15 Nigerians, Ghanians killed in Mediterranean by Ivoriens, Malians, Senegalese

Italian police in the Sicilian capital Palermo said they have arrested 15 African men suspected of throwing 12 Christians from a migrant boat into the Mediterranean on Thursday.

The police said on Friday in Palermo (Italy) that 41 more deaths were reported in a separate incident.

Police said they had arrested men from Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal, after survivors reported they had thrown 12 people from Nigeria and Ghana to their deaths and threatened other Christians.

Police said the men were arrested on charges of multiple homicides motivated by religious hatred.

“The motive for the resentment was traced to their faiths,” police said.

“Twelve people are said to have drowned in the waters of the Mediterranean, all of them Nigerian and Ghanaian,” they added.

They said the murder suspects were among almost 100 migrants brought to Palermo on Wednesday.

They said the arrests were made on the basis of testimony from about 10 survivors, who said they had left Libya in a rubber boat on Tuesday.

Police said the survivors’ account underscores the rising chaos in the Mediterranean, which thousands of migrants many fleeing war and deprivation in Africa, try to cross in rickety boats in the hope of a better life in Europe.

Police said more than 20,000 migrants have reached the Italian coast this year, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) estimates, fewer than arrived in the first four months of last year, but the number of deaths has risen almost nine-fold.

“Almost 450 people are now thought to have died this week after rescued migrants brought to the Sicilian port of Trapani on Thursday said 41 others travelling with them had drowned’’, they said.

“Survivors confide in us that more than 400 died earlier this week when passengers crowded to one side of their boat, causing it to capsize,” they added.

Police said investigations revealed that traffickers take advantage of a breakdown of order in Libya to charge $1,000 from every migrant to whom they give a passage.

“Some also turn violent, threatening coast guards with machine guns to avoid having their boats confiscated,” they said.




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  • Comfortkay

    It is very sad that Nigerian were among the dead despite the fact that Nigeria is a rich country and our people are looking for a better life else where. The in coming government should encourage Nigerian to remain here and build up their country.

    • Enemona

      Well said.

      • nwaigbo

        Well said bro , but how is buhari going to do so much things expected of him , we all don’t have to think it’s over , most the politicians that caused the very problem s that made us all vote jonathan out of office are all under buharis party , how will he start the anti corruption war ,we must defend our votes , even after election , till his first tenure in office finish , 15 Nigerians dead in the Mediterranean Sea is just a small number , many Nigerians die every day in the desert . many die at home due to poor roads and in those places we call hospitals. tribalism can never leads us no were .divide and rule have been the master plan our politicians. using our so called men of god

        • Samadani

          It is a popular quote from the coup speech of GMB in 1983, ” we have no any other country other than Nigeria, we shall remain here and salvage it together”

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    There is something manifestly wrong with Muslims. Why would any sane person throw a fellow human being overboard because they are Christians? Islam is inherently evil.

    • amazing2012

      Not really, please analyse it not with anger. Because you have the same hate with those who commit the murder. I think to be neutral when analysing issue will give you the mandate to understand issues better.

      • Charles

        now you tell me with your neutral mind, how you understand the issue better.

    • amazing2012

      A Christian Devy went to church in US and killed 24 people do you call his religion evil ? Or do you deny him to be a Christian ?

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        I am not sure he was a Christian. But even if he was, the incidence of attacks by Muslims supports my position. I stand by my post.

        • amazing2012

          Frequency ? So it is frequency not the act and who perpetrated the act. ?
          Haha there you come. Who prosecute Jesus ? His disciple Judah. Juda dies as a Christian.
          Rwandan genocide? Christians versus Christians (attending the same church).
          List of countries bombed by Christian:
          World War I
          World War II
          China 1945-46
          Korea 1950-53
          China 1950-53 rr
          Guatemala 1954
          Indonesia 1958
          Cuba 1959-60
          Guatemala 1960
          Belgian Congo 1964
          Guatemala 1964
          Dominican Republic 1965-66
          Peru 1965
          Laos 1964-73
          Vietnam 1961-73
          Cambodia 1969-70
          Guatemala 1967-69
          Lebanon 1982-84
          Grenada 1983-84
          Libya 1986
          El Salvador 1981-92
          Nicaragua 1981-90
          Iran 1987-88
          Libya 1989
          Panama 1989-90
          Iraq 1991
          Kuwait 1991
          Somalia 1992-94
          Bosnia 1995
          Iran 1998
          Sudan 1998
          Afghanistan 1998
          Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999
          Afghanistan 2001 to date
          Libya 2011 to date
          Syria 2014 to date
          Yemen 2015 to date
          Palestine 1945 to date
          Over a billion people killed by Christians !
          Political Islam is not Islam but global political dominance by Christians world. Christians manufactured sophisticated modern weapons, proliferate same, and train people on how to use them. Christians founded all the terrorists groups and pay them.
          Search on YouTube Hilary Clinton confession ” we formed Alqaida” and read the book “Destroying a nation in order to save it”. Also add to your reading “Oil Crusaders by Jerry M., 2016”.
          Also to remind you Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan , Yemen and all Muslims countries were peaceful before Christians and pagans step their legs in such countries.
          Now Christians want to go to North Korea and Lebanon to kill innocent peopl.
          Recent shorting of 50 in less Vegas
          The church shooting the killed 24 ! All by Christians.’there is never a killing without Christians involvement, either on the arm used in such killing, or the economic, political or psychological program that lead to the killing.
          Please read beyond news to stop confirmation of ignorance.

  • salisurabeh

    People say who say Buhari can do this or Buhari cannot do this, to me, both are missing the point.

    What we need is for Buhari and co to be Drivers and Enablers, that is all. Nigerians are the most enterprising, intelligent and courageous human beings anywhere, that is why when they go out and work in a driving and enabling environment, they simply excel.

    What is happening now is that the enterprising and intelligent spirit of Nigerians has been twisted by a culture of rot and corruption.

    Let Buhari and co ensure that our institutions work properly, people are rewarded for entrepreneurship not cabalism or job for the boys and Nigerians will immediately shine at home.

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    @ salisurabeh
    what you said is what many in Government fail to realize.
    Nigerians generally do not need a babysitter government that provides everything for them. All Nigerians require to prosper are:

    a.) a level playing ground where one gets the job because they are the most qualified, not because they know the

    presidents housekeepers cousin.
    b.) Guaranteed security with regards to lives and properties.

    This may very well be why Nigerians went for GMB over GEJ. GEJ’s failure to secure the country scared too many people and Nigerians remember how GMB dealt with Maitatsine during his first foray into Government

    All the empty promises politicians make are useless and even if they manage to do good on their words, Nigerians only need the two things above .

    Secure the Local Governments, States and country. Find a way to successfully eliminate or drastically reduce armed robberies and kidnappings!
    A third thing would be the provision of stable power supply in terms of petroleum and electricity.

    Give Nigerians these few and easily achieved things and Nigerians will surprise the world.

  • Otile

    Islam is not a religion of peace.

    • Ade

      Islam was inspired by the Devil through muhammad.

  • Ade

    The so-called moderate Muslims will not comment or condemn such act. ISLAM IS OF THE DEVIL