Buhari off to Paris to meet French President, Ministers

President Muhammadu Buhari will on Monday depart Abuja for Paris to begin a three-day official visit to France at the invitation of President Francois Hollande.

The President will be accompanied on the visit by the National Security Adviser, Babagana Monguno , the Permanent Secretaries in the Federal Ministries of Defence, Finance, Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, Industry, Trade and Investment as well as the Chief Executives of the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission and the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, a statement by presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, said.

As the composition of his entourage indicates, President Buhari’s talks in Paris with President Hollande and other senior French Government officials will focus on the further strengthening and consolidation of ongoing bilateral cooperation between Nigeria and France in the areas of defence, security, trade and investments, Mr. Adesina said.

Apart from his scheduled meeting with President Hollande at the Elysee Palace on Monday evening, President Buhari and his team will also confer with the French Minister of Defence, Jean-Yves Le Drian; the French Minister of Finance and Public Accounts, Michel Sapin; the French Minister of Economy and Industry, Emmanuel Macron; and the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Laurent Fabius.

The Nigerian President is scheduled to visit the Headquarters of MEDEF, France’s largest federation of investors and employers, where he will participate in a France/Nigeria Investment Forum with leading Nigerian and French entrepreneurs.

President Buhari will also confer with the Chief Executive Officers of leading French multinational companies such as Total and Lafarge on their current and future investments in Nigeria.

The President’s other scheduled engagements in Paris include a meeting with African Ambassadors to France and an interactive session with members of the Nigerian community.

He will conclude his visit to France on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 and return to Abuja the same day.


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    So far everywhere you look, on fight against Boko Haram, brainless Buhari has now been enjoying with his “BODY LANGUAGE,” the fruit of hard work of successful diplomacy initiated by GEJ to Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Benin Republic, and now France. GEJ & team worked hard to coordinate and ensure that these countries join the MNJTF.

    To ensure full-proof coordination of the alliance with the nations, GEJ coordinated the meeting held in France then, to ensure that all Franco-phone countries surrounding Nigeria always BLOCK Boho Haram from infiltrating through their countries.

    • Hans Oreva

      ahh i didn’t know France were part of the MNJTF, are you sure you are writing about Nigeria? during the previous administration the war against Boko Haram was headless, we had theives stealing defence funds and in your warped mind you think Jonathan is responsible for any of the successes recorded in the northeast since PMB took over? please ehn the visit to France was concerned with Foreign investment and not defence, France have never and will never be directly involved in Nigeria’s defence. so tell your lies and propaganda to the bees and kindly get stung in the lips.

      • AmenWolf

        You are a lying liar. Pa Baboons trip to France is about bokoharam and nothing else. Quit lying

        • Abubakar Haske

          Pa Baboon is what your disgrace father trained you to called him and his like.

      • Tunsj

        I believe you win the moron of the day award. Surely you’re not too blind or brainwashed to see that.

  • garry222

    Let truth be told. Muhammadu Buhari has no better idea than Goodluck Jonathan.
    He’s just redoing the same thing Goodluck Jonathan did, but doing it worse in fact.
    Jonathan visited France to cobble an alliance of Nigeria’s francophone neighbours.
    That makes good sense but what is Muhammadu Buhari now going to do in France?
    Nothing sensible! Just to wine and dine and take photos smiling at the Champs Elysee.

    • Sword of Damocles

      big difference is Jonathan was not invited for a BILATERAL visit with ANY western country after 2013(because as always, one’s reputation precedes them). please correct me if i am wrong.

      • Original_Raskal

        because GEJ was wise to abandon the west which only wants the downfall of african nation, and focus on China! No reasonable african president will be romancing with the west. Note than when oil price fell so low, europe quickly ban nigeria agricultural produce. What does that tell you? Use your brain and reason! For the west, africa is supposed to be for wildlife only. When GEJ secure naija borders from ebola and naija was ebola free in a few days, I remember the anger in the news in UK then…they were saying, how???

        Buhari will destroy naija completely with lack of vision and economic policies and take it back 30yrs and the west will celebrate him for helping them achieve their aim. Already dollar is forecast to be 300 naira by october. At the end of buhari 4 yrs naija will be worse than zimbabwe! I pity naija!

        • Sword of Damocles

          You are clouded by your “brainy” tribalism. Jonathan was treated like pestilence by the western world, because his & the reputation of his government PRECEDED HIM. Yours is jibberish. try some REALISM. “GEJ abandoned the west”? That’s very funny. Like I told your brother, Keep using ur so-called brain in the manner that you ethnic jingoists do, and see how far it takes you. Just plain stubborn for nothing, hitting your head against a wall(tribalism), bleeding profusely & refusing to stop, because of hatred, WOW! Carry on profound thinker…..

      • tycoon

        Please use your brain

        • Sword of Damocles

          in the manner in which you are apparently attempting to use yours? no thanks, I think I will pass on that. In the meantime keep “Using” yours in that manner, I am SURE you will get very far in life, cheers Einstein!!

      • muhammad

        reducing the influence of the west on Nigerian politics as much as possible is the goal, if we want to remain a sovereign nation and not turn into Libya. Jonathan had a good in ignoring them, Nigeria is the top dog in Africa in terms of economy and influence even with our current problems, most of these western countries are aware of that to succeed in Africa they’ll need Nigeria sooner or later… so we don’t have to slave for them…

        • Sword of Damocles

          It is wise to reduce the influence of the west from A POSITION OF STRENGTH. I ask you brother, is Nigeria in that position currently? Nigeria is just not “top dog in Africa”, but rather the last best hope for our kind on earth. So the burden is heavy. I understand your concern, but we must play chess, not checkers. Mai Gaskiya is a proud and patriotic man, He will not BETRAY his people, like the miscreants of the last 16yrs whose stealing & treachery has KILLED hundreds of thousands of their OWN PEOPLE. A man either has HONOR or does not. It can not be bought, a man eithers reveres his father’s name or does not. You cannot make him into what he is not. Strength & Honor Brother

      • Julius

        You are correct !

    • Michael

      Difference is that Jonathan had little or zero intelligence. He was an alcoholic president who should have remained in his original job as a zoo keeper. PMB is of superior intelligence, class and up bringing and hopefully will straighten this country provided morons like you will give him a chance.

  • evidence

    Buhari is the tourist in chief, junketing on a wild goose chase wasting funds that should be channeled on more productive ventures.He traveled to the US with no plan and was disgraced and sent back home only for the US to further embarrass him with JP Morgan delisting,the UK has completely ignored him, now he’s off again to France. When will he face Nigerian’s myriad problems that need homegrown solutions?

    • tycoon

      I love that one…homegrown solution

  • AmenWolf

    Did Rawlings of Ghana not said it was wrong for them president Jonathan to seek help from France? This APC are evil incarnate. Nigerians are in serious trouble for voting this lying and hypocritical liars.

    • msrose

      Muhammadu Buhari is Nigeria’s most dis-appointing president on corruption matters.

      • Julius

        really ? in less than 6 ,months in office ? . You stop laughing at yourself yet ?

        • jean

          well, I won’t like to jump to conclusion like my friend up there… but we seem to be stuck on what direction the country should be moving, other people (mostly supporters) have been left to make excuses and speculations on what we are trying to achieve in this administration as a country… In my my opinion not a very promising start. Also, nobody as seen an agenda or like a road map for what this administration is going..

          • Julius

            My friend, thank you. There are some changes if you care to see them. All I can tell you is to relax, you will see the road map and it will be clear to you soon. What were the agenda or road maps for the past 16 years ? The last 6 had been horrible and I bet you can point out their road maps and agendas…cant you ?

        • Tunsj

          Well said my brother. Please do not pay any attention to that troll. This guy just hate President Buhari for no reason. There are a lot of clowns like him.

          • Julius

            Oh they have a reason…Buhari is not from their enclave. They never see anything good in anybody that is not from their side. Losers are simply in capable of seeing good in anybody else. You right, pay them no mind but, just laugh at them.

          • Daniel

            There is nothing being done diplomatically now that Jonathan did not do.

            Can we be truthful? That is the only sure way to move the country forward.

            The campaigns are over.

  • tycoon

    Buhari when is America returning the so called looted funds Osimole and the other APC liars talked about? Stop deceiving Najerians, you can go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan,Iran,North Korea and Bangladesh but it won’t change the fact that you are wicked and heartless. You choose to go slow and unsteady while the economy dwindle. This your body/mouth odour and holier than thou system of governance can only make things worse, everything has been at a halt since the inauguration.

    • Daniel

      Someone should tell Mr President the campaigns are over.

      The politics of anti- corruption will take us nowhere…

  • kyle

    why are we kissing up to France? France is a competitor to Nigeria in Africa. we should be careful when dealing with France. They are not our friends…

    • Julius

      President meeting president to talk about co-operation between the two countries is kissing up ?. Expand your life knowledge sir !

      • kyle

        well, thank you! expanding my knowledge is always a plus for me… but the meeting with France not really about cooperation… France do not care about Nigerian interest even in the slightest and they have frequently let us know through their dealing and actions across Africa, also those countries that have been dealing with are always remained in poverty and horrors… Nigeria has never kissed up to France, under any previous administration even military especially during our quarrels with Cameroon. they are not trusted allies, our friendship with them should maintain some distance.

        • Julius

          In a diplomatic world, you take the good with the bad. All democracies of this world understand that. Remember a good country always look out for her interest. Nigeria is not exempted . Nigeria may not care about france as well, but, when the need arise you deal with them. Im sure the president and all his advisers know why they doing this. Unless you are telling me that you do know better than them. I seriously doubt that.

      • Daniel

        Jonathan did all these and we called him clueless.

        Time for Mr President to face up to the real issues about the economy and stop junketting.

        I want to see a paradigm shift from what we are used to.

        The economy is hurting. I want to see pragmatic steps. Enough of anti- corruption politics!

        • Julius

          You are right..Jonathan ruined the country, looted us blind, Boko Haram took over part of the country. Yes, you are right, he did alot. You havent notice the paradigm changes already..just keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground. Buhari is the president with less than 6 months in the office. Remember that…sir

          • Daniel


  • MushinSpeaks

    Recommitting western nations to the fight against boko haram…great move PMB.