Akpabio to Nigerian govt.: Seize any money I own in foreign accounts

Godswill Akpabio

A former governor of Akwa Ibom State, Godswill Akpabio, has challenged the federal government to seize any money found in a foreign bank account bearing his name.

Mr. Akpabio said the government should investigate the source of such money and also prosecute its owner.

Mr. Akpabio, who is the serving senate minority leader, stated this on Friday in a press statement denying a newspaper report that he had made a secret attempt to withdraw $7.2 billion from banks in Dubai, United Arab Emirate, through channels in the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The statement, signed by Mr. Akpabio’s media assistant, Anietie Ekong, said the former governor does not own any property in Dubai or any other foreign country.

“We challenge these purveyors of falsehood to publish the full details of the purported $7.2 billion account and we urge the Federal Government of Nigeria to seize such sum and prosecute the owner if it does exist,” the statement said.

Mr. Akpabio said the media report against him was sponsored by his political opponents.

“People should learn to accept the outcome of elections and stop this kind of dangerous propaganda in the name of politics,” he said.

President Muhammadu Buhari recently signed agreements with the United Arab Emirate on the repatriation of Nigeria’s stolen funds.

The agreements have reportedly unsettled corrupt, former and serving Nigerians officials, who stashed public funds in that country.


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  • Romberg

    But why not challenge the reporters and publishers who peddled such ‘falsehood!’?

    • ayo

      He can’t and he won’t…even in clear evidence of guilt our politicians always claim to be innocent. It is only in foreign jurisdictions that they own up and go to jail…Behind every smoke is a fire…..

      • Romberg

        But what if the reporter is just a shameless liar, should a punishment be meted to such unprofessional conduct?

        • ayo

          Absolutely…..He should not just make these lazy pronouncements and denials…He should charge the reporter for defamation of character…..that is if he is sure of his innocence….

          • Romberg

            Or should the reporter and the newspaper charge him for defaming their report..?

  • Arabakpura

    Did you bank any in another person’s name?

  • Rommel

    No problem only we do not need your consent to seize the funds of property,we will get to it in the end,you can hide it but not forever

  • ayo

    Yeah we know that you are a man of very modest means….You own no properties outside Nigeria…talk-less of far flung Dubai. In fact you have no savings in any bank account and only live on your salary….Nigga Pleeeease

    • kai

      prove different… dull nigga!

      • ayo

        Slave nigga…Clear off

    • I Hate Sycophant Truly

      You forgot his millennium quote, “Whatever money cannot do, more money will do it”. Anyone living in modest life would not say this.

  • MammanJiyaVatsa

    Those cousins in who`s name you banked your loots will soon open up, including the bastards children you had out of wedlock in whose names you`d banked the money…. just wait, your time is around the corner !

    • jes

      Well, we are waiting for you to prove it… dunce!

    • delta K

      Foolani cattle focus on Atiku, IBB loot , smelly dung

      • tundemash

        So looting your destiny has now become ethnic? Obviously we can’t educate a pig,

        • delta K

          Yoruba coward, foolani Ass suckers, Yoruba animals like you in creature of OBJ, Tinubu, Bankole, Bode George are earth scrums that leach on Nigeria

          • tundemash

            Obviously we can’t teach your pig new things, keep ranting your ethnic nonsense if it helps reduce your March 28th pains.

          • delta K

            Guess your useless old monkey father and that creature of ape decent from Ota refused to learn your new things, you ugly monkey with tribal marks

  • Jokymama

    Hmmm, learn from Olisa Metuh who kept screaming “charge me to court”. This government will take your word seriously and seize those assets oh.

    • Contact Point


    • Julius

      lolz. They never learn anything. Watch this story to be the truth that he has such money in an overseas bank.

  • Wale

    Be careful Akpabio-be very careful. Those who know know…

  • Ebaah Odibo

    You don’t thump your nose at the crocodile ( i.e tell the croc ‘nto…orh!) while you are still swimming in the water. Chief Barr Akpabio, you know we know. And we know you know we know!

    • share Idea

      So te money is no longer in Dubai but in underground tank. Nigeria we hail thee

    • tundemash

      May you live long. I luv the “You don’t thump your nose at the crocodile ( i.e tell the croc ‘nto…orh!) while you are still swimming in the water.”
      Akpabio just dey do shakara to tickle the fickle minds like @share idea.

  • Felix Udoh

    Apparently because he keeps his money in underground bunkers in his Essien Udim country home. We will get there.

  • citizenka

    Mmmmm Be very careful what you wish yourself, you might get it


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  • favourtalk

    They should tell him that Nigeria will be happy to sieze the money he has acquired through all the dubious mean in akwa ibom state for nearly 10years. They nearly destroyed this nation with all forms of corruption In Nigeria perpetrated under thier leadership.

    • tundemash

      And jail him too

  • Thesource

    Akpabio!Akpabio!! You can only run, but can’t hide, you must face the consequences of your nefarious acts. Glad power changed hands!

  • Fredodo1

    He is being clever by half

  • I Hate Sycophant Truly

    Every looters always claim they never looted before but when the chips are down they become muumu in the end.

  • tundemash

    All na typical Nigerian shakara! Did Metuh not say more than this before he was picked up? FG will not only seize the money, you will also be jailed.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Mr Akpabio, Nigerians know you to be evil and corrupt. Dont rub this public sympathy on us pls. And mind you, yres they know your stolen wealth are hidden and the long arm of the law will definitely do catch up on you. For now, you can continue to enjoy your liberty.

    • Martino

      Many Nigerians do not know Akpabio is evil and corrupt except the news being peddled by the Federal Government and APC apologists; but they know that Lagos and many SW states are controlled from Bourdillon Street, Ikoyi; (I’m sure you know the occupant of that address). Give these allegations deep thoughts. How can Akpabio be in the posseession of $7.2B? From which economy was he able to siphon such an amount that has not alerted INTERPOL? How much was the income of Akwa Ibom in 8years of Akpabio’s helmsman-ship? How much was the derivative income of Akwa Ibom in the last 8 years? Don’t be fooled by the ubiquitous APC propaganda the pervades the nation. Make no mistake, any corrupt individual must return our collective commonwealth; but peddling falsities to confuse the public to gain cheap popularity is itself the act of CORRUPTION know as deception or distortion of facts.

  • Fuzio

    Nigerians never fail to amaze me. Do they know the size and scope of $7.2 Billion? Only area boys with a sense of entitlement can believe such arrant nonsense.

    • Maria

      7.2 B dollar is so huge the whole earth cannot contain it…

      • Fuzio

        You are not far from the truth even though you meant this as sarcasm.

    • new republic

      DO you know that some Nigérians are into real estate business in Dubai,and you know the cost?

  • Burbank

    Don’t worry, Akpabio.
    You are living on borrowed time. Try to eat some EFCC papers, for starters.

  • Maria

    Akpabio…I read the news paper what they said is that you have property worth 7.2 billion dollars in Dubai not cash…you should have said the FGN should seize such property….Nonetheless, whether you say it or not the property now belongs to the people not you.


    Nigerian pen robbers will never cease to amaze us. They are the first to issue press statements denying any culpability or malfeasance. When the public react to their claims, their lawyers are the first to issue statements quoting the Nigerian constitution that, `one is presumed innocent until proven guilty`. They are the first to cry their tribe, party or ethnic group is being persecuted when they arrested or arraign. When the facts are laid before them, they are the first to chew their statement. When the issue of $2,1 billion dasuki gate broke out, Mr Jonathan was the first to feign ignorance and query where would such an amount could come from? Sometimes, one is amaze with the culture of primitive accumulation, stealing and misplaced investments abroad. Can anyone imagine how many bore holes Metuh`s 400million could have provided for the people of Anambra and Enugu states? We steal from the people, take the money abroad, stashed in their banks and our govts go cap in hand to seek assistance from them to build health centres, schools, roads, extend pipe bone water,rural electrification and even to support our budgets. If PMB fails to tackle this corruption scourge, Nigeria will soon become another Colombia.

  • Dee

    Why is Anietie Ekong, Akpabios PA lying to Akwa Ibom people and in extension Nigerians. Who is the owner of the mansion in Westheimer district in Houston, Texas. USA. Yet he claimed not to have property outside Nigeria.

  • Shugaba Nkasa

    Oga Governor, EFCC does not need your permission to investigate you…but thank you for the gesture.

    • aisha ani

      Akpabio daring EFCC is not in your interest Akpabio, ask Metuh.

  • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

    Akpabio is a ‘patriot’ who served his people with uncommon dedication and loyalty.
    He didn’t steal a kobo from the juicy pot of the state’s revenue. How can he steal a mere $7.2bn?
    Never mind Mr. Ex Governor, Nigerians are aware of fronts and the government will soon take you on your words; seize any uncommon asset that does not belong to you.

    • Alexander

      I will put my life down and bet you that Akpapio is not only a tresury looters but also a drug baron.

  • Alexander

    This Man thinks he has successfully hidden his loots.Anyway,time will tell.

  • Perrymarvis2014

    Akpabio Akpabio Akpabio! How many times did i call you? The die is cast. The chicken has come home to roost, you will surely be smoked out and prosecuted. You and your fellow crooks never imagined a day like this will ever come in Nigeria. God has exposed all of you wicked criminals who raped Nigeria and sentenced her citizens to life of penury. You will surely have your day in court.