Military restricts Rivers governor, Amaechi

Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi.

The Nigerian military has restricted the Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi, from moving around different polling units in the state.

Mr. Amaechi, who drove himself in a black 4WD, was stopped by the Essien Essien, the Brigade Commander of the second Brigade, Bori Camp in Port Harcourt, the state capital.

In a heated argument, the governor asked the brigade commander to arrest him if necessary as he was determined to drive back to the government house having finished his accreditation.

Mr. Amaechi said he had asked that someone calls him once the voting materials are ready at the unit.

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  • The Nigerian quagmire

    Respect Amaechi. Stand Up to the tyrannical government.

    • Akim alasan

      I respect Amaechi. He is a MAN.

      • Mo

        Amechi is just being deceived and used as a tool. He doesn’t know it neither any of you.

  • Olusegun Olawonyi

    For goodness sake, respect the person and office of the governor.
    Why restrain and curtail his movement?

    • Total

      Is there any law that permits the governor to monitor election in his state? You all talk about rule of law but are not ready to follow it to the letter. Amaechi is an attention seeking trouble maker.

      • Olusegun Olawonyi

        A beg…a beg…
        Is there equally any law that says the brigade commander should intercept a serving governor from movements in a state in which he the governor is the constitutional chief security officer?

        As chief security officer of the state it is within Amaechi’s jurisdictional purview to crisscross the state to monitor security situation in collaboration with police and other security agencies.

      • Bodun George

        Do you have ears at all? The governor just said there are no voting materials at the polling unit

      • Abdulazeez Oyibo

        I heard Mr President today saying he called the governor of Enugu to confirm if there was a bomb blast . Why didn’t he call the army or police commissioner?

  • Etang Chris

    It is over for Amechi and APC, as tinubu directs Yoruba’s to vote for Jonathan.

    • sagag

      may ur life be ruin

    • adeomoade

      it is over for you and PDP…

    • eddy

      It is over for u… mumu

    • Rommel

      What do you have against a man who stood up to tyranny? would you like to remain a slave?

      • Mo

        Do you really believe that APC will change anything in Nigeria if God forbid, they are elected into office? Who are these members of APC that will bring the change? Mr Tinubu or who? Have you forgotten that these are same people who were the members of PDP you claim to hate so much because they were corrupt? I’m thinking amnesia, seriously. When Buhari was the PTF chairman, more than $1.2B was stolen under his watch. Is it such a man you would entrust your life in his hands and expect change? Can you please educate me on where the change and not been a slave you are preaching would come from in event they are elected into office?

        • Clear Water

          Do you know better than OBJ who said he probed Buhari’s PTF and found nothing? Most of you are just ethnic bigots who don’t want Nigeria to move forward

    • Trust only God

      you are already on added time in your life

    • SAM .A

      That was in your dream.

  • T-Rex

    Amaechi,you are not allowed to go to other Polling Units ,except where you registered,on election day! There is no exception to this,even if you are the President.

    • Ikechukwu_67

      A Governor???? This one tire me oooo!!!

      • Philip Musa

        Is he an INEC official? Do you think Nigeria runs a socialist government or what? Dumb as@$#!!

  • Olu

    In Nigeria, only rouges like Obanikoro can move from one polling station to another. God will frustrate everyone frustrating good governance, void of corruption, in Nigeria.

  • Pete

    Sensible and self-respecting public officers and candidates like the President , other governors and Buhari vote and go home. But trust this dirt bag, Amaechi, to want to cause trouble.

    • Ikechukwu_67

      So a Governor can be restricted in a state that he’s governing? Is he not the chief security officer of the state? I thought the military have been restricted to their barracks by INEC, so what makes the brigade commander higher in authority to a Governor? Is rivers state under emergency rule? This is dangerous

      • Philip Musa

        in as much as you’re using an Igbo name, your reasoning is typical of the Yoruba tribe. Law forbids movement of vehicles on election day except for INEC officials, and you’re here talking nonsense. So much for a party proclaiming war against indiscipline.

        • Ikechukwu_67

          What is the definition of nonsense? That a governor of a state is debarred from moving around in his own state by the military? Please define or show us the part of the constitution that allows that? I don’t need a “Musa” to tell me whether I am Igbo or not just because he decided to be illogical.

          The last time I checked there is a subsisting order against military participation in election matters. Mr Musa please tell us if that has been vacated.

          Is there a coup? Let us know…

          • Pete

            Does the state belong to him?
            He’s an interested party in the elections and therefore is forbidden to roam about to compromise the electoral process.
            Stop defending nonsense.
            Only electoral workers, essential duties personnel and security forces are allowed to move about.

          • Ikechukwu_67

            I raised pertinent questions that you have refused to answer.

            What law gives the military the power to stop a serving governor from moving around in his state?

            INEC never gave the military such authority so who did? If INEC did not do so, then the only order that makes the military do what they have been doing must have come from the C-in-C. The C-in-C is a participant in this election.

            Hope your skull can comprehend this…

          • kani

            Please be realistic Mr. Pete, if he decides to move around to see what is going on, he has the right to do that as the executive governor of the state. I think you should be the one putting some sense in your little skull!!!

        • Kola Adekola

          Did president jonathan didn’t board a car to cast his vote? Jonathan and patience should ve trekked to cast their vote cos there is Restriction of vehicle.

          • SAM .A

            What type of English is this? ‘Did President Jonathan didn’t ‘This your stuff is read all over the world, I know you are a student of Hippopotami grammar. Please stop putting us to shame.
            It is good Ameachi stands up to army impunity , he may be the next Defense Minister in Buhari’s government .

          • Kola Adekola

            Continue wanking your worthless self, even you, your English is cursed.

        • Kani

          So much for senseless talk!!! Did you see the governor of Anambra state go to vote? Did he trek? Did u see the president go to vote? Did he trek? Are they not all executives? Please put some wisdom in your words.

          • Debo

            You need to put it first in your own words. If you watch the video, you will realise that the bone of contention is not about driving in a convoy but moving across restricted zones. That’s why the brigadier even proposed for him to go back to govt house but will not be allowed to come back. He even suggested that Ameachi should go and wait in his house, which is in that area – that’s why he is voting there.

        • Nwa _ Africa

          But Ekiti State Deputy Governor moved allowed with his convoy as well?

    • Olu

      Because he opposes Jonathan he is now senseless? Jonathan role in Ekitigate is still in execution in South West, Lagos in particular.

  • Ikechukwu_67

    So a Governor can be restricted in a state that he’s governing? Is he not the chief security officer of the state? I thought the military have been restricted to their barracks by INEC, so what makes the brigade commander higher in authority to a Governor? Is rivers state under emergency rule? This is dangerous…

    You don’t need to like the Governor….He’s the executive governor of the state so for any military man to stop him from moving around is very very dangerous.Wait a minute; is there a military take over?

    • Olu

      That’s what Jonathan and PDP has turned Nigeria military to.

    • mikki

      Thank you, impunity at its peak

  • John

    The law says no movement of vehicles during the election period except perhaps INEC vehicles. Is Amaechi above the law or is he a INEC official?

  • the truth

    If the law stipulates that there should be no movement why is amaechi deliberately flawing it. This is a sympathy drive carried out by amaechi supported by his pay boys journalists in premium times. Amaechi is loosing so badly in rivers state. After results are announced amaechi should be getting ready to go on vacation at enitonia prison in port harcourt

  • Nedling

    All these bloody civilian rulers abusing power in Nigeria, one day you will have yourselves to blame. However, I have word for for you all, “DO NOT EVER CRY FOUL OR COMPLAIN WHEN MILITARY TAKES OVER OR WHEN THE NEXT LEADER BECOMES DICTATORIAL.

  • Ojukwu

    I saw Jonathan arrive in a convoy of cars, is he above the law ? what the heck are you guys smoking in that PDP party

    • Uzoma

      Is the problem arriving in a convoy or wandering about as if he was an accredited observer of the election? As I wrote elsewhere, the greatest problem for Jonathan going into his second term will be what to do with the vast army of young men and women who were required to check their minds at the door when they joined APC. He will need all the help he can get to deprogramme them.

  • Ojukwu

    Governor Amaechi, na only you waka come? me and Jona drive convoy come ooo. Why are they harassing you now ? there is God oooooo

  • Femi O

    I believe that is an insult on the CSO of d state by d Brig Gen.