Handcuffing of Metuh APC’s way of ridiculing PDP – PDP Governors

FILE PHOTO: The National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Mr Oilsa Metuh, at the Federal High Court, where he is Standing Trial over Alleged N400m Fraud in Abuja

Governors of the Peoples Democratic Party have described as a new low the handcuffing of the National Publicity Secretary of their party, Olisa Metuh, stating that the APC regime was a step away from full blown fascism.

The PDP Governors Forum said the action was meant to deride not only Mr. Metuh but the PDP as well as cast the party in bad light before Nigerians as a party of corrupt individuals even when they were yet to be convicted by any competent court.

In a statement on Thursday in Abuja Osaro Onaiwu, coordinator of the forum, the governors said the APC regime was yet to learn from history, therefore its banal exhibitionism and Telemundo antics of subjecting accused persons like Mr. Metuh to inhuman treatment.

“The only reasonable conclusion we have reached is that the anti-corruption agencies and other institutions of state have allowed themselves to be dictated to by a single vindictive authority which takes pleasure in using power anyhow and in anyway in gross abuse of the constitution, African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and human liberty.

“The cuffing of the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP exemplifies a terrible decay of power by the APC regime which sees itself bigger than the democratic state, Nigeria, which brought it to power.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the Forum is not against the anti-corruption mantra of the present regime of President Muhammadu Buhari, but we insist it must be within the ambit of our constitution and appropriate laws.

“Any other means is a descent into fascism with its attendant consequences in the long run,” the statement reads.

Mr. Osaro further observed that Section 34 (1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, as amended, frowns at all forms of degradation of man particularly inhuman or degrading punishment and treatment, of which Metuh was subjected to.

The governors called on security and anti-graft agencies to be mindful of how they take instructions from political office holders as the tide of power was constantly moving, as the APC will not be in power forever.

They also urged civil society to resist such ultra-constitutional actions before Nigeria becomes the private estate of the APC.


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  • Can you imagine these governors talking about human rights as signed internationally when they are the real breakers of that law? All humans are born equally. Metuh is not different from Rasaki that was cut stealing yam in the market and was treated like a monkey. A criminal is a criminal always. Metuh broke the law as so he has to pay. Moreover, who was responsible for training and developing the security agencies all these years, is it not PDP? So we can conveniently say the monster they created is now hunting them.

    • Julius

      They never has a thinker in pdp !. You can see that now.

  • My message to PDP: it is refreshing to see Metuh in handcuffs and it would be more gratifying to see him in Prison at the end of this saga.

  • kammykazee

    PDP, a party replete with bunch of unscrupulous and shameless characters, in saner climes a political party or any group will be wary of associating with the likes Olisa Metuh and Dasuki who have brought nothing but shame to their friends and families by admitting sharing money meant for fighting insecurity diverting same to a totally different cause. Are these criminals expecting medals for turning our common wealth into their personal use?

  • logmein2nite

    “Handcuffing Metuh, APC way of ridiculing PDP”. Lie. Say it correctly, “Handcuffing Metuh Nigerian way of ridiculing Ndigbo”.

    • Jika

      I refuse to accept that Metuh represents the hardworking,industrious,honest and selfless Igbos.Metuh,is just one Nigerian who is alleged to have committed a crime and,he happens to be Igbo.There are so many alledged criminals across all ethnic groups and religious divide in Nigeria and,I don’t believe ‘handcuffing’ any of them will amount to ‘ridiculing’ their respective kinsmen.

      • logmein2nite

        Use your brain. So why are others not being handcuffed?

        • Julius

          Because they didnt try to eat a government property !. Got it ?

    • Okafor

      Afterall they gave Buhari 5% of vote. He did not hide it but said it publicly. Igbos and the minority SS people are defeated people. We know we have no future in this govt

      • Julius

        So, thats why Methu got arrested ?

      • Ayuze

        Okafuck, some Igbos like will never have future in this govt or any future one for that matter.

    • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

      did mullah metuh steal on behalf of ndigbo?

      the crap ……………………..

      • logmein2nite

        Alleged to steal, not steal. Did Babangida, Umaru Dikko, Abacha, Abubakar, Atiku, Danjuma etc. etc. steal on behalf of Hausa/Fulani, or Obasanjo, Tinubu etc. etc. on behalf of Yoruba?

        • Ayuze

          Me think Methu should have been stripped to his underwear, handcuffed ,shackled and then paraded to the press before taken to court in Black Maria. No wonder he started running his mouth and critizing Buhari’s govt so that he could claim he was targeted for being a government critic. Fanikayode is another one playing that trick to insulate himself from arrest for fraud.He would then claim he is being silenced by the govt when he is exposed for treasury looting.

        • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

          at least,no one tried to “tribalise” corruption by those people you mentioned ……………. corruption is not a “tribalist” ………………………

    • Man_Enough

      If we say stealing is the character of ndigbo you will take offence but that is what you are saying indirectly.

    • ayo

      Rantings of a mad man….You dont represent indigbo…

  • agbobu


  • Mama Kay

    Rubbish statement from thieving governors. It is common practice the world over to handcuff criminals. There is nothing like VIP suspect. If you don’t want to do the time don’t do the crime. PDP as the party at the centre committed a lot crime against the Nigerian state. It is payback time now.

    Don’t cry, the train will get to the states soon.

  • tundemash

    Corruption fighting back, we shall remember this statement in 2019 and vote u rogues out again.

    How about other Nigerians handcuffed daily by policemen, how come these PDPigs govs have not come to their aid ?

    Let any of these m0ronic governors commit a small crime of having a banned substance on them while in the UK, they will be handcuffed immediately; it is standard! Olodo govs

    • Julius

      They are afraid of what might be coming their ways. Like Methu, they are trying to be smart by half. Make noise to get some pity from the gullible . It wont work. The good thing is Buhari doesnt care what they think and say.He is doing what he thinks its best for the Country. I stand by him.

  • linkhadj.

    Osaro, Osaro, Osaro, how many times did I call you? So you wanta suspect in corruption case to be brought to court in an SUV car. Yesterday, a man who was alledged to have stollen ten goats was brought to the court in handcuffs. All the thieving Governors and aspiring ones should be prepared for both hand and leg cuffs on their way to Kuje Prison. Duka nku barawo banza kena!

    • Sunday OGUNKANMI

      How can this impostor says he is co-ordinating for the PDP governors? Is he a governor? Sorry, he is one in his family. Even, the PDP governors are in so much disarray that they couldn’t co-ordinate themselves. This PDP must be totally wiped out.

  • Anonymous

    Metuh is heartless, return the money and be free. With the state of the economy they will take 50% of the loot.

  • barry

    We are looking for stolen or lost money, why can’t we start from the known to the unknowned? Mr finder , I believe you know where and who stolen the the 2.88billion naira PTF FUND. I want to believe that these monies were stolen or misplaced in the past , How come past is becoming so relative that some past are more paster than others?.
    Mr finder handcuff your self and bring out your own loot, then we will know you are really fighthing corruption, rather than political opponents.
    ReMember God sees the heart and everything , after you use dss on people God will use His own agent on you, remember abacha and other who became self made gods, where are they now?

    • Buhari4Ever

      GEJ must produce the $700m he collected from Diezani before Buhari shackled him. One prophecy is fast becoming a reality

    • Julius

      Did you ask Jonathan why he didnt look or take action against those ‘known’ ? You may want to start from there. Buhari ws handed a corrupt government and he is trying to clean it up and get our money back from those that stole it. Whats your problem with that ?

      • Ayuze

        Nice stuff!

        • Julius

          He has no answer !. Respect .

    • Ayuze

      Barry the Biafraud man, you are so pathetic! Hear yourself. Are you saying corruption should not be fought? To me it doesn’t matter how Buhari fights it! Even if it means concentrating with political opponents . It’s only guilty criminals that are complaining. I wouldn’t give a damn if Gej the dumbo had attempted to fight corruption targeting his political opponents, instead he institutionalised it. To me if successive govt fights it whichever way it deems fit, the fight will eventually go round and reduce corruption.
      There are some people who don’t want corruption to be fought because they can only function in atmosphere of crime and perversion. Our Biafraud friends see it as an occupation under Gej and are fearful of a future without free,looted money, kidnapping, oil bunkering,etc. They are the only ones complaining,no approach is good enough for them, because they can’t cope with an organised and orderly Nigeria. Gej turned them to lazy bums, now he is gone and left them with nothing to fall back on except blackmailing the rest of us. He created a monster that need to be put down.
      My heartfelt apologies to hardworking and dignified among the Igbos as I know they are there but the big mouthed crooks are the visible and audible ones.

      • Akatikpo

        You are wrong. The Biafran is very hard working. He loves competition in any field. That is what they are praying for. It is only the Hausa man and the Yoruba that love the rule to be bent for them. Name any Hausa and Yoruba billionaire and I will tell you the link of his wealth to the govt of Nigeria. Is it Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga, Rabiu, Danjuma. They all had the rules bent for them to enable them make money. That is not the same for Igbo billionaires starting from Sir Ojukwu Snr. That is why Nigeria after over 50 years of independence is still a toddler. The Yorubas and the Hausas have been in the saddle for 96% of these years. No wonder the Igbos want to break out so that they can free the black race and tell the world that the Blackman can do it. The Igbos build. Hate him anyhow, there is no stopping him. He is made to excel even in Sahara desert.

        • Ayuze

          Yes!here we go again moaning and whinging. Nigeria after over50 yrs is still a toddler because the January 1966 coup by the Igbos derailed our democracy. Thesame greed and blackmail that played out then is what is hapening now.
          The same selfishness that made you secede so that you could corner all the nations wealth to yourselves destroyed the foundation that was being built then.
          You can delude yourselves as the self-appointed freedom fighters of the black race. I’ll see any dumbo that will fall for your pranks. They should trust you guys with their money and see what is called wholesale stealing and looting.
          You can be as jealous as you like about Nigerian millionaires. If you like say the yorubas and Hausas put saddles on your backs and ride you like donkeys, that is what happen to lazy people who don’t want to work but want to eat. Give Igbo man any chance to come and eat, he would hold your hand and want to steal your food. They do anything for money and integrity is not in their dictionary.
          Throwing tantrums because Gej is out gets you nowhere. Just go back to where you were when he became accidental president. Let the shop boys now being sponsored to forment trouble join their masters and devote themselves to hardwork like other tribes in Nigeria instead of lazing and monkeying around in the creeks. No more free money and criminality in no longer accepted as a vocation.

        • ayo

          Ok thank you for boasting about this igbo billionaires…Please tell me one igbo city that is developed and have good government? Also show me one Igbo market that is worth visiting in Nigeria?…It is not a regional thing….Our ruling elite are all crooks..from Enugu to Lagos….The earlier we take them out the better for the whole country…

  • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

    pdp has done a better job ridiculing itself through stealing without corruption ………………….they don’t need any other help ……….

  • SAM .A

    The Police put handcuff in the hand of a thief that steal goat , and put in in Blackmaria , take him to court and Judge sentence him to 3-6 years , What do you therefore expect to happen toPDPigs that stole $2.1billion ? APC thieves must not be spared .Please Police and EFCC , give them hand & leg cuff & link the two at the center( HOG TIE .) what is good for the goose , must be good for the gander, we can no longer operate tale of Two Cities in Nigeria . Time to put all the criminals elites and peasants alike permanently in jail. We need anew Nigeria.

  • Dominic Jaja

    Mr. Olisa Metuh needs to be handcuffed for his own safety. Eating of paper is quite abnormal.

    • absam777

      I agree. Even the Pope will agree with you too. Safety of his stomach infastructure

    • akintunde ijimere

      Thanks for the wit and laughter! And thanks to you too, absam777. How I wish all the other abusive bloggers learn to be like you two. Life is not worth a night of stomach ache because of PDP, APC, Metuh, Fayose, and the rest of them. Laughter is the only everlasting characteristic that distinguishes human from animals.

  • Man_Enough

    Pdp assocites with the crime of metu.

  • onyefeze

    What can you do about it. You have to accept any insult and ridicule as a defeated bunch. After all Ndi Igbo have been accepting all manner of insults and ridicules from Nigeria since after the Nigeria/Biafra civil war. So PDP Governors should accept that their party is defeated

  • Fula

    shameless men, instead of gathering to apologize to the Nation on the stealing spree their party inflicted on the public treasury, they are here expressing concern for their image. NONSENSE. PDP deserves to be ridiculed and worse. they put themselves in that position. one is affronted by the temerity of these band of brigands. should they not have disbanded all the PDP Govs forum and other franchises at which they shared the nations patrimony, that is if honor still means anything to them. There is no party anywhere in the world that, caught in these enormous wrongdoings against their country, whose leading lights would not have resigned by now.

  • Lakeside

    Buhari is not only against the PDP he is also against people from the South East. Otherwise, why is it that it is only an Igbo man that was cuffed? It is a way to humiliate the Igbos and it is very sad. One of the tripods on which Nigeria stands is
    being humiliated day by day. The other thing is what purpose is Metuh being handcuffed serving? The man is not running away so I don’t get it.

    • 100%Iboguy

      I do not see any igbo being handcuffed except methu. If you as an igbo man shared out of the suspected looted fund you may kindly hand over yourself to EFCC.

      Igbos are not all criminals and if one Igbo person is arrested for suspected crime it does not mean all Igbos are criminals. When he was committing the suspected crime he did not seek the mandate of the Igbos.

    • fishhook

      Buhari is against all thieves. Are you saying that people from south east are thieves? Are Dokpesi and Dasuki from south east? Stop disgracing south east people

  • 100%Iboguy

    These governors are a bunch of comedians. It is a world wide practice to restrain a criminal suspect that is predisposed to violence as in the case of methu (small letters y emphasis).

    Nigerians owe no governor any apology for believing that methu was charged for suspected criminal activity on their behalf and they are being collectively ridiculed.