you if at all they won’t more than five and those five will be beggars from Gambian, Togo, and Cameroon.”….You can tell me ? I bet you were among the folks making the arrangement or sending out the invitations. Oh wait, the rest out of your list already called you that they are not coming. Your half ass b.s is laughable ! I bet you will have something else to say if others showed up…Negativity is what y’all good at. Nonsense !

  • George

    Abacha started the GSM revolution and he mistakenly granted the first licence to a wrong occultic man late Oni of Efe.

    Then this yeye OBJ was still serving his jail term.

    • Goddy



  • wazobia monk !!!!!!

    my fellow president ….. we be age mates o ……….. you and i know sey we pass 80 ……..we be 91,i lie?

  • bala

    Why all these attacks on Obasanjo,Nigerians placed in position of trust has never failed to enrich his pocket. The footmarks of the Ziks and Awolowos, Jakandes, Oparas, Okotieboh the omimi- ejo of the blessed memory, Babangidas and not the least the ABACHAS reflect some of these personal enrichments with crunches of the National goverments largese.So God save Nigeria from these looters in the guise of LEADERS.