We only approved field trials, not planting, for GMOs – Nigerian govt.


The federal government has stated that there is no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) being “officially” grown in the country.

Amina Mohammed, the Minister for Environment, said in a statement Monday that the government had only approved field trials.

“All the GMOs in Nigeria officially approved are under experimental fields, the insect resistant cotton for commercial release will still be subjected to further processes for the next two years,” Ms. Mohammed said in a statement issued by Isiaka Yusuf, Director, Press, Federal Ministry of Environment.

The minister’s clarification came as civil society groups continued to push for the country to distance itself from GMOs.

Last month, the National Biosafety Management Agency issued two permits for the Commercial Release and Placing on Market of genetically modified cotton, and the confined field trial of maize, to Monsanto Agriculture Nigeria Limited.

The two permits are: ‘Permit for Commercial release/ Placing on Market of Cotton (MON15985) genetically modified for lepidopteran insect pest resistance’ with Permit No: NBMA/CM/IM/001 and ‘Permit for Confined Field Trial (CFT) of maize (NK603 and MON 89034 x NK603) genetically modified for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance’ with Permit No: NBMA/C FT/001.

Ms. Mohammed said Nigeria had taken laudable strides in order to adopt the necessary legal biosafety framework and policy, “bearing in mind that if Nigeria gets it right, it will guide other African countries.”

The statement further quoted the minister as saying the NBMA with the Nigerian Customs, the Nigerian Civil Defence Corps (NCDC), the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), the Ministry of Justice, Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service, National Seed Council, Science and regulatory based institutions, the New Partnership for Africa Development (NEPAD) and African Biosafety Network of Expertise, (ABNE), among others.

“The NBMA has the onerous task to ensure that potential impacts of the GMO on human or animal health, the environment and the socio-economic effects are carefully weighed and the risk assessment fully carried out before being released,” the minister added.

While describing the concerns on GMOs expressed by the public as legitimate, Ms. Mohammed said the Federal Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with the NBMA, is organising an experts meeting involving civil society groups, National Agencies and International Organisations to address all concerns expressed and clarify Nigeria’s position on the use of GMOs.

“Nigerians should be rest assured of the protection of their health and environment by the National Biosafety Management Agency,” she added.


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  • amazing2012

    ….What non sense is this ! People dont want it and you want to force it on them. Field trial ? On your mother’s head of on Nigeria land ?
    History will surely bring curse un to your family generation unborn “IF THIS GMO AFFECT NIGERIANS IN FUTURE”. Already Africa is battling with different type of diseases, you are now bringning another cancer inhancing agric product.

  • Watch man

    Permit NBMA/CM/IM001 on the NBMA website reads, “After a thorough analysis of the application dossier, Risk assessment and Risk Management Plan prepared in connection with the assessment of the application for permit, it is unlikely that the proposed release will cause adverse impact on the environment and on human health. A permit is therefore granted to the Monsanto Agriculture Nigeria Ltd as applied for”.
    From this conclusion, it is already obvious to NBMA that the GM cotton is safe. Also, why was the permit granted on a Sunday (a day the ministry is not at work)? Why would the ministry not conduct an independent and unbiased test before granting the permit?
    I opine that NBMA was hasty in this decision to grant permit. And knowing how our civil service works, it is almost impossible that these Monsanto company will be monitored. Mrs Minister, this permit should be withdrawn and the first things done first.

    • egoigwe

      Thank you my dearest brother for the information. Some may have missed it. They are all compromised liars. What does NBMA have in place for the evaluation, risk assessment and management for an impact analysis of GM crop??? It took about 2 years for the health consequences of Monsanto’s deadly harvest to manifest and become observable in France. The result of that experiment resulted in lab rats growing cancer tumours half their body size.

      Monsanto is looking to poison our food stream and arable lands and their so-called project to feed the world is nothing but a death sentence. Nestle waters is no different.

  • oliver

    What is going on here,we have made it clear we do not want GMO in Nigeria,no amount of story would change this,the quicker you people comply with our demands the better for you,i would prefer a corrupt Nigeria to a GMO Nigeria,you want to keep our money but mortgage our life those that make sense to you people

  • egoigwe

    Amina Mohammed lied or is completely ignorant of the dangers of Monsanto’s devil seeds. I would hate to say compromised but knowing Monsanto that too may not be farfetched.

    Monsanto is known for its bribery antics world wide. It’s an evil and diabolic behemoth intent on conscripting for itself our God-given food stream. What they seek is a global monopoly over all edibles and land. Their pesticides and herbicides (most notably their Roundup products) is the mechanism through which they hope to achieve this.

    France, over the period of a few years, experimented on mice to study the effects of Monsanto’s genetically modified devil seeds on animals. The results were horrendous as the mice developed cancer tumours half the size of their bodies.

    Not just this, aside the cancerous effects of feeding off the harvests of these devil seeds, it is now known that when these Monsanto pesticides/herbicides are applied to saturate the host soil, they make such soil unfit for the cultivation of normal seeds not pre-treated to resist the toxicity of these pesticides.

    In other words, wherever these devil seeds are sowed and these pesticides/herbicides are applied the soil gets poisoned, over a long period of years, allowing only for the growth of these Monsanto devil seeds on such soil. Indian and Pakistani farmers have been commiting suicide over BTcotton and the devastating consequences it’s had on their livelihoods and soil, being that they can’t return their soil to the cultivation of natural, healthy produce.

    Monsanto being in Nigeria signifies serious trouble for consumers and farmers alike. Even Ghana, next door, is up in arms against the antics of Monsanto, not minding that one of its sons, Kofi Annan, is its chief promoter in Africa through his AGRA project.

    Any agent of Monsanto is an enemy of healthy living and longevity. It’s a shame that our very own Minister of Environment has indicated so early on which side of the aisle she stands. We know also for a fact, that the Gates Foundation and biotech industries have been mounting incredible pressures on African governments to lift long-standing bans on the import of unmilled GMO seeds or unmilled GMO food aid.

    This not withstanding Algeria and Madagascar have placed full legal bans on GM crop cultivation. There are 28 countries world wide that allow GM crop cultivation and more than double that number of countries won’t hear of it or allow its cultivation. These countries that refused its cultivation are:

    Algeria (since 2000), Madagascar (since 2002), Asia (4), Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Buttan, Saudi Arabia, Americas (4), Believe, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Europe (28), Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Denmark, Hungary, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Luxembourg, Ukraine (although there is massive GM contamination in the country)
    Norway and Switzerland.

    I don’t think there’s anything these countries know that our government and Minister of Environment ought not to know. The only thing I’m left to wonder at, is how much inducement was required to make anyone turn against their country in such a vile and thoughtless matter.