Boko Haram: Cameroonian authorities shut mosques, Islamic centres

Paul Biya
Paul Biya

Cameroonian authorities have ordered all mosques and Islamic centres to be shut in northern parts of the country.

The decision was said to be part of a set of measures intended to increase security after several terror attacks in the region, triggered by the country’s war on Boko Haram.

In addition to the closures, young beggars were ordered to vacate the streets as all recent suicide bombers have been children.

According to the OnIslam website and fox news, the governor of the region Midjiyawa Bakari, said the new rules were a response to two incidents in the past week, referring to two suicide attacks by two girls which resulted in killing 31 and wounding tens of people.

Though no group claimed responsibility for the attacks, fingers were pointed as militant group Boko Haram.

Muslims constitute about 20 percent of Cameroon’s total population of 20.5 million.

Most of them live in northern Cameroon and hail from major tribes such as the Fulani and the Peuhl.

Last week, the Cameroonian authorities banned the use of veil among women after two women dressed in the religious garments blew themselves up on Sunday in Fotokol, killing 13 people.

The militant group says it is fighting enemies who have wronged its members through violence, arrests or economic neglect and corruption.

More than 13,000 people are thought to have died since Boko Haram began its insurgency in 2009.

Boko Haram has escalated its six-year-old campaign to impose Islamic law on Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy and largest oil-producing nation.

The fighting has drawn in neighboring countries including Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon, as the militants broadened their border targets.


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  • Naira

    Boko Haram are gradually achieving their aim of tarnishing Islam.

    • All Trust

      But they are Muslims and are fighting for islam in case u dont know

      • Naira

        How sure are you? How did you know? Have you ever been to their camp and see them worshiping?

        • All Trust

          They are fighting
          jihad war. It is only Muslims that fight this kind of war. Their mission is
          evident in their name. They are fighting to islamise Nigeria and other areas.
          They are fighting to create an Islamic caliphate. They shout Alahu Akbar before
          launching attacks. They are aligned with other jihadist groups such as ISIL. They
          persecute non believers. They are not a political group. They are not non-Islamic
          campaigners. Their founder had strong Islamic roots and ideology, backed and
          bankrolled by Arab world and powerful Muslim people. Their campaign resembles
          terrorism in the rest of the Muslim world. And many more reasons in case you
          are yet to know.

          • No shaking

            So you are right @alltrust:disqus. You should feel good and proud of yourself, or don’t you now?

          • Bash

            Does all the reasons u gave above make u a Muslim? Do true Muslims commit fornication, adultery, rape, drugs etc as was evident from all their camps whenever they were chased. Do u know that drugs, condoms, injections, herione were found in their camps?

          • All Trust

            These sins you have mentioned are committed by humans whether they or Muslims or non Muslims. The commission is due to human weakness.Being Muslim does not make u sinless. And being sinful does not make u a Boko Hamist. In case u dont know, all humans sin.

          • Otile

            Tell them, bro.

          • Otile

            Are you saying that Imam Sanusi, the Emir of Kano who slept with Mrs Yero is not a true Muslim?

          • Bash

            Do I need to reply this moron for replying without any prove like I did?

          • Bidemi Lukman

            But, have you asked yourself why they are attacking Muslims if truly they wanted to institute Sharia.

          • All Trust

            That is why they are an Islamist terror group.They start by attacking those nearest to them or soft targets in order to instill fear and coerce people and achieve a sense of domination.

          • knight

            Hija and Murana, to drive Muslims West as refugees, a Trojan Horse.

          • Otile

            The Muslims they are attacking are irreligious Muslims only.

          • Bidemi Lukman

            just as the christains they attacked were irreligious christiains

          • Onike24

            Clearly, you know nothing.

          • All Trust

            After listing all the above, you still are of the opinion that I know nothing!! Why not educate us?

          • Otile

            Don’t mind her, she is trying to deny reality.

          • Otile

            Stop defending evil. He knows a lot about jihad.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Your statement is right. Only those with a mature mind will understand you comment

    • Onike24

      BH is not any worse than ISIL, Taliban, Al Qeada, al shabab, Nusra front etc. they all have the same abhorrent interpretation of Islam, and kill more muslims than non muslims, they rape, they murder, they send children on Sucide missions, haba! Can anyone who thinks believe that this is Islam? There are well over a billion Muslims, with less that 1% subscribing to this warped, evil interpretation of Islam, are the other peaceful 99% wrong?

      • Otile

        You are a hater, ‘… they all have the same abhorrent interpretation of Islam, and kill more muslims than non muslims…’ Do you want them to kill Christians? Stop using dishonest statistics to make your case. When did you carry out the census to know the 1% versus 99% of Mohammedans you are quoting? Did the devil count and reveal to you that there are over a billion Mohammedans on God’s earth, how do you know?

        • Onike24

          Stop forgetting to take your medication.

    • Jim Fox

      Rubbish. Islam is evil.

  • Rommel

    Cameroon is serious about tackling this menace,Nigeria is still chasing shadows

    • Onike24

      Shutting mosques will not help, the only people that will be aided by this is BH, it will serve as propaganda tool for them, in Kenya, mosques were shut in some parts with large Somali populations where Al shabab operated and it was immediately utilised as a campaign tool, by them. Shutting all mosques makes it difficult to identify those Imams that subscribe to this abhorrent interpretation of Islam.

      • Otile

        You are an advocate of Islamic terrorism. Shutting those cells is the only effective method of checkmating your fellow jihadists. Since Angola banned the cult in their country have you heard of 10yr old terrorists bombing people there? Before Imam Buhari’s 100 day honeymoon is over you are likely to take matters into your hands and strap yourself with bombs to commit hare kari in a mosque near you. We pray you perish alone when you carry out your impending suicide bombing. Next you will claim you do not respond to this or that…, odale.

  • Joe

    Nigeria is not chasing shadows. Nigeria is actually not ready to chase anything. All because of the refusal to face the truth of the matter,which is so,so, obvious. Chad, Cameroun, etc are ready for business.

    • musa aliyu

      Seriousness means closing mosques? You and Cameroon don’t even know what you are doing. that act itself will exacerbate the heinous crime. Better reopen mosques and use intelligence, coupled with the Marabouts.

      • Spark

        What has Nigerian’s more than Six years intelligence led us to? A drastic problem like Muslim young girls suicide bombers need drastic solution. Me think Cameroon is on course.

    • Jim Fox

      Nigeria just elected a Muslim President so it’s no longer ‘chasing shadows’.
      Islamic support is now official policy

  • Bigzy

    It is a good development for the Government of Cameroom to close Mosques and Islamic centres. I would go as far as to ban the Cult as a dangerous sect.

  • knight

    Wish more countries would do the same, and push back Islam.

    Curfew hours for Muslims also need to be imposed.

    • Otile


  • Hatedickheadliberals

    As long as the people they kill are other muslims I say keep it up losers you can’t kill enough of them fast enough

  • peppers1


  • ken

    Most Muslims dont support boko haram Because they are normal humans who have conscience. But if they want to face the fact, boko haram and isil are the true followers of Muhammad. How does islam hope to achieve its vision of world domination if not by conquest? Well, not all Muslims are terrorist, but all terrorists are Muslims