Why I left my lecturer husband, got pregnant for a bricklayer – Housewife


A university lecturer in Nigeria is facing a humiliating dilemma in his marriage.

Suraju Oyekunle, said to be a teacher at the Lagos State University (LASU), Lagos, is fighting hard to save his 13-year old marriage to Kafayat who has not only been unfaithful to him, but is pregnant for another man, according to a news report published by P.M.Express newspaper.

The real complication, however, is that Mrs. Oyekunle has openly confessed to being in love with the intruder, whom she said she preferred to spend the rest of her life with, the report said.

Interestingly, the intruder, Fatai Alimi, is a bricklayer.

The paper reported that Mrs. Oyekunle, 36, packed out from her matrimonial home in October when her husband travelled out of town, and then moved in with Mr. Alimi, her new lover, who lives in the same Igando community where she and her husband lived in Lagos.

She said she prefers the bricklayer’s smaller apartment to her husband’s house, and she took along with her a 12-year-old son she had for her husband.

Mr. Alimi, 34, was said to have been arrested by the police, and arraigned in court on Thursday for conduct likely to cause breach of peace, after the woman’s husband lodged a complaint against him.

He pleaded not guilty before a magistrate, who granted him bail in the sum of N25,000. He was remanded in prison custody pending his meeting the bail conditions.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Oyekunle has vowed to do all she could to secure freedom for Mr. Alimi.

While in court to bail Mr. Alimi, Mrs. Oyekunle reportedly said she left her marriage because she and her husband were unable to get another child during their 13 years in marriage, and that the husband was not taking good care of her.

She said she became pregnant for her new lover a few months after they met, and that with him, she was now living in peace.

Mrs. Oyekunle said that her bricklayer lover, despite his low social status, was better off  than her husband of 13 years in everything.

She said her family remained in support of her relationship with Mr. Alimi, the bricklayer.

Mr. Alimi is scheduled to appear again in court on December 12.


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  • ayi-baba

    It is well! Things like these are not ordinary in anyway and most likely, the woman is hypnotized. That is what you get when you have unfaithful wife. The excuses given by the woman are simply laughable, her husband may not be good in everything, but the intruder can not be better than her husband in everything obviously. The husband should just get custody of his son and move on with his life.

    • Mufu Ola

      Why would u suspect the woman is hypnotized? Because the lecturer is “richer” than d bricklayer?

  • George

    Yorubas + pussy = trouble

    • Julius

      Ibo + Humans = trouble….if una dont cook and eat them.

    • Africa Period

      Stop your petty tribalism.

  • Truth Sayer

    What an interesting love story. I think I support the woman. She deserves to be happy. Period. Suraju should move on with his life.

  • Decimator

    Sorry and unfortunate, but if there is any issue Yoruba’s are superior to other folks of the “world“, it is on issues bordering on marriage and religion. Marriages contrary to the views we deem as norm just like other human endeavors must not always work for whatever reasons. Should the hard luck hit anybody, he or she should just accept it in good faith and move on with his/her life. Let’s be careful here, there is no special reason it is working or not working for anybody.

    • linkhadj.

      Are you commenting on this issue at all? Go back to school please.

  • peter

    he shld take custody of his son and move on. the woman could even kill him if he is not careful. when things are exposed like this, you should give glory to God.

  • Rommel

    Hmmmmmmmmn,Nigerians woman,running away from high status to lower one for happiness? wunderbar !!!! perhaps we should allow her to experience life and love

    • Julius

      lolz, yes we should. This also happens here in the U S..to an American couple who is a Dr. His wife left him for their landscaper . There are reasons for women doing this. If I were this man, I wont even try to get her back. I cant do it.

  • Nothing can substitute happiness in this life, but the woman made a big mistake for not divorcing him before engaging in another affairs

  • Olusegun

    If we go deep to the root of this problem, it could be that the lecturer husband could not satisfy the woman sexually. Yoruba women love sex and they’re ready to go down with a labourer if he can hit them well. Bricklayers are strong, Powerful and agile. The woman should enjoy the sex while it last but she will soon regret her action when the sex becomes boring. I had similar experience with lady I was dating. The moment she tasted one Igala man stuff, she abandoned me only to come begging after about 1 year. I knew she never loved me

    • Broadway2


    • C3kwe

      Poor you Olusegun for your experience, however it is not necessarily sex that keeps a woman but compatibility. The bricklayer could be her soul mate who takes time to listen to her no matter how long and always take her as a special one. Relationships are complicated.

    • Julius

      FYI, all women love sex…if you do it right.

    • Otile

      Yoruba women got wonderful shape though. I don’t know how to approach them and get me one.

  • K_Kenechukwu

    Most likely that 12 year old son may not even be the man’s son. A woman can cheat on a man and keep it a secret for 100 years that’;s why they say if a woman’s heart is opened you will find things that even all the space in this world cannot contain.

  • Braithwaite Umenta

    No 1, that woman is unfaithful…faithfulness or unfaithfulness can be natural or learned, it can also be addictive, sometimes it starts from the youth when you are not married yet, that is why some people are lucky, others are not. The next issue with that woman is that she did not file for divorce b4 going to the other man. The man should not waste his time and money because you cannot force any one to live with you. He should just get his son, change environment and move along with his life, i know coping with heart break is not easy but time is the greatest healer, with time , this will be a past to him.

  • Luther Jens-Uwe Nigeria Lagos

    In this case, the question remains what and how laws were actually
    So someone let retirement.
    A scam in the marriage existed.
    A deposit for what.
    Who is actually guilty and why broke the relationship.
    The judges actually do what should.
    One of the child’s forgiveness before retirement and the right care.
    What is the other marked.
    Can you talk of excessive case-law.
    Should you still by due process of the law
    go out in this case.
    I intentionally no question mark used, have made formal start to
    the law of the jurisdiction and the procedure of the judicial
    Activity of the Sir on Jutice

    • Guest

      Ha! nothing we no go see for this recession. e don reach internet.

    • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

      na wa o ……………………………….. is this a poem or signs of a new form of mental disorder …….

      • Julius

        hahahahahahaha, good question.

  • wazobia ninja!!!!!!

    prof !!!!! how could you be so dedicated to bad sex ?!

    the brick layer with probably a well-baked 8-pack and a functional lister & perkins generator as demystified you ……. stop embarrassing yourself at the court …….

  • Bethel

    Wonders will not seize to happen. Unbelievable and unthinkable yet true.

  • sammyctu ode

    Police has no business arresting this lover. This purely a love domestic affair. Why is our police getting involved in trivia matters that does not concern them. If a man leaves his wife for another woman will they arrest both of them? Alimi did no wrong, It’s just a case of two people falling in love. It happens all over the world. Let police go and fight criminals kidnappers 419s looters those paddling our budgets, etc instead of them arresting lovebirds.

  • linkhadj.

    Mr. Lecturer, please, stop embarrassing yourself further with this court case. The woman has found genuine and fruitful relationship with the bricklayer. A woman can trade anything for pregnancy which the Bricklayer has given her. Just collect your son, go and do DNA for him to be sure he is truly yours , relocate to another place and move on with your life. She rightly prefers living with the Bricklayer in one roomwith pregnancy to living with you in a duplex without pregnancy. Shikena!

    • Observer

      Mr linkjadj the mumu man, cant you use your mind to think that t man charged his wife to court because of his 12 year old son? meaning he wants to legally be in charge of the boy’s custody, not the woman.

      • Ibukun Fadairo

        It’s you that didn’t read the story very well. The police arrested and charged the bricklayer for engaging in an act that could cause a breach of public peace. So, it’s not about the son. The bricklayer has no direct business with the son but her mother.

      • linkhadj.

        You are an illiterate, Mr Observer. Can you swear that your brother, the Lecturer, is the true father of the son?

    • the thinker

      hahahahaha. Mr Lecturer couldn’t lecture his wife properly

  • Truth Sayer

    This is perhaps the most interesting story ever on PT in recent times. Beautifully written and taken beyond the level of gossip or to borrow Trump’s escape route word ‘locker room talk’. Things like these happen all over the world. Yet you see some women always being maltreated and beaten by their husbands, yet they will not walk away from the marriage. Women by their nature seem to have a different pattern of thought.

  • The Optimist

    Should we still retain the word SHAME in our vocabulary? Why couldn’t the woman divorce her lecturer husband honourably before this SHAMELESS show? And her brood of adulterous background supports her. Where is shame?

    • Plain truth

      It’s in their blood

  • Gecko75

    Relationships can be complicated, things are not always as they seem. The woman may have been very frustrated in her marriage and couldn’t figure a better way out. It is strange that her family would support her decision though, as she claims. I think Mr lecturer should just let her go. But seek custody of your child, if indeed the child is yours.

  • Christian Agomoh

    It’s very unfortunate that in our present world God is no more in the thoughts of man ! People just take decisions as if life belongs to them ! Well,bear all the children you want to bear now;and marry all the husbands or wives you want to marry now, but know that Almighty God must bring you to judgment ! God’s standard is one man,one wife until God do us part. Civilization, democracy or ones religious beliefs can NEVER erase God’s Eternal standard !

  • omolaja

    The woman doesn’t understand the Yoruba adage that says, kaka ki mbi egba obun, ma bi okansoso odun, ma ri oun yan araye loju, ma ri oun gberaga. Instead of me to have one thousand useless children, I would rather have one that I would be proud of.

  • TalkWella

    side Effect of Recession!