Igbo leaders pledge support for Nigeria’s unity


Igbo leaders from the 31 states of the federation outside the south-east zone and in the Diaspora have pledged their commitment to the unity and development of Nigeria.

They made the pledge on Friday in Jos, during a call on the Plateau State Deputy Governor, Sonni Tyoden.

The leader of the delegation, Pampas Ebu, the leader of the Igbo in Minna, Niger state, said his people would never do anything to compromise the unity of Nigeria.¨

He called on government at all levels to guarantee their safety wherever they reside and that of the entire Nigeria citizens.

Mr. Pampas said his delegation was made up of representatives of Igbo traditional rulers living outside the south-east state and in the Diaspora who were in the Plateau State capital for a quarterly meeting.

He said the traditional rulers chose to hold their meeting in Jos to showcase the return of peace in state.

“We are here in Jos for our quarterly meeting of all Igbo traditional rulers from states outside Igbo own states, as an indication of the return of peace in Jos”, he said.

“The security of people and property is paramount to us, we as leaders will ensure that our subjects abide by government policies and programmes.”

Responding, the deputy governor, Mr. Tyoden, assured the traditional rulers of adequate security of not just Igbo people, but everyone living in the state.

“Security of our citizens is key to us as a government, because without an enduring security and peace, there can’t be development.

“I want to use this medium to affirm that Igbo speaking people are friends of Plateau state, your contributions in the economy cannot be underestimated,” Mr. Tyoden said.

The meeting of the Igbo leaders is scheduled to end on Saturday.


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  • Dazmillion

    These so called leaders of the IBO are unknown to the good people of the SE. The same way Ekweremadu lead another group of so called IBO leaders to visit Buhari this week. The IBO know they have no leaders ever since ZIK dead, that is why the IBO youths are fully invested in Biafra.

    Until the government starts relating with the IBO at the grassroots level, Biafra street protests and parade of 419 fake IBO leaders will continue

    • ayobamiba

      Rubbish talk

      • Julius

        When are you leading your own Ibo leaders to meet with Trump ?

    • Dejandon

      So it’s you that good people of SE know?

    • AMARA.C

      i do not see it as if igbo in south east is different from igbo in diaspora

    • Donald

      Fake ibo leaders, bunch of ass lickers

    • Tonnero

      Read your last paragraph again. The FGN should relate to the Igbo at grassroot level? Yet you guys are the same ones that want true federalism? What are local governments for? And state governments? And your reps at the houses of assembly (both state and federal) and the senate? You folks are a very confused lot. Wait there. Let Buhari come and put your children to sleep every night.

      • Dazmillion

        I have no idea what you talking about. My comment was made as a concerned Nigerian that have been to different parts of the country with knowledge about issues affecting them.

  • nixon

    Igbo leaders without followers. When Kanu is out they all will be exposed as having no followers, wait and see.

    • Ade Omowest

      Kanu has been allocated a permanent room in Kuje prison. Don’t expect him as a free man until he denounces Biafraud with an apology letter to all Nigerians (including the decent Indigbos) sent through Senator Ike Ekweremadu.

      • nixon

        Man of little mind, South Africa will not be what it is today if Mandela has same mindset as you….that’s a fact! We will wait for him till the end, that’s the Igbo spirit your kinsmen never have. Wait for him we shall.

        • Ade Omowest

          You can wait for Nnamdi Kanu’s Biafraud till eternity, I wish you good-luck. The progressive Indigbo (not miscreants like you) are positive looking and for the progress of one Nation as they have no other country but Nigeria. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria and adieu Biafraud.

    • Julius

      Are you saying that Kanu is the main leader ?


    Ndi igbo please identified with root of igbo at all times, our support will help and guide you ,mandate is very important ,God bless NDIGBO

  • Aminu Baba

    Where are the Nnamdi Kanu captives? I hope they are listening attentively. Their Biafraud doesn’t wash with their traditional rulers

  • I sigh

    APC morons not Igbo leader. The youths want out of the Islamic caliphate called Nigeria. Ask the so called Igbo leaders if their child has the same barrier of leading the country before they talk with their APC mouth.

  • Decimator

    “Igbo leaders from the 31states of the federation outside the south-east zone and in the Diaspora have
    pledged their commitment to the unity and development of Nigeria”.

    Has the propaganda machine gotten so low? Ibo leaders not leading the Ibos are here making a pledge.

    For the reminder Ibos are from ancestry democratically constituted entity. They do not bear total allegiance
    to feudal constituted authorities and institutions as obtained in some other parts of the Nigerian Enclave.Thanks

  • Rommel

    In the 21st century? clowns

  • okenwa

    I can see this people in the above photo dressed like emirs, some in woman rapper and others dressed like 419ners, are they igbos.

  • Agumadu Ifeanyi

    Who made them igbo leaders? Sycophants

  • Julius

    Ibos has no unity. Watch other Ibos attack these people. Keep reading folks. They hate themselves more than any other tribes will ever hate them but, they keep blaming others.

    • Decimator

      They are pledging commitment to one Nigerian “Unity” that never existed any way. Fools paradise to say.

      • Julius

        I wont say it like that but, we can work together to make the country better. I will go along with that.

        • Decimator

          That is exactly what has not worked for the past years of the One Nigeria Unity experiment, is also not working now, and there is no sign it will ever work in future, unless we keep fooling ourselves as usual forever.Thanks

          • Julius

            That doesnt mean we should give up on it. Maybe the so called elites on both sides are the problem, as a matter of facts, they are the problem. I think the ordinary folks should take over because we are the ones paying the price for the dis-functions.

          • Decimator

            I taught it was a long existing enviable one Nigeria “Unity” that is being pledged commitment to here. How come we should now start building a “Unity” that has long been in existence, which was so enviable that it merited an indivisible status. Are we not back to the fool’s paradise I mentioned above?

          • Julius

            Taught or thought ? I take that as a typo. Look, all I want is for us to work together and make the necessary changes and find a way forward to make the country better. Let me tell you, biafra will not find it easy to govern because the same folks that are ruining Nigeria will be trying to run biafra. Its like meet the new boss, same as the old boss. They are all the same.

      • Otile

        Yes indeed, Yakubu Gowon asserted that there is no basis for unity in Nigeria. Awolowo himself described Nigeria as a mere geographical expression. In your own words it is fools paradise. It is encouraging that all the tribes know the situation, but crude oil is the only glue holding incompatible people together.

    • Otile

      If you are going to insult people people at least learn basic English. Don’t make an ass of yourself.

      • Julius

        Otile faggot, learn the difference between insults and facts in plain language. I know you love ass, so I wont even suggest not to make one of yourself. You are an ass !

        • Otile

          How do you know the difference between what is an insult and what is not? For you semi illiterate man, faggot, ass and other vulgar words are good and well. Continue_fooling yourself, odale.

          • Julius

            lolz, it seems like you dont !

    • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

      Even you who don’t know how to use has and have will equally come to the social media to insult a whole Igbo Nation, na wao………..

  • obiora

    There is nothing in IGBO Land Like Traditional Rulers outside IGBO Land. Every Traditional Rulers will stay in their Homes.

  • Toujours Nice

    leaders without followers. can these people put together command just 1000 Igbo men and women as a sign that they are leading us?

    • Traditionalist

      These are the official representatives of the Igbo people. If you and your ilk prefer to listen to the likes of Kanu then, that

      is you problem.These are the seasoned citizens of Igboland talking honesty.

      THIS IS COLONEL M. MARIAM speaking.

  • bensony

    Igbo leaders are not Biafra leaders.

  • Galantman

    It’s now crystal clear that those sponsored miscriants who call themselves all sorts of funny confusing names like iPod,MOSSOP,etc are fooling themselves. Oya, internet bigots and cowards over to you! Hahhahahhahhahah