Kaduna carnival “shameful, irresponsible” — Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani

The senator representing Kaduna North, Shehu Sani, has condemned the Kaduna State government for organising music festival as the nation faces economic and security challenges.

Mr. Sani said in a statement that the music fiesta the state plans to organise was uncalled for as the state had competing demands and financial challenges.

“The upcoming multi million naira jamboree known as Kaduna music festival stands unreservedly condemned.

“The event is an indecent and immoral proposition and an affront to the people of Kaduna, the North and the whole of Nigeria struggling to survive economic hardships and pervasive insecurity.

“It’s shameful, disgraceful, irresponsible and utterly insensitive that at this sorrowful and mournful season of bloodshed and economic difficulties, the Kaduna state government and so called ‘banks and the private sector’ have jointly decided to feast, make merry and dance on the graves of victims of Boko Haram insurgency in the North.

“It’s callous and amounts to insouciance that at a time when thousands of civil servants and pensioners across the nation remained unpaid, multi million naira is about to be wasted in a musical event.

“With over 25 thousand innocent persons killed by insurgents, more thousands abducted and unaccounted for, over two million people displaced from their hamlets, homes, villages and towns in the north, and with soldiers on the frontline fighting and dying to restore peace and order in the north, the musical event is nothing other than playing the fiddle while Rome is on fire.

“The musical jamboree is nothing but a complete waste of public and even private resources that could have better be channelled to address other social and economic needs and emergencies of the nation.

“It’s ironic that the very proposed venue of the event where millions of tax payers money will be wasted, the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, remains an uncompleted arena for the past 50 years.

“Kaduna musical festival is a spit on the face of abandoned orphans, neglected widows and widowers ‘generated’ by the violence in the North.

“Attending Kaduna Musical festival amounts to canonization of Emperor Nero. I call on President Muhammadu Buhari to reject the invitation to attend the charade called Kaduna Music festival.

“It’s a contradiction and morally reprehensible that the same Kaduna State government that declared that it will no longer finance pilgrimage to Saudi and Jerusalem and that it refuses to sponsor Ramadan feeding for the poor and Tafsir, but now have enough money to sponsor and host a musical jamboree,” said the senator.


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  • d’Artagnan


    • Elias

      APC promotes National interest rather than party interest unlike your PDP where anything against party is termed anti-democracy.

    • Malik Isah

      Obviously you don’t have enough native intelligence to know that APC members are not afraid of criticising each other.

  • Olu

    It will be more shameful for the state to succumb to the intimidation and fear instigated by terrorist group and allowed the terrorists dictate the way people live their lives. The state need not to become a ghost place as that would fulfill the desire of the terrorists. The carnival could impact positively the economy of the state. Traders would benefits from it, advertisers would gain from it, to mention but a few. Terrorists should not dictates how the state citizens live their lives, government just have to step up their efforts in ensuring safety of lives and properties in the state.

    • Otile

      You are saying this because you are not going be there among the carousers dancing and quaffing good wine when coordinated suicide bombers hit the crowd. When the flesh of the carousers litter the soil of Birnin Kaduna you will be watching the horror on your flat TV in Malibu California. You will be shrugging your shoulders thanking Allah that you were not hugging ladies in that crowd with them. You see in this kind of merry-making, when the cock is drunk he forgets about the hawk.

  • Al

    A festival is an event ordinarily celebrated by a community and centering on some characteristic aspect of that community and its religion or traditions, often marked as a local or national holiday whether there is money or not, what’s wrong with this policy comrade??
    From all indications comrade is pursuing a political agenda that’s why his always criticising anything he come cross and that too bad for his political career, very soon his going to crash

    • Sincerely Yours

      If he continues like this, I see him as a one term senator.

  • Reason-ability

    I think this man should try not to criticise El-Rufai for everything. Even the way he carries on in the Senate is so odd, like someone who is attention seeking. Get over it, you are not the Governor. Face the Senate

  • d’Artagnan


  • d’Artagnan

    Sani Shehu has been ‘attacking’ El-Rufai out of ‘National Interest’ – Elias(APC e-zombie).

    • Elias

      Your comments just testify that you are a novice and uninformed when it comes to democracy. I responded to your comment earlier (APC-A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF..WHICH CANNOT STAND…) and not to Sani Shehu. Sani Shehu has every right to criticize anybody, any policy or anything, but your interpretation of it, as reflected in your comments is absurd.


    I am heading to Kaduna. Let Sani go and dance with the wailing wailers!

    • Tunde Shittu Babs

      @Truth master, Ekaro O!
      Don’t mind him my Yoruba brother! This is how he was attacking Goodluck too!
      But wait o; you didn’t call him a wailer then!
      Hypocrisy on your path?
      Anyway, make I go chop my Amala ati ewedu soup!

      • Nostory

        …….. with assorted meat ” Olowo ko si were” ( Fuku, saaki,edo,abodi)


        Sani is a wailing wailer, whether you eat Amala or Nkwobi!

    • hyperbole123

      the guy na BH spokesman o. not wailing wailer. please reclassify and think again lool

  • Spoken word

    Sani just seeking relevance

  • Aremu Mathew Okikiolu

    Has it ever occurred to Senator Sani that were in the war front were entertained? This guy is dumb with parochial mumblings. So the people cannot let off steam because Boko Haram terrorism? I candidly believe Sani is an anti-social bigot.

  • Rote

    Not all politicians understands what we call democracy. Our dear Senator is gradually becoming a lone ranger. If Kaduna people are with El-Rufai then Mr. Senator will need to mellow down otherwise he will just wake up one day and see himself recalled from the Senate by the same people he thought he was fighting for. If tax payers money will be used for the concert then what will be the role of participating banks?

    • Marfedan

      Just to ur last question, the banks are partnering with the state government to co-sponsor the event.

  • eclub

    I have always found Sen. SANI to be reasonable, and progressive, until now.

    Music is not immoral. It gives wings to the mind, and flight to imagination. It soothes the soul. It is life.

    • Sincerely Yours

      I think it is the Muslim fanaticism in him talking.

  • Otile

    You continue saying my hero, and I have told you that I have no hero among corrupt politicians. I also told you that I wish some other younger, vibrant, articulate person was elected other than my brother Jonathan or Imam Buhari. None of these two individuals is capable of leading Nigeria in this technological age. You have also heard me several times calling on Imam to step down and hand over to Hon Osinbajo. Believe it or not I will be more comfortable to have Hon Osinbajo take over from Imam immediately.

  • Mephistoheles

    Shehu Sanni, if you are ashamed, close your eyes and don’t watch. In the mean time be quiet and let the people have their fun. All work and no play…,…..
    What graves are people dancing on…take your time o!(with our finger pointed at your nose)

    • Otile

      Gugurus Ekpa, you are urging people to come out en mass and dance, make sure you don’t strap little girls with explosives and unleash them on the dancers. We know what you can do to people in the name of Islam.

      • Mephistoheles

        Stop mentioning food items we can not afford or even see.
        FYI Peanut is not ekpa and guguru is not popcorn.

  • David Adeniran

    This fake Human Rights man again?

    • Sincerely Yours

      Fake abi fake. Don’t mind him. Does he want to tell the “so called” banks and private sector how to spend their monies. This is a festive period. Maybe that music festival can even bring in some form of business into the state, by helping the small scale business men/women (petty traders).

  • hyperbole123

    the boko haram representative has spoken. buyers beware

  • Maria

    We have ISIS in the senate,,,,they are talking, it is a matter of time before they take over if not checked.

  • TrueFairGame

    I think this man should just respect himself and keep quite. Must he talk on everything? He doesnt have the intellectual capacity to challenge el-rufai on state issues. In fact this should be his first and last election victory. He is politically irrelevant and he feels otherwise

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer


  • Johnson

    With this logic, I guess the Senator would soon call for the cancellation of the Arugungu fishing festivals and the durbars. Anyone that knew Kaduna in the 80s and early 90s would be saddened by what Kaduna has become. Kaduna is now a polarized city in need of healing and rejuvenation. The Senator should join hands with El-Rufai in rehabilitating the city and heal the state of religious bigotry

    • jiggs

      the senator is only playing to the gallery, kaduna was the center of attraction in the early 90 and late 90, benson and hedges, rothmans show, kaduna was alive. we need more of than to unite the city again.

  • wode

    Senator Sani always talks, before GEJ got there, when he was there and now that he’s no more there. He makes his position clear without minding whose ox is gored. The assessment of his comment depends on which angle you are looking at it from and what your sentiment and value systems are. On this particular case, his position makes some sense to me.

    • Mephistoheles

      You and the person that agreed with you are wrong.
      Freedom of speech is also freedom from speech! Your own freedom ends at the point where it may impede our own.
      You have your own value system? Fantastic! Congratulations to you and your mother.
      Just don’t allow that nonsense come near us because we may bite you.

      Suppose Wode2 has a value system that requires he eats a cadavers left foot every 3 months, how would you like it if he imposes that same value system on you.

      We advice you to resist the temptation of commenting on issues that are obviously way above your head.

      • wode

        I expected that people that would make comment here, and most especially in response to my comments, would be people that are level-headed and of bright minds and not those that would result to abuse and unnecessary confrontation when faced with opposing argument or opinion.

        I normally don’t respond to people like you. Consider this as my last comment to you on any issue unless you retrace your step.

  • JasV

    Senator or mouth piece of BH. You either defect to BokoHaram where we know you belong or keep your mouth shut!!!!!!

  • Man_Enough

    This sani has made it abundantly clear that he is not only a relige.ous fanatic but a bigot. No wonder heopted to negotiate for boko haram. Banks or any other company opting to sponsor reserves the right to sponsor whichever event they desire. Carnivals are tourist attractions that have the capacity to generate revenue. Sani’s outburst is only reminiscent of his overzealous antagonism against el_rufai. More than everything else, he is a dangerous jihadist who should be watched.

  • Ibraheem Aruna

    Mr Sheu Sani we cannot bring ourselves to start thinking like Boko Haram. This is exactly what they want with a caliphate. We must at some point start to move on. Painful as it is, the people in Paris are moving on gradually. I wish to use this medium to put to ask you bluntly, what did you accomplish in your negotiations with Boko Haram? You were part of the Boko Haram Negotiating team under Mr Jonathan. As a core resident of Kaduna and a Northerner you could have done more than what you accomplished. Finally, the government and people of Kaduna are not responsible the inept housekeeping of Mr Dasuki the former NSA boss and Mr Jonathan which has plunged Nigeria into an economic recession. As a serving lawmaker some us expected a tangible reaction on such matters from a Senator of your standing.

  • Datti

    This Boko Haram man again! The day you hear that this ISIS representative has a stroke, know it that its out of envy of El Rufai. The other day, this silly man named his wives as parts of his assets