Draw your wife out of the kitchen and ‘other rooms,’ group advises Buhari

Photo credit: howng.com
Photo credit: howng.com

The Centre for African Resources, Research and Development has criticised President Muhammadu Buhari’s statement about his wife, Aisha.

In a statement in Lagos on Saturday, the group said Aisha Buhari spoke the heart of many Nigerians.

“CARRD advises President Buhari to draw his wife out of the ‘kitchen and other rooms’ and address the issues raised by her in the interview, which represent the concerns of millions of Nigerians who don’t have as much access to him as her,” said Ismail Ibraheem, Chair, CARRD.

“When the chips are down, he belongs to her, and she belongs to him first and foremost, before us all.”

Mr. Buhari’s comment before an international audience that his wife belongs to the kitchen and the “other room” had elicited condemnations from the public who say the president’s statement rubbished achievements made in gender equality.

The president was responding to Mrs. Buhari’s interview with the BBC Hausa Service where she expressed displeasure over how her husband’s inner cabinet had hijacked governance and created disaffection among his core supporters across the country.

She also threatened not to campaign for him like she did in 2015, should he decide to seek re-election in 2019.

“CARRD shares the sentiments expressed by Mrs Buhari,” said Mr. Ibraheem, a senior lecturer at the Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos.

“While we agree that the President has the inalienable right to respond to whatever comments his wife makes, within and without the ‘kitchen and ‘other rooms,’ we disagree with him over his choice of words, and the global and political environment where he said them.

“President Buhari made those comments – which millions within and without Nigeria have interpreted to be misogynist, sexist and ‘Trump-like’ – beside arguably the most powerful woman in the world, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to diplomatically-veiled consternation from her.

“CARRD is tempted to ask what the President and his team are doing seeking economic, security and political assistance from a country whose leader is also supposed to “belong to the kitchen et al.”

CARRD noted that the president’s “kitchen-loving wife” was of inestimable political help to him and his party during the 2015 elections, mobilizing millions of women’s votes for them, and defending her husband from misogynist and sexist accusations from the then ruling party.

“However, when she made the comments to the BBC about issues millions of Nigerians are honestly, but secretly and quietly worried about, she was immediately demoted and banished permanently to the ‘kitchen and other rooms.’

“While Mr. President is doing a yeoman’s job fighting corruption, we at CARRD wish to remind him that key members of his inner circle have been publicly accused of corruption, with facts, figures and dates to boot, to absolute silence, and sometimes outright denial by him.

“Indeed, as against his inaugural address vow, President Buhari now seems to belong to some particular persons, some of whom seem to be his worst enemies, judging by the catastrophic policy, media and attitudinal errors he seems to be committing in alarmingly high frequency lately.”


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  • Danladee

    “Hajia Aishatu Buhari has earned the dubious honour of being the first First Lady ever to attack her husband’s leadership style in public. If President Shehu Shagari’s wives ever disliked Alhaji Umaru Dikko’s overbearing influence in their husband’s administration, they never said so in public. If Mrs. Maryam Babangida ever disliked her husband’s convoluted transition program, she never said so publicly despite the array of microphones at Better Life rallies. Maybe Mrs. Stella Obasanjo did not like “Accidental Public Servants” wielding power in her husband’s regime but she never said so publicly. Even Mrs. Patience Jonathan never went public to criticise her husband’s very chummy relationship with Diezani Allison-Madueke.” Mahmud Jega, Daily Trust 17/10/16

    • aisha ani

      All the other first ladies were busy building their own empires.

  • Reasonable

    All those who cry foul over PMB’s reply to his wife make me wonder.
    1. Did anyone asked why Aisha was this much frustrated with her Husband’s way of governance?
    2. Would she open up the way she did if she was having a free run on governance (commanding greater control) just like Maryam Babangida, Maryam Abacha, Stella Obasanjo, Turai Yaradua and Patience Jonathan had during their husband’s regimes?
    Would Aisha Buhari accept any insinuations that she hijacked PMB government if she truly commands greater government control like her predecessors?
    Probably, she might had tried to use her influence on PMB as his wife to give her cronies juicy post in government like in the past and the President is not giving in to her desires.
    Assuming she did exert her influence on PMB and those given appointment were her nominees would she cry foul over it?
    Has she forgotten so soon? PMB sang the change melody, scrapped first lady’s office and he said he is for everybody and for nobody that include her. Has he not said EFCC should investigate his family members and prosecute any if found wanting.
    This is PMB for you Aisha. It’s like we knew your husband, our president better that you.


      congratulations for knowing so much without actual experience.

  • George

    Buhari has no respect for Malians servant whom he married to out of pity.

  • willi

    To me PMB wife is trying to disgrace her husband, she must have seek for some power as first lady but the President had deleted such opportunity since inception of this administration,
    NIGERIA are very unpredictable, when jona wife ( mama peace) was jumping from one country to others, Nigerian are complaining that the they are extorting the nation coffer, now PMB want his wife to remain with kitchen and rooms activities, we are now shouting and abusing the innocent man. Let say the truth who suppose to be in kitchen?
    Is it the man that should go kitchen or everybody should depend on housemaid for domestic work.
    In fact she wait for 2019 so that she can campaign for her own presidential position perhaps in another political party.

    • Izedomi Ohirein

      That is disloyalty & betrayal at play.
      A wife is supposed to support her husband in public even if they disagree privately & vice vasa..

    • Truth is bitter

      The woman is brainwashed.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    In UK, members of cabinet are not expected to criticize the Prime Minister or Leader publicly. They are expected to resign on principle & return to the back bench or be sacked if they did.
    MRS Buhari has no rights to criticize her husband in public. That is height of disloyalty & betrayal of her husband. Mrs Buhari should restrict her advice or frustration with her husband to her home or bedroom.


      Yet in the UK, Women are not caged in the Kitchen and living rooms. You cant beat a child and prevent that child from crying. A human being, whether man or woman must be free. That freedom includes ability to express oneself freely!

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        Does MRS Buhari look caged to you,
        Only Women in devoice cases attack their husband in public office publicly in UK & World over.
        MRS Buhari owe loyalty to her husband & vice vasa. Her public outburst is a betrayal of her matrimonial obligation towards her husband.

  • john thomas

    Our people are modern day Pharisees and Sadducees, very critical and hypocritical. There is NO Nigerian man that would tolerate his wife running him down in public, most guys don’t even allow their wives to work or school after marriage bcos they don’t want them exposed to “external forces”, 99% of wives have one beef or the other with their husbands but all religions including idol worshippers tell us to work it out between yourselves no third party….isn’t that what Christians are told in counselling, isn’t that what our imams tell us, isn’t that what our elders tell us?! Even Americans we’re trying to copy don’t behave this way, no American first lady ever insulted her husband, including Hilary whose husband was caught in adultery in a world wide scandal….I thought Aisha was smart, she really messed up, what she did was the worst distraction the president needs at this time when very serious issues are pending..people write all kinds of trash….very annoying

    • Ladidi

      God bless you. For one thing, if any woman in Nigeria had gone to an International media to say what Aisha did, many of us would have chided her for insulting and belittling the Nigerian Presidency. As it is, the wife of the President did it, and the hypocrites amongst us are yet to look beyond Buhari, and realise that Aisha ended up insulting us all by degenirating the highest office of our land. Nigerians should look beyond the conjugal connection and focus on the integrity of the office she addressed.

  • Truth is bitter

    Mrs. Buhari has spoken the minds of Nigerians because she ignorantly criticised her husband in public, but if she sang praises to Buhari tomorrow she becomes an opposition to the minds of Nigerians. Desperate politicians are busy brainwashing Aisha Buhari and she doesn’t understand the game plan. One day, she will be given a substance as a love portion to add in her husband’s food in order her to be controlling Buhari not knowing that the substance is a poison to end the man’s life. Delilah and Sampson. Every man has the right to decide how he runs his family as long as the method benefits his household not the outsiders or intruders. Beware of desperate and crooked politicians.

    • Bfresh

      What a great personality you are. Fantastic submission.