Groups decry Oba of Lagos remarks on Atiku

former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar
former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar

Two socio-political groups based in northern Nigeria have warned the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu, against making further disparaging remarks against  a former vice president, Atiku Abubakar.

The Northern Emancipation Network, NEF, and Adamawa Think Tank, ATT, said the warning was in reaction to remarks credited to the Lagos monarch saying no corrupt persons will rule Nigeria again, in apparent reference to the former vice president.

 Speaking at the inauguration of the Nigerian Women Against Corruption Initiative in Lagos, on Wednesday, Mr. Akiolu vowed to work against any corrupt individual becoming Nigeria’s president again.

“I insist that this is not era for somebody who spent the first three years under the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo making money and turning public corporations to his own,” Thisday newspaper had quoted Mr. Akiolu as saying at the event.

“He is planning to come back to be the President of this country again. I’ll work against his ambition. I mean it and I mean it, by God’s grace, it shall not be so,” he said.

Also, at an event organised by the Lagos State Ministry of Justice on January 30, Mr. Akiolu said Mr. Abubakar played a prominent role in convincing then president, Olusegun Obasanjo, to retire him from service.

The former vice president denied the claim.

However, in two separate statements signed by Abdul-Azeez Suleiman for NEF and Danladi DanAsabe for ATT, the groups said the recent utterances of Mr. Akiolu t amount to a “clear breach of the tenets of royalty and nobility”.

“Besides, it is unthinkable how a person who was disgraced out of the police service would have the audacity to unjustly accuse others of corruption,” Mr. Suleiman said.

“We challenge him to provide clear proofs of his allegations otherwise he remains a discredited and lying member of the royal class and a disappointment to nobility and those who hold the institution dear.

He said he wondered how a person who ascended the stool through “dubious means and surrounds himself with people of doubtful character” should speak about integrity.”

“We remind the Lagos monarch that those in glass houses don’t throw stones about.  We categorically tell the monarch that he lacks the capacity to influence any political event even in Lagos, not to talk of influencing any national event,” he said.

On his part, Mr. DanAsabe said the Oba was just playing politics, “seeing that politicking for 2019 will soon begin”.

He also said “Atiku relies on the support of all Nigerians as he goes about his politics and cannot help those who harbour unnecessary fears”.

Mr. Suleiman also said that Nigerians are not in a hurry to forget the way the Lagos Oba told the Igbo community in Lagos “to go die in the lagoon during the build-up to the 2015 elections.

“This shows that it is not the first time he will shed the garb of royalty and put on the clothing of motor park tout,” he said.


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  • GusO

    I don’t respect the Oba of Lagos. I don’t believe in monarchs getting involved in politics. They should shun politics like other monarchs around the world. They shouldn’t ask for someone to vote one way or the other.

    • So oju abe niko

      God bless you my dear.

  • prince10

    Kabiyesi has spoken no thieves will be saddle with the leadership of NIG period anybody that want Yoruba support must take him very serious

    • John Abayomi

      And in your view the Oba of Lagos represents the entire Yoruba nation right? wake up sir. you will be suprised come 2019, as rightly stated Oba of Lagos is Oba of “Lagos Island”, he can not influence the political landscape of the entire Lagos not to talk of southwest and/or Nigeria, I want to however take exception to the unprofessional reporting of Premium Times, accepted Oba of Lagos overstepped dabbling into politics he is still “Oba Akinolu” and not “Mr Akinolu”, Premium Times please take note, I don’t think Premium Times will refer to “Emir Sanusi” as “Mr Sanusi”, this is journalistic indesipline.

      • Patriotism

        Lets different between personal and official views. This is his personal views, because he cannot politically speak for lagians. PM professionally address him as Mr Akinolu to express his opinion as such not for Lagosian.

  • Sir Louis

    This so called Oba of Lagos has no respect for people and does not deserve respect. He makes very careless, insensitive and divisive comments like when he insulted the Igbo ethnic group during the 2015 national elections. Though Atiku or any politician of note who wants to contest election should ignore this Oba and his rants, nonetheless, to avoid a situation where this disgraced former Police Officer continues to bring insult upon himself and the people of Lagos, those who pay his salary as an Oba, should call him to order!

    • Emmanuel Nzeaka

      Be careful and show respect in the choice of expletives.

      • Höly Wähala

        You are a fraudulent Yorpig using an Ibo name to mouth-off at his legitimate comment. I checked and noticed that you have only written 4 comments so, you lack the moral capacity to make comments as the cheat and fraudster you are… a dumb one at that. Dare you to post with your real moniker. Yoro coward!

        • gosgos

          You are really pathetic.What right have you got to question his rights to comment on topical issues?.He has written just 4 comments only and for that reason,he has no rights to contribute his views/ comments?. Really?How low can you get really? And because you were born on this platform and probably have your umblical cord buried here as well,you think you can determine who can or cannot comment on a Platform like this?,created by fellow citizens of this country as an avenue for anyone and everyone to air their views?.You actually had the time to go check the number of times he has contributed to discussions?.Well,I wouldn’t know what job you do,but you seem to have a whole lot of time on your hands to comment on almost all issues,bully people,pour out expletives which are more often than not,filled with tirades & a lot of tribal bias.
          I take it personal because you had also made reference to the number of comments I have posted because I took a position which was in direct contrast to yours.
          I’ll have you know and understand that this Platform doesn’t belong
          to you and you have absolutely no right to muzzle anyone’s views,nor bully anyone.
          Having said all,I expect a backlash from you,firing on all cylinders as usual,but I’m sure you know I don’t really care.
          Well,I have also written a total of just about 4 comments,so bring it on!!!

        • vay

          Do you seriously have a sense?

        • Emmanuel Nzeaka

          OK. Just regulate your writing. They may haunt you later.Expecially when you want to travel or get an impotant appointment. You can call me anything while hiding behind social media. Mba a ma onye ukwu.

    • Black Pope

      I guess the oba is so frustrated about his removal from police by obj/turaki government due to his dubious past that he talks without thinking against imaginary enemies

      • Sir Louis

        Thanks brother. You hit the nail!

      • okenwa


    • Mr. Abdin

      The Oba should have kept quiet because his past records are very dirty.

    • Emmanuel Nzeaka

      That is why he is Oba.

    • sirOscie

      well said @disqus_d5oQY5RT79:disqus Shame on the Lagos Oba.

  • Otile

    If General Abacha was alive today he would have deposed this hooligan.

    • Ashibogu

      Otile! The man was an AIG and his son was arrested for armed robbery. He tried to corrupt the investigative process so he was sacked. Although he claimed the young man was his love child, pickin na pickin. Na Yeye dey worry the man.

      • Daniel Okogie

        And as a result, atiku ll no longer be corrupt even as it’s in d public secret,just bcos d bold oba son stole,even if he did d unusual of a Nigerian royalty,to at least for once,speak d truth in public to d politicians,that never again ll we allow corrupt people ascend public office

        • okenwa

          Ashawo no dey call fellow ashawo – ashawo rather thief. What is the different between atiku and akiolu?

          • Daniel Okogie

            But he has sàid a truth,and even if they are all thieves, some of them still have human face.i want to bliv d oba’s thievery has some form of human face

      • Emmanuel Nzeaka

        Are you sure?

    • Emmanuel Nzeaka

      Well ,he is dead..


    OBO of LAGOS.
    Yorubas are the the problem with Nigeria.
    Sanusi agreed with me.

    Yorubas Are The Problem With Nigeria says Sanusi Lamido Sanusi …
    May 6, 2015 – The Yoruba political leadership, as mentioned by Balarabe Musa, has shown itself over the years to be incapable of rising above narrow tribal …

    • Emmanuel Nzeaka

      But you live in the zoo .

  • sammyctu ode

    Were these deranged groups in prisons overseas when Atiku was VP? Majority of Nigerians knows that Atiku is a chronic corrupt person so why defending him, is it cos he distributes pittance to you people? The Ova of Lagos as a citizen of Nigeria has a right to air his political thoughts on Nigeria. The Emir of kano has been criticizing PMB on many occasions and speaking out on various issues without anybody picking a fight against him so who says any SW Obas can’t do thesame? You SE and Northern illiterate groups who criticise what we say in SW are just afraid of the Yoruba yet all of you flood the SW like locusts for greener pastures cos your leaderships are so self centered who can’t develop your areas. Shameless bunch of illiterates who criticise without wisdom.

    • George

      Let the yeye oba start with his region where we have the most useless thief called Tinubu who installed this animal oba

      • okenwa

        A former nigeria olokpaa calling another thief, corrupt.

  • niko

    Obama Akinolu is right. No more corruption in Aso Rock. Period! Atiku the professional politician and retired customs man – go and find something else to do.

  • AlBsure23

    “Mr. Suleiman also said that Nigerians are not in a hurry to forget the way the Lagos Oba told the Igbo community in Lagos “to go die in the lagoon during the build-up to the 2015 elections.”
    Mr Suleiman, what was the reaction of your group when Oba of Lagos made that threat? Your group was silent because it will serve the course of APC and the northern agenda. Northern hypocrites! Shame on you people!

    • AryLoyds

      Haha thats what we call ethnic Bias 🙂

      • Patriotism

        Biafraud animals of the zoo will never talk sense because of chronic ethnic and religious sentiments. This is political issue, everybody should express his opinion regards the obas view

    • okenwa

      Dont mind the animals. God will turn the table against themselves.

    • Patriotism

      Biafraud animals of the zoo will never talk sense because of chronic ethnic and religious sentiments. This is political issue.

  • chinedu

    I want to remain consistent in my views as regards 2019. And I want fellow citizens to help achieve this. Any candidate above retirement age for the judiciary (70)can not be voted because diminishing returns have set in. And we do not need double pensioners. Any person that had been tainted by serious allegations of corruption can not be accepted. Any person that parades wealth known to be beyond what he could have genuinely made must be avoided. We need now young untainted enterprising fellows to help us stir this ship called Nigeria. God bless us.

  • George

    People deserve the king they get if not Yorubas are useless how come a confirmed retired police who were giving his son guns to go and rob is now their king.

    Very shameful.

    • Omo Yoruba

      George you & your clan are fools ,onyiosi, onyara..Na So go God of thunder will wipe out your clan

      • Sir Louis

        Very uncouth response. Its like you are related to the offending Oba!

        • Delta_Quagmire

          Are you surprised!

      • okenwa

        Is oba of lagos not a thief? Dosnt he give his sons guns to go rob? Why was he chased out of police?

  • Andrew Akinloye

    The only way forward for Nigeria after these sufferings is for Nigerians to come together against corrupt politicians and make sure they don’t get in and if in already, they are out. Tribal loyalties have not helped the ordinary Nigerians but the thieves. Let us call a thief a thief even if we are from the family. A man running from justice in US for money laundering shouldn’t and cannot be the next president

    • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

      What I hate about the whole issue is a certified crook attacking a thief for pick pocketing.
      Can you imagine an immoral criminal sermonizing on morals and integrity.

      • Daniel Okogie

        Are you now saying that people with d kind of atiku’s record should b allowed to ascend public office again in this country

      • Andrew Akinloye

        Let us look at the bigger picture that we put tribalism aside and decide our future in Nigeria and disown corrupt leaders from our tribes and everywhere after all they only care about their immediate family.

  • Ohnigeria Godsavenigeria

    That irresponsible mugu calling himself oba is a big f00l.a people gets the kind of leadership they deserved.

  • jon

    Mr Atiku you will never be president of nigeria till you die stop trying you have Notting to offer go and help your people spend your money give them free education roads free maternity hospitals industry not oil from south learn from we igbo you the only son so be helpful to your people use the stolen money from customs invest in nigeria not university

  • Kevin Peter

    The Oba ought to have looked closely within his domain to see the “thieves” who are still hobnobbing with this current regime. Why does he have to overstep his boundaries when the arrow heads that brought this government to power have been seen to have corruptly enrich themselves while also in office.

    • Delta_Quagmire

      Do you mean the “Oba of Lagoon” Lil Wayne Akiolu. A very irresponsible Oba of Lagoon!

  • Mr. Abdin

    My advise to the Oba of Lagos is not to take things personal because we are all Nigerians an we all knew what happened when he was in service as a police AIG.