Group plans to occupy National Assembly Tuesday




Popular musician, Charles Oputa, also known as Charly Boy, has called on Nigerians to support the planned civil protest scheduled to hold in Abuja on Tuesday.

He made the call in a telephone chat with PREMIUM TIMES, where he disclosed that the planned protest march is being put together by the “Occupy Unlimited,” described as a civil society group that advocates good governance and corruption-free society.

Charly Boy, the national coordinator of the advocacy group, said “corrupt leadership has ruined the country over time and rendered ordinary Nigerians penniless as a result of inept governance.”

He disclosed that his group plans to occupy the National Assembly.

“We are going to Occupy the National Assembly, reasons being that a lot of corrupt mindless looting is going on there. And after that we will focus on other ministries and MDAS that are neck deep in corruption”

“Over 170 million people are living at the mercy of corrupt politicians who have mastered the process of creating division within their own people through ethnicity religion, corruption, and frivolous issues,” the singer cum activist said.

He said the protest was to tell politicians at all levels that they must be held accountable and be selfless in their service to the country.

“This is a process of holding politicians accountable not only to their promises, but in their service to the Nigerian nation.

“The mass protest will begin at the Unity Fountain in Abuja down to the National Assembly.

“We are a coalition of ordinary Nigerians from different parts of the country, with no political affiliations; we believe in the interest of our country.

“We also believe strongly in the fight against corruption by President Muhammadu Buhari.”

Retson Tedheke, a co-convener of the conference and Public Affairs Officer of the group, said the organisation is also advocating a unicameral legislature for Nigeria to reduce cost of governance.

He disclosed that Nigeria’s democracy was one of the most expensive in the world, saying that this was no longer sustainable in the midst of the present economic recession in the country.

“Nigerian Lawmakers must begin a process of reducing the Bi-Cameral Legislature to Uni-Cameral Legislature.

“Let them initiate the process of a referendum to review the Constitution, specifically with the aim of scrapping the Senate.

Mr. Tedheke disclosed that it was also proper for legislators to ensure that their budget, running cost and other expenditures be made open to the public at all times.

He stressed the need for transparency, accountability and effective monitoring of Federal Government expenditure, the NASS and all agencies of government to ensure that everything went to the Treasury Single Account (TSA).

“We need all Nigerians to give their voice in this call to have a national rebirth,” Mr. Tedheke said.


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  • Otile

    It is immoral for Mohamed Buhari to borrow a warping $30 billion dollars to develop the North and leave SS SE woebegone.

    • Sir Demo

      Is SE still part of the zoo? The Ogbanje is confusing me now.


      U need deliverance. What is the subject under discussion here? From the way you are going, u need APC to cure your ailment.

  • Sir Demo

    Crookola Saraki will never publish the NASS budget. And the Sannis, Bruces etc are fakes!

  • Joe Joe

    Right on people! The long overdue protest should be supported by all Nigerians.

  • Usman

    Our Trump, keep on Charlie

  • ukoette ibekwe

    If this group really care about Nigeria they should picket Aso Rock. That is where Nigeria’s problem reside.
    Dies it mean that the NASS is unblemished. No. They should start with the store house of the government resources. If they have any guts.

    • jon

      Aso rock is residential of president but laws are made in national assembly

  • Gary

    Looks like Charly Boy is now broke and has signed up for Lai Mohammed’s thinly-veiled campaign to smear and scrap the Senate.

    So called pro-democracy advocates display rank ignorance if not mischief, if they insist that an upper chamber of parliament in which all the states have equal representation, is superfluous in a constitutional democracy. In a unicameral legislature, a handful of states can and will easily muster the needed majority to impose their wish on the rest of the country. We would thus have Sharia imposed on the South, grazing reserves and even the formal proscription of minority sects like the Shiites and Christians in Northern Nigeria.
    The above is what these mischief-makers want to sell to gullible Nigerians. They have been unable to make the Senate a rubber stamp for the fascist tendencies of Buhari. They have so far failed to dislodge Saraki using the courts. They want to set up Itse Sagay’s reincarnation of military tribunals now redesignated as “Special Courts” to bypass the regular court system and jail the political opposition so Buhari will be unchallenged for 2019.

    So the default position has been the multi-media campaign to scrap a key chamber of the triad of our democracy. They have gone after the judges, now they want to scrap the Senate. Yes, our Senators are not Boy Scouts and fall short of our expectations but they are what we have and with timebthe people will elect competent people with more integrity. Democracy is an on going and never-ending process. So we cannot let Lai and his minions destroy the institutions of our government for the sake of political expediency.

    Nigerians wake up and beat back the assault on our democracy. Don’t repeat the mistake of 2015.

    • joe

      First of all, we do not have “an upper chamber of parliament”. What we have is a band of criminals that are cornering a lion-share of our national income. What we would be getting rid of, is another band of criminal group, just like getting rid of Boko-Haram or Niger Delta Avenger. The fact is that we can get rid of this “senate” of criminals and structure our democratic system such that there is still fairness and accountability! Is it a coincidence, that you did not mention the word “corruption” once in your entire comment, inspite of what you know as the beef most Nigerians have with your “senate” and the root cause of our woes? You see, your tirade is a shoddy attempt at justifying the existence of your paymasters in the “senate”.Most of these guys you calll senators are former office holders who had looted their former offices to hell, some are still collecting full salaries from their former offices and are simultaneously (Yes, simultaneously) receiving ridiculous pensions ( As gratitude for looting their former offices to death)! You are an idi0t and an evil incarnate for trivializing the crimes of the so-called senators as – “our Senators are not Boy Scouts and fall short of our expectations ” You are a paid mouthpiece,and mouth-organs like you ussually end up in jail before their masters (Ask Abati). You are one of the enemies of the peoples of Africa.Because people like you are the facilitators of the crimes against the African folks. The hunger and famine that is prevalent all over the continent are directly a result of the activities of people like you. Whenever you sit down to eat a meal with your children (and grandchildren) , remember that what you eating and feeding your family with, is the flesh of the kwashiokor-ravaged children all over Africa. You guys will eventually reap what you sow!

      • Gary

        Challenge me on the strength of my assertions. So why don’t we scrap the judiciary and even the Executive for that matter; since they too are populated by scoundrels and corrupt individuals?
        For the focus on the Senate? Because they stand in the way of undemocratic elements like you to foist fascism on the country.

        • joe

          We have the lower House. Which is enough to act as the parliamentary branch. A lot of countries do not have this bicameral system we currently run. Not every country can afford it. Anyhow, we cannot continue to pump billion of dollars annually into a breeding ground and sanctuary for paedophiles, drug lords and all sorts of bandits. The Public service in Nigeria have become a monstrosity and a drainage, mostly filled with redundant workers and “scoundrels and corrupt individuals”(according to you). The scoundrels and corrupt individuals” in executive branch and the judicary shoould be discarded and the corruption therein should be tackled as a matter of national security. This is already happening. The redundant senate should be scrapped (thereby banishing a pack of “scoundrels and corrupt individuals” from our national lives) and the lower house as the sole parliamentary chamber, should be filled with people with day jobs! Not political jobbers that steal so much of our common wealth, that they can afford to employ thousands of e-rats to white-wash their criminal reputation for them on social media.