APC chairman, Oyegun, denies seeking Supreme Court judges probe

John Odigie Oyegun, APC National Chairman

The chairman of the governing All Progressives Congress, John Odigie-Oyegun, has denied demanding the investigation of Supreme Court judges for affirming the election victories of Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Abia State governors.

The three states are led by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

A statement by the APC’s national secretary, Mala Buni, said a Thursday report by Vanguard titled, “Oyegun Calls for Probe of Supreme Court Judges” was false.

“The party wishes to deny this report in the strongest terms,” the statement said.

“As much as he expressed ‘total astonishment’ over the ruling of the Supreme Court, the National Chairman of the Party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, never called for the investigation of Supreme Court judges.

“Indeed, a copy of the statement issued following Chief Odigie-Oyegun’s meeting with the APC delegation from Rivers State was widely circulated. At no time during the meeting or in the statement referred to did the National Chairman make such a call for the probe of Supreme Court Judges. What transpired at the meeting was correctly reported in other media outlets.

“Given that the author of the Vanguard report was not physically at the venue of this event, but relied on this statement, it is baffling that he gave this slant to the story,” it said.

The party said Mr. Odigie-Oyegun “has the highest regards for the judiciary”.


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  • aisha ani

    You do not have to deny anything, these judges must be probed. They are incompetent and corrupt, this has nothing to do with the election tribunal. We just had some ridiculous ruling on a case that has been pending in the supreme court for over 10 years, almost all the people involved are dead. Nigeria’s judiciary must be overhauled, how can it take 5 years to decided on a case that the tenant is owing money? Simple question are you owing money or not, if yes when do you intend to pay? If you can’t pay move out, instead the case will drag on for years.

    • Maria

      Nigeria judges are the most corrupt in the world. When PDP perceived Justice Salami as favoring ACN…they sacked that man…. Now no one is asking for sack but probe judges and anyone found wanting should not only be sacked but also jailed.

      • The facts

        Well, if you have any evidence linking the judges to PDP, please inform Buhari and he should take necessary action. The reason why Salami was suspended and later retired was because he refused to cooperate with the NJC enquiry.

        • absam777

          The evidence are there and overwhelming. They simply chose political expediency over justice. They did it before after the presidential election between Buhari and Yaadua. That was the outcome of the enquiry set up by Yaadua himself . I think that is the Justice Uwais Report .
          The judges are part of the corrupt elements fighting back.

          • The facts

            Yes, but the fact that the Uwais Commission complained about irregularities in the election does not mean that Yar’adua did not win the election. The judgement was based on whether the irregularities were substantial enough to affect the whole result but they were not, and that’s why the judgement went in Yar’adua’s side. Besides, that’s one of the reasons why Jonathan did not bother to contest the last election in court despite the issues of under-age voting and massive vote rigging in the north. I don’t know how people would believe that the votes in Kano and Jigawa should be more than the whole south west votes.

          • Tayo Ayodele

            Where do you get the facts from? The votes for the two major parties (APC&PDP) in the SW is 4.2m. KANO and Jigawa is 3.1m. Very low turnout in Lagos and Ogun, 29% and 35% respectively. KANO has 44%. The only state with suspicious figure in the North is Jigawa with 64% turnout. But look at these figures; Akwa Ibom 65%, Delta 66% and Rivers is sky high 71%. These are from INEC figures of registered voters vs accredited. We are not looking at collected cards since there are already allegations that the North is favored in the distribution. As educated people it is better we analyse based on facts.

          • The facts

            I beg to differ sir, the total votes cast in the SW according to INEC figures is 3.04m while that of Jigawa and Kano was 3.2m.

          • Tayo Ayodele

            Check your facts; the votes for the two leading candidates (PMB & JEG) alone in SW is 4,254,609. Except your definition of SW is different from Lagos, Ogun, OYO, Osun, Ondo and Ekiti states.

      • Mike udi

        U should ve question Lagos govnor surpreme court ruling that throwed away card reader as evidence the same way it was applied in rivers and akwa ibom.
        Taraba is next and APC will final drop dead after the judgement.

    • Okafor

      Who will probe the judges? EFCC? Or Buhari himself? All APC cases were upheld but PDP cases have to be investigated. Any way matter closed!

  • The judiciary is making a mockery of our democracy. Despite the tons of evidence that showed that the April 11 elections was a sham, a charade and was tainted with massive rigging and intimidation of voters. Why did the apex court rule without even giving cogent reasons for her ruling? Why the hurry?
    Why did the apex court ignore the rulings of the tribunal and Court of appeal?
    These are the pertinent question that every one should ask and this issues raise a serious doubt about the integrity of the Supreme court. Fortunately or unfortunately, the supreme court is the final arbiter and her judgement is incontestable, but we should rise up and demand for a complete overhaul of the judiciary, otherwise there would be no hope for our democracy.

    • Mayo

      How can you claim the reason for the ruling is not cogent when the apex court has not published their reasoning? Secondly, as anybody familiar with the Judicial process will tell you, morality is not legality and the courts do not grant prayers not sought for. The courts give judgement based on facts presented before them. If you feel the election was marred by massive rigging and intimidation of voters but the people who went to court could not prove that or that was not the basis of their brief before the court, the court will not nullify the election.

    • Isi Agwo

      Having Bokohari, an illiterate, certificate forging serial perjurer as Nigeria’s president, because the Supreme has been too timid to hear the case on his illegal candidacy, is the real making a mockery of our democracy.

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    Vanguards color is beginning to show.

    • Peter_Edo

      e don tay… they collected boko haram blood funds after all and haven’t returned theirs…

  • delbod

    Nigerian judiciary is an institution full of shameless old fools,full of satanic, Godless and corrupted set of people trying to make a mockery of the effort of this administration.
    They are only against this government because majority of them are occult members such as satanism,ogboni,egbesu, roscrucian armor etc, because most of the politicians are their members too.And most of their children are leaders of various occultic groups in our higher institutions today.
    But the time has come when they will all be espoused.

    • Saloni

      Eh yaa Eh yah sorry, such a painful news that your hope of chopping from your APC governorship hopeful just went up in flames like that. Your frustration is understandable accept our condolences.

    • Sir Charles


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  • simple!



    • Ayuze

      Dissenting view on what issue my friend? Your dissenting view about allowing corruption to fester and giving treasury looters soft landing. Please stay in your PDP. One further advice, stay off drugs!

  • kayteee@aol.com


    Let Muhamadu Buhari firstly submit his original 1961 Wasc/Cambridge certificate, if any,
    to a High Court before he can have standing to say the judiciary is his personal headache.

    • Ayuze

      Mr Biafraud none of your family members ever attain any important position in Nigeria, at least not by honesty and integrity. You dumb ass Biafraud criminals should get use to the fact that Buhari is well loved by honest, hardworking and law abiding Nigerians. It’s only the families of treasury looters and allied criminals that are worried sick of him and there is nothing Buhari and Nigerians can do to help them. The daft disparaging stories is now seen as boring and left for imbeciles and work shy Biafraud guys to bite on. Buhari till 2024!

  • Action Group

    The Supreme Court needs total overhauling to get the politically inclined justices of the court out of the system before they derail the government anti graft war. The earlier PMB does this the better,because most of them on that bench are people appointed to that exalted position by PDP during its sixteen years rule.Obviously,they were appointed based on theIr political convictions and sympathy for PDP than being on merit.

    • isaac

      Obviously u are ignorant about d workings of d supreme court.

    • Jujubeans

      Indeed! there is absolutely no point in having an anti graft war, if the judges, and especially the Supreme Court, is going to set everyone Scott free. PMB should have done much better strategising on this one. At this rate, Dasuki and co. Are going to get off.

  • favourtalk

    That is the problem of the Judiciary which the president had promised to even look into because of the corruption in the system. It was very obvious that akwa ibom and abia elect ion were rigged but they overturn the judgment of the appeal and tribunal because of money. They will all be prosecuted

    • Ayuze

      The mistake Buhari is making is turning a blind eye to election cases in our courts and allowing our corrupt Judges a free hand. He should allow seasoned politicians like Tinubu to handle the political aspect of governance. The damage he is doing to the hard earned victory of the APC at the last election is enormous due to the fact that politicians in his party expect that he would stick to his promise that election rigging will not stand, but now they are all getting away with it. What a deterrent to non violent posture during elections.

  • Ayuze

    Buhari appears to be overdoing the democratic thing. If he decides to play to the rule of the game by not wielding the big stick, the PDP will wield the big carrot to our corrupt Judges and carry the day. Since the APC won’t offer bribe and don’t even have the money, and even if they do Buhari won’t support that idea, the PDP would. It’s one of their strength. They still have billions of stolen money hidden everywhere and won’t mind splashing them on judges to get judgement. The reality is that pending a near successful cleansing of the judiciary, it is vital to keep a close watch on it. Non interference with it would simply mean allowing business as usual and total perversion of justice. Buhari and the APC must realise that what happened in Rivers State during the election should be discouraged by all means possible. By allowing the Wilkes of this world to get away with their criminality is a slap on every law abiding politician.

    • abodes_124

      Yes, yeye supreme court judges . They should be all arrested and given the Olisah Metuh treatment for ruling in favour of corrupt PDP governors instead of saintly APC governors. Do they not know who is in charge ? The fear of Buhari is…..