Police raid PREMIUM TIMES head office; arrest publisher, journalist

The Nigeria police have raided PREMIUM TIMES head office in Abuja, and arrested the newspaper’s publisher.

The publisher, Dapo Olorunyomi, was arrested alongside the paper’s judiciary correspondent, Evelyn Okakwu.

Plain-clothed officers conducted search at the office shortly after 5p.m. Thursday, and said they were acting on a complaint filed by the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai.

The arrests came days after PREMIUM TIMES turned down the army’s demand to retract news stories about the Nigerian Army and its operations.

The paper’s Editor-in-Chief, Musikilu Mojeed, condemned the raid.

“They should stop deluding themselves that they can muzzle the press and intimidate PREMIUM TIMES,” said Mr. Mojeed. “They should know that our loyalty lies with our readers and the Nigerian people who have a right to know.”

He said the paper will continue “to discharge its responsibilities in line with global best practices, social responsibility and patriotism, even at great risk to our personal liberties”.

More details later…


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  • Spoken word


    • World Wide Web


      The same question will continue to be asked again and again; despite arrest and intimidation; viz:

      How exactly does a Supreme Court proceeding in Gambia constitute a threat to Nigeria;
      or involve Nigeria’s national interest, in a presidential election between two citizens of Gambia?

      President Buhari and his bumbling Foreign Minister have not been able to answer this simple question.

      • Rommel

        With great power comes great responsibility and if you don’t know this,then it will be difficult to make you see reason

    • Otile

      Are you saying rubbish that Thief Barutai did well by vandalizing PT office looking to destroy documents that can incriminate Barutai himself?

  • GG

    There are a number of people who will put Buhari in trouble because he has refused to replace them. One of them is the Chief of Army. This Buratai of whatever he calls himself should have long been history. And there are many of them like that. I am worried what they will do in the 10 days the man will be on leave.
    He really needs to wake up and be tough for once!

    Why would the Police come and show power over his complaints. Let him go to court and file or complaint or behave himself as he should. Nonsense.

    Premium Times – keep up the good work.

    • Otile

      You know this is a good time for Buratai and his Fulani cohorts to start a war and loot their enemies silly before Imam Mohamed B. comes back from sick leave so that nobody can blame Buhari for the carnage.

  • T-Rex

    Na family matter! Apc govt,Premium Times,and Sahara Reporters are siblings,lol.

    • tony H

      Well said….Thank you very much!

  • Iskacountryman

    buhari on the prowl …

    • Holy Man


      This arrest looks stranger than fiction and nauseous than rubbish. But is this a fight
      between a Shiia group and a Sunni Islamist group? I am asking this question because
      Premium Times has been the most supportive of the Buhari government. It is strange
      that Buhari could turn round to arrest the publisher and Editor of Premium Times –
      Nigeria’s flagship online newspaper reputed for peerless intellectual skills and
      analyses, with global awards in journalism profession to show for it.

      • Iskacountryman

        you cannt be talking too much about snake farming and be supportive of this regime…our soldiers are into snake ranching…


    Premium times should not be intimidated by this thug who thinks he and his Cohorts are above the Law. They kill and maim without any recourse to International norm. Tyrants like him have come and gone but the Nigerian masses will always triumph! He will have his fall one day.

    • Otile

      The devil must do his own work.

  • tony H

    Sai Buhari! This is very comforting news reaching us. Deal with the monster you helped create.

  • Rommel

    I condemn in its entirety this seeming act of lawlessness that was unleashed on the premium times,I would want to know who authorized this raid and the law that empowered it

    • ?????????



    • Otile

      No other than Imam Imam Imam, ka ji ko?

    • Really

      The same lawless people you sing praise of, the Anarchist and Tyrants in power that you dearly cherish authorized the raid. OK


    • jammeh soyemi

      Kwaraption is fighting back and you talk of ‘lawlessness’??
      Shut up there you wailer!
      We didn’t require any law to raid judges, incarcerate dasuki, and so many other of our ‘interventions’!
      To hell with the rule of law!
      Sai mai gaskiya!

    • John A

      You are still asking questions when it was clearly stated that

      Plain-clothed officers conducted search at the office shortly after 5p.m. Thursday, and said they were acting on a complaint filed by the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai.

    • emmanuel

      Yam head,

    • Gary

      Ha Nazi, you dare to show rare courage in this instance? Lai won’t be happy with you o.

      I’m sure he shares your view that Buratai thinks too much of himself and now giving the whole regime a bad look.

      See, he should have been replaced after he massacred the Shiites but religious bigotry got the better of Buhari. Now Buratai is pushing that eaglet IGP, Idris, to go after the Press on his behalf.
      Two Zombies in uniform who don’t know that no government ever wins a war against the media.

  • marc umeh

    So they are arresting people because Buratai wants them to ? Is that the way it now works in nigeria ? They probably didn’t bother to get a warrant. In a third world , you do what you feel like as long as you have power.
    Premium times should stay resolute and never give in to this type of harrassment.

  • Comfortkay

    Nigeria is not under Military rule and the journalist should be released immediately.
    The Army Chief is not powerful than the law and this is 21 century and all these nonesense must stop.

    • David Aku


      General Buratai and Yahya Jammeh: Two sides of same coin

      I have lost all respect for General Tukur Buratai for his indiscretion.

      I am now seriously wondering what Nigerian soldiers were
      deployed to fight in The Gambia, if there’s no difference between General
      Buratai and President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia in terms of primitive reflex to
      shutter all news-media which refuse to kowtow.

      General Buratai, the Nigerian Army Chief, should stop giving the public impression
      that he feels he’s been caught doing wrong things on his sexed-up declaration
      of assets excluding multi-million assets held in Dubai. Rather than show how he
      is exempt from the law, he now goes after Premium Times as whistle-blower.

      • World Wide Web

        The same question will continue to be asked again and again; despite arrest and intimidation; viz:

        • How exactly does a Supreme Court proceeding in Gambia constitute a threat to Nigeria;
        or involve Nigeria’s national interest, in a presidential election between two citizens of Gambia?

        President Buhari and his bumbling Foreign Minister have not been able to answer this simple question.

        • marc umeh

          How exactly was little Cuba’s national interest jeopardised when the sent troops to help free African in South Africa and Angola ?

    • Otile

      What do you mean by General Barutai not being more powerful than the law, is he not a powerful Fulani Muslim, who makes the law in the first place?

      • Mufu Ola

        You’re too shallow minded.All your miserable life is about Fulani/ Muslim. Don’t be surprised if u drop down fatally one day!

        • Otile

          You are too_stupid to make sense anytime you try to express your uneducated self. Stupidity_is inborn in you. Are you not going to ‘drop down’ fatally one day? A stupid_man like you thinks he is going to live forever. Yoruba ronu.

          • Mufu Ola

            If u’re truly educated you & sane you won’t base all your life arguments on just one theme.Fulani,Muslim.Go get a shrink to examine you!

          • Otile

            I will never behave like you and sing insincere praises to Fulani Muslims. Nigeria has been ruined forever by the corrupt, parasitic, thieving murderous Fulani Muslims. Why are you afraid of them, is it because you see them as your slave masters. Look at the miserable condition the Fulanis have put Nigeria today, yet you sing praises to people like Buhari, El-Rufai, Mamman Daura, Abba Kyari, Buratai and other brutes. Shame on you, ass-licker.

          • emmanuel

            Nor mind the mumu. He will drive rough very soon and Buhari boys go wire im bum with koboko like Olorunyomi.
            ‘You bite the finger that fed you’ Lawan Duara, i beg print PT account and display all the bribe wen the man don collect

          • Mufu Ola

            After South ruled Nigeria continuously for 13 years (removing Yar Adua’s 3 yrs) you’re still talking of how “Fulani Muslims” have ruled & ruined. This is why I always maintain that some people will remain on d same spot they are all their life & they will forever blame others 4 their woes & calamities.

  • 678

    Are we under democracy or military rule? This is insane!

  • evidence

    The tyrannical monster Premium times helped package as a converted saintly democrat has turned on them.
    Premium times just like Sowore is having a taste of Buhari’s infamous Decree 4.

    • Mufu Ola

      Your Jonathan stole thousands of Nigerian newspapers during his reign. So this is nothing new. But serious,is Premier Times really publishing truth or deliberately going out of its way to antagonizing the military? I think media should not think they can be blackmailing people & think they are above law.

      • evidence

        Moronic Zombie, what Buhari and his fellow fulani kitchen cabinet are stealing now is even worse than what Abacha stole. His 2016 budget, his 2017 budget, IDP funds, fuel subsidy, to mention a few.
        When PT was helping Buhari spread propaganda, you praised them, now that it has affected your Fulani masters, the media is now at fault.
        Treacherous Fulani asswipe.

        • Mufu Ola

          You’ve been slaves to Fulanis since independence until you were given uppercut.The SE & SS minus Edo State.Awolowo tried to open ur eyes but u were blinded by short time crumbs.Go ask your papa.He go tell you.

  • Peaceometer

    Later now, the same PT or other news media will say its a lie. Propaganda PT

    • World Wide Web


      The same question will continue to be asked again and again; despite arrest and intimidation; viz:

      How exactly does a Supreme Court proceeding in Gambia constitute a threat to Nigeria;
      or involve Nigeria’s national interest, in a presidential election between two citizens of Gambia

      President Buhari and his bumbling Foreign Minister have not been able to answer this simple question.

  • Realnigerian

    Shame on Buhari (Religious Bigot) and Osinbajo (Fake Pastor)

    • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

      loooooooooooooooooooooolllllll rotflmfao

  • donMe$$i

    Change is here!
    There is a new DICTATOR..sorry sheriff..in town!
    Shape up or ship out!
    Premium Times, that applies to you too!
    By the way, your walls need a new coat of paint.
    A-fee-C! CHAINS!!

  • Jammeh soyemi

    Chai baba!

  • Jammeh soyemi

    Wai wai wai!
    Haba Jama’a! Kwaraption is fighting back!

  • The oneNigeria

    On Freedom of the press we stand !

    • emmanuel

      Free gini? You mortgage your freedom with sai baba. Please let us leave the man to do what is right. Nigerians are too much in a hurry.

      Have you forgotten that GEJ destroyed Nigeria?

      • The oneNigeria

        We are talking about Nigeria here not Biafra !

        • emmanuel

          Sorry, i am not from Biafra. But Biafrans are better than you!

          • The oneNigeria

            Why are you denying your country? Go to your Biafra, bloody second class citizen!

      • Mufu Ola

        Your GEJ destroyed Nigeria & u’re not happy he’s gone ‘cos you were part of d rent business operators under him whose business have “nearly collapsed”.

  • Gary

    Folks, finally we have come full circle with the good ole Buhari some of us were unfortunate to know.
    To the Millennials of Nigeria, welcome to life as we lived it under Buhari the military dictator. They didn’t even bother this time to issue Decree 4 to cage the Press. Or Decree 2 that gave him the powers of God to arrest or jail anyone he felt like.
    I know this sounds like fairy tales you’re reading, but please ask your parents or grandparents what life was like under Buhari and his military goons who till this day have retarded the progress of a once-promising country.
    The only thing left now is the return of public executions by Buhari and the goons he put in charge of national security. But wait, Buratai already literally executed almost 1000 Shiites for daring to block his motorcade. Obviously with Buhari’s approval since the man is still Army Chief.

    The irony is lost on a government of illiterates that they are sending troops to oust a dictator from The Gambia while erecting a dictatorship at home in Nigeria.
    May God deliver Nigerians, again, from Muhammadu Buhari.

    • tony H

      Ask their parents what? They are feeling it now. They, too, will have stories to tell their children.

    • tony H

      Haba, Buhari is not a dictator o! Sai Baba! Why should Premium Times disturb a whole Chief of Army Staff? Why?

  • The Nationalist


    Kudos to President Muhamadu Buhari

    I am one of the grateful Nigerians. I want to thank President Muhamadu Buhari
    for all his attempts to run and reform Nigeria since May 29, 2015. Those were
    valiant efforts. It would be churlish of a well-bred person to minimize the efforts.

    But insofar as those (ironically) valiant efforts have all but made Nigeria worse
    across the board the next polite thing to do is to request President Buhari to
    apologize to the nation with visible grief and tender his resignation for failure.

    A vote cast in a democracy has an expiry date and only perdures for a term
    if certain sensible things are being done amid a dozen or more of other follies.
    No vote cast in a democracy perdures if there is nothing to write home about.

    There’s been no electricity in many neighborhoods in Nigeria since 24th December.
    Lagos is going through 4th consecutive day of complete darkness without electricity.
    President Buhari long destroyed the national currency which fell to 490 to US dollar.
    No other calamity need awaiting before President Buhari resigns and goes to Daura.

  • kusanagi

    First SR and now PT. Can’t be a coincidence that we’re under Buhari’s regime that we now have this muzzling of the press.

    Keep on the good work PT. The masses support you.

  • Sword of Damocles

    Nigeria is definitely going through Death throes, imagine this??? Na wa for my race…….

    • emmanuel

      Sword of the devil, you neva sabi. Buhari is a wonderful man, a democrat per excellence. yeye fowl!

      • Sword of Damocles

        FCUK you & all your generations now & to come. bastard MF!!!

        • emmanuel

          lol. got you, miscreant!
          Obama don commot tommorrow, man nor dey do man again. So hold your side.

          • Sword of Damocles

            do u have food to eat or for ur children & you got me?? look vermin you are talking about Obama, unless I am missing something, President Obama has the same skin color as you, and BTW the man that replaces him tomorrow came to power fanning the belief that you & your children are SUBHUMAN due to skin color, and here you are in your infinite wisdom as a proud BLACK MAN venerating Trump? Lord Lugard(the virulent racist) was not far off on his views). I live in Austin TX, and tomorrow will not be celebrated in my household. You are more worthless & self-hating than I ever envisioned

  • Say the truth

    The signs were there. The signal was clear but the gullible refused to heed the warning. Here comes the change you craved for. Candidate Buhari was asked if he was prepared to apologise for jailing journalists as military ruler, the Director General of Mr. Buhari’s campaign and Governor of River State, Rotimi Amaechi, prevented the former general from responding, saying “the general has said he could not change the past”. March 17 2015 . Once a dictator is always a dictator. Some will say PMB didn’t send but his body language fully supports the gestapo styles.

  • imagine_2012

    The zoo

    • Law Lexis

      Your Excellency,

      Open Letter to Acting President of Nigeria

      Nigeria under your presidency moved troops to The Gambia to supervene a purely judicial process
      involving legal resolution of an election petition by The Supreme Court of The Gambia. This is taboo.
      President Buhari himself spent 50 months on similar petition at the Supreme Court of Nigeria and no
      country moved troops to invade Nigeria in consequence of Buhari’s election petition.

      It is bad history that Nigeria leads onslaught against civilization by preferring military tanks as the best way
      to solve an election dispute – with war ships nearby. This is crude barbarism unheard-of in modern history.

      This is not diplomacy. It is illiteracy. Moreso that the consent of Senate was not sought, as required by Nigeria’s
      1999 Constitution; and given that the constitution allows purely executive action without legislative consent only
      where Nigeria’s national interest is at stake.

      Please ponder and conclude that there is no national interest at stake in a normal judicial proceeding at the Supreme Court in The Gambia to warrant deploying fighter jets and war ships to The Gambia. Accordingly,
      do issue appropriate orders to recall Nigerian troops from this fool’s errand. Thank you.

      • I did it 4 Love

        lol, was Buhari declared winner of any of those election he lost? Why are you comparing light and darkness? Buhari was never declared a winner of any of those election he lost but Barrow was officially declared a winner and Jammeh accepted the defeat and later changed his decision because his wife is afraid of his him Jammeh going to jail. Better to write this way so u can understand.

  • emmanuel

    I warned the Yorubas, i reminded them how they were the victims of Buhari in the mid 1980’s, how Abacha mauled them in his assassination streak.
    Dapo i also told you that since you aided your foolani masters and Thiefnubu to oust GEJ, the same foolani will use koboko to slash your bum.
    This is just the beginning. El-Rufia will use another platform for 2019 and not you anymore. I beg make una allow some Army recruit flog the man with koboko small.

    • Mufu Ola

      Yorubas don’t need your hate advice. Your agony is noted. You want continuation of Jona, the treasure raider’s regime. Give us another story.

      • emmanuel

        mumu ola, hear me very clear. Last week was Sowore, this week it is Olorunyomi. Meanwhile, Thiefnubu is already going the way of Awolowo. Deeressd, reclusive and removed from the society already.
        Why would you need my advice, when you have a dunce as your brainer running Nigeria finance?
        Jonathan is history and no going back.
        My best was Nda Isaiah who you would know, but he did not have enough cash to pay $5,000.00 per delegate at the APC primaries.
        Jonathan was a weakling and i disliked him for that, but he was a million times better than Buhari.
        If you like, nor need my advice, but i know say dem go wire Dapo bum witth koboko small

        • VERITAS_ the rock of ages_

          Lol at the Koboko statement at the end. And at the Nda Isiah comment. That was a shame. Thats why i say good men who are not thieves or corrupt would never rule Nigeria. Politics is fucked up. We need to evolve beyond it.

        • Mufu Ola

          To you Jonathan is not history.That’s why you keep on lamenting endlessly & twisting facts.

    • Sword of Damocles

      You are a worthless Tribal ANIMAL(listen to a so-called adult:”I warned the Yorubas”, “foolani masters”), meanwhile Nigerians are dying & suffering yet this “reject-abortion” is here disturbing us with his tribal rant. And no, I am not from any of the tribes you are consumed with abusing. Meanwhile our elites(Ibos, yorubas, Hausa/fulanis) are killing us while this so called Human is running his aids-inflected mouth!!

    • Yemi

      I guess the point is that Nigeria is really doomed. We Yorubas didn’t have much choice, either we support a corrupt ogogoro drinking alcoholic or a desert tyrant who’s not very bright but promised to fight corruption.

      • Mufu Ola

        We made the right choice by chasing away the guzzler.

  • CeeCee1818

    Where’s the freedom of press?

    • V.O Akins



  • M.O. Arese


    The Nigeria Police
    should release Dapo Olorunyomi, the Publisher of Premium Times, whose
    newspaper has become a national trust as the most respected and believed by the
    best educated ones in Nigeria and abroad. No good purpose is served by holding
    Dapo Olorunyomi for one more minute. President Buhari’s reputation at home and
    overseas will be the worse for it.

    The Police can’t pretend to be heard of hearing the clamorous groan that
    800 billion is missing and deemed stolen in Lagos state treasury. The Police
    should instead arrest those who steal the treasury in broad daylight. They are
    the public enemies; not Dapo Olorunyomi or the judicial correspondent of
    Premium Times. The Police can’t pretend to be heard of hearing the clamorous
    groan that 800 billion is missing and deemed stolen in Lagos state treasury.

  • Moh’d Maiha

    An attack(raid) on premium times head office by authorities is an attack on freedom of expression.

  • Decimator

    What else do we expect Tyrants to do best other than Tyranny? For they lack the intellectual capacity to compete in a free society.

  • Olusola

    What is the matter with Buratai?

  • thusspokez

    I have seem the future and I see Buratai spending the rest of his retirement age in prison for human rights abuse committed in the 2010s.

    The likes of Buratai should look around the world and see how many military juntas and autocratic regimes are still around compared to the period that he was born or was a young man. There are very few despots and juntas about, and even those still alive are now facing historic human rights abuse, in Latin America, Asia, and Europe, that were condoned or perpetrated by them whilst in office. If I were Buratai, I should be very worried that I might someday spend the rest of my retirement age in prison for human rights abuse.

  • LionHeart

    What a mess. And you call this democracy? General Buratai, this is democracy, Every citizen including the press have the freedom of speech and can express it in different ways. If you have any problem with the press, take it to court.

    Nigeria, when are we going to stop allowing animals in human skin lead us. It is so obvious that this government do not understand the meaning of democracy.

  • Noble


  • obiora

    But we are the Wailing Wailers.

  • chinedu

    Just as predicted by mua when the action of the DSS against innocent judges occurred. It is now time for the audacious press. The other day it was Sahara reporters. Today Premium Times. I can also prophecy that after the press and the electronic media, it will be time for the human right activists. I think it is about time for us to reason critically on the qualities of our next leaders. Issues such as age,exposure,academic endeavour,past achievement must count strongly. The mobilization time is now.