Buhari extends vacation, writes National Assembly

President Buhari in company of Gov. Ibikunle Amosun, others. [Photo credit: Twitter - Garba Shehu]

President Muhammadu Buhari has written to the National Assembly informing it of his desire to extend his leave.

The extension, he said, is “in order to complete and receive the results of a series of tests recommended by his doctors.”

“The President had planned to return to Abuja this evening, but was advised to complete the test cycle before returning,” a statement by the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, said.

“The notice has since been dispatched to the Senate President, and Speaker, House of Representatives.

“Mr. President expresses his sincere gratitude to Nigerians for their concern, prayers and kind wishes.”

The statement did not say when Mr. Buhari, who is on a medical holiday in London, would return.

Mr. Buhari had on January 19 written the National Assembly, notifying the legislature that he was proceeding on a 10-day leave and temporarily transferring presidential power to Vice-president Yemi Osinbajo.

The leave was supposed to last 10 work days, between January 23 and February 6, according to the letter transmitted to both chambers of the National Assembly.

The President, whose real medical condition remained unknown, was expected to arrive the country today (Sunday) for resumption of work on Monday.

But the extension of his vacation means Mr. Osinbajo will continue to exercise presidential powers for days or weeks to come.

This is the third time Mr. Buhari has transferred power to Mr. Osinbajo since the two leaders were inaugurated in May 2015.

The first time was on February 5, 2016 when the President embarked on a five-day vacation; and the second was in June 2016 when Mr. Buhari travelled to the United Kingdom for treatment of what the Presidency described as ear infection.

A formal notice to both chambers of the National Assembly on the president’s intention to proceed on leave and hand over power temporarily to the vice-president is in compliance with Section 145 (1) of the Nigerian Constitution.


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  • Otile

    Just as expected, what else?

  • abubakar yussif

    May Almighty God grant u health and long life to carry on with the good work of governing a country with all ur good intents

    • yukkmouff

      Story for the gods!

  • Decimator

    Is this not the confirmation? Just do not ask me of what please.

  • John A

    This man looks too fragile for the work of a country president

    • Isah Amoto Williams

      he is not only fragile, but he is ruthless and wicked

      • Senator D

        He is a sadist. An extremist and evil wind that blows no good…

  • Dawood

    Vice-President Osibanjo needs to get on television and tell the nation what the hell is going on. This extended vacation supports the narrative put out there by enemies of the nation that something is seriously wrong with Buhari. Don’t cede the space to Ezekwesili, other oportunistic and desperate politicians, and looter’s agents.

    • tsunami1earthquake

      Osinbajo would not do a thing like that! The 193 million Nigerians would give separate opinions on that! Even Buhari’s townsmen and women would start a civil war. Let Nigerians just wait till the president comes back. After all, his presence or absence in Nigeria is the same. He is a non-performer.

  • El Koto


    I don’t even understand this sort of English very well.
    President Buhari left Nigeria and his media people said he went on vacation.
    That was two weeks ago, but oday now the same aides say it is ‘medical holiday’.
    Which one am I supposed to believe now? Is Buhari on vacation or in a hospital?

    To my own mind ‘vacation’ is like going to swimming pool, going to shop and watch film.
    It’s not the same thing as taking injection and giving blood and urine sample for lab test.
    What sort of vacation is that one? Injection with needle is vacation? Do you people think?
    So if doctor is going to cut my stomach to remove something it is ‘medical vacation’ too?

  • Angry Niaja

    Story, story

  • David Aku


    Since two weeks ago that President Buhari dis-appeared from Nigeria Premium Times has
    kept quiet as if they are afraid of Buhari. They don’t want to say anything on the matter.
    This is very bad behaviour that should be criticized by all the people of this whole world.

    There are many questions Premium Times can raise on this issue which it refused to do.
    With that stubborn goat attitude Premium Times violates the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria.
    The constitution says every journalist inside Premium Times must IMPART INFORMATION.

    Has Premium Times imparted anything to me and to the public at large since January?
    Am I supposed to go to beer parlor to get the news that Buhari will not return tomorrow?
    Am I supposed to be going to food canteen to know that Buhari has speech problem?
    What does Premium Times exist for if beer parlor is where someone like me must go?

    • Retired Journalist 2017


      Your State House junior correspondent – Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo – was not given the by-line.

      Will that not affect his assessment in December in staff appraisal for promotion to ‘senior reporters’?

      I am not trying to interfere with your personnel policy in Premium Times, but just wondering the omission.

  • Gary

    Curiouser and curiouser…now the the truth of the vacation in winter is now a “medical” vacation? So now that you told the people, has the sky fallen or the nation in turmoil? No, the only damage is to whatever is left of your credibility as a government.
    See what the Book means about telling the truth for it shall set you free? Femi Adesina are you still a Christian or you’ve given that up for filthy lucre? Tell Lai what the Bible says about liars and where they end up.

    And here’s a Bible verse for you folks in Aso Rock today: Proverbs 29:2. You can pressure 2Face to stop his protest but you cannot add a day to the life of any man made of flesh and blood. The soul that sinneth, it shall die.

    • Olusola

      But that was what was in the first letter in black and white (Medical Vacation) and was widely reported. Mr Osinbajo should just continue and not pend any file. He should go ahead and confirm CJN unless he was privy to the AG status and agreed with it based on reports available to him if not go ahead. If we allow the President take enough rest he will return with renewed vigor and I am sure he will not have any issue with the Vice if all he did was in the interest of peace and progress of Nigeria. I wish him a speedy recovery.

      • grand maze

        Spot on. Osibajo should send CJN name to the Senate immediately for confirmation otherwise Buhari will craftily dodge the blame to follow

  • yukkmouff

    Shameless dog, do the honourable thing and resign!

  • East west

    We wait.
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  • imagine_2012

    Hahahahah. Cancer of the ear. Now am sure.. May the spirit of justice harm him.

  • Lala Hansy

    Who is fooling who? Who is on vacation and who is on medical leave? Who is hale n hearty and who is sick. Why all these insults to our sensibilities, when our prayers could go a long way? There is a limit lies can go and the disher remains irrelevant for life… Continue with the drama…We are all eyes.

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  • Otile

    Where are awon apes in APC, let them come and explain this razzmatazz to us. I don jabarata.

    • yukkmouff

      Dem dey hide their dirty faces. Half of them look like the retard called adesina, the other half like the lizard called lie mohammed!

    • aboki

      Otile death has no geography or boundary.

      • Otile

        You have said nothing. Some of you think you and your Imam are immortals. Imam can always command Fulanis to slaughter Igbo people and the Shiites but a day will come when he will be powerless to do it again.

  • segun

    No gainsaying it is president’s right to embark on medical tourism or vacation provided it is within the constitutional provision. It is however, unpalatable that some evil elements within the system have decided to keep the people in the dark. He(the president) has right to private life until he was sworn in as the President of the federal republic of Nigeria. Why should the presidency insist that the President is balanced, medically, while there are clear indications that he is not fine. The barrage of falsehood is the result of mistrust between the people and successive government

  • taiwo

    Ẹ be like say wahala dey…. The President’s handlers have been so derelict in their duties. It’s only sensible in most time-constrained situations to ask for 20 days if what you believe you need is 10 days. In other words, give more room for maneuver just in case you actually require a little more time. But then, maybe PMB overruled them on this issue. We hope this won’t turn into a dangerous farce a la Yar Ardu’a.

  • gobadia

    Humans have been buried as sacrifices to make sure this man does not come back alive by various Nigerians including devilish so-called men of god…even though we go to church or mosques we’re in reality cannibals, idolaters and ritualist, that’s why as President of this evil nation you can’t succeed, the evil, innocent blood and dark forces are everywhere ready to strangulate…Rueben Abati was right, we all know that even if we pretend which is our second nature..hypocrisy.. Solution: a vicious aggressive individual who would be ready to sacrifice his life..then bring all treasury looters, drug barons, kidnap kingpins, sponsors of terrorism and mayhem and maul them down, no mercy!

    • Senator D

      Truth doesn’t need defence from anyone. Truth defends itself. If indeed Buhari was fighting for the truth he doesn’t need fear any evil from Pastors or Imams… The righteous are as bold as a lion… Cronyism, selective prosecution, nepotism, sectionalism, and ethno-bigotry can be an open channel for “Juju” to kill a leader faster before his time.

      • yukkmouff

        Spot on!

      • Dagashhh

        Abeg I wan dash u money. How I go take send am?

        • Senator D

          Sir, thank you. I dey Abuja ooooo…

          • Dagashhh

            OK you are far away from me but I will see you soon. Remain smart!

          • Senator D

            Thank you Sir…

  • Senator D

    Am not saying anything lest they accuse me of sedition and other heinous crimes against the state.

    Everyone just tighten your seat-belt we are in for more drama…

  • Alina Bassie

    Hahahaha I am laughing in kanuri language , Yar’Adua episode 2, is history repeating itself ? yaradua will lead Friday prayer on national mosque , on Friday no yaradua , he will play football with his grand children in aso villa …no yaradua but the fact was yaradua was in a vegetative condition he cannot recognise his wife , cannot talk or walk , the presidency then sold all sort of nonsense to Nigerians while his kinsmen and kitchen cabinets were busy on looting spree on the so called security vote worth billions , forging his signature to release fund for all kinds of phantom expenditures , the same katsina boys and the north are at it again in this episode 2 , I have my popcorn and we are watching

    • yukkmouff

      Lwkmd!!!! I follow you dey chop popcorn oo! No doubt Yar’Adua part 2 is living up to hype.

  • Dazmillion

    Pathetic!!! Buharam is a sick baby and lying about it.

  • Watch man

    Recall that before now, this same Adesina told us that PMB will be back to office tomorrow. Yesterday, Punch quoted govt source that PMB will be back today. How come Adesina and gang did not know that PMB has series of tests to undergo until this evening? There is something fishy; the truth will be out in a matter of days..

    • Watch man

      Of a truth, Nigerians have not been told the real truth about the health condition of the president. Well, time will tell: for there is nothing hid that shall not come in the open.

      • aboki

        Indeed time would tell

        • Otile

          The time is now. Let Imam grab the mic and address the nation, waiting for imaginary tests cannot prevent him from speaking. With modern medical equipments tests take no more than one hour to get results. I hate the lying apes in APC.

  • Watch man

    When a govt official in the capacity of a presidential spokesman (Reuben Abati) talked about the spiritual dimension of power-play in Aso Rock, many Nigerians vilified him, cast stones on him and accused him of superstition. Well, we shall watch and see how events unfold.

  • Senator D

    Am sorry if I spoke too early what the Presidency has been hiding. Two days prior Bubu left for his longest journey I said the “Abacha Curse” shall befall me. But many cast aspersions on me for saying such. Two days later I said Bubu was dead and they came for my neck. Last week I said let’s wait till Monday 6th February to confirm if am lying or not but some said I will see with my eyes…Okay am waiting for Bubu to address the nation…Osibanjo time to assert yourself ooooooooo…

  • Maria Darego

    The President has a right to take as much time as he needs to sort out his health issues! He has followed the constitution and handed over to his Vice. It is up to his Vice to perform the functions of the office of President, according to the manifesto that they presented to the Nigerian public which got them both elected. When or if the President returns should not be an issue anymore.

    • Otile

      God forbid evil. Yar’Adua comes to mind.

  • Weeping Nigerian

    All the major faiths teach that we should be considerate of our neighbours particularly the sick. Our culture also teaches consideration to people in their time of weakness. We pray and wish Mr President well even as he recuperates. This is a time for calm. Just as we’ve had that sick colleague or family member of ours gone or down for a few weeks and we’ve had them in our thoughts, so have we chosen to have Mr. President in our thoughts. This is even so as there’s no vacuum created by his recuperative trip. Let’s get back to being humane and kind. Spread if you’d not be an agent of unkindness and harsh words for the ill.

    • Senator D

      We don’t miss him at all. Although our empathy goes out to him… His presence or absence does not change the economic quagmire we are in…Let’s see if Osibanjo can do better…

  • Gary

    So now that Buhari has extended his “vacation”, what becomes of Justice Walter Onnoghen’s pending confirmation process?

    Is Yemi Osinbajo still going to bury his head in the sand and leave the man hanging in limbo until time runs out on his confirmation?
    Pastor Osinbajo, when God gives you an assignment, no matter how hard you may try to dodge it, He will not let you. Check with Jonah. Unlike him, all that is asked of you is not to deliver a message of destruction to an evil city but simply to formally forward the man’s name to the Senate. You have met with Bukola Saraki twice in four days. Give him a note to commence the confirmation, in the interest of national unity.

    • Senator D

      Relax bro…Osibanjo can’t do anything for the CJN because he’s afraid and timid…

      • Gary

        He has to make a decision one way or another. The country cannot grind to a halt simply because Buhari is sick in London. That’s why he’s acting President with the full powers of the office under the Constitution.

        • Senator D

          He has been stripped of those powers by psychological bamboozling…

    • Otile

      By the way what has Osinbade done for us since Imam left on the 19th of January?

      • Senator D

        Dear Sir, He set-up a taskforce for the review of food prices…Soon garri will be 5-naira a cup!

        • Otile

          That is good news, more grease to his elbows. I hope the Fulanis will not push him out when Buhari becomes incapacitated or passes.

          • Senator D

            Dear Sir, Bubu is already incapacitated and mentally invalidated.

  • Ilesanmi Dunjoye

    Why the fuse over Buhari’s absence?
    Is any Nigerian missing him, for what reason?
    Don’t you see Buhari’s absence as a blessing to Nigeria? For example just before Buhari went on annual/medical vacation a basket of garri cost as much as N1000,and that of red oil N800 per bottle. The prices of the commodities suddenly dropped as if in response to baba’s absence, by at least 50%. Is this not a blessing? .
    How I wish he could stay for as long as 2yrs as to bring more blessings to Nigerians.

    • Senator D

      True Sir!

  • thusspokez

    The extension, he said, is “in order to complete and receive the results of a series of tests recommended by his doctors.”

    At last, the truth is out of Buhari. He is ill and having medical treatment. Why was he hiding it anyway? BTW there is no such a thing as “medical holiday”– no more possible than for one to have (say) surgery whilst working.

    • Otile

      That is the power of al-Taqiyya for you. Take it or leave it.

      • musa aliyu

        Buhari is too big to be a hypocrite, a liar, a Shiite like U. Tufiakwa!

        • Otile

          When Abacha passed many people were released from prison, many in exile came home, there was jubilation in the land. Musa, can we expect the same thing this time around?

  • Lanre

    In 2010, when Umaru Yar’adua was sick and the Nigerian Government and the Cabal (apologies to late Dora Akunyili) were lying about the whereabouts of Nigeria’s sick president, I suggested that the Nigerian National Assembly open a full inquiry into the details surrounding the illness and death of Yar’adua. But like every other thing Nigerian, I was wishing for too much. Not only were Tax Payers funds spent and not accounted for, no Nigerian Facility was capable of treating its president. Fast forward to 2017 and the same situation. Lies, deceit, subterfuge, cunning, innuendoes, blackmail, harassment, threats. Meanwhile, the ordinary person out there has no clue what is going on; how ill the ruler is; if the Acting Chief Justice will be confirmed or not. Nigerians are the modern day guinea pigs of the world and just like Americans are today reading George Orwell’s 1984, I recommend the book to all those seeking the truth about the Animal Kingdom (called Nigeria).

    p.s Add Animal Farm by the same author. Happy Reading.

  • Chukwudi Toby Okoye

    Where is the copy of the letter. Is it hand written or typed and signed by who , some people are joking with the corporate existence of this country.

    • Otile

      Some arrogant misguided people think they own the country.

      • Gary

        That’s because the rest of the country let them think so and get away with it.
        Before he was executed for coup plotting by IBB, the late General Mamman Vatsa was told to beg IBB to spare his life. Vatsa refused saying before he was shot that people can only insult and dishonor you if you let them. Vatsa was the Best Man at IBB’s wedding to his wife, Maryam.

        • Otile

          With a friend like Ibrahim Vasta needed no more enemies.

  • Analyst

    Yar’adua’s was rehearsal. What the Kastina boys got wrong then, won’t get it wrong this time.
    That is why we are now seeing a word in the new letter: INDEFINITE
    It means the looting will continue for long. After two years, he can be declared dead.

    • Otile

      We cannot fall for that kind of deception this time around, Nigeria is hurting badly.

  • Usman Bakundi

    Some people are unfortunately hell bent that they must force their way intk cajolling leadership to answer them. They wanf “proof of life” for the president, some are asking whether the curreng letter was handwritten or type. The indsnustion is very obvious. For the avoidance if doubts PMB has never said he is immortal that he would not be seek. He is a human being just likd and other mortals, he will be seek, he will die one day. So the stupids whise only will is that he must die should shield the sword, he will only die at the time appointed for him by God. We just recogmisethat people has sone basic right but this right must also identify other people right. Corruption is fighting back.

    • Anabs Francis

      Go and learn how to speak and write in English before you come here to comment on issues concerning the well being of the Nation. Nigerians are not fools and you uneducated northerners should take note. We know whats is happening and mind you, Nigerians are praying.

      • bashkano

        Anabs. This is where your ignorance starts as a so-called educated person who may have gotten all his certificates through fraudulent means. You cannot blame a whole region because of an individual. After all, the importance of any communication is to be understood. What do you say about those who can only speak in pidgin English who are in the majority in your area. Please learn to behave by commenting on issues objectively rather than exposing your bare enmity and hatred.

  • tunde008

    So no single journalist from all the media houses in Nigeria can investigate and tell us the truth about president Buhari’s health.?

    • Richard

      Nigerian journalists are very lazy most of their reports are either from bear parlours or fabricated

  • thusspokez

    Here is a gap in the health market, and you would think that some looters would use the money stolen to invest in a world-class private hospital and charge his fellow crooks a lot of money to use it, But not these Nigerians whose brains seems to be wired only to steal and high-life.