I need your support, not criticism, Buhari tells professionals

Buhari in France

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday said Nigerian professionals should consider supporting his administration in every way they could rather than churning out criticisms.

Mr. Buhari said he was convinced that Nigerians have good initiatives that could help his administration perform its functions better.

The appeal came when Mr. Buhari addressed members of the Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered) at their 2016 Annual National Management Conference which is underway in Abuja.

“I want to use this opportunity to urge other professional bodies, corporate bodies and well meaning Nigerians to emulate the kind gesture of NIM by lending their support to this administration instead of seating by to criticise every attempt at governance,” Mr. Buhari said. “It is by synergising with government that we can all build the Nigeria of our dreams.”

Mr. Buhari was represented by the Head of Service of the Federation Winifred Oyo-Ita.

He spoke on the theme – Building a New Nigeria: Strategic Options and Policy Imperative – during which he challenged members of NIM to focus their attention on the activities of the legislature.

“I further challenge the Institute to improve its visibility at public sessions of the National Assembly when Bills are being considered so as to make more robust professional management input that will be most relevant in the public domain.

“To set this country on the path of greatness and prosperity, complete elimination of all forms of corrupt practices must be in the front burner and our collective consciousness always.

“You will agree with me that great nation is the reward of great leadership built on good governance. This is our motivation and value proposition. My administration will, therefore, continue to fight corruption and associated social vices at all levels until they are exterminated from our body polity,” Mr. Buhari said.

Mr. Buhari said he had confidence in the ability of the NIM members to channel the outcome of their event for the betterment of his administration.

“With your antecedents, I am convinced that the outcome of this conference will be used to further support the good initiatives of the federal government.”

The NIM event this year holds between September 18 and 20.


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  • Otile

    The biggest problem facing Buhari is one that he created for himself. It is nepotism. Those viciously discriminated by this administration cannot happily support their oppressor. It is absurd. If only Buhari can fire the incompetent hands he surrounded himself with and replace them with intelligent competent professionals across the tribes Nigeria would be a great nation once again. Dummy Buhari relatives can do nothing but drag Nigeria backward.

    • He doesn’t need the support of smuggler, crook, landlock traitors!

  • chuck

    You will get the support if you stop being the President of Northern Nigeria.Take a look at your utterances and your actions including your appointments. Your hatred of the Easterners is very glaring. If no one is telling you, I WANT TO USE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO TELL YOU.You will continue to receive the criticism until you learn that Eastern are South south people are Nigerians too.

    • He doesn’t need the support of smuggler, crook, landlock traitors

  • FreeNigeria

    Support your incompetence? When you are deaf and blind to hear or see the dead woods you surrounded yourself with. A smart person would taken the criticism and right the wrongs, unfortunately our president is not.

    • He doesn’t need the support of smuggler, crook, landlock traitors, you will end up being marginalized to irrelevant

  • An administration that lacks respect for the Nigeria constitution and the civil and human rights of Nigerians? Dasuki, Kanu and many other citizens are languishing in Buhari’s jails as we speak because of selective corruption campaign and national security. An administration that cannot respect the civil liberties of its citizens has lost its respect.

    • Decimator

      I totally concur. You can say it again.

    • He doesn’t need the support of smuggler, crook, landlock traitors, you will end up being marginalized

  • evidence

    You want our blind support, you want us to foolishly agree and hail your every divisive, vindictive and bigoted words and actions like your brainless supporters.

    • He didn’t come to power with your supports, he doesn’t need to include you in governing!

      • evidence

        Brainless supporter, did Buhari tell you he owns Nigeria or that Nigeria is his fiefdom ? Nigeria belongs to all of us,infact Nigeria belongs more to me than him because his parasitic and blood thirsty ancestors came all the way from fouta Djallon. 
        He must be held accountable.
        Zombie.   ‎

        • Yes he is your feudal lord, he is a loyal Nigerian which is way more that can be said for the likes of you.

          go back to ‘iafra land, Nigeria belongs to “US”

          • evidence

            Maybe he is ; to his cattle and cow brained zombies like you. Why then is he begging and having nocturnal meetings with Niger Delta elders and leaders?
            Nigeria is far bigger and more important than Buhari,something he’s realizing a little too late. 
            Moron. ‎

  • GusO

    It always amazes me that most commentaries in the comments section are criticisms of the Buhari Administration in spite of the fact that his two administrations have been the only ones that have patriotically tackled the preeminent character flaw that has kept us from becoming a developed nation: corruption. Today, we lack the basic foundation for development — infrastructure development — because the treasury has been repeatedly looted by other administrations and the basic things every industry needs (electricity, water, good roads, etc) to be viable to produce anything is woefully lacking. Yet most people focus on tribal and religious animosities as a divide and rule strategy to divert attention from the treasury looters and aid their continued survival. That’s high treason. I don’t care the religion or ethnicity of the members of any administration as long as they equitably develop the country and create conditions that enable various regions to use their own native ingenuity to build industries that will provide employment for its indigenes. Thus far, I have not seen any credible evidence that any tribal or religious affiliation confers more probity on some Nigerians. It takes the government and the people to tangle. Its easy to criticize. Rather than take this easy path, please let us all spend time helping to providing suggestions and solutions to develop the country.

    • Bee

      How dare you call a morally bankrupt administration of Buhari just like other successive governments run by our self-acclaimed patriots a patriotic government?
      If Buhari is serious about tackling corruption as you claimed, I personally challenge him to institute an audit of the National and state treasuries for the past 56 years of the countries existence till date and heads will roll, most probably his own inclusive. Otherwise he and the other self –acclaimed patriots of Nigerian Nation, could permanently short up their mouth about discussing corruption with the over 170 million citizens of the country not to talk of the professionals he is asking for their support.
      Naturally that is what every Business Operator does to ascertain where things went wrong in his or her Business.

      I maintain,it is not a difficult arithmetic to reveal to all our self-acclaimed patriots of highest competence, Buhari inclusive, (who so loved their country that they never stole a Kobo from the National treasury, yet the country that has successively been run by them, that has accumulated a totaled $340 billion since the 1970s in oil exports, has today nothing to show for it.This is not withstanding the report according to the Executive Director of United Nations Office on Drug and Crime, UNODC, Dr. Antonio Maria Costa, who confirmed that a staggering sum of $400 billion was estimated to have been stolen and stashed abroad by corrupt Nigerian leaders between 1960 and 1999) how much they actually have meddled with or was meddled with under their watch.

      Not to talk of the bad precedence that they have nurtured till date where anybody can occupy any position in governance without the necessary prerequisite and yet expect to understand or rather be convinced of the intricacies of governance.

      By the way, this is the man who claimed that the Fulani herdsmen killing and maiming Nigerian citizens, as well as raping women and destroying crops and property all around his country are militia trained by Gadhafi that dispersed into Boko haram and so on after his downfall. And one cannot even prevent them from coming in, as he as the commander in chief of the Nigerian armed forces, is incapable of manning the long borders of the country. So according to him it is better to apportion them free land for Grazing in every state of the federation. If that is not treason from the highest authority, I do not know what is. Thanks

      • He didn’t get to the office with your supports, he doesn’t need to include you in governing, he’s a good man otherwise he would consider you a nuisance.

        • Bee

          Happy that
          you got the message; If he does not need the support why seeking for it in the
          first place? He could simply keep quiet and continue with his illiterate ways.
          Next time he should know better, that there is a reason to seat and get a WAEC
          certificate. Sorry

    • Jaspa Matanga

      Your post here like Buhari’s request above betray symptoms of autocracy and tyranny. How do you expect people not to complain when they are wronged? Are the appointments made by Buhari fair? Is his handling of the atrocities of your Fulani herdsmen humane and justifiable. If you are in Buhari’s good books and are enjoying good times, please show empathy for the sufferings of your fellow human beings.

      • Powerlessconscious

        Is it appointment that will better your life? How does appointment concern you? Gej appointed you but did that better your people life or worsen it? A Nigerian citizen only need ask for good living from government and not appointment. Your people have been there but left in poverty and they became rich. So not by appointment. Concerning Fulani herdsmen, it is not news in Nigerian. And the president has directed security agent to find and fight them. Don’t give yourself sadness again because of buhari. He never offend you but you decided to devote yourself to fight for gej who never cares about. When you grow older than this maybe in your 90th and you start thinking about your wrong fight instead of asking for good living, then you will be regretting that you ever wasted your time. Ask the government to create good living and not appointment as your governors and state assembly, LG are more than enough to transfer nigeria wealth to your region including your senators at abuja. God bless Nigeria.

        • igbo-biafra are online rat, and overall nuisance, so why worried about their tantrum?

        • Jaspa Matanga

          Mr quisling and hired respondents, if appointments are not important why did your Buhari monoplise them for you people. Wicked parasites.

          • Powerlessconscious

            How has that now better buhari people? How has that turned North to Heaven?

      • Mufu Ola

        U people are so obsessed with appointments.Don’t u have other things to do in life?

    • Mufu Ola

      Those who have lost free lunches will never agree with you.

  • Jaspa Matanga

    How do you expect professionals to support and not criticise when when you are a notorious delinquent and obdurate wrong doer?

  • Powerlessconscious

    Thank you Mr president. We are behind you and God is behind you. It is poverty and hunger that cause angers of some Nigerians against. If they are not hungry, they will not be angry. But Nigeria will surely get out of this PDP created poverty and stealing country. God bless baba.

  • You have the support of every relevant NIGERIANS!

  • They are jokes, GEJ although not an igbo man appointed 80% of igbo to fill all important post in the land, so you would like PMB to repeat his error look at what this animals did to the country economic

    PMB this taper-tantrum e-rats are of no consequence to anything in this nation they have render themselves irrelevant you don’t need them to govern nor did you need them to win the election

    Look at the PH international airport constructed under GEJ, it failed to met international standard they are the pledge of the land, forget them

  • Emmanuel Emeghara Valentine

    @Quest GEJ ran an inclusive government he never had a cabinet of 80% Igbo that is impossible he was the President of Nigeria and he served well in that regard having about 70% of his projects in the north… Any way back to buhari first of all: in his two tenures he was able to achieve one thing that is to put Nigeria in recession back to back 1983 and 2015 well I don’t think anybody should critize him you know who is criticising him God… He seem so unfavoured maybe its his wicked past. But 1 tin is sure this next 4 years is one of the darkest age in Nigeria history. I wish Nigerians Good luck cause they need it.

    • Powerlessconscious

      Inclusive govt that does benefit the nation instead it lead to criminalitoes and corruption. Mind you, Yoruba did not feature in gej government (Do you want to argue this) and there was no cry. So gej DID NOT RUN INCLUSIVE GOVT.

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Any qualified Nigerian professional who are patriotic must give a written advise and submit same to president Muhammadu Buhari,s office in order to contribute their quotas to the efforts to bail Nigeria from the deep recession crisis instead of criticizing the government of Nigeria, on newspapers pages.
    @emmanuelemegharavalentine:disqus :But, your former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,s inclusiveness government raided Nigerian public treasuries,looted NNPC,perpetrated massive thieving of our security budget to enriched top PDP chiefs including Dame Patience Faka Jonathan.In addition,2011 fuel subsidy scam,import duty scam and total looting of our national treasuries were perpetrated by your hero,Mr GEJ. which resulted to the present recession and fiscal crisis engulfing Nigeria today that breeds nationwide poverty..

  • SpeakOut

    Nigeria and Nigerians are behind you, we’re ready to give you that support, making this country great has to come with everyone of us effort.