Buhari embarrassed Nigeria in America, PDP says

Olisa Metuh

The opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari embarrassed Nigeria by his actions and utterances during his recent four-day state visit to the United States of America.

The spokesperson of the PDP, Olisa Metuh, who addressed a press conference in Abuja on Sunday, said Mr. Buhari’s visit has been anything but successful.

Mr. Metuh said the PDP restrained itself from embarrassing the President by not raising, while he was in the U.S., issues of “harassment of citizens, interferences in the activities of the National Assembly and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), total disregard for tenets of democracy, resort to sole administratorship as well as other violations which have become the order of the day in Nigeria since the inauguration of his administration”.

He said the PDP remained calm, while hoping and praying that the visit would afford Mr. Buhari and his party leaders reasonable “tutorials” on the respect and application of the tenets of democracy and fundamental rights of citizens under the rule of law.

Mr. Metuh said the PDP and all Nigerians looked forward to gains in terms of policies by the Federal Government aimed at stamping out corruption, ending insurgency and promoting economic growth, which formed parts of the publicised agenda for the visit.

“However, now that the visit has come and gone, our fear is that nothing whatsoever has been learnt or gained. What we continue to receive as a nation have been embarrassing disagreements, accusations and counter accusations, blames and denials on very important issues due to lack of tact and skill in the management of state matters by the APC-led administration.

“It is disheartening that rather than secure any sort of tangible gain for the fight against terrorism, which has lost steam under the APC watch, with insurgents, who were pushed to the verge of surrender by the Goodluck Jonathan administration, now surging back and spreading into the country, we get nothing but exchanges and disagreements between the Presidency and their American hosts.

” This is not only embarrassing but also worrisome indication of crass ineptitude in the handling of international affairs on the part of the present administration,” he said.

The PDP spokesperson advised the APC-led administration to settle down, put its acts together and get determined to face the fight against insurgency with every sense of seriousness especially given Mr. Buhari’s promise in his April 2, 2015 CNN interview to end the scourge two months after his inauguration.

Mr. Metuh also said while Nigerians waited for reassuring words to promote the nation’s democracy and unity , they were shocked as they watched Mr. Buhari unfold to the world “his decision to administer the country on the basis of the voting pattern in the last general elections rather than on equity as stipulated by the constitution and his oaths of office as the President of Nigeria”.

He said Mr. Buhari told a stunned audience in the US that “constituencies that gave me 97 per cent cannot in all honesty be treated, on some issues, with constituencies that gave me 5 per cent”, signifying, according to the PDP, that Mr. Buhari’s government will be discriminatory.

“Never in the history of our nation has a president made such a divisive and vindictive declaration.

“Never in the history of Nigeria has a President made such tendentious, biased and partisan statement, a blade on the chord of unity of his own country and people,” he said.

He added that Mr. Buhari as a respected leader and the father of the nation whose “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody’ inaugural speech brought great hope to Nigerians, must therefore note the enormous damage and danger his recent partisan declaration brings to the polity.

“We demand that the President come clear on this matter. Would this form the basis of government appointments rather than adherence to merit and the principle of federal character as enshrined in the constitution? Would this be a basis for termination of appointments, promotions and key policies in the service circle?

“Would it form the basis for distribution of infrastructural development projects and other essential interventions rather than the principle of equity and equality of federating units as stipulated by the constitution? Is this a deliberate policy by the APC or his personal stance? Are we expecting the same discriminatory policy from APC state governors?

“May we remind President Buhari that his declaration to run a discriminatory government is in clear violation of his oath of office as President wherein he publicly swore “that in all circumstances, I will do right to all manner of people, according to law, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will; …”

“Our fear however is that the President’s stance has further divided the people along sectional and religious lines and may trigger a return of quest for ethnic and sectional self-determination. The burden therefore lies squarely on him to moderate the political ambiance in the nation and do the needful in reassuring all sections of the nation of his commitment to be fair and just, in keeping with the oaths and demands of the highly respected office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” he said.

Needless embarrassment of Nigerian businessmen

The PDP also chastised Mr. Buhari over his reported public disgrace to some Nigerian businessmen in the US.

Mr Metuh said the business community in Nigeria and across the world noted with “utter dismay the disgraceful treatment meted out on some Nigerian bankers and captains of industries by President Buhari during his US visit”.

He said whereas the President has the right to decide who makes his entourage on such an important official visit, which, he also said, “visibly excluded National Assembly leaders, economic experts and had no woman”, he said the manner with which he “shamed and walked out” Nigerians businessmen sends very wrong signal to international investors and poses great threats to inflow of direct foreign investment into the country.

“These Nigerian businessmen were rejected by their President only for them to be valued by other Presidents of African nations who led them into a meeting with President Barrack Obama in their own countries on account of their investments in those nations,” PDP said.

PDP said it would for now reserve comments on the “numerous blunders and gaffes” in the presentation of ideas, during the visit. It, however, said, it has noted the embarrassment caused by the absence of an economic team for healthy and informed discussion at the meeting with officials of the US government.

“Whereas President Obama came to the meeting with a formidable team of experts and key federal officials, our President had three APC governors with questionable performance and who owe salaries and billion of naira in debts, thereby robbing our nation the benefits and gains of the discussions,” Mr. Metuh said.

Render account

The PDP spokesperson added that since Mr. Buhari has insisted on running his government as a “sole administrator”, making important decisions on national affairs without recourse to relevant statutory arms and organs of government, his party is compelled to demand that the administration comes out clear on its expenses since assumption of office in May in keeping with its much harped stance on transparency.

“We make this demand because since the APC took office, the nation’s financial system in the absence of statutory functionaries has been enmeshed in confusion, controversy and fertile atmosphere for financial sleazes.

“Recall that when it assumed office, this administration raised the issue of empty treasury only for the nation to learn few days later from the Accountant General of the Federation that about $2.1 billion was left in the Excess Crude Account (ECA). When the PDP demanded credit for the ECA savings, the nation was suddenly made aware of huge sums from the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas dividends from which the APC-led Federal Government announced financial bailout for states.

“It is interesting to note that whereas the Presidency has gone ahead to unilaterally deplete the funds without recourse to appropriate statutory arms of government, state governors are on air announcing that they have not received any form of bailout whatsoever from the centre, raising serious questions on the handling of national resources.

“This is more so as we have information that the Presidency acting alone, has gone into discussions with the World Bank for a loan of $2.1 billion for purposes unknown to Nigerians. What is the loan for? What are the terms and who are those working the papers? Who are the people to decide on how the money will be spent? Is it true that the $2.1 billion loan is meant to pay back huge contributions for the APC Presidential campaign expenses? If truly this government is transparent, it should come out clear on this loan as well as publicize details of its expenditure in the last two months,” Mr. Metuh said.

He also said the PDP is worried that the “ineptitude, avoidable inactivity, lack of policy direction and absence of ministers to coordinate government affairs have left the nation’s economy sour with continued slide in the naira which has fallen from under N200 to the dollar in May to an all time low of N240, in addition to the excruciating loss in the capital market which has lost over N1.1 trillion in the last two months.

“With the recent display of insensitivity in deciding that ministers would be appointed in September, a reneging on the earlier promise to unfold a cabinet two weeks after inauguration, Nigerians should brace up for more economic loses ahead, a development which spells doom for the gains earlier achieved by the PDP administration in growing our economy to the biggest in Africa and one of the fastest growing in the world.

“Indeed, Nigerians are no longer in doubt that they have been scammed with long list of empty promises. This government has failed to articulate any policy direction in any sector.

“What we see is a smart attempt at cosmetic governance, loud propaganda and artful move to appropriate the achievements made by the PDP-led administration; such as the effort in ending polio, the improvement in power supply which is a dividend from numerous investments by the previous administrations, the return of the railways among others.

“The only achievements and change brought by the APC government are the curbing of the fundamental human rights of citizens; engaging in selective application of war against corruption, interfering in the activities of the National Assembly and eroding the independence of INEC. The order of the day has become the crass victimization and harassment of officials of the immediate past administration,” he said.


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  • Malik Isah

    Metuh metuh metuh, on behalf of reasonable Nigerians, I make bold to say that we are pleased to be positively embarrassed by PMB in America

    • Great Col. Mariama(rtd)

      How can an embarrassment be positive in the first place. You must not be alright in the head for spewing such rubbish. Are you not aware that there is a war of words raging between Buhari and US Senator Patrick Leahy? Where is your head. Buahri accomplished diddly squat in this expensive trip.Alright, he took out a loan to the tune of over $2 billion, a debt that the country will be saddled with for a long time to come. Mind you he has not even appointed his ministers and the NASS is in disarray. This means he has so far ruled by decree. If this is the change that you dunderheads clamoured for then by all means count me out. This truth is that this government is so listless and ambling to the abyss.

      • Adrusa

        You must be sad then that this government has at least 3 and a half more years to run. What do you intend to do since you appear so crossed with a three-month old government.

        • The Truth

          Not your business what I intend to do about the current hopelessness parading itself as a government. Stay tuned. I am Colonel Mariama(rtd)

          • Adrusa

            Really doesn’t matter who you are, depression does not respect anyone.

          • Harry

            At the fulness of time it will be obvious who is a Patriot and a destroyer. God help us

      • bluesky

        It is only a bold leader like Buhari that could disagree with his host on principles, unlike Jonathan who would have been cowed into submission on the same issue that Buhari objected.

        • James Breen

          Jonathan had many faults, however he did stop America trying to establish a base in Nigeria and he did not import American wheat, so he did disagree with the Americans on some points

      • okoli

        General…I suspect u are one of the looters we shall soon apprehend!

        • aisha ani

          General ke? who dash monkey banana!

      • Malik Isah

        Clapping, I am glad to be sick in the head in this case, it is better than belonging to your camp full of the wounded and burning fellows. He he he! Have u heard a mad man laugh before?

      • bluesky

        No wonder you were retired in the army as a colonel. Your irrational thinking and failure to engage constructively on national issues must have caused the army to disengage you before you cause further damage to national security.

    • Daniel

      Only you will be pleased. We the meaningful Nigerians are not.

      • Malik Isah

        Meaningful, reasonable, which one of the 2 Daniel?

  • burning spear

    THE National Chairman of the Northern Elders Council (NEC) and elder statesman, Alhaji Tanko Yakassai, has warned former President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and all those that participated in the 1985 coup de tat that overthrew General Muhammadu Buhari to prepare for the worst.
    Alhaji Yakassai who spoke to National Daily in an interview at the week end in Kaduna, categorically warned that the invasion, arrest, detention and ransacking of the residence of the former National Security Adviser (NSA), to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Colonel Sambo Dasuki, is a clear pointer that Buhari is up to something terrible for those who overthrew him 30 years ago.

    “I don’t know Buhari very closely but those who are close to him told me that he doesn’t forget easily neither does he forgive easily. So, with these two submissions in mind, I believe that Dasuki and his likes will not be too surprise on any move by Buhari,” Yakassai stated; adding, “again, as National Security Adviser to former President Jonathan, he was the most important personality in the scheme of things, especially, when all security matters must pass through his office before getting to the President. So, his detention was not a surprise because I know sooner than later, he will be targeted.”what shame–what a country

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    PDP-national publicity secretary Olisa Metuh, is insane and with the massive looting,stealing and embezzlement of our national patrimony by PDP under former president Ebele Jonathan that might eventually resort to former president Jonathan and his oil minister,Mrs Diezani Alison Madueke and Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala as finance minister all who are indicted for massive looting and stealing of Nigeria state funds and even responsible for stealing and exporting one million barrels of oil which they pocketed the revenues into their personal bank accounts still pending,PDP might be banished from retaining the position of opposition in Nigeria from 2019.

    • segun iodun

      You must be a complete f##l for suggesting that NOI was indicted for stealing Nigeria’s money.
      You are a demon from hell.
      Who relishes in putting out false information.
      You are also an Ape who does not know his left from his right- ha ha ha ha ha lol
      Who told you this discussion is with your kind?
      We humans are yet to develop a common language with Apes
      So go back to your cage in the Zoo where you belong
      It is not yet your feeding time
      Your bananas would be served shortly.

    • Daniel

      But all the money came from Niger Delta. Why are crying? You can nominate your wife to Buhari. Leave these women of outstanding class alone. Let us divide Nigeria into regions and decentralize power. Everybody wants oil money from Niger Delta. Waoo for you lazy guys.

      • Arabakpura

        We cannot blame others for lost opportunities. Our brother had it but misused it. We have to wait for another opportunity to do things with bold face. And the next time, Nigeria should allow the SS to nominate and present who will represent them and not the sham way that the last guy emerged!

      • Buhari4Ever

        There will still be a lot of problem. Those making noise for restructuring are just looking for ways to fill their pockets.

  • Rollingdollar

    Thank you Olisa Metuh, I have nothing to add.

  • Spoken word

    PDP please stop embarrassing Nigeria.metuh is sounding like joke,after the damage PDP has done to this country over the last 16 years the best they can do is to be careful and accurate with their statements.

  • Lawrence Agha

    For once the PDP is being real and constructive in this press conference, while Nigerians await their ‘mea-culpa’. If the reconstruction of the PDP will have the same signature and undertone as reported above, with the ruling APC in complete dissarray, then, their return to power is a matter of time. During his visit to the US, President Mohammadu Buhari, made some statements least expected from a democratically elected President. Nigerians are always on the edge whenever issues that bother on region or ethnic origin is mentioned from the negative side, the President ought to have thought over the statements he was making in public. This time, he is solely responsible for the words that came out of his mouth, his handlers and advisers are not to blame when he openly divided Nigerians between those who voted for him and others. Besides, there is no logic behind discriminating against those who did not vote for you, by so doing, you’re indirectly confirming their lack of trust on your person. A wise politician will do the exact opposite. The APC controlled National Assembly is making a mockery of democracy and by extension Nigerians that voted them in. The members of the National Assembly should refund whatever amount of money they’ve recieved so far as salary, for the simple reason that they’ve not been doing their job since inception. This is the honourable thing to do in the light of what is going on in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Being paid for a job not done is corruption, isn’t it?

    • Daniel

      God bless you.

    • okenwa

      Nothing but the truth.

  • Terry Jay

    Olisa Metuh is on point on all issues raised. Buhari has no excuse for embarrassing captains of industries at the US business event. He cannot be avoiding those that have built businesses, that are employing thousands of Nigerians, contributing to the GDP of this country. It does not make any sense whatsoever. He is every body’s President and the quicker he understands that the better for him. If he has a sectional agenda, he should repent of that immediately. He should get rid of the frown and get to business of running Nigeria.

    • Daniel

      You have said the truth. It does not hide.

    • Ayodele

      Was it a Business Event??? Should people who have the Way (corrupt) to gate-crash not be sanctioned.. What is the fight against corruption if simple thing can not be dealt with..
      Welcome to the country and leadership where Rule and order has been lost but is being restored by the new Leader..

  • Arabakpura

    I have been waiting for this Sunday’s edition of the usual PDP’s press release. As usual, a very disgusting outing! The majority of Nigerians support Buhari distancing himself from the so called “businessmen” because if he is purchased like the former president was purchased by them, he would have little credibility to fight corruption. He can invite them on another forum for business discussions and not allow them gate-crash on him after he warned against that.
    How I wish that PDP will reform their information management and center for proper opposition!

    • Daniel

      Now, what is the outcome of this US trip?

      • Arabakpura

        A lot my dear! We can only do a proper audit in the near future; you may not see the benefit immediately because they will take time to mature. However, he has shown the Americans that Nigeria has got an inspiring leader unlike the perception they harbored of Nigeria in the recent past due to the uninspiring leadership style of Jonathan!

      • Ayodele

        Can you list what you expected as an outcome from the trip.. To you everything must be tangible..
        What you forget is , the next time Buhari needs something from the US.. the conversation will start as follows.. As we discuss during my meeting.. It is called building bridges.

  • Abdulwahab

    I think Nigerians should ignore Mr. Metu he is
    looking for attention! If he really had the contry where was he when the PDP
    was ruling with impunity and disregard to rule of law.Let wait and see when
    investigation starts on corruption where his name will pop up.

  • Henry David

    The most important achievement of Buhari from the US is that, we get to know that most GEJ ministers and PDP apologies siphoned our crude oil and the account where billions of dollars of the proceed are kept in different American banks are discovered. I know very soon when these people start going to jail while the monies are being recovered, Metuh will not open his round mouth and call it witch hunting.

    Corruption is our problem and Buhari is getting to arrest the scourge

  • Thierry

    I strongly believe that the old man is weak, he is no more strong enough to act as he said when he addressed Nigeria communities in South Africa,he told us that he wished he is Nigeria president in about his youth age. Buhari is confused and we should expect much from him. Moreover,he is surrounded with mongers,never do wells,criminals etc. The corruption he is clamouring to fight,is with these bunch of criminals around him?. There is no yash we no get shotbaba even…….
    We the youth are busy waiting for what you promised Nigeria n’sIin your rallies stop this name calling and threat of,pointing fingers as non of you are clean. Do what you promised,our innocent citizens are dying every day,the politician have looted our money made the lives of its citizens useless and valueless and still cannot provide security for the poor masses,ever day people are dying in numbers . I have never seen a shamefulcountry like this our own baba since you came Iinto power,I have been reading billions and millions,lists upon lists of this looters but not even a cent hadbeen rrecorded and you want to tell us that your transition will end in pointing fingers. Please with due respect start the work which you promised Nigeria during your campaign dont be aafraid even there are people you have hated so much you don’t want them to near your cabinet/government but at leastprovide us with your angels as your cabinet because you can’t do it alone

  • Thierry

    @Dr pat it’s so appealin that you have a myopic mindset by causing and mentioning names of just 3 or four names,have you seen the lists that world bank produced for Nigeria criminal politicians their names and banks where our looted money is dumped both your so called angel apc, have seen the latest lists produced by FBI recently on how much that is dumped in American banks by this looters and your here calling someonethat worked tireless, for the few things we are enjoying today.
    In my own opinion all of them are the same,let the ruling party stop name calling and do their promise because a criminal can’t call his ppartner inbusiness a criminal finish and klaa

    • otitokoro

      Thierry, call me a pedantic snob if you will but shouldn’t that be appalling instead of appealin? Nigeria needs someone of Buhari’s stature to instil some discipline in a society ruined by impunity from the ruling class. He is 72years old and no one is expecting him to be totally perfect as no human is.

  • Gladys Ada Ebeku

    Why the delay in forming his cabinet? The country Nigeria is being set back in a lot of things. He can’t work alone, that’s why the mistakes. Age isn’t on his side any longer, must learn to trust people.even if he puts his wife, son, daughter, there they would cheat and enrich themself. Change is gradual not by force.

  • tycoon

    Fanatism is a disease more deadlier than Ebola, it has no cure thats why Booboo’s numerous disciples can never accept the facts stated by Olisa Metuh. The truth is bitter Buhari is just being Buhari, the man is supposed to be an Imam in a mosque.You bigots and apostles of change should bear in mind that a bad economy will affect every one, please repent of your sins now by telling Buhari to sit up.Nigeria is supposed to be a country not a one man business, he should have people to trust in APC to help govern the state.He should have respect for the Najerian people and constitution

    • Save Nigeria Father

      Thank yo my brother but not when Nigerian people are the problem of Nigeria. Not when every sense of loyalty to Nigeria has been lost by its citizens, Opposition is good for our democracy but this PMB as I see him meant good for Nigeria and I still admire the opposition party for holding him accountable for his utterances. But those hiding our looted funds in foreign nations should not be spared though they will do everything to stop PMB. $150billion lost to corruption in last decade.

  • Save Nigeria Father

    In as much as I admire the PDP role as an opposition party in voicing out their perceived lapses in the part of APC and Buhari the President, my prayer is for them to be steadfast and constructive as well. They should not in addition forget that Nigerians voted PMB because the evil scourge of corruption is overwhelming and threatening the existence of the nation. PMB cannot afford to fail Nigerians because the consequences will be so devastating. It has never been like this in Nigeria confronting boldly this evil monster devastating our land. No nation will survive with $150 billion stolen from its coffers.