Ex-NNPC boss N3.04 billion loot: Columnist, Kperogi, slams Buhari’s anti-corruption war

Farooq Kperogi
Farooq Kperogi

Columnist and academic, Farooq Kperogi, has faulted President Muhammadu Buhari-led government’s anti-corruption war.

In an interview with PREMIUM TIMES, the journalism professor said the government’s anti-corruption war was driven largely by propaganda as none of those alleged to have embezzled public funds in the president’s cabinet had been investigated.

Reacting to the recovery of N3.04 billion loot at the residence of Andrew Yakubu, a former Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, in Kaduna by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mr. Kperogi noted that even though the effort was commendable, Nigerians need to exercise caution on the discovery.

An operation conducted by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on February 3 on a building belonging to a Mr. Yakubu yielded $9,772,800 (Nine Million, Seven Hundred and Seventy Two Thousand, Eight Hundred United States Dollars) and another sum of £74,000 (Seventy Four Thousand Pound Sterling) cash.

In his reaction, Mr. Kperogi said, indeed, enormous theft of public funds took place in the last administration.

“Most people who have deep emotional investment in Nigeria know that unbelievably enormous and conscienceless theft of the public treasury took place in the Goodluck Jonathan administration. So this doesn’t surprise me.”

He, however, said Nigerians should exercise caution, adding that the EFCC has become a propaganda machinery of the Nigerian government and the ruling APC.

“But we need to be a little circumspect here. Given that the EFCC has become the poodle of the president and the most potent propaganda arm of the APC, I take anything from it with a pinch of salt,” he said.

“The president has nine media aides and a vast, well-oiled propaganda centre. They are now working day and night to distract the attention of the Nigerian people from the crying incompetence of the administration and from the profound hurt the incompetence, clannishness and unpreparedness of the administration are wreaking on Nigeria.

“The more nakedly transparent the cluelessness and ineptitude of the administration becomes, the more propaganda will be unleashed to the Nigerian people to absolve of it of responsibility for its own incompetent choices or lack thereof.”

He noted further that none of the corrupt officials in the government of President Buhari has so far been investigated, adding that it is so because such would have little propaganda value.

“More millions and billions in raw cash will be discovered in the houses of past government officials in the coming days. Of course, none of the insanely corrupt officials of the Buhari administration will be investigated, much less found guilty of hoarding large sums of money, by the EFCC. That has zero propaganda value,” he noted.

Commenting further, Mr. Kperogi asserted that there is no difference between the ruling APC and the ousted PDP, noting that both parties are peopled by corrupt politicians.

“But the truth is that APC and PDP are indistinguishable. They are both peopled by the same thieving, opportunistic leeches. The narrative that these EFCC ‘discoveries’ want to give fresh life to is the idea that it is Jonathan, not Buhari, who is responsible for the current terrible state of Nigeria’s economy.

“It’s a narrative that seeks to conceal the fact that Buhari’s ill-advised decision to increase petrol prices is the immediate trigger for the current hyperinflation in the country, that Buhari’s choice to travel the world for months while leaving Nigeria basically ungoverned during that period contributed to our current state, and that the government’s lack of any blueprint to turn the economic fortunes of the country is also blameworthy.”

He, however, disclosed that the government does not have an economic team, noting that a diplomat posted to the office of the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, had been acting as ‘economic adviser’.

“The administration doesn’t even have a well-defined economic team; it only has a diplomat that it calls an economic adviser to the president—who is posted to the Vice President’s office. Go figure.”


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  • Mama Kay

    I feel the people who advocated for Buhari in the last elections are disappointed he has not given them jobs and brown envelopes. Otherwise, I don’t understand the constant attacks on the government.

    We voted for change and change can be painful but we shall be victorious in the end.

    This government is trying to localise the economy, so that in future, there will be less pressure on the Naira, but the armchair economists know more than the experts.

    If people in Buhari’s government are corrupt and they are not being challenged, when they leave power, their successors can investigate them. Why all the brouhaha?

    • FineBoy

      I have no regrets.

    • ok

      Simlpe as a b c

    • Steel


    • Julius

      No mind dem !. Thank you !!

    • abodes_124

      Change MUST NOT be painful.

      • Mama Kay

        Changing from bad to good is always painful. If it was easy, it would have been done years ago.

        It the rite of passage. Just as childbirth is difficult and painful but ends with the joy of a baby.

        Nigerians must be productive and must accept that the corrupt money circulating would always end in a disaster.

        • abodes_124

          I beg to differ . Counrties like Singapore, India, Malaysia etc have not run their economies into the ground in the belief that they must make their citizens suffer starvation , unemployment , inflation etc before they can start enjoying the basic things of life.

          • Mama Kay

            You are looking at the end product. It’s not easy to rebuild an economy that has been bastardised by corruption of unimaginable magnitude since the era of IBB.

            Patience and productivity is what is needed. Nigerian unemployed youth can hire farmlands for next to nothing and start farming. The government cannot provide employment for everyone.

          • abodes_124

            I appreciate your perspective. Mine is different in that that based on current trajectory and performance I fear for the end product which is the classic measure for all elected rulers is a Nigeria that on May 29 2019 will be worse than the one Buhari inherited . .

  • Irele ati ITELORUN

    Seriously, this guy is an “Academic” teaches in a University? Journalism lecturer? No wonder today’s graduates are so unemployable when their teacher can’t process a simple action, imagine his judgement on complex issues.

    • Sanssouci

      In Atlanta Georgia and I agree with him

  • Simeon Oluwasanmi

    Haba Professor ! Nobody can satisfy human being. What exactly do you want Prof? If the recovery of this huge loot doesn’t amount to anything in your eyes than to rubbish this government, you need to be investigated you are likely to have skeletons in your cupboard.

    • abodes_124

      But is it true is the question.

  • OGK

    Kperogi sounds bitter and banal. So, EFCC should keep quiet and not propagate its activities, especially, a big hurl like the one in Kaduna. This clown of a professor is pathetic and they call him a journalism professor? I’m sure he’s bitter because free money is not coming their ways as consultants any more.

    • Gunnermachine

      You’ve just shown total ignorance.What is bitter because free money is not coming?He was one GEJ’s bitter critics.He used his column to campaign for Buhari.

    • Bash

      I completely concur with you!!!!

  • Emake Ekpoekpo

    Is Kperogi saying that the Dollars recovered and counted as $9.8million by EFCC in Yakubu’s safe at home are fake bills? This ‘nigerian mentality’ is what has killed this country. Meanness, tribalism, religion and all else even in academic circles! Shame.

    • abodes_124

      Yes he is saying that it COULD BE a concoction by the EFCC. This may not be too far fetched given that their current head has been rejected by the senate because he is fraudulent..

  • This so called professor is nothing but a thief himself.

    • abodes_124

      on what basis do you make such an assertion ?

  • Galantman

    Professor my ass. This daft cannot even realize the enormity of the theft and what $9.2 million and £720,000 can do the economy. People like this should be condemned to the dust bin of history. It is immaterial whether this anti corruption war is perfect or not, but the most important thing is that we have STARTED the fight against looters .

  • Ikechukwu_67

    This man is a clown.


    eople are getting the Professor wrong. The punchline in the Professor’s narrative is where he stated that “More millions and billions in raw cash will be discovered in the houses of past government officials in the coming days.”

    I believe he was making reference to the penchant of this Government to come up with sensational news items to distract Nigerians from serious issues of the day. Nigerians are concerned with the health of the President, the status of Hon. Justice WSN Onnoghen, the deplorable state of the economy and other myriads of issues confronting the nation. So, it is very convenient for the EFCC, which the Professor has described as a propaganda tool of the Government, to come up with sensational news items about the “discovery” of huge loots in the homes of Andrew and Diezani.

    Too convenient, if you ask me.

    • Julius

      Are you saying there should be a time set aside to pursue these looters that stashed our money in their houses ?

    • abodes_124

      The lumpen proles need to be entertained

  • Aminu Baba

    Kperogi is fast deteriorating into a nuisance. He, just like the cuckatoo Fani Kayode, opens his mouth at every occasion to speak trash. The guy, just like the Ivory tower Rev. Mathew, has no clue of why Nigerians decided to go Buhari at all!

  • Africa

    A small time academic… why is he so pained? Surley this clown must have been passed over for some kind of appointment or something, how pathetic!

    • abodes_124

      I suppose most Nigerians can not understand how someone can express their honestly held opinion without it being coloured by whether he has been ‘settled’ or not.

      • Africa

        The man speaks from a place of personal deep pain as his recurring senseless criticsm of the government indicates, i can tell an honest social critic when I read one. The young man is clearly not one…

        • abodes_124

          Perhaps you could read his previous articles when he was as critical of GEJ and after very welcoming and hopeful of GMB. that may help you get a better measure of the man.

          • Africa

            I get your point! My apologies if my comment sounded offensive. I am just desperate to see this country succeed and believe Buhari is trying and deserves our support. Like him or not he is different from the leaders we’ve had, he has genuine interest of the country at heart.
            All men of good faith should support this government especially it’s anti corruption effort. If Buhari fails, we all fail so it is in our interest to wish him well.

  • General Sam Bockerie

    You captured the root cause of our problems. Anybody that believes in this sectional war against corruption needs to visit a psychiatrist.

    • Eluba Inas

      I will take this effort anytime over the nonchalant attitude of Jonah who let the treasury looted.

      • government

        How did GEJ aid looting of the treasury.Is it only during his time that NNPC staff and other public servants started living above their means.

    • General Sam Bockerie

      But Jonah sacked the guy and called in EFCC to investigate! In fact Buhari’s Party rose staunchly in support of the guy at the time. What sayest thou to this?

      • Julius

        Was the reason given for his firing at the time has anything to do with corruption ? It was a power play between him and Diezani and everybody knew at the time who will win . Be serious !

        • abodes_124

          Yakubu is an APC chieftain. Either EFCC made a mistake or this is part of the power play at the top now between the DSS ,EFCC and the rest of the cabal.. I have no doubt that once Baba comes back hw will give him a clean bill of health as he did Lawal Babachir now and Abacha before him. Mark my words nothing will come of this.

          • Julius

            So, you are telling me that he was an APC chieftain when Jonathan fired him . Pay attention sir, no he wasn’t. It was a power play between him and Deizani. It wasn’t because they found he was stealing at the time. They were all stealing including Jonathan.

          • abodes_124

            No he is an APC chieftain now. What used to referred to as a sacred cow. these days such people are called Saints on our country, i am talking present . You as expected are talking of that terrible GEJ past that is responsible for all our problems before , during and after that era

          • Julius

            Be well !

  • Powerlessconscious

    This guy is as confused as a biafraud.

  • zacchaeus Akinleye

    Wasted effort. Kperogi’s piece has a high nuisance value.

  • paul irumundomon

    In the world, where constitutional democracy is practiced, where people can speak their minds freely without names being called, this professor would have been celebrated. Unfortunatrly, a country like mine”Nigeria”, truth and fair hearing, are not given the time.
    What would Nigerians expect to be discovered, if tinubu, ameache, El rufai, babagida, Abdul salem, fashola, and many more apc members houses are searched. Hypothetically for no reason, the same efcc, would discover, more than this amount, found in this man’s house, in each house searched, Nigerians, believe me.
    I saw a Nigerian, bought a pen, for $3,500, a pen that we buy for $2.50 in hollywood. We have so many criminals, that God of Africa, can’t help to arrest and reduce, it is African interest and culture, to do fraud and steal. Please don’t call me names, this is what I saw and experienced growing up, doing business every day in Nigeria, no exception, if you have 45-50% Nigeria DNA. I have paid my dues, and many many more, would continue to pay heavy prices, and it won’t stop.

    • Ado

      Please, be informed that the whistle blower policy is in place, what are you waiting? Blow the whistle on any of the people you mentioned and collect your share of 2.5-5% from the government. If you blow and government refuse to take my action you can come back to this forum and complain to the hearing of Nigerian.

  • Abdel-Gafar Akinlabi Salaudeen

    Kperogi is a two head Janus.I Don’t mind his rantings.Whether EFCC is working or not he will still talk.

  • Shetty

    Yeah the government has not found solutions to our problems but as a professor of whatever you have not suggested any way out or a better solutions . You are just playing to the gallery .

    • Ette

      He is a professor of corruption himself. Sad that those some people from Bayelsa do not think well despite their educational background. What this man says lacks substance and as a prof in a university it is clear why they produce uneducated graduates. Sad indeed.

  • Julius

    So, we shouldnt deal with all these corrupted people and try to recover our stolen money till the economy gerts better ? Does it ever occur to this Prof that this might be one of our problems ? An individual with that sum of money in a safe at his house. I bet he is not the only one. Multiply this amount by 10 and tell me what we have.

    • abodes_124

      not before or after but at the same time

      • Julius

        Well, they are trying !

  • Musa M. Dantsoho

    What did the so-called economic team under the last administration did at the point of borrowing to pay workers salaries? What economic plans put in place to checkmate recession when the bell rung in EU countries? Was it not the economic team who deceive Nigerians that the happenings in EU would not affect Nigerians? The Professor should let us know his contribution when all the deceitful and misleading impressions were going then.

  • Ezekiel

    I think Prof should whistle-blowe any present government officials he knows that has stolen and stop condemning those that are catching these thieves red-handed because I’m of the opinion that this Prof / columnist might also be a thief.

    • abodes_124


  • Paul Graham

    Bad belle hater!

  • wazobia monk !!!!!!

    bla,bla,bla …………professor empty crap …..

  • Talking from two sides of the mouth. Your point exactly please?

  • Ijeuwa

    For some people, Buhari can never do anything right. It says more about them than about Buhari.

  • Malik Isah

    Farouk Kperogi never talk wetin dey vex am.

  • ismail Dankanjiba

    Those with shi’a inclination will never see anything good in this administration. No matter how well the government perform, they will still criticize it.

  • Tijani

    All the social media invectives heaped on the author’s head here only serve to prove kperoogi’s accusations.