Jonathan ran CBN like Idi-Amin – Soludo

Charles Soludo, Former Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria

A former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Charles Soludo, has said former President Goodluck Jonathan ran the bank like a movie from Uganda under Idi-Amin.

Idi-Amin Dada ruled Uganda with an iron fist between 1971 and 1979 and has been described as one of the most corrupt African rulers.

Mr Soludo said, “Imagine a scenario where a president can order the CBN to create an intervention fund for national stability and CBN literally ‘prints’ say, N3 trillion, and doles it out cash to the Presidency to prosecute an election campaign or for just about anything he fancies. It is a scary thought.

“We are going down a dangerous path that ruins the economy. I don’t know any other country where such is tolerated, except perhaps what I watched in a movie about Idi Amin and his governor of central bank.”

In an interview in the current Business Edition of The Interview, the former CBN governor described the bank as “the ATM of the Presidency,” under Jonathan.‎

He said it was regrettable that in spite of the bank’s statutory independence, it continues to be a victim of high-wire politics, often “electrocuting” the bank’s leadership.

Mr. Soludo said, “Recent revelations regarding the ‘arms-gate’ (short for the $2.1billion scandal involving former NSA Sambo Dasuki) and the apparent abuse of the CBN as ATM by the presidency should get reasonable people thinking.”

The former CBN governor was one of the ten leading business lights featured in the current edition of The Interview, which provides insights into opportunities and threats in business this year, ranging from manufacturing and power, to banking and investment, small businesses, advertising and jobs.‎

The President of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, Frank Jacobs, identified foreign exchange restrictions; infrastructure; and high cost of business as the three biggest challenges.

The way forward, he said, “Is to look inwards for the supply of raw materials, prudent management and professionalisation of the workforce.”

Mr Jacobs advised against increased taxes, recommending instead a “widening of the tax net” to improve government revenue.

A statement by the Managing Director/Editor-In-Chief of The Interview, Mr. Azu Ishiekwene, described the edition as “the essential business tool for 2016.”

Also featured are the Managing Director of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria, Ahmed Kuru; the Group Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Nnamdi Okonkwo; the CEO of Capital Assets, Ariyo Olushekun; the CEO of Complete Communications, Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase; and one of the founders of Jobberman, Opeyemi Owoyemi, among others.


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  • Maria

    Yet some idi0ts consider Jonathan their Messiah!

    • Baba B

      That’s exactly why you have described them as idiots. Take solace in that

    • Benny

      Yes, he miles apart of the brainless dullard that your region has produced for more than 42 years. Parasitic twats!

      • Maria

        It doesnt matter what my region, SW, has produced…what matters is Nigeria and what those saddled with running it do in office…Jonathan is a war criminal… and must face the consequence,

        • Julius

          You know they are proud of being ignorant. Take solace in that.

          • whales1212

            That is the saddest part of it. I mean these guys on here not everybody from there.

          • Julius

            The best thing to do is play with them, laff and log off. They are ignants !. The words we used around here.

          • whales1212

            Yeah, you’re right bruv.

          • Julius

            There are millions of the Ibo folks that do not get themselves involve in this nonsense bragados , chest beating and loud mouthing. They are appreciate others especially what the people of the South west did for them after the civil war. are we are still doing it. They didnt all rush to the North or even SS after the war. Now you listen to them lying that they own 85 % of Lagos. Bullshit. Most of them dont even want to hear biafra. You think a man with family and a house in Lagos wanna move to some hell hole called biafra ? Hell no !!. I play with them and laff.

      • Omoagunmate

        You are obviously one of those idiots then.

    • share Idea

      He is still my hero. Please can you name a past leader in present Nigeria that worked better than him under the same circumstance. I was expecting Buhari to turn Nigeria to Dubai now that their supposed evil leader is no longer in Aso Rock but alas, so many people are beginning to see through the web of deceit from him and his aprty

      • Maria

        Dubai became what it is today in 6 months? You are a f00lish idi0t.

      • famaks

        a man who destroyed our economy is your hero, very revealing

      • tundemash

        A man who shared your destiny with other rogues is your hero ? Your people ought to go appease the man who cursed you !

      • Maria

        Who says he is not your hero?

    • ukoette ibekwe

      No one has considered Jonathan a Messiah. Even the man accepted defeat and left.
      People like you seat on your butt and think or pray that Buhari would create paradise in Nigeria.
      This is not Buhari’s first time in government.
      As a former head of state his economic policy was called war against indiscipline.
      During that time 56+ briefcases stacked with forex missed as diplomatic luggage. Later he joined Abacha and vouched that Abacha did not steal from Nigeria. As at today, monies stolen by. Abacha are being gradually returned to Nigeria. Have heard of the $2.8 billion PTF monies that Buhari spent wit his relatives and no account has been rendered till today.
      He promised to make the Naira equal to the dollar, stabilize oil prices, pay 5000 to the unemployed.
      A man who promised these monumental feats as a Messiah because it would take power of a third world God to make the dollar equal to the dollar with a snap of the fingers or to stabilize oil prices. It would be great but the world economy does not work by wishy washy.
      I can visualize people like at the party events running up to the elections cheering wildly with excitement and unabashed exuberant at the arrival of the man who can do all things.
      That, my friend is considering someone a Messiah.
      And it seems that reality is a pinhead that seems to be derailing the hopes of the enchanted.

  • Victor Aikhionbare

    It’s indeed an incredible behaviour when you think about it. Especially when you consider that almighty okonjo iweala was part of the government

  • Outraged


  • Action_Nigeria


    • Julius

      Isnt Soludo and Ibo man ?

    • Jones

      This online animal! Now Sanusi is timely intervention that saved corrupt banks and cleaned up Soludo’s mess? And Dumbo again removed the ‘timely intervention’? Real online animal!

  • Khafilat Adeoye


    Since few months ago when it was clear that Buhari has no appointment for Soludo … Soludo had gone quiet and nobody heard from him.

    Now that some are saying that the present CBN Governor Godwin Emefiele should resign … Soludo has woken up again ….. dreaming of the possibility of Buhari appointing him as replacement for Emefiele or as replacement for Kemi Adeosun, the Minister for Finance …. that is why Soludo started making noise again

    • Action_Nigeria

      You are very correct … Buhari will never, ever handover CBN, or Ministry of Finance or Ministry of Budget & National Planning to Bola Tinubu man or a notoriously dubious Obasanjo man like Charles Soludo.

      • aisha ani

        You got that right, Nigeria will declare bankruptcy in 1 week.

    • whales1212

      Interesting, if an unknown me and you can make comments, why can’t he, a former CBN governor?

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      Soludo iis brilliant. Go and read his exchanges with Onkonji.

      • share Idea

        Brilliance is one of the attribute a person and does not make a person a perfect person when allowed it intoxicate such person. GEJ has his fault like every human being but he was the best president Nigeria ever had based on the circumstances prevailing in Nigeria.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Professor Soludo, thank you for your insightful remarks. We have all known Jonathan to be the Criminal – In – Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  • Nkem

    Yes, Fortunato ran the place like Idi Amin, and people like Okonjo Iweala would claim that they were not aware of what was going on.

  • Iskacountryman

    soludo…johnathan lef government 7 months ago when naira was 165 to the dollar…

    • Omotolaaraujo

      Yes, and he left the country in shambles.

      • Iskacountryman

        which country?…is your state in shambles?

        • Walter Enang

          Bro, my state is NOT in shamble o. Only the North is in shambles. I support Biafra if we do not restructure to Fiscal Federalism. I wonder what Aboki is afraid of…they are already poor.

          • Iskacountryman

            who is your bro?

          • Walter Enang

            My Bro is my bro…lol.

      • Walter Enang

        story story story and finger pointing……the swan song of an illiterate Aboki clueless led government….drag the story back a bit and blame the British.

    • Paul Young

      not true. i changed dollar at about 200 d latter days of gej

      • Iskacountryman

        last days of johnathan…you must be a doofus…you should have waited at one dollar to the naira that buhari promised…

        • Paul Young

          i guess you lack home training. wasted sperm

          • Iskacountryman

            sorry i mis-typed…ngozi ask for money…

          • Iskacountryman

            na sperm full ya mouth…

      • Iskacountryman

        latter days…

        • Paul Young

          your point is?

    • It seems you were in Cotonou when GEJ was president. In the last days of GEJ the US Dollars was over 200 Naira. What you are seeing now is the spill over of GEJ’s misrule and mis-management.

      • Iskacountryman

        the last days of johnathan…is that the latest economic explanation? didnt buhari promise to increase the price of oil?…

        • Paul Young

          how can buhari promise to increase oil price? does that make any sense to you?

          • Iskacountryman

            go and ask buhari…

          • Paul Young

            my guy if u dont know what to say go and blow whistle. your talk makes no sense

          • Iskacountryman

            young paul…

          • Iskacountryman

            did i ever claim to be sensible?…monkey head…

          • Walter Enang

            he did bro. Google it…that is one reason we didn’t support him. I still remember my friend asking me how it is going to do it .

          • joe

            Ah. Don’t bother. Stop joining issues with these kind of people.

      • Walter Enang


      • Iskacountryman

        last days…

      • visionary.

        It actually hit 250 before he left office.



    Three days ago I decided to visit a local Baber shop populated by fanatical APC supporters were I usually listen to juicy political arguments from basic Nigerians that include Area Boys, Carpenters, Mechanics, Vendors, Cleaners, Gatemen, Bus Drivers, Okada Riders, Motor Park Touts, Volcanisers, Petty Traders, Daily Paid Labourers and Youths that are fanatical about their respective football teams … just name it Chelsea, ManU, ManCity, Barca, . etc. etc.

    Their message was very clear and unanimous:

    “We don’t want Buhari telling us about Jonathan again, we are tired of his lies and false propaganda against President Goodluck Jonathan … that is not what we elected him to do … we elected him because we erroneously believed that he would perform better than Jonathan …. Buhari should do his own and tell us what he is doing … Buhari is just doing nothing … everyday he tells us one lie or the other against Jonathan … we are tired of Buhari’s dormancy.”

    A word is enough for the wise

    • Omotolaaraujo

      No they’re not. Nigerians still complain about him and what he’s done to Nigeria. He is a common criminal.

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      They loved him so much that they kicked out of office.

      • Omoagunmate

        Hahaha, abi o! don’t mind the silly idiots

    • Waalay Naija

      how much are you paid for these constant non sense…. GEJ was a complete waste of space and resources ..Bottle it… no matter how you paint him ….spare us the propaganda tales by moon light.

      • Ochon

        For real bro aren’t you tired of these news about corruption in gej govt yet? Every week they keep churning out figures just to keep u in suspense. Since dasukigate is loosing its savour, they quickly switched to army generals involved in the dasukigate and now they are using soludo to spice up the next scene. common pls no body supports corruption and even u too may be corrupt just that yours is not in public glare yet thats why u can claim holiness and vilify others. If I were u I will concentrate on removing the little specks in my eyes first so I can see better

        • Walter Enang

          news or rumours? Everything about fighting corruption in Buhari illiterate governmrnt is Dasuki or blaming Jona. Dasuki is the only corrupt Nigerian. Always rumours and tall tales but nobody is jailed. No more news about Madueke etc….after rumours of her 24 billion stolen pounds sterling turned out to be 24 thousand pounds found on her during treatment for cancer. Change from golden years to locust years.

        • Texazzpete

          You supporters of corruption will not let patriotic Nigerians rest.
          nobody is ‘tired’ of the EFCC finally doing their job and bringing corrupt elements to justice.

      • Original_Raskal

        you are still in campaign mode! sorry 4 u. if you are living in naija, you would have known that music has changed now!

      • Tray

        Action speaks louder than voice.
        Is the economy not visible to you, if GEJ mismanaged the economy of Nigeria and it was ok compared to how it is now how then is it difficult for you to distinguish it from some one who is fighting corruption and denying the citizens what they even promised with their mouth. No job creation, increased unemployment, crisis n killings, no freedom of speech, high level nepotism in governance and dictatorial leadership.
        If this administration is better, things should either be stable where it was and get better rather than sinking even with their flimsy lies. I pray oO

  • Original_Raskal

    only a f00l keeps looking back in a 100m race! maybe buhari was voted in to complain!

  • Young O.G

    lol, oga Jona, the otuoke guy spoil things finish come cut out…hehehe….na ogogoro things for am now, lmao…naijaa, funny place…

  • vTrigger

    Poor Soludo, still seeking relevance like a fales prophet.
    Unfortunately, PMB has more serious issues than listening to Soludo’s trash.
    What a pitty!