Ekiti Assembly suspends member for ‘disloyalty’ to Fayose


The Ekiti State House of Assembly on Thursday suspended one of its members, Gboyega Aribisogan, for 180 legislative days, for allegedly being disloyal to Governor Ayo Fayose, and for associating with “opposition elements”.

The lawmaker, who is the former chairman, House Information Committee, was also barred from holding any position of responsibility in the house during the period of his suspension.

All benefits associated with his office were also suspended, just was barred from the assembly complex.

“His conducts henceforth will determine further actions on him,” the house declared.

The suspension was sequel to the adoption of the report and recommendations of a seven-member Ad Hoc panel constituted by the Speaker of the House, Kolawole Oluwawole, which was submitted to the Ethics and Privileges Committee.

The panel investigated allegations of “gross misconduct and acts capable of destabilising the House” made against Mr. Aribisogan by the House Leader, Tunji Akinyele.

Samuel Omotosho, who is now the new chairman of the house committee on information, told journalists on Thursday that Mr. Akinyele had “unholy alliance” with those who had constituted themselves as enemies of the state government and presented false information for pecuniary gains and cast aspersions on the house.

He said the action of Mr. Aribisogan was capable of destabilising the peace and orderliness of the state.

The chairman of the Ethics Committee, Fajana Ojoade, said after thorough investigation, it was established that Mr. Aribisogan committed the offence.

Mr. Ojoade said the Deputy Speaker, Segun Adewumi, confirmed both in writing and orally that Mr. Aribisogan confessed to him at a popular hotel in Ado Ekiti on the evening of Friday, September 30 that he did meet with some elements that were against the State Government in Lagos “in a manner that has rubbished the integrity and confidence that the Ekiti people have in the State House of Assembly”.

“Instead of showing remorse and apologising for his embarrassing actions despite all overwhelming evidences, Hon. Aribisogan persisted in his shallow denials,” he said.

“It is hereby determined and declared that Hon. Aribisogan is guilty of these allegations and should be punished adequately to minimize the bad image his shady movements and conducts have caused this honourable house, while also serving as deterrent to others,” he said.

The house also resolved that Mr. Aribisogan’s office should remain sealed throughout the period of the suspension and that he should submit all properties of the House of Assembly to the Clerk.

Responding to the allegations, Mr. Aribisogan denied the allegation, saying it was designed to tarnish his image.

“The so-called audio was a superimposed voice-over to tarnish my reputation,” he said.

“At the panel’s sitting, there was a presentation of inaudible voiceover claiming that they recognized my voice and I discarded it as a cheap blackmail.”


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  • Pure Reasoning

    Isn’t there supposed to be a separation of power in Ekiti State vis-a-vis Nigeria? Why suspend a member of the legislator for disrespecting a member or head of the state executive. This is very shameful to hear and read. NIGERIA!!!

  • Mufu Ola

    TAWANDO,Oleku,Otile.That’s your Fayose working vigorously.

    • Shahokaya

      You forget one pastor Taiwo .

  • The Concerned

    The Hon Gboyega Aribisogan Saga is a scam and complete falsehood, orchestrated by a group of people to silence him and reduce his growing image in the Assembly and in government at large. I am a friend of Aribisogan and an atdent supporter of Gov Ayodele Fayose and his laudable programs, and I have severally demonstrated these by my support for him at different fora of academic, social and political discourse. Gov Fayose is a man I love and cherish, like Engr Segun Oni, because of their good performances as Governors in the state. Hon Aribisogan on the other hand is a trusted friend and a sworn supporter and highly committed Fayose henchman, who his wife and I had personally questioned on this fanthom allegation and has denied ever holding any meeting with the opposition. Evidences presented in the allegations also indicated it was all a scam. Or, how do we reconcile the facts that this clandestine meeting allegation first came out in the media that five House of Assembly members attended the meeting, which included Hon Aribisogan and the Deputy Speaker, who is a known friend of Aribisogan. The story suddenly changed to involve only Aribisogan and the Deputy Speaker; may be on the planners realization that indicting such a large number of people may be difficult to handle and may break the House. I am sure the other unknown three members ealier listed would supposed close friends of Aribisogan in the House, whose relationship they want to break. Narrowing it down to Aribisogan and the Deputy Speaker now, who is the number 2 officer in the House and the closest to Aribisogan is a task that must be done, to get at Aribisogan, who is the main target of the pull- him-down plan. It was then alleged that it was the Deputy Speaker and Aribisogan that attended the said Buruji Kashamu, Femi Talana and Ojudu meeting in Abuja or Lagos. On informing Mr Governor about the so-called meeting that was alleged was going on then, the Gov, by his fast action nature, put a call through to the Deputy Speaker and asked of his whereabout and to who the Speaker responded that he was in Ado Ekiti and was said to have appeared before the Governor within ten minutes of call. Meanwhile, Aribisogan took permission from the Speaker to travel to Lagos and probably Abuja in respect of his children and the Deputy Speaker probably wanted to go to Lagos too, but shelved it by share providence. This probably was what the planners put together to lunch their attack on the two friends. On the Governor’s realization that the alleged Deputy Speaker was actually in Ado and not in Lagos or Abuja cleared him of the allegation and had to be let go, leaving only Aribisogan who was still away. Inspire of the prove that the Deputy Speaker was not in any meeting, the accusers of Aribisogan still went ahead to present a said audio tape in which Aribisogan was said to have introduced the Deputy Speaker and other 3 yet unknown House members to the opposition hosts. I then wondered how the Deputy Speaker who was before the Governor in Ado can at the same time be introduced physically by Aribisogan in a meeting in Abuja or Lagos. The worst of all, Hon Aribisogan has on his phone the audio tape recording of what transpired at the said House of Assembly investigative panel , which tried him and on the basis on which they allegedly found him guilty and suspended for 180 legislative days. The outcome of the panel report is a big shock to me, because the audio record of the panel’s sitting with Aribisogan clearly reported the Deputy Speaker denying any confession to him by Aribisogan that he actually attended any meeting with the opposition; rather, the Deputy Speaker clearly answered when the question was put to him, that Aribisogan said the whole Exercise was a SCAM. Aribisogan went further to deny every bit of the meeting allegations. The panel report however said that the Deputy Speaker confronted Aribisogan at the panel that he confessed to him that he attended the said meeting. Haba!!!, Honourable members? What has Aribisogan done? Coming to look at it even, how can Aribisogan be confessing his so-called attendance at a meeting to the same Deputy Speaker they accused him of physically Introducing at the meeting? Did they not attend the meeting together again as alleged in their fanthom audio recordings of the meeting in which only the fake or superimposed voice of Aribisogan was heard. Well, I known Mr Governor is already prejudiced by past experiences of betrayal by some elements, particularly in Ikole Local Government, but Aribisogan is different. He has always vowed never to disappoint you and bite the finger that fed him and I believe he knew nothing about this allegation, precipitated to cause disaffection between you. I enjoin Mr Gov to kindly give him the benefit of the doubt and investigate this allegation thoroughly, to get the truth of it; the Gov himself had one time or the other been similarly alleged on what he claimed he also knew nothing about. I also use this opportunity to call on the respectable people whose names were involved in this spurious and cruel allegation, particularly Barrister Femi Falana to kindly come out to defend and exon or a exonerate there good names, even if it will involve taking the liars to court. I also call on the well meaning Nigerian Journalists to come out enmasse and defend their colleague, Hon Gboyega Aribisogan from this daylight rubbishing. They can do this by personally interviewing the individuals mentioned in this scandal like Ojudu, Femi Falana, Buruji Kashamu, TKO Aluko and the Deputy Speaker, and make the outcome of the interviews public, so as to know the truth. Thank you.

    • Sunday OGUNKANMI

      This is pure rubbish – on the part of the house or the so-called defender of Aribisogan. For Ekiti House, this is nothing but slavish and blind loyalty to Fayose. So, Fayose has personified Ekiti State now. How bad this one!
      I do not pity Aribisogan for a minute. He road on the back of the tiger and now he risks devouring on coming down. Similar fate would befall the rest of the ‘Yes legislators’.
      It is an irony that Fayose who sprints to condemn the opposition at the drop of a pin would not brook dissent for a minute. This Ekiti State is in deep shit indeed.

    • Mufu Ola

      This story is unnecessarily too winding.The simplest question is when did it become offence for an assemblyman to meet or socialise with others? So anybody in Ekiti who wants to be in Fayose’s good book must inherit his enemies.Abi? And the same Fayose calls Buhari “dictator”.The other day he decreed that civil servants must close their salary accounts with Zenith bcos of his personal problem with Zenith.Is that not insanity?