Fayose questions Buhari’s appointment of Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose
Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has raised the alarm over possibility of preventing Justice Walter Onnoghen from becoming the substantive Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), saying his appointment as Acting CJN was “either a grand plot to deprive him of his well-deserved appointment as CJN because he is from the South-South region or those cabals in the Aso Rock Presidential Villa want to hold him in the jugular, using his confirmation as substantive CJN to get him to assist them to pervert justice.”

In a statement issued in Ado-Ekiti by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose said it was strange that despite that the National Judicial Council (NJC) recommended only Justice Onnoghen to President Muhammadu Buhari for appointment as the CJN in line with its rules, since October 13, his name was not sent to the Senate for confirmation.

The governor said that Nigeria is having an acting CJN for the first time in its history despite that Justice Onnoghen’s name was sent to President Muhammadu Buhari early enough.

He said: “As at the time the NJC recommended Justice Onnoghen to President Buhari, it was 28 clear days to the November 10, 2016 retirement date of Justice Mahmud Mohammed.

Justice Walter Onnoghen

“Why then was his (Justice Onnoghen) name not sent to the Senate for confirmation? Why appointing him as Acting CJN when his name should have been sent to the Senate between October 13, 2016 that he was recommended to the president and November 10, 2016 that Justice Mahmud Mohammed retired?

“Obviously, there is more to this acting CJN appointment than meet the eyes and in my opinion, it could be that President Buhari never wanted Justice Onnoghen as a substantive CJN because he is from the South-South or that they want to use his pending appointment as substantive CJN to make him do their biddings.”

He lamented that “They have subdued the national assembly and are now in the last stage of muscling democracy by subduing the judiciary.

“If men of good conscience, especially leading lights in the legal profession refuse to raise their voices against this tyranny, they will all be consumed by the tyrant.”

Governor Fayose, who said playing politics with the judiciary, especially at the CJN level was dangerous to the survival of democracy, urged Justice Onnoghen to do his job without fear or favour, “bearing in mind that it is only God that put people in positions.”

“I am sure those who made sure Justice Onnoghen’s name was not sent to the Senate for confirmation until the tenure of Justice Mahmud Mohammed expired knew what they were doing. They obviously needed a situation where the CJN, being in acting capacity will be subservient to them, using his appointment as substantive CJN as bait.

“However, Justice Onnoghen must live above that temptation of wanting to be the substantive CJN at the expense of strict adherence to the rule of law and principles of democracy.

“He must resist any attempt to further gag the judiciary even if that will cost him his appointment as the substantive CJN,” the governor said.


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  • sheyman

    PMB appointed Ibo man, it’s a problem, if he appointed Hausa, a bigger problem. What do you want fayose?

    • duwdu

      Don’t mind that Fayose man abeg… he’s just suffering from selective reasoning. Has he ever yelled as to why the Senate has not deemed it fit for instance to consider confirming Magu as the substantive EFCC boss? The request on Magu was sent to the Senate months ago already!


    • pitaborough

      let fayose be talking while other governors are progressively doing their job…….

      • Arowolo

        you are a paid commentator.

        • Mufu Ola

          And u’re not??

      • Daniel

        Which job in a recession?

        Are you are not aware workers and pensioners are owed months of salary arrears?

        Except Lagos.

        Welcome to BUHARINOMICS.

        I hope you cure your fanatical support for a seriously confused government.

    • Top man

      The man has gone mad again. What is his problem that he is ranting.what does he know about law/judiciary that he feels he is an authority.He has forgotten how he has decercrated this same judiciary he wants to be spokesman for.Fayose!as this government has gotten its bearing abeg go sit down,you get no point. You yourself go and return the money collected from your brother Obanikoro.

      • Ayinde

        Rather your leader PMB has gone mad not Fayose.
        You bigot incapable of independent reasoning, you bigot

        • Top man

          It shows you don’t follow the trend of things and in fact you are insulting your own intelligence.

    • Ayinde

      Is Fayose the problem now or PMB who is acting funny and possible like someone without the necessary brain (white) matter. He is rather archaic and primitive in his action and thinking. He claims to be fighting corruption yet all his actions are corruption personified. Corruption goes beyond financial and includes nepotism, favouritism and all the vices .

      • Kallah Bature

        Ayinde please let the anti-corruption war progress unhindered and you shall definitely see results.Supporting people like Fayose will not help you and your family.

        • Daniel

          What corruption is being fought?

          Does Buhari have WAEC?

          What of Amaechi,Fashola, Danbazzau and Burutai?

          Can Buhari investigate illegal recruitments?

          Keep your political anti-corruption in your pocket.

          As for your economy, inflation is now 18%. Guess you know what means.

          Buhari is simply CLUELESS!

        • Amadasun Clara

          look at you, supporting a man who less than two years in power has destroyed all the legacy left behind by his predecessors. you is busying sending Nigeria,s money to fund campaigns and Islamic councils and lying that he met empty treasury. God will disgrace all of you soon.

        • Ayinde

          What anti-corruption war? Or persecution of opponents of the Administration. My people say the morning makes the day, why wait till the end if a war that has no direction and clear objective. Where is Buratai, Amechi, Lai the liar, and many others ?

  • Suleiman Alatise

    #Oloriburuku somebody.

  • Truth Sayer

    Fayose is making a valid point here. For the first time in history an CJN is appointed in acting capacity. That speaks volume about Buhari and his government – a clearly tribalistic and religious bigot.

    • tundemash

      “Truth Sayer a month ago
      Buhari is a confirmed tribalist and religious bigot. This Hausa-Fulani herdsman-in-chief must be booted out come 2019, unfailingly.”

      That was you over a month ago on Vanguard so no surprise about your rant now. Buhari has sent Magu’s name to the Senate for confirmation as EFCC Chairman several months ago and it has not been confirmed till date, did Ole Fayose and yourself cry about that ? And it is because of your ignorance that Ole Fayose is able to tickle your feeble mind with fallacies. 3 names were sent to the Presidency as possible choice as CJN so it isn’t automatically Justice Walter Onnoghen to be appointed.

      • No to injustice

        Why are they keeping them as acting cos the government wants to using them if they fail to do wat they ask they will remove them without any issue. I just gave u a lay man’s explanation since ur brain is too block to understand fayose….olodo

        • tundemash

          Mor0n, I just pasted you the section of the law that allows Justice Walter Onnoghen to act in an acting position. All you need do paste me the section of the law that has ben contravened else you are just wailing and as usual, it amounts to NOTHING !

          • Amadasun Clara

            you are the biggest moron here

          • tundemash

            Stop being emotional and paste us what section of teh law has been violated.

  • Ayinde

    Seems Agent of PMB and the APC social media fans are all over the social media , to ventilate their anger on all those opposing the President that is so parochial in his action and deeds.
    You do not need a soothsayer to know that a Person or individual that is incapable of managing a simple farm or funds as meagre as the salary of a President cannot manage a nation as nigeria.

    • tundemash

      Cry baby! What is teh source fo your wailing this time around ?

      • Amadasun Clara

        he will not contravene any law because most of you dead in the brain. may God deliver all of you. but mark it you all share from whatever blame or curse upon buhari

        • tundemash

          Cry baby !

  • Lekan

    Nothing wrong in criticizing PMB but we need constructive criticism not from someone like fayose who doesn’t know what actually wrong with his life. Which of all his allegations against Mr. President is true? he’s just tying to buy time and want people to have sympathy for him by the time Mr. President grab him. No doubt fayose own will worse pass sambo dasuki that has been in detetion almost a year ago. fayose should come out and tell Nigerians that what obanikoro said about his involvement in the dasuki gate issues is not true. Yet he still has mouth to be talking nonsense. OLE ti o lojuti.

  • aisha ani

    Why don’t you start by telling the speaker of Ekiti state house of assembly to swear in the lawmaker-elect, Toyin Obayemi.

  • Ojeleye Iyiola

    A sinner will run even when he’s not chased

  • realist

    Truely, Buhari action on CJN is questionable, why acting when there was enough time to do the needful- send the name to the Senate for confirmation but deliberately delayed in order to appoint the man an acting CJN. The action gives room for suspicion from any rational mind.

    • Julius

      Maybe there are some reports about the man. Base on the Judiciary bullshit going on. Just maybe he is not clean.

      • realist

        “Maybe”no sincere leader will base his decision on assumption or unverifiable allegation. Sincere leader would equal be cautious of the sensitivity of people. This is the first in 30 years that a southern will occupy the position. The only one that was schemed to be appointed halfway- acting. People are bound to complain.

        • Julius

          I agree but, again, maybe a sincere leader will make sure he doesnt appoint another corrupt, see no evi, hear no evil but an evil himself.I do agree that people are bound to complain no matter what but, a decision must not be made on complains alone. Thanks.

  • Julius

    I dont understand why this mental case is not in jail yet .

    • kumi

      When he tell you the truth you want to kill him abi

      • Julius

        Killing him will be immoral and illegal plus a waste of whatever means use. Just lock him up and make sure his medications dosage are increased. Is that asking for too much ?

  • kumi

    Buhari must appoint him because it is his right and he worked for it

  • Taiwo

    Forget about Fayose for a while: Does anyone agree with the decision to appoint Onnoghen as an Acting Chief Justice, given that the Supreme Court is hierarchical and that man is the next most senior of the Supreme Court Justices? A person may only be appointed to an acting position if there is a plan to replace him with someone else in the future or to determine whether he is competent or to hold him hostage with the possibility of none confirmation. If anyone has a different idea, please contribute.

  • Folorunso Esan

    Fayose despite being Gov. twice remains substantially an illiterate who doesn’t understand the provisions of the constitution

  • Mohd Sageer

    Fayose.. abeg go and sit down jor…. Noise maker

  • kunle akindude

    Governor Fayose why are you always in other peoples business when your house is on fire What happened to your civil servants salaries? Is this a conspiracy amongst your governor colleagues to make these innocent workers starve to death?
    What about the money to buy the election paid by Obanikoro to you and your cronies? In a nice and responsible country you would have been forced to resign instead of attacking the central govt every minute

    • Champ

      In a nice and responsible country the Presidency ought to have submitted his name to the Senate for confirmation given he was recommended early enough by the NJC. Pls be free from corruption of the mind and mental slavery

    • Amadasun Clara

      i pity you yorubas, you should be happy that you someone like Fayose. a fearless man. in a nice and responsible country your Buhari should have resigned for wasting our money on a failed election or spent billions in Edo state election, the worst ever.

  • Olatubosun

    Fayose is nothing but an enemy of progress

    • Ayinde

      Please define progress?
      Economy nose diving?
      Inflation spiralling out of control and no sign of any one taking charge?
      Company closing at a rate never before seen?
      Creating unemployment as a slogan of the APC?
      And uncountable other ‘progress ‘

      As per your definition Abi ?


  • Olatubosun

    Fayose needs medical attention

    • Olori Magege

      What was wrong in Fayose’s statement that would warrant a medical attention?

    • Amadasun Clara

      i think you are the one who needs medical attention because your brain is not working

      • Olatubosun

        Can you now see that you are senseless……
        Someone that take the…. Comment on the link….. I don’t you are normal

    • Ayinde

      Think yours is more urgent

  • Nigerian Citizen

    Nigerians owe fayoshe a lot of gratitude for being like the only remaining voice in the wilderness. Fayoshe is right in his assertions.

  • Olori Magege

    NASS conquered now NJC. Dictatorship in full bloom