Ex-Senator, Mamora, leads APC attack on Jonathan, says president has failed

The opposition All Progressives Congress has stated that Nigerians residing in Lagos and Abuja are the only ones buying fuel at the official price of N87.

This was disclosed by a deputy director at the party’s presidential campaign office, Olorunnimbe Mamora, at a press conference at APC national secretariat in Abuja.

Mr. Mamora also said fuel scarcity still persisted all over Nigeria, except in the two major cities.

“Across the country, except Lagos and Abuja where fuel scarcity has eased off, due largely to the huge presence of the media and very active civil society, the situation in other parts of Nigeria has been that of pains, anguish and frustration,” he said.

The former Senator said Nigerians struggle daily to buy fuel at fuel stations. He said social and economic activities in most parts of Northern Nigeria, South East and South-South have become almost paralyzed as fuel scarcity bites harder and stronger.

“Motorists and other citizens are paying through their noses to buy above official pump price of N87, a price reduction recently hurriedly announced in an attempt to deceive Nigerians for electoral purpose,” he said.

Mr. Mamora recalled that at the height of the scarcity of fuel three weeks ago, the Nigerian government simply gave excuses and even blamed the APC for the fuel scarcity.

“The Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and the Nigerian National Petroleum Company, NNPC came out afterwards to tell Nigerians the actual reason for this unfortunate development was due to non-payment of about N250b subsidy claims to the major importers coupled with the unstable foreign exchange rates,” he said.

He also said the party has been able to establish that a litre of petrol is selling in Aba at N110, in Benin it is selling at N150, in Uyo a litre is selling at NNPC Mega Station at N97 while other privately-owned fuel stations are selling at N110 per litre.

He said in Kaduna and Northern states the scarcity was biting harder as petrol is selling above N120 with long queues. While in Port Harcourt and South Eastern States a litre of Petrol sells between N130 and N150 just as it is selling above N100 in Ado-Ekiti and Akure, Ondo state capital.

“This is the sorry state of our country today. A major crude oil producing country depends on massive importation of refined petroleum products to meet local consumption,” he said.

Mr. Mamora also said despite the heavy annual subsidy of over N1trillion on Kerosene, the product is not selling at the regulated price of N50/litre and the poor masses who depend on this essential product are buying across Nigeria between N150 and N180/litre.

“The government and its apologists gleefully trumpet that the Nigeria’s rebased economy is the biggest in Africa yet the economy is powered by generators,” he said. “What an irony!

“Businesses are closing down because of the high cost of energy. Even with the fall in the global price of crude the pump price of diesel has remained as it was before. This has defiled logic.

“Nigerians are asking question why our four refineries are not working at full capacity. They want to know why the country is the only crude oil producer in the world that is the biggest importer of refined products with the associated massive corruption that is feeding the greed of the leaders of the ruling party, the PDP.

“These are the issues in this campaign and they are the issues that affect our people. Rather than confronting these issues, the Jonathanians in their Buhariphobia continue to engage in campaign of calumny and hate propaganda against our presidential candidate and other leading lights in our party.”

He said the APC and its Presidential Candidate, Mr. Buhari were poised to tackle headlong these hydra headed socio-economic problems and give Nigerians a new lease of life.

“This government has failed woefully to meet the yearnings of Nigerians for basic things of life, least of all, availability of petroleum products, with the associated industrial scale corruption,” he said. “As a country and a people we cannot continue in this wicked, destructive and very unsustainable path. The time to save Nigeria and begin a process of rebuilding our country is now,” he said.

Collapsed health care system

Mr. Mamora also took time to talk on Nigeria’s health care system. He said after President Jonathan’s four years in office, the country’s health institutions, most especially at the tertiary level, have witnessed a systemic decay with doctors’ and other health workers’ prolonged labour disputes never seen in history of the country.

He said salaries of most health workers at the Federal level have not been paid till date.

“In recent World Health Organization Ranking of the World Health Systems, Nigeria was ranked 187 out of 190 countries,” he said. “What a pity!

“South Africa, Angola, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco ranked better than Nigeria despite our oil wealth yet our public officers and their family members travel abroad for most mundane health related matters.

“According to UNICEF Nigeria, every single day, Nigeria loses about 2,300 under-five year olds and 145 women of childbearing age. This makes the country the second largest contributor to the under–five and maternal mortality rate in the world.

“A study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the influential British journal ranked Nigeria as the worst place for a baby to be born in 2013.”

APC said due to the dearth of necessary working tools, a large number of Nigerian registered medical doctors have moved abroad. The party said most of the Doctors are found in the United Kingdom, USA, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

“Out of 65,000 doctors registered in Nigeria, only 25,000 are currently practicing in the country, the former President of the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, Dr. Osahon Enabulele said not long ago.”

He also said the APC and the government it will lead under Mr. Buhari will reverse this ugly trend and revive the health sector with well-motivated health workers and world-class working tools.

Nigeria Vs Morocco Diplomatic Row

Mr. Mamora also said the APC was outraged and embarrassed beyond words that the Jonathan government could elevate lying as a state policy.

He said the false claim that Mr. Jonathan spoke to Moroccan King Mohammed V1 when no such telephone conversation ever took place has made Nigeria a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

“It is yet another in the series of lying Presidency,” he said.

Mr. Mamora said “by our traditions and cultures, lying is not encouraged even among children. Why did President Jonathan have to wait until Morocco recalled its Ambassador to Nigeria before he issued a clarification on the issue?

“His belated admission that he never spoke to Moroccan King at any time didn’t go far enough. Instead of apologizing to Nigerians for the diplomatic embarrassment his administration had caused Nigeria, the Presidency is blaming some fall guys at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” he said.

“As the President, the buck stops at his desk, and it was therefore, inappropriate for the President to dismiss a serious diplomatic gaffe with levity and blame some poor, anonymous civil servants for the row.

“He should just own up, apologize and stop lying, not only this but on several others on which they are culpable. A word is enough for the wise.”


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  • tundemash

    You can but pity Dumbo; his world is crashing. He now runs from pillar to post ; from one Yoruba Oba to the other; from OPC to MASSOB. Latest is his visit to Atiku in the dead of the night, last night. Don’t be surprised, next port of call might be to visit Shekau; he’s that desperate!

    • godwin

      Our President is whom u are referring to as Dumbo? I can actually see how intelligent u are! Only God can help u

      • Seun

        That was why PDP had to release the APC-Trained Attack Dog Fani Kayode To have a nip at their ankles..now they are crying everyday!

      • eddy

        Rather it is u who need to check ur intelligence… with all that is happening is it not glaring that Jonathan is clueless and dumb?
        My brother the whole world don see am o… my advise to u is to wake up.

      • tundemash

        Were u just brought in from the high seas? He’s been a Dumbo since he was pulled out from under the bed he was dodging from Turai !

        • Dauda

          @tundemash: People like you should learn more about intellectual discourse: because your choice of words are against the principle of this discourse and democracy( freedom of speech does not mean abusing the president please). learn to respect your leaders no matter what. dont sound like an illegitimate Nigerian as i am suspecting.

          • tundemash

            Dauda dindinrin ….. your President is not a god ….. respect begets respect ….. when he starts respecting Nigerians and the office he occupies, you e-rats can come out and ask for respect for him !!!

    • Tanko

      When APC visits all sorts of characters to help ‘navigate’ their ill-fated ship, you call it ‘campaign’..but when it’s the reverse, you call it desperation. Hypocrite!

      *it seems you are still unemployed..rushing here first thing in the morning! You won’t even spare some seconds to thank the good lord for a new day or to brush yur teeth before running here with yur stale breath. Nawa o!
      If you can at least show me yur Original WAEC result, I will fix u up somewhere.


    • Dauda

      For you to call a democratically elected President a Dumbo, i suspect you are not a true and patriotic Nigeria: you are socially misfit for our new democracy,
      because you have aviolate its principles.

      • tundemash

        Dauda dindinrin …… keep cl0wning ….. your President is a dumbo ….. go and hang !

  • Ananas_yolawa.

    Jonabomb. Jonabomb. Jonabomb. How many times did I called your name?
    You peoples have paralysed Nigeria. Their is nothing good to show about Nigeria except corruption. All the people that surround that clown are deceiving him. I pray at the last minutes he will not play Lauren Gbagbo style.
    And I warning that fishermen in the creeks to learn from what Boko-harram have done to Northeast.
    A word is enough for a wise.

  • Bayonle

    Goodluck Jonathan never governed for six years. Today he has lost all capacity to govern. He should simply leave.

    • mc-done

      Why would everybody want Jonathan 2 leave the sit, I have a question: If GEJ should leave that sit who would he leave it 4?

      • eddy


  • samson john

    APC jst want ro rule by all cost,GEJ is f best candidate,lets support him for another four years of good governance

    • eddy

      He can take it in kirikiri maximum prison…

  • mc-done

    A good man should finish the good job he started. Vote wisely, vote GEJ

    • Samadani

      “Total failure is the result when you entrust national treasury to a shoeless, clueless, hungry man” By FFK

  • Frank Bassey

    This is the voice of those who benefited from the looting of Lagos treasury. How many times have Nigerians suffered fuel scarcity under GEJ? Have we forgotten that many Lagosians lost their dear ones because Gov Fashola could not manage a simple labour matter? This is sheer blackmail. Since DSS discovered APC card-cloning facilities in Lagos, things have never been the same again. If Mamora is that good, why didn’t he return to the Senate?

    • Adebusola

      PDPig, I hope those that ‘looted’ the Lagos treasury are also those that looted the hundreds of trillions oil boom for sixteen years (and still counting?). The irony of Nigeria is where a den of thieves and freeloaders that people PDP and who are the characters responsible for stealing an oil rich nation blind for sixteen years have now turned thief catchers of the mythical Lagos treasury even as Lagos has sufficient achievements on ground to justify the good use of its treasury. Conversely, Nigeria has nothing just nothing for sixteen years of PDP’s criminal vandalisation of the country. A case of pdpigs who have containers in their eyes picking specks in APC’s eyes!

      • Paul Sunepa Lawrence

        My friend! The people who looted from PDP are now active APC Members.

    • Tobibs

      Pigs are animals. They wouldn’t understand the issues raised by the former senator. They wouldn’t even understand that everything said above are hard facts.


      • Dauda

        You shouldn’t call people created by God pigs. You can argue your points without insulting people if you are really intelligent enought

    • Ibraheem Aruna

      The question should be , who is more effective betweem Senator Mamora and the person who replaced him. We should all know that answer.

  • Ikechi Ngwube

    Ten days left of the six weeks this Dumbo forced out of INEC to see if he can reverse his defeat but things are not looking bright for this clueless tabular rasa. The millions of dollars he shared out, the multi billion dollar contracts he awarded and all forms of inducement are not working for him. I guess he needs another extension- maybe eternity for that is the only thing that cam save this failed and dying regime from its sorry fate come March 28. Sponsoring criminal gangsters to protest with guns and knives to sack Jega and appoint Patience Jonathan ad INEC chair will not work the magic. Where is Sambo and all the, dying hirelings of the Jona regime? The game is up and the clock is ticking fast. On March 28 Nigerians will breathe a sigh of relief from this needless burden called Jonathan government.

    • warry

      Definitely not all Nigerians are fools. GEJ has performed more than all other previous administrations including fighting a war successfully.

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    *Total Cost: 600 BAGS X… 1000 NAIRA: d=600,000 NAIRA.

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  • Mr. Abdin

    Change is on the way.

  • Hamza Kanu

    Before now, I’ve great admiration and respect for Senator Mamora but today I’m so disappointed at his shortsightedness and his inability to use his six senses to perceive, touch and see the tremendous transformation in our beloved country Nigeria.

  • Bourdillion King

    Falling back to Senator Mamora to lead the campaign of the opposition APC at this 11th hours shows that things are not moving well for APC and a retooling is needed.

  • Okey

    As the saying now goes: No cockroach, rate and lizard will not rise up against Jonathan ! Senator Olorunibe Mamora has finally regained his manhood. Here was a man who begged, prostrated, crawled and begged again and agian, but Whossai, the Governor-General violently removed the senate seat from Mamora thereby relegating him to the duty of receiving guests at the Governor-General’s house. Now, it appears, Mamora has regained his lost manhood. That’s good news.

  • Total

    Who is Mamora? Oh I see TINUBU’S house boy.

  • jossy reg

    shallow minded dude

  • segun

    hmmmm a word is enough for the wise

  • Maryam Audu

    We should not be emotional in some things we say; please let
    us say the truth not because we want to paint Jonathan red then we come out and
    start lying. We are all live in Nigeria,
    for the past 8 years we only see cues in filling stations once in a while
    unlike the past governments. If someone did well I think we should praise him
    and GEJ has done incredibly well in the oil sector for some you some one to
    come out and criticise him this is very wrong. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • taiwo

    story for the gods

  • taiwo

    “I was 25 years old when Buhari and Babangida were Heads of State and I am now 50 and they still want to be Heads of State. I don’t understand that at all and I call on young people of Nigeria to take their future into their hands and ensure that in the next election, they vote for a new generation of leaders. The whole world is now being ruled by young people and I wonder why old blood continue to rule Nigeria.Obama is 48 and Cameron is 43 for God’s sake. So, why are we recycling leaders that ruled this country badly 25 years ago?”

    ( Mallam El Rufai speaking to The Sun newspaper in 2010)

    He believed that Buhari was too old in 2010. Five years later, I guess he got younger. He believed that Buhari ruled Nigeria badly in the past. I wonder how that past changed as he sings Bhari’s praise today

    Do not be deceived .

    The politicians around Buhari only want to use his cult following amongst the talakwas in the north for their selfish interest .

    Non of them genuinely believes in him.

    Think Nigeria.

    • Ibrahim

      Leaders are recycled because PhD Clueless brought the country to its knees. of course Obasanjo was recycled because the military dictators after Buhari brought the country on its knees. do away with sentiments be positive. vote right VOTE change for the better. I guess the next thing is for you to insult me or insult northerners and Muslims

      • taiwo

        read what you wrote and ity for yourself.you just made no sense at all,i wonder where Liar Mohammed’s gets you guys from

        • Ibrahim

          yes you have lived true to type cant do better than insult Islam – son of a prostitute

          • taiwo

            your name is not Ibrahim and your infantile effort to whip up sentiment by saying i insulted islam is to say the least idiotic and highly childish.This unfortunately is the exact things the APC are doing to our polity to ensure divisions but have failed woefully.Imbecile

          • Ibrahim

            Jonaharam badluck by ommission and commission cause the deaths of thousands of human beings only because of his hatred for the Muslim north any thing worse than that for whipping sentiments

      • taiwo

        imbecile come back to me when you bring your real name