Senate leader, Ndoma-Egba, set to defect to APC

By Edem Darlington

The senate leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba, is set to defect to the All Progressives Congress.

A source close to the senator disclosed this to PREMIUM TIMES.

The source said the senate leader was only counting days to his defection.

In what may look like a prelude to the much expected defection, supporters of the senate leader, Thursday, invaded the APC state headquarters along Barracks Road​ in Calabar​ to announce their defection from the Peoples Democratic Party.

The defectors, led by the Campaign Director of the Senate leader, Ernest Irek, and immediate past Chairman of Obubra LGA, Chris Obasse, included former councillors and other top public office holders.

They said, tired of oppressive leadership, their mission was to join hands with the APC to form a formidable force against the PDP.

When contacted the senate leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba, said, he was not ready to go into details.

“Anybody or people are free to crosscarpet to any party he/she may feel okay with,” he said. “It’s their right.”

PDP in the state has been struggling with internal rancour since the last primaries, leading to the defection of prominent party faithful.


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  • Awarawa

    I would advise Senator Ndoma-Egba to read the judgement of the Supreme Court delivered yesterday removing a House of Rep member in Ondo state from his seat on the ground that the excuse he sited to dump his party is baseless as the party was only having problem at the state level and not in his constituency.

    • mustapha Shehu

      But how many days left for him at the red chamber anyway. APC should be very careful with those politicians especially those crossing over to APC after elections.

      • Kabuki

        They are not disciplined and are driven by power and greed

      • Awarawa

        He won another term for 4yrs under the banner of PDP.

        • Gbolly

          He lost the PDP Primaries and will not be part of the next senate. But the fact remains that, It is too late for Senator NDOMA-Egba to cry over split milk. For goodness sake after 3 terms in the senate. Haba! If only we can be grateful to God as human beings. I think the same man was made a commissioner in Cross rIver at age 28 plus or so. Ever since, he has been a tapeworm on the resources of this nation. Oga Senator, GIVE OTHERS A CHANCE,


          • Kunle

            Very well stated. Nigerians must hold these people accountable. I hope APC is not providing any parachutes to these JJCs

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            He is doing so, simply to target becoming the Senate President, since the SS and SE have no APC lawmakers and the zoning rubbish in the political lexicon suggests APC would want someone from that end!

            Left to see if APC would sow the seed of its own implosion by falling for his self-serving move.

          • newnigerian1970

            I love your description ‘tapeworm on the resources of this nation’. Brilliant.

        • mustapha Shehu

          He hasn’t, he couldn’t get his ticket during primaries

    • Spoken word

      You obviously don’t understand what you time read and understand before you make senseless comments.Ndoma Egba is currently not holding any political office so your comment is not relevant.

  • sanwo

    I can’t understand how President Jonathan feels comfortable with this kind of person.
    To be a politician in Nigeria means to defect and run away with PDP funds to APC.
    I can never welcome a person who describes himself as a politician into my house.
    In Nigeria today, the word ‘politician‘ and the word ‘senseless‘ are synonyms.

  • burning spear

    In a letter addressed to PDP’s National Assembly Electoral Appeal Panel in the state, dated 8th December, 2014, Ndoma-Egba called for the outright cancellation of the primary because it was full of irregularities and flouting of the same electoral laws that were supposed to guide the exercise.

    The petition stated in part, “The exercise was fundamentally and fatally flawed as it fell short of the minimum integrity for an electoral process. The exercise was in complete disregard of the PDP’s guidelines for primary election in the following: the delegates list; accreditation, violent atmosphere, non-display of sensitive materials and non delegates voting.

    • burning spear

      So he has decided to team UP WITH THE FULANI AND YORUBAS–janjaweeds- IN THE PARTY OF APES IN APC–that is the black man for u–Jump from the Republican party to the Democratic—party–is that what obtains in the advanced democracies of the world–?-instead of PDP to sack Muazu-.—–the deep throat in the party who has been doing all to —to ensure that Jonathan loses the election—-via d rigging machine of the Americans

      • Chief Larry

        @Burning spear you marvel me with your responses to write ups and articles. You have a right to your submission but I think if you don’t want to be a Nigerian you can actually relocate to another country where you will be cool to associate with and file for their citizenship. I am amazed that you still refer some group of people as Fulani and Yorubas, I am from the south south though but I don’t look at any group as Fulani,Yoruba, Igbo, we are all Nigerians and I really am grateful I am Nigerian. Until we take away tribes and ethnic from our thoughts and actions we won’t progress. We should stand as a family and fight our battles. Yes APC won the election if they don’t work as we want we vote them out and put a candidate we are okay with irrespective of his/her party.

        • tundemash

          I hope more of you from South South will come out and air your view instead of leaving the space for this demented PDpig.

          • blackdove

            I am from the south south, but I can tell you that majority of our people have no animosity towards any ethnic group. They have been held political hostages by our corrupt leaders for too long. I see a political revolution coming very soon. Lest I forget, our people did not vote in the last election because they were not allowed to.

          • tundemash

            Hopefully, in the next 4 years when the PVC system would have been perfected more, these roguish rulers would be swept aside and the real votes would count.

        • Lemmuel Odjay

          They are dragging the rest of us back to the dark days of the 1960s. Our fault? Just because we opted for change, having been tired out of a system that is corrupt, unproductive and inept. Imagine a parent having to cope with two unemployed graduates at home for years in a country that is very quick to come up with super-posh housing estates in select patches of Nigerian cities and the best cars in the world, all these owned by the few “connected” in our midst! Anywhere sanity thrives, that is seen as an example of governance gone to the dogs! The most amazing thing is, some of us still refuse to see anything wrong with such a lopsided system. When, after prising out change, the losers, not done, have resorted to tainting our victory with low grade colours of tribalism in order to remain relevant. I have searched and found that their dictionary does not contain the word CHANGE, though their taste for undue luxury never ceases from changing…

        • blackdove

          Thank you sir for your maturity and patience in educating this boy.

    • Spoken word

      I can tell you were educated by your parents and they did a woeful job.

    • otapete

      Spear without handle (brain) is useless.

      • Trust

        Osun state is a failed state already…unable to pay salaries… Nigeria is on d verge of implosion as Biafra and Agitators from Niger Delta team up to assert their independence just as Boko Haram continues its onslaught in d North. #100% Resource Control

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    PDP is set to disintegrate and diminish from Nigeria political space with the volume of PDP-membership defection to App Progressive Congress-APC.But APC must watch out and stop accepting PDP corruption tainted elements into its fold as new members.

    • Awarawa

      Oga, without the defectors from PDP, APC won’t even dream of winning the elections. APC is the new PDP. Shikena!

      • mustapha Shehu

        It doesn’t matter.right now they re in APC.Coming from the other party is immaterial.

      • bright

        i disagree with you ‘cos in 2011 gej never won, if you insist he won where are the 22 million people that voted in then?

      • Lemmuel Odjay


    • Trust

      Dreamer…dream on. Military will take over the reign of government come May 29. Buhari is not qualified to have contested for the exhaulted seat of d President. Does Buhari has a Secondary School Certificate as required BT the electoral law?

  • Guest

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  • Abiboss

    All these politicians are not there to serve people but to be served. Most of them cannot survive without politics. It is a shame that these politiciansmcannot even be in opposition party for one year to help good governance by keeping APC on its toes. I just wonder if there will be PDP in the nearest future. I don’t know Tinibu, and I don’t belong to any political party nor vote for anyone. I think Nigeria needs people like Tinubu to mount opposition to promote check and balance and good governance. These defectors are chicken and coward. They defect to APC because there will not be easy money again from the central government. What a shame!

  • Spoken word

    The cookies are really crumbling.i doubt that PDP will last as a party for more than a year.PDP might need to go and merge with APGA.

    • Dangwangwazo

      I quite agree that the PDP should merge with APGA to check the likely excesses of APC when the party take over the leadership of Nigeria.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Victor Ndoma-Egba is one of many PDP henchmen on whose face APC doors should be slammed. His case cannot be said to be similar to that of Aminu Tambuwal, who DEFECTED (oh, how I detest the word) during the struggle for change. Instead, Victor had stayed put in the PDP and fought against change till the end. And now he has failed he wants to be a part of the same change he loathes. A win-win situation, even though an after thought. He should remain and be at the head of a PDP opposition during APC’s rule. That way, democracy would be strengthened in Nigeria while he and others would have the advantage and experience of engaging the incumbent as the opposition. APC passed through that road and are better politicians as a result. If all the APC men and women had capitulated and joined the PDP there would never have been change as is envisaged today. The country’s football system could not be made of one football club. There are positives to derive from being in the opposition. It strengthens and better prepares for when the opportunity for leadership presents itself. APC should be careful. They are taking on the name of the party that encourages failure by providing it sanctuary. When the APC has finished absorbing all the toxicants from the PDP, where are they going to find the money with which to work? If I have a say as a citizen in this matter, I would prefer that we should take back our stolen commonwealth from those in the PDP who, along with their comrades in government, had dragged the rest of us long before the fall of oil prices into this economic mess. This, to me, is a more viable and painless option than going to borrow from the notorious IMF…

    • newnigerian1970

      My brother, you’re talking to people who don’t know the meaning to the words, ‘integrity’ and ‘principle’.

  • blackdove

    Who cares? These are people that will defect back to PDP when they discover that APC is not business as usual.

  • Ekene

    It is beyond incredible/amazingly incomprehensible/exceedingly shocking how shallow/desperate/foolish/idiotic Nigerian politicians are. And to even hear Alamieyeseigha’s name being mooted again for Bayelsa’s governorship run is beyond sickening.

  • Olatunde Okedara

    Shameless and unprincipled man. APC should not welcome him or give him anything. Man without any worth. Chop chop politician. All for self nothing for the people. The people voted you to represent them via the PDP platform why get the office and jump ship? Why don’t you think of the disgracefulness of your action. No honour, no dignity, just selfish ambition. Period1

    • Akpan

      Totally agree with you. They are only concerned about their pockets, and not serving the people that elected them to office. What they fail to realize is that stolen money will not be flowing from APC as it did with PDP. APC should not allow anyone that used to be PDP to defect to APC. If these criminals are allowed to full APC, then APC will end up like PDP four years from now.

  • Sloppy

    He should remain in PDP. He was among the gold diggers in that loud party. Shameless politician.