World, African leaders should emulate Jonathan – Danjuma

Theophilus Danjuma (left), former President Goodluck Jonathan (right)

A former Minister of Defence, Theophilus Danjuma, on Wednesday charged African and World leaders to emulate the dignified action of President Goodluck Jonathan after his loss at the presidential election.

Mr. Danjuma made the call in a session with newsmen shortly after receiving President Jonathan, who paid him a private visit in Abuja.

He said that the president had set a record in Africa by conceding defeat and congratulating opposition candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, before the final results of the presidential pools were announced.

According to him, the position taken by the president is new in Nigeria.

“The outcome of the election and the manner in which President Jonathan conceded victory to Buhari is totally un-African.

“It is very new in the history of our country.

“If Ojukwu did the same after the fall of Enugu when his government fled into exile, if he had conceded victory to the federal troops, it would have saved the nation one full year of bloodshed.

“So, President Jonathan has set a record and it is something to be emulated by the rest of Africa and indeed, the whole world,’’ Mr. Danjuma said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) gathered that in the closed-door parley between both men, Mr. Danjuma praised Jonathan on the way he administered the country and the numerous achievements recorded by his administration.



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  • John

    This is sheer nonsense. The same Danjuma who only three weeks ago blasted GEJ’s government, praising him now? Height of recklessness!

    • burning spear


  • burning spear


  • Moe

    I have had about enough of this rubbish !

    Jonathan lost the election! What other choice does he have but to concede?
    The PVC ensured that he could not rig the election. If PDP did, all we have to do is match the finger prints on the ballot papers…so please stop praising mediocrity!
    Jonathan tried everything to win the election, including bribing every Tom, Dick, and Harry with AMERICAN DOLLARS nonetheless (a crime in and by itself).

    Jonathan conceding the election as he did is neither patriotic nor selfless. He knows who was replacing him and knew there was enough evidence against him to imprison him for a long time. His concession is more out of self preservation than anything else.

    People say he doesn’t want any harm to come to Nigerians just for him to remain in office, To this I say, BULL SHIT!
    Is it not the same President Jonathan that sat on his hands and allowed tens of thousands of Nigerians to die at the hands of Boko Haram?

    Stop praising this man! At best, he is an imbecile. At worst, he is the criminal President responsible for the death of most Nigerians in recent history.

    I know some folks that have borrowed from Mama Peace and say anyone that praises Jonathan for accepting the election results should be stoned! Such fair weather fiends are idiots!

    • Screw-em

      @ Moe, well said, un-African indeed!!!….ummhmm……Danjuma, every civilized politician that loses elections in the West promptly concedes by placing calls to their opponent without this euphoria. What is so fantastic about Dumbo’s action?. Absolutely nothing to be hailed. Any dumb moron knows Dumbo had no chance in hell in winning
      the election even if he contested the results in our kangaroo courts with Judges paid with truck load of $$$$’s.
      …..He can visit every fellow Klep all he wants, It will not stop Buhari from ensuring all monies stolen by him and
      his 3000 thieves from coughing out every Kobo they stole in the past 6years. Even if it takes uncountable Heimlich Maneuvers. Kirikiri and Kuje prison gates await their ugly ass’…….lol

    • tundemash

      I couldn’t have analysed it better: precise and brilliant!
      i doff my hat !

  • Worried Mother

    Please stop with the praises. Least we forget the list is as follows
    Chibok girls
    Stella Odua and her cars
    ORiTSEJAFOR, aircraft, South Africa and multi millions of our money
    NNPC and our N20 billion unaccounted money
    Senseless killings in Northern Nigeria
    Immigration bruhaha
    State of economy
    Run down hospitals and Schools
    His wife- Patience
    And the total lack of leadership qualities of the man.
    God! Finally I can breath again.
    I say good riddance to bad rubbish!!!.

  • Lanre

    These rogues who have ruined Nigeria. Sooner than later, a referendum will be conducted on who wants to stay in your Nigeria, High Chief, General Theophilus Y. Danjuma, the conqueror of the Igbos.

  • Garden-City Boy

    This butcher latches on any opportunity to remind us of the genocide he masterminded in 1966. We knew it all along that as far as his satanic detractors are concerned, President Goodluck Jonathan is an IGBO MAN…..and must not be allowed to be president. At best, the place must be made ungovernable even if he is president.
    And that is the relevance of Danjuma’s allusions to OJUKWU. In his dumb calculus, Ojukwu should have thrown his arms in the air in surrender ever before the first shots were fired. So, each time wretched, greedy Northern power-grabbers bare their fangs, the Southern must cow in surrender. But, according to this butcher, it was okay for Buhari to call out the barbaric almajiris to to a lynch-fest that saw over 800 innocent compatriots dead. It is unimaginable that NYSC workers were specially targeted by Buhari’s lynch-mob in Buhari’s 2011 carnage.
    Buhari did not even stop there. He went to court to waste everybody’s time, vowed to more carnage with the threat to soak dogs and baboons in blood, come 2015. For Danjuma, that is all okay. There is no greater way for Danjuma to pass the message: awusa is the sacred animal in the land, the elephant in the room, the monkey on our backs. That, my people, is ONE NIGERIA where everybody is happy. There is nothing as good as kicking that can down the road. One of these days, we will be out of road. And those draw closer and closer with each passing day.

  • philip

    Am i sensing something? I don’t know if other people here sense it too?
    Jonathan seems to be carrying on as if the presidential election was only
    about himself. And he’s lapping up flattery meant for losing an election race
    to a a cripple who cannot run or is forbidden by law from running. Please, could
    someone close to President Jonathan gently wake him up. History has no place
    or praise for a self-induced failure. All global projections had given him victory.

    Those flattering him know Jonathan just wants to be praised; as likely a weakness.
    They are exploiting that Achilles heel. They want him to just drop the ball, accept
    everything that’s happened; discourage PDP from challenging the INEC results,
    help suppress Buhari’s court case and go home to Otuoke with bouquet of flattery.
    An army general who leads troops to battle gets no respect just for surrendering.
    If there is a lawful ensuing victory, he should claim it. That’s what a contest means!

    • Lanre

      I never had any faith in Jonathan. Never voted for him, never believed in him. Anything from Obasanjo can never be good. But I still advised him. Told him to work with the National Assembly toward restructuring Nigeria. Thought he would listen. No. Now Danjuma has addessed him like a little boy. The same way Obasanjo did. The bullies who have ruled and ruined Nigeria. It is such a shame that the younger generation could only throw up someone like Jonathan. But then again that was who the clique wanted and Nigerians foolishly voted for. Now we have a variant of the same problem. A man who cannot speak intelligbly; who cannot present his secondary school leaving certificate; who was elected as President by one region of the country. A referendum will be held to determine who wants to continue this charade and farce called Nigeria.

      • nikky

        You are one of the few honest and objective commentators i have read here!

        • Lanre

          Thank you, nikky.

    • Ken

      You have spoken my mind. I am really disappointed in GEJ. GEJ is my leader yesterday, today and forever. However, the way he is going makes me feel terrible. There is an eligibility case in court and it must be pursued till the Supreme court. Pdp should go to the Tribunal. Nobody can stop Apc from going to Tribunal

  • Desmond Blessing

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    #1000 per 50Kg bag, call Sales Rep Mrs Abimbola 08039415204 for more Details.

  • True Nigerian

    Utter rubbish! President Thabo Mbeki came to power after Mandela relinquished power without even running for a second term. President Jerry Rawlings of Ghana conceded defeat when he was defeated. President Mahama and his predecessors all repaced a defeated president in Ghana.

    Jonathan is not setting the pace for Africa. He has merely followed the footsteps of those who conceded defeat after losing elections. And the truth is, in Jonathan’s case, he even needed to be convinced and persuaded in order to what is right. It says a lot about him. The truth is that he did not concede because he wanted to, he conceded because he did not want to enjoy his loot in tiny prison cell at the Hague. It was obvious that the world powers were gearing up to put him away if he had destabilised Nigeria by refusing to concede defeat after a clear defeat. If Jonathan was a democrat, he would not perpetrate the mindless rigging that happened in Rivers, Akwa Ibom and the South East in his determination to wipe off Buhari’s advantage on the votes that were already counted.

    In conceding defeat, Jonathan did not aim to help Nigeria; he aimed to secure himself, although Nigeria benefitted from it. So what is the sacrifice in that? And what is the example in that, given that many African leaders have already done what he reluctantly did?

    The mentality in this country is at the lowest ebb. And that is why the country keeps on producing leaders like Jonathan. It is not just because the leaders are bad, but because the people are effusive and have very low expectations.

  • True Nigerian

    Danjuma, we know you defeated Igbos and mindlessly murdered Ironsi like a chicken. You could have contributed your own quota of the Jonathanian praise-singing without being so reckless by comparing a war to an election – an e;ection in which a candidate was roundly beaten, despite his mindless rigging efforts in some states.

    And people call you elder! Elder my foot. Even at nearly 80 years, you cannot just move on from kicking and brutalising the psyche of the people you defeated in a war more than 40 years ago. And yet, you keep asking why this country has not managed to forge ahead as a united country.

    More responsible, more creative and more thoughtful leadership could unite this country in 12 years. But you lots have not managed to do it in 50 years. And you all call yourselves great servants of the nation. Tiny minds!

    The reason boko haram is humiliating our army is because Nigeria is the only country where soldiers become army Generals for doing nothing other than killing hapless civilians or by perpetrating ethnic or tribal war (such as the one you waged in Tiv/ Jukun/ Zakibiam crisis). Just look at the considerations upon which General Momoh would get his promotion according to Obanikoro and Jonathan. That is a prime example of why this country is below the lowest ebb!

    It is also the reason why people like you are the richest Africans on earth – for doing nothing other taking oil blocks from the Niger Delta and then selling them below their value in order to take your blood money quickly.

  • tundemash

    Is Danjuma about to sweet talk the mor0n of Otuoke into signing off on some oil licences before he packs out of Aso Rock or what is it with all these nonsense ego massaging of Dumbo ?