20 feared killed as Nigerian troops arrest Shiite leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky

Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky

The leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, a Shi’te Islamic group in Nigeria, Ibrahim Elzakzaky, has been arrested by Nigerian troops, following a siege on his Zaria residence, PREMIUM TIMES can reveal.

Inside sources in the sect’s hierarchy told PREMIUM TIMES that a top leader of the movement, Muhammadu Turi, and the head of the medical team of the sect, Mustapha Saidu, and several others were killed during the siege.

The Nigerian Army and members of the sect have accused each other of instigating attacks that led to the death of members of the movement on Saturday.

While the Army accused the Shiite followers of attempting to assassinate Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, the Islamic movement said soldiers simply decided to attack “defenseless people”.

It was gathered that the Nigerian troops sustained a crackdown on the members of the sect throughout the night as heavy shootings and sounds of explosions were heard in Gellesu and Sokoto Road, where Hussainiyya – the spiritual centre of the sect – is located.

Residents of the area told our reporter that they saw armoured tanks demolishing the Hussainiyya shrine and the residence of the leader of the sect.

A source at the military hospital in Chindit Barracks Depot of the Nigerian Army, Zaria, told PREMIUM TIMES that they received 19 bodies of people killed in the encounter.

The spokesman of the Nigerian Army, Sani Usman, could not be reached for comments and is yet to release a statement on the arrest.


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  • Emmy

    NA should handle this situation with every caution it deserves because the country can’t afford to have this escalate.

  • peaceometer

    ..and uphold her honour and glory, so help me God.

  • Ashibogu

    Buhari no send! Thank God na dem dem. Nothing concern Mountain of Fire with two witches wey dey fight. I no go put mouth for a his matter.

    • share Idea

      Old boy, you people will not kill me oooo. lol

    • Otile

      In other words you are saying – a plague on both their houses.

  • Nigerian Army should handle this issue with utmost professionalism.
    They should rise above vengeance and petty rivalry. Another Islamic uprising would only exacerbate the already existing security challenges.

  • Abdullah Musa

    May Allah direct the affairs of this nation.

    • Man_Enough


      • Otile

        I am glad you said Amen to my prayers for your Moslem masters.

    • Otile

      May Beelzebub help his Islamic people. A Musa say Amen.

      • Abdullah Musa

        I no know Beelzebub O Otile.
        I want all Nigerians to be helped in their safety, wellbeing.

  • AryLoyds

    If unarmed civilians block your part ,cant you use “koboko” to chase them away , or even rubber buck shots ?

    • Man_Enough

      Who told you they are unarmed?

  • KennBest

    Nigeria is a secular state and the laws of the land will be respected. Laying a siege on the army chief was an enfontry on the part of the Shiite. You’re talking about Nigeria’s military here and not a band of sissy Jonathan military. You confront our military, you pay a price. Tompolo is next to be smoked out of his creek hole. Enough disrespect for Nigeria by any individual or organization.

    • DD

      God bless you. We are no longer under the sissy Jonathan and everyone MUST obey the laws of the land.

      • jonny12

        i hope you know what you are saying,dont say i did not warn you. This is going to erupt into something dangerous,in a civilized society you dont shoot at people who are marching peacefully , i hope am wrong

  • NazirJos

    Now what???…

  • Bamanga

    Nigeria today is lead by an upright and fierce retired general, hausa/fulani Northern Muslim, similarly, the NSA, the chief of army staff, chief of air staff and DG of SSS. However, the government is poised to emphatically warn all and sundry to stay clear of crime, treasonable offences and the disruption of law and order. Their crushing of the Shiite sect members who are predominantly Northern Hausa’s due to their gross indiscipline, occasioned by unwarranted blockage of roads in Zaria is just the tip of the ice bag. Biafra agitators, be warned!!!

  • rolly

    Yes kill them….and more!

    • Otile

      I hate when you Moslems urge Buhari to kill people. He will take your advise thinking that he is doing good.

  • ConScience

    Where are the hypocrites that are quick to claim Buhari wants to “Islamatize” Nigeria. Chaos is Chaos and any person or body trying to unlawfully subvert the will of the Nigerian Nation and People will be dealt with decisively. I have tried to desist from joining issues but if people are truly God fearing then they should admit the country is on the right direction as Rome was not built in a day. It shows Buhari giving no room for impunity from within and without. Past blatant wrongs will be righted and past minor wrongs will be excused as long as you are not a repeat offender. He already declared his vision. It is the stubborn and the unwillingly that refuses to head no exceptions.The Nigerian nation is greater that religion, ethnicity, regionalism or social strata. Salut!!!

    • Mamman

      I salute your courage. Make sure your children are brought up on these ethos of truthfulness & forthright attitude. Gid bless

    • All Trust

      Buhari is a sunni and sunnis are fighting to eradicate all other Muslims and ‘sunninise” the whole world.

      • Man_Enough

        You are sleep walking.

  • Tochukwu

    I just dey laugh and laugh. Coz some people are bent in sinking this Nation. Don’t bring the battle of the Sunnis and Shia into Nigeria affairs coz it will consume this country. Allow freedom of religion

    • SaiduYusufAliero

      It is no more islamizing nigeria now? Long distance glue!

      • NamesAre4Tombstones

        The Shias are peaceful, non-violent people, it is the Sunnis (like you and Buhairi) who are always violent and refuse to live in peace with others. That Buhari is murdering shias is part of the agenda, just like Saudi Arabia is murdering shias in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. If Nigerian muslims were mostly shias, we would not have all the violence we see today, that is a fact.

  • Truthometer

    Good response from a responsible government. Sometimes, it is good to go after fly with a sledge hammer. This is the only way to prevent something like boko haram again, before politicians infiltrate them and cause further severe havoc in the country. Kudos to our great men and women in uniform. We are solidly behind you.

  • Paul Young

    This is how boko haram started with the raiding of their domain and killing of yusuf mohammed. I hope the army doesnt extrajudicially kill Mr Zakzaky

  • Linus nwafor

    There has to be a scapegoat, an example has to be made of the resolve of this govt to fignt impunity. You must have heard asari dokubo and tompolo given our nation an ultimatum. Maybe they can take a heed from how this untouchable has been handled and learn to respect a constituted authority. My ill advised biafra brothers a word is enough for the wise. One Nigeriaoooooh

  • luvnaija

    An example has on the clear direction has to be set. My former brother president GEJ would have send Ibrahim Elzakzaky money (through the ONSA obviously ) for them to keep mum, the case would be buried like what happen in Eggon area of Nasarawa State by the Ombatse cult in Eggon. One Nigeria for all irrespective of what ever affiliation you find yourself or choose to belong to

  • MammanJiyaVatsa

    Sworn to uphold the biding constitution of the republic, then whoever transgress the law, let him pay the price….the country is high and above any religion, tribe or political affiliate or person….. ride on my General, root them all out and burn down their existence.
    Law is law made for all a-sundry !!!

  • Hassan Lawal

    ……its now we have a Leader and President,God bless Buhari.

    • Otile

      Hassan Ali Lawal who needs an Islamist for president? This is going to be a disaster, watch and see.

  • Maria

    Baba Buhari is working…God bless him.

    • Darlington

      By killing defenceless citizens?

      • tundemash

        I am hoping that the sect didn’t attack the army as the army alleged in which case they are indeed defenceless but if it was that they indeed attacked the army then take this warning signal to Tompolo and Asari, Mr. Dindinrin, impunity is gone with Dumbo Jo

      • Efe

        Yes. He is working. Did u not seen an Army General kneel down before an ordinary Major and then begin to cry and ask for tissue paper? In fact, his master gave him tissue paper and the ediort used it to wipe his miserable tears. Go to youtube and type ‘General Diya cries before Abacha’ OR ‘General Oladipo Diya’s weeping tape’…….You will be amazed at what u will see in the video. Na so their life be. Threaten dem small and fear go enter their genes and they will support even a mad man for president.

    • Otile

      Do you belong to his sect of Islam? You are now blessing your head off for him. Whatever you do, don’t dance naked in the streets singing praises to him. He is not your god(Allah).

  • ed

    The media should be more informative on the issue of national security. Independent account of what actually happened would have been helpful. Pictures of burned buildings for example can be helpful.
    More backgrounds on the participants Muslim sack would’ve help to read more to their mode operandi.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    This is a very wonderful and appropriate response to a group that could easily morph into another socio-religious nightmare for Nigerians. We saw what happened with Boko Haram. Allowing another Boko Haram, all but in name to rise in Nigeria, must NEVER be tolerated.

    • Otile

      Diaper sniffer, why do you hate freedom fighters?a Yeah, call them bad names and the destroy them. Islamist banza.

      • Gugurus Ekpa


        Did mommy leave you to go out and play or are you done suckling at her bosom?

  • Cleartruth

    Those praising buhari for killing peaceful protesters don’t know that our military is weak. The military can’t contain the violence they are provoking around the country. Last time it was the killings of peaceful biafra protesters, this time it’s the killings of unarmed Islamic group . Somebody must tell buhari that he is taking a dangerous path. If unarmed people were blocking the convoy of army chief, they can be dispersed in a professional way not by killing them. Times have changed, people can easily have access to weapons for self defence. If the unarmed group s that are being killed decide to engage in arms struggle, the military will be unable to handle them. This is what led to bokoharam that we are spending billions of dollars to fight. This money would have been used for development.

  • Anonymous

    If there’s no fatalities or injury on the military forces, then it’s palpable that they massacre vulnerable citizens. They should channel their strength towards bokoharm.

  • MuhammadKabir Wahab

    Peaceful protesters? Shiites are evils ,Nigeria army should not take it easy with them.this is how bokoharam started. They are not peaceful sect,very violence. They should be eliminated.whoever is not happy with this marvelous attack on this evil sect should go and hug live transformer or jump into the Atlantic ocean.Just an advice.

    • Obinna

      You are a demented extremist!

      • MuhammadKabir Wahab

        I can see from ur statement that u need deliverance.

  • Excisionist

    are victims of Suni xenophobia and jingoism not just in Nigeria but all
    over the world. As long as they are peaceful, they have a right to
    worship like in any other religion and denomination. Sunis are the blood
    suckers of this world responsible for 99.99% of terrorism..

    December deadline is about over. The military should concentrate on the
    fight against BH instead of going about fighting unarmed civilians

  • Excisionist

    First they came for the Jews
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left
    to speak out for me.
    By Pastor Martin Niemoller

    In Nigeria, it was First the Ibos, then the Middle Belters, then the Ibos, Middle Belters and the Christians. Now the who place is engulfed in violence and there is no one to speak out against Islamic bigotry, intolerance and terrorism.

    Now, an ach-terrorist is at the helm . . . holocaust is in the waiting

  • O’tega

    SORROWS, TEARS & BLOOD – This is Buhari’s regular trademark. Once again, Fela was right.

    • tundemash

      What has your rant got to do with the confrontation between an islamic sect and the army? I thought Buhari was supposed to islamize Nigeria Mr. Sore loser so why are u crying more than the bereaved if same Buhari is now dealing with an islamic sect ?

      • emmanuel

        This sect is not working according to plan. Perhaps this is why they attack them. I believe so. Otherwise why have we not seen sponsors of Boko haram prosecuted or immigration officers fired from their posts because they allow boko haram ferry weapons across the borders? U think Nigerians are dunces? Or u think many Nigerians failed WAEC?

        • tundemash

          Mor0n, Dasuki was just charged to court for diverting arms money. If you know any other person sponsoring Boko Haram outside the PDP nest of killers (Gen. Azazi , ex. NSA said so too) , pass the info to DSS.

      • Analyst

        Who are you fooling or you are simply displaying ignorance. Buhari is sunni muslim. Sunni are always after Shiite. The war of boko haram, ISIS and the rest Sunni terrorist are after anything that is Shiite, Christianity and other religion. Buhari gave them the go ahead to demolish their worship center – period.

        • tundemash

          Another drunk e-rat from amnesty camp. Obviously some nuts are lost in that thing u call a head. When same Nigerians soldiers levelled Odi after 11 policemen were killed there, it was also Sunni looking for Shiites. Keep hallucinating !

    • Think2Wice

      On point! God bless you.

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    “Let us also not forget that president inaugurated about five warships three of which were inaugurated the same day. It was the first time that number of war ships would be inaugurated the same day.”
    Also, the Senator representing Bayelsa East, Ben Murray Bruce, on Thursday, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to stop blaming his predecessor, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, for Nigeria’s problems, and urged the government to instead focus on delivering democracy dividends.

    He was reacting to an allegation made last Wednesday by the president that the past administration was responsible for the continuing insecurity as a result of widespread diversion of funds meant for the purchase of arms.
    Writing on his twitter handle yesterday, Murray Bruce said: “This is seven months in the life of this government. We have heard that our problems were caused by the last administration. Okay. Now let’s hear of solutions.

    “If we keep driving this car called Nigeria by looking at our rear-view mirror, it wont be long before we crash. Let’s focus on the road ahead.”
    It would be recalled that while hosting members of the House of Representatives to dinner on Wednesday at the the Presidential Villa in Abuja, President Buhari had said there was an abuse of trust in the management of the “billions of Naira and hundreds of millions of dollars that were supposed to be expended by the previous government to acquire good equipment and ammunition for the military.”

    The president noted that the alleged mismanagement cost Nigeria a lot of lives and goodwill, stating further that “it reached a stage where the Nigerian military could not secure 14 local government areas out of 774 local government. -Hope For Nigeria

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    Buhari Has Bought No Single Weapon, Military Still Using Weapons Bought By Jonathan.

    Has President Muhammadu Buhari bought new military hardware since he assumed office?. Our investigations has revealed that the military is still using weapons bought by the administration of Goodluck Jonathan.
    According to Security sources, “it was wrong for anybody to claim that ammunition and military hardware were not bought for the Nigerian Armed Forces during President Jonathan regime.
    The source who served with the former NSA, Col. Sambo Dasuki, who is currently facing trial, said: “Despite the difficulties we faced in procuring arms from some western nations over alleged human rights issues, we still managed to source sizable quantities of platforms, weapons, bullets and other ammunition for the Nigerian Army, Navy and Air Force.

    “The purchase of massive arms and ammunition in the last one year of the Jonathan government made it possible for the military to root out Boko Haram terrorists from all parts of Yobe and Adamawa States, leaving only about three local government areas in Borno State, partially under the control of the insurgents.
    “These are verifiable facts about the situation before the last general elections. If the present government folds its arms and loses control of already recovered territories, it should stop blaming Dasuki and Jonathan for its own lapses.

  • Abdullah Musa

    It seems Mohammadu Buhari is detached from the state. Everything is just in a mess.

  • Abdullah Musa

    To be frank with you, I blame Jonathan for this attack and killings. I hope Amnesty will write a report against President Jonathan and the Nigerian Army for human rats violation. I really hope so.

  • Dr Pat Mumuwole Awosan

    Nigerians go through all these pains today because of the failure of the April 22, 1990 revolution by Gideon Orkar. Had that revolution succeeded things would have been different.

    That Buhari can become president of Nigeria is itself a misnorrmer. Therefore no one in his right frame of mind should expect things to be normal

    • blackdove

      But it okay for a drunk and half baked PHD student like Jonathan to be rigged into office in order to superintend the raping of Nigeria’s wealth.

  • Al Jihadi


    The Shiite sect is a threat to the Fulani emirates. The Nigerian Army should be careful,
    not to appear to be fighting a proxy battle to secure the Fulani emirates system – which
    is presently under explicit threat of violent overthrow from two fronts. An implicit aim of
    Boko Haram is to overthrow the Sultan of Sokoto and all his Emirs. Boko Haram said it
    will set up an Islamic State of Nigeria instead, but under a viceroy of Caliph Al Baghdadi.
    Ditto, the Shiites adjudge that Sunni Fulani Emirs are sinful apostates to be destroyed.
    A religious civil war is what’s afoot in Nigeria to overthrow that Sokoto-led Fulani emirs.

    • No Comment

      SaharaReporters just learned that Nigerian soldiers may have killed a
      wife and a son of Nigeria’s foremost Shiite leader, Sheik Ibraheem
      Zakzaky, in an ongoing military operation against the sect
      in Zaria, Kaduna State.

  • tundemash

    Once those soldiers rest for 2 days, please move them down south to arrest the High thug Tompolo too.

    • Otile

      You Mohammedans are very violent people. Don’t send your Boko Haram soldiers do arrest or do violence in the South. We are peaceful people down here. Buhari is going to spill blood till stroke catches him, let him spill it in the North.

      • tundemash

        Oloshi, I know Tompolo is more peaceful than the pope.

    • onenigerian2014

      You better shut up before I knock you into next year so I don’t have to deal with you this year.

      • tundemash

        Cl0wn , your forebearers boasted same thing several years ago. Easy on ogogoro.

      • Lenz

        Don’t worry… I trust PMB… After he deals with those Islamic rascals he will send those same troops to discipline those Igbo rats and cutting-grasses making noise in Igbo land… Nigerians need some discipline… People are used to doing what they like…

  • Analyst

    This is nothing but Buhari’s Suni view hating Shiite. Intolerance for other religion is what is running in the blood of imam Buhari. How can you destroy their worship center. Is this not what ISIS are doing to Shiite in the middle east. What is the difference between this act and Boko Haram?

  • PolyGon2013

    All those shiite Muslims should have been killed.

    • Awesome Storm

      Why?? Please explain the reason why you think innocent children should have been killed on the basis of their faith. On what basis have you made this hateful and nasty statement??

  • Excisionist

    First they came for the Jews
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    and I did not speak out
    because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left
    to speak out for me.

    By Pastor Martin Niemoller (1892–1984)

    In Nigeria, it was First the Ibos, then the Middle Belters, then the Ibos, Middle Belters and the Christians. Now the who place is engulfed in violence and there is no one to speak out against Islamic bigotry, intolerance and terrorism.

    Now, an ach-terrorist sponsor is at the helm . . . holocaust is in the waiting.

    • Man_Enough

      Non sequito! If buhari is part of these shaites, he wouldn’t permit the attack. Say another thing.

  • Major Gideon Okar – Why we str

    How many more lives have been lost to the Hausa-Fulani butchery since our execution in 1990? Obviously they run into their tens of thousands. We knew this would happen and that was what we wanted to prevent. Because of the possibility
    of failure we wanted to leave the message which some termed unacceptable and others, premature.

    Nigerians can be forgiven for failure to understand the necessity of excising those states in 1990. But now, how many millions of lives, how much destruction of property, infrastructure and places of worship will it take to convince
    skeptics that excision is the only way to stop it.

    We, that laid down our lives to save you:
    Major Gideon Orkar, Captain Empere, Captain Dakolo, Capt Nonju, Lt. Akogun, Lt. CN Odey, Lt. Cyril Ozualor, Lt. NEO Deji, 2/Lt AB Umukoro, 2/Lt EJ Ejesuku, SSgt Julius Itua, Sgt Martins Ademokhai, Sgt. Pius Ilegar and over a hundred others.

  • Man_Enough

    Buhari is God sent. I remember when asari proclaimed that if he was arrested, nigeria would become history and goodluck never uttered a word. The difference is clear. Action speaks louder than words.

    • Dan Hausa

      Fulani (Suni) bullying Hausa (Shiite) and gloating . . . The days of re recorning are are coming . . .

  • Du Covenant

    A Nigerian not ready to practice decent aspects of any religion must be locked up and their freedom be taken away. No religion condones violence let alone taking another person’s life!..

    • Dan Hausa

      Fulani (Suni) bullying Hausa (Shiite) and gloating . . . The days of re recorning are are coming

      • MuhammadKabir Wahab

        Nothing like hausa ir fulani suni or shia.Point of correction,this shiite is evil in Islam.

        • Awesome Storm

          Please do the world a favour. Go boil your takfiri head. Thanks.

  • blackdove

    This is a warning to all those miscreants who think they can disrupt our march to true nation building. General Buhari will crush both saboteurs and traitors alike. Nonsense!

  • international games

    This is Fulani Sunni Army terrorists attacking Indigenous Hausa Muslims. Even under Johnathan they tried to kill Zakzaki but but Johnathan stopped them. Now they have a friendly Sunni sitting in Aso Rock TEMPORARILY they think they can strike now. The Shiites should know that Iran will not help them. Black people who think for themselves will get no foreign help. The Fulani Sunni get their support from British and Saudi so they think they are invincible,

    • mike

      Shia and Iran are terrorists as seen in Iraq and Syria. The ARMY DID THE RIGHT THING BY KILLING THOSE TERRORISTS. Zakzaki is the leader of this terrorist organization.

  • Shabih Haider

    I condemn Nigerian Army attack and killing of innocent, defenseless, men, women and children of Shia Muslims in Nigeria. You need to pay more attentions to bring your daughters back from Bukko Haram than this kind of barbaric act. Ask Nigerian government to stop this madness immediately and punish those responsible.

    • mike

      hia and Iran are terrorists as seen in Iraq and Syria. The ARMY DID THE RIGHT THING BY KILLING THOSE TERRORISTS. Zakzaki is the leader of this terrorist organization.

  • salisu

    No leader confronted the group and survived or ended his tenure-shagari, buhari 1984-85; abdullahi wase, abatcha, jonathan. God bless Nigeria.

  • rabiu garba

    Nigerian army are the real bokoharam they are killing innocent people and we are still remain as Shi’ite even if you will destroy the northern part of Nigeria may almighty Allah protect us from the territories (Nigerian army known as bokoharam)

    • mike

      Shia and Iran are terrorists as seen in Iraq and Syria. The ARMY DID THE RIGHT THING BY KILLING THOSE TERRORISTS. Zakzaki is the leader of this terrorist organization.