Rivers govt blasts Prof. Sagay, says attack on Gov. Wike ‘unwarranted’

Sagay Itse [Photo: sagay-family.com]

The Rivers State government has lashed out at the chairman of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-corruption, Itse Sagay,‎ for his criticism of the recent Supreme Court judgment upholding the election of Governor Nyesom Wike.

In a statement Sunday, the state government‎ said Mr. Sagay, a professor of Law, launched a “bitter and completely unwarranted attack” on Supreme Court justices in the wake of the apex court’s decision.

“Prof Itse Sagay, one of the most opportunistic enablers of the corrupt regime of Mr. Rotimi Amaechi in Rivers State, seems to have finally found the courage to step out of his closet,” the Rivers State government said in the statement issued by Austin Tam-George, Commissioner for Information and Communication.

Speaking to journalists in Warri, on Saturday, Mr. Sagay had described the Supreme Court’s decisions in Rivers and Akwa Ibom States as “very perverse.”

“Everybody knows that people like Wike climbed into the governorship seat (over) dead bodies and over bloods of human beings. There were no elections, they wrote the results, the evidence is there,” Mr. Sagay had said.

But in its swift reaction, the Rivers State government said Mr. Sagay does not have any proof to back his claims.

“For a trained lawyer, Prof Sagay has obviously lost his sense of irony. He criticizes the legally sound and unanimous judgement of the Supreme Court, by resorting to the silly and unsubstantiated hearsay mindlessly peddled by the APC,” the government said.

“In the twilight of an unremarkable career, is Prof Sagay seeking to be the dubious originator of the sick jurisprudence of “Everybody Knows”, even without evidence?

“Is the Supreme Court no longer supreme in its judgements? Why is Sagay re-litigating a settled matter in the streets in such a disgraceful manner?

“Prof Itse Sagay may wish to re-read the history of the people of Rivers State. We never give up our sovereignty.”

The state government condemned the‎ “carefully orchestrated campaign of calumny” which it said was launched by the All Progressives Congress, the main opposition party in the state.

“Working with other Nigerians and our sister states in the Niger Delta region, the government and people of Rivers State will continue to defeat the dark political fundamentalism of the APC,” the statement further said.

“We call on the international community to restrain the All Progressives Congress from its desperate attempts to politically dominate our people and plunder the resources of our land.”


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  • emmanuel

    Sagay is an Itsekiri demon. they are camelon by nature and queue behind even the devil to stay afloat. by nature, they are very slipper, opportunistic, insatiable and blackmailers.
    we would see how fay he goes with the fraud he heads. let him suggest to Buhari to bring Uduaghan to justice!

    • Ndidi

      There you go. There’s always one from the Darkside full of ethnic hatred and always willing to add a cheap tribalistic comment. Interesting you mention the demon in your post because you know this hatred of tribalism that you intend to spread around with comments such as yours, is a sign that you are demon led. Well, your desire has failed with me hasn’t it. The only readers who will allow tribalism to blind them instead of focussing on the issue which is Wike, are those happy to be in the same Kingdom of Hatred that you seem held down and stuck in.

      • Abdullah Musa

        Your head and heart are clean.

        • Customer Satisfaction

          You have three main reasons for supporting Ndidi position

          1. Ndidi is an Igbo name

          2. You might be a northern muslim extremist.

          3. You are disappointed Gov. Wike cant be controlled by Buhari.

          • Abdullah Musa

            I wished you were right.
            But looks like you are the extremist for not being able to understand Ndidi’s position.

  • Issei

    Prof you are a disgrace to the law profession you think every thing must go your way
    Your utterances. Nowadays make to start thinking wether your law degrees are genuine or maybe you are
    Of this oluwale professors,because by nature kearned people whom you claim to be one them
    Doesn’t talk carelessly,but this days you are always in the news either passing judgement ultra virus
    Or castigating people.

  • Ndidi

    Prof Sagay said the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Wike is a thug-murderer and rigged himself into being Governor. This nonsensical protest by the Wike administration is simply corruption fighting back because Wike is exposed for what he is. Prof Sagay is very right – even foreign observers said the governor elections in Rivers (and Akwa Ibom) were highly flawed and rigging going on. Prof Sagay, please carry on saying it like it is!

    • Ochon

      The last election was also rigged in favour of buhari too

    • Wale Adegoke

      Prof Sagay is a disgrace to the Niger Delta people. His statement on Gov Wike is dubious, shameless and above all highly partisan. The man is not fit to serve as an Adviser to Buhari on anti corruption because his priority is largely going on witch hunting, blackmailing, framing and selectively fighting politicians in the opposition.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Sagay is a demented APC apologist who does not merit the revered title of Professor. Sagay is an animal.

  • Harry

    Sagay is only working for his new found paymasters… Remember Buhari gave him a committee chairmanship position. That comes with its emoluments, perks and access to the presidency. You don’t expect him to state otherwise.

  • Salome

    You can conclude that this man Sagay is another ‘integrity challenged charlatan’. ‘Prof’ Itse Sagay has become a nuisance to the society with his outbursts and unwarranted political statements.

  • Amir

    No amount of white washing can remove the blood stench from Wike who everyone knows is a thug and shameless shoelicker to an illiterate uncultured former First Lady.

  • Spyman29

    Rivers State Government can rant for all I care, Wike indeed rode on dead bodies to get to Government house. The Supreme Court has given their own human judgement but God will surely visit Wike with His own judgement

    • Ochon

      How about your god buhari whose utterances led to the death of thousands in 2011. May God’s judgment also be upon whose action and inaction led to the death of Nigerians

      • Spyman29

        It seems you are not comfortable with my call on God to visit Wike with heavenly judgement. No amount of your writing will stop that judgement

        • Osogagba

          He is very comfortable with your call actually. He only says may that heavenly judgement be extended to your god Buhari as well. Now, say amen to that.

          • Spyman29

            God has already given Buhari his judgement by making him the President of our country.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    It is surprising that a Nigerian lawyer of the rank of a SAN comes out in public to ridicule the Supreme Court; and he is a professor of law. What will he be teaching his students? With this in tow, I am beginning to doubt the quality of Nigerian legal education.

  • our mumu


    Immediately oil was discovered in Niger Delta, North abandoned its groundnut pyramid and grabbed the oil.

    1.Today 83% of Niger Delta oil wells are own by northerners.

    2. Kaduna refinery is a waste, if the crude oil was in kaduna, northerners wouldn’t have allowed a refinery to be built in UGBORODO. They would have gone to war for it. No businessman would do that, you will not do it.

    3. North killed Ken Saro Wiwa, poured acid on him in his grave, to scare Niger Delta militants and continue the control and domination.

    4. Northern elite are lazy, they cannot survive without Niger Delta oil.

    5. Control of the Nigeria Delta oil was gradually slipping away from the north during Jonathan’s administration, that was why they were desperate to get power back. They were ready for war, if Buhari didn’t win, Jonathan got the damning security report, and he saved Nigeria.

    6. Boko Haram was part of the game plan…………………..

    7. It’s all about oil and northernization of our institutions, of Nigeria. Buhari dont care about corruption, all he cares about is oil and Northern dominance. If he truly cares about corruption he would have fell in love with chairman efcc position, instead petroleum minister position.

    8. Northern dominance is helped by some senseless southerners. These talk about patriotism, hate and other foolishness, as if only southerners should be patriotic. Those stealing oil wells and refusing to pay 10% compensation to host communities are they patriotic? These chichidodos preach patriotism to southerners, but don’t preach patriotism to those who wasted billions of naira to lay pipes from Warri to Kaduna refinery. They don’t preach patriotism to those slaughtering innocent people with AK47 and daggers in kano, Maiduguri, Jos, Ibadan, and Agbor. They don’t preach patriotism to those who killed youth corpers and called for the killing of baboon, monkeys and dogs.

    9. North says there is no host communities, that the host community is Nigeria. That was in the floor of the senate

    10. Do not listen to them, they will call you names like: Hater, tribalist, unpatriotic etc. Do not listen to them, you are not a hater, neither are you a tribalist or unpatriotic. Rather you are the opposite, you are fighting, hate, tribalism and unpatriotic. They would have called those who fought for civil rights in United States and apartheid in South Africa, racist. They will fail, no amount of insult or blackmail, or lies, or spinning can kill truth. Truth will prevail over lies. The struggle continues,

    Our mumu too much.