South Africans ‘attack’ Nigerian businesses, says Union

Ikechukwu Ayene, President of Nigeria Union in South Africa

The Nigerian Community in South Africa has confirmed attacks and looting of Nigerian-owned businesses in Pretoria West on Saturday.

Ikechukwu Anyene, president, Nigeria Union, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on telephone from Pretoria, South Africa, that the attacks began at 4.00 a.m.

He said the union had reported the incident to the Nigerian mission and South African police.

“As we speak, five buildings with Nigerian businesses, including a church have been looted and burned by South Africans.

“One of the buildings is a mechanic garage with 28 cars under repairs, with other vital documents, were burned during the attack.

“Also, the pastor of the church was wounded and is in the hospital receiving treatment,” he said.

Mr. Anyene said the union had informed Nigerians in South Africa to be vigilant in the face of renewed xenophobic attacks.

According to him, the union received information that there will be xenophobic attacks against foreigners on Feb. 22 and Feb. 23.

“We began taking precautionary measures when the incident took place today.

“The attack in Pretoria West is purely xenophobic and criminal attack because they loot the shops and homes before burning them,” he said.

Mr. Anyene called on the Federal Government to persuade its South African counterpart to protect Nigerians in their country.

“These attacks should not be allowed to continue because it is a big setback,” he said.



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  • Sgt Soros

    This is so typical of the Igbo man’s stubbornness, if you are continually being mistreated in a foreign country you leave immediately!

    • Haba mallam

      Stubbornness or stupidity everywhere they go is that, drugs dealers pimps and prostitutes.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        At least thats what they do. And all terrorist who killed 100,000 Nigerians are what tribe and religion?. You guys want ethnic bashing i can give it to you all. If i had a time Machine i would go back to the past and kill the creators of the Hausa, Yoruba, Ijaw, Igbo, Fulani, Tiv basically all Nigerian tribes. The world will be better of without Nigerians. we are nothing but a setback to human development

        • kayfaj

          My brother,dont be frustrated.Nigeria only needs to allow some people to leave peacefully,so the world will know the specie in the old Naija that is all over the world doing illegal businesses.

    • ayomi

      So that they can come to South Western part of Nigeria and have their own “oba”?

      • soulchild

        Ayomi I can see that u really hate the Igbo. Instead of trying to better your life, you spend all your energy hating. Such an attitude will never take u far. While u r hating, God is blessing the people u hate, pls receive sense in Jesus name

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, let’s not play the ethnic card here.

      I happen to personally know the owner of the garage. He is Yoruba and so are many of the Nigerians who live in Pretoria West.

      That the spokesperson is Igbo and he’s speaking on behalf of the Yorubas who are his compatriots should be the greater moral story here – we are all Nigerians first, before the tribal labels come into play.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        God bless you. Our country men are being threatened in another country and these people here are bashing their Nigerians brothers and sisters abroad because of tribalism. These are the signs that this country is a failure if the citizens would not defend each other because of the differences in language spelling and pronunciation of their ancestral gibberish speaks. Shame on them all. The thing is that a lot of them are paid E-rats. i Know politicians and they have E-rats they pay. i witnessed these many times.

        • kayfaj

          This is not about being paid.Its a first hand information.Those of us into professional jobs are seen as drug Baron just because some of our brothers here in SA(mostly ibos )are into illegal businesses.
          SA people are xenophobic though but not all of them.Our brothers must also be a good ambassador s.
          Everyone can’t live in Naija,but if you are outside,you should respect the law of the land period!!!!

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            That is true. Our people break the laws in every country. its shameful.

      • Sgt Soros

        I’m willing to bet Igbo’s in the diaspora outnumber every other ethnic tribe in Nigeria today.

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      It applies to people from the 3rd world. Wretched countries its people are looking for greener pastures and this includes ALL failed backward xenophobic barbaric Nigerian evil tribes also.

  • sammyctu ode

    SA people are very ungrateful cos without Nigerian resources this country will still be under apathied shackles. The Nigerians in S.A. should tell us what our people there are doing wrong why they are being constantly attacked and killed like chickens. If the environment there are no more conducive pack and come back home. Don’t hold on to what is not yours.

    • Ndidi

      1) Drug dealing
      2) Importation of fake items
      3) Importation of substandard items
      4) Dishonesty
      5) Human sacrifice
      6) “Big man” syndrome
      7) Filth
      8) Noise nuisance

      • Sgt Soros

        I must point out, there are some decent, honest Nigerian traders but a few bad eggs spoil it for everyone else.

      • Haba mallam

        Welcome to Biafra Republic, the most educated people, the ones who chose to be chosen.

      • Shahokaya

        You forgot armed robbery, kidnapping , 419 and baby factories.

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          All Nigerian tribes are involved in all that. Hateful murderous envious primitive and useless Nigerian tribes all commit the same kinda crime. Nigerians love money at any cost. Last Night the baby factory busted at Jos was run by Hausa people so whats your point?

          • Baka

            Hausas trained by igbos or working for igbos?

          • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

            yeah and all Nigerian tribes would do anything for money.

      • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

        You just summed up all Nigerian tribes. nice one.


      U praised the South Africans when they pulled the ladder under Jonathan—Buhari and tinubu were dancing on the streets of abuja when they refused to sell arms to Jonathan to fight———————————boko haram————————–what goes up must come down

      • Sgt Soros

        Chief, the only ones going down are those Igbo traders being harassed in South Africa.

      • kayfaj

        What are u talking about?
        Zuma knew Jonathan is a thief with insincere motives in combating BH.Talk straight please.

    • Mkabayi

      Nigerian scumbags traffic our daughters, engage in human trafficking and stuff them with drugs. Unfortunately the few good Nigerians who are not here to commit crime get tainted.

      No one dislike Nigerians just because they are Nigerians. Ordinary people are just fed up with druglords who move into family neighbourhoods and turn them into filthy areas where prostitution, drugdealing and human trafficking is rife. There are so many communities which have been turned upside down by these scumbags; majority of whom are Nigerians. 90% of drugdealing cases in SA involve Nigerians. I suppose people are tired of having to live with fear in their neighbourhoods and in their own country by foreigners who have no intention of living in peace.

      They bribe police with drug money to turn a blind eye. Residents are tired of reporting the same thing with no action taken.

      It’s unfortunate that other foreigners and innocent people are affected. If you go and live in another country; the least you can do is behave and respect their laws. SA has its own problems to deal with.

      • kayfaj

        God bless you.

    • kayfaj

      They are doing drug business,cyber crime and prostitution.

  • ayomi

    Maybe the hospitality of the Yoruba/South West people will now be appreciated

    • soulchild

      Maybe the generosity of the Niger Delta with their resources will be appreciated. Pls receive sense. We are ONE NIGERIA!!!!

    • Defender

      So it is Yoruba that accommodates MTN. Ur so uneducated. Primordial sentiment monger.

    • Julius

      No, they will never do that. As you know they are a bunch of ingrates .Next, they will tell you they own 98 % of South Africa businesses . The killings of Nigerians in SA has to stop. Our government need to do something about that. Its unacceptable. period !

      • kayfaj

        You are a silly pig that is denial.
        You must cone to SA and see how our ibo brothers and few yoruba miscreants are soiling our name just because they wanna make a living from drugs,cybercrime and prostitution.
        They are big disgrace to our country here in SA.
        This man calling himself president of Naija in SA knows some of his brothers in drug business.He should lead some non-corrupt SA police to their hide outs.He only makes noice when the Baron hideouts are attacked.

        • Julius

          You are a silly moron. Lets assume that you are right about what our people are doing over there but, is killing and burning down their houses and businesses the way to handle them ?. There are some states here in the U S with the Russian mafia doing all sorts of illegal businesses and criminality . You ever heard that they were being killed and their businesses and houses burnt down ? Think sir ..its always good to do that.

          • kayfaj

            Your Baron brothers all over the world seem to be above the law in SA the reason why the xenophobic SA are after them.I suspect they now prefer extra judicial killings because they no more trust their police who are on salary from the barons.
            Tell your brothers to obey the laws of the host country and stop distracting us all over the world.

          • Julius

            suppose we attack all the SA citizens living in our country because a few of them were caught at the MM airport with drugs ? Look, I’m not saying that some of our people are so clean but, deal with them legally not killing them. No civilized society should be doing extra Judicial killing and proud of it. There shouldn’t be an excuse for that…. that’s my take on it.

          • Mkabayi

            You are speaking as if “South Africans are going around killing Nigerians at random”. Context is very important to avoid making things worse. This is not South Africans against Nigerians!!

            1. There are many law abiding Nigerians who live in SA and no one bothers them.

            2. We are talking about criminals here, the scum of earth who see other human beings as commodities; the worse kind of human beings. They just happen to be Nigerians in this case; but every society has them.

            3. This particular situation was triggered bcoz communities affected are tired of selfish Nigerian drug dealers, human traffickers and pimps, who think they can bribe their way out of being arrested. They are destroying communities who used to be clean, peaceful and girl children could walk to school without fear of being prostituted. That’s the scum that is being affected.

            3. Unfortunately bcoz of the kind of constitution we have, laws tend to unintentionally favour criminals. They get arrested and released on bail and carry on where they left of.

            4. No one supports vigilantism; but when everything else fails people resort to these means. What would you do if you were living next door to a house where prostitutes work non stop, ppl come and go all night long, they are loud and noisy, etc. etc. By the way some of these girls that are prostituted are Nigerian children who are lured to SA and promised non existent jobs.

            The point is; the ppl you are defending are not decent Nigerians; but scums that even Nigeria does not want.

            If a South African goes to another country and engage in criminal activity; I would have ZERO sympathy for them.

          • Julius

            Let me make this short and clear…I’m not supporting criminals be at home or SA. I’m simply saying that they should be subjected to the rule of law that we love to yell about so much. Arrest them, prosecute them and if found guilty, send them to jail. Killing them outside the legal system is unacceptable.

          • Mkabayi

            Those that are caught ARE convicted and jailed. Every year those Nigerian druglords/dealers that are caught are indeed arrested, prosecuted and setenced.

            The community that decided to raid the drug houses were not sent by Government. I am just against this false generalisation narrative that “Nigerians are killed outside the legal system” as if it’s a norm and create an impression that Nigerians in particular are targeted. It makes for sensational headlines and evokes emotions esp. for Nigerians at home. But it is not necessarily true.

          • Julius

            okay, God bless !

  • JasV

    Is there a company still called MTN in Nigeria?

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      Yeah they are still here waxing strong by bribing every new government with shares.

  • Julius

    Bro, our government need to do something about these killings of Nigerians over there. Period ! I do agree with you about their jealousy .