PDM disowns pro-Jonathan members, supports Buhari

The Peoples Democratic Movement, PDM, has disowned some of its former members who on Monday endorsed the second term bid of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Some aggrieved members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, who defected to the PDM had on Monday addressed a press conference in Akure, the Ondo State capital during which they declared support for Mr. Jonathan.

The president is the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in the March 28 presidential election.

The politicians had claimed that APC did not meet their expectation during its last presidential primary hence they defected to the PDP.

They also said they were unhappy with the position the PDM had taken in support of the APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari.

However, in a statement by its National Chairman, Bashir Ibrahim, on Monday, the PDM said the members left the party since last June for the APC and could not speak for it.

“We wish to make it categorically clear that members of the group that addressed the press conference in question are not members of PDM,” Mr. Ibrahim said. “They defected from our Party in June last year to pursue their aspiration in APC and are no longer members of our Party. Since they are not card-carrying members of PDM, they do not speak for PDM nor have any basis for doing so.

“While we wish them luck with their new project of supporting President Goodluck Jonathan in the forthcoming election, we call on them to desist from using the name of PDM in this obviously sponsored and commercial misadventure.

“They should find another platform to realise their aspiration since PDM is not for the highest bidder.”

The PDM explained that at its National Executive Committee of January 22, 2015, it unanimously, without any dissension, resolved to support the candidature of Mr. Buhari and that it had not changed that position.

It said, “Our party will stand by that commitment until the end. Our members are already busy canvassing for support for Gen. Buhari across the country and will not be distracted from doing so.

“These political jobbers should please leave PDM out of their Jonathan-for-president misadventure.”


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  • Shehu Monguno

    Chief Ayo Fayose said this and many more. We called him a thug. Everything he said have come true. Hmmmmmmmm


      Suddenly, a thuggish and thieving governor is now being venerated as a ‘Chief’, or did you mean to write ‘thief’? In the next few weeks, Nigeria’s polity will kick-start the long and arduous task of seeing off these errant politicians through the votes of the people. Watch out, Mr. Impostor!

      • Shehu Monguno

        Truth Master, am I to blame now that traditional titles are for sale? do 419 and cultist not purchase traditional titles? your upset should be to those who sell these titles and not to me. Calling me an imposter because I do not tow your thought process is intolerance

        • TRUTH MASTER

          You don’t have to toe my line, ‘Shehu’, but you must not pull the wool over the eyes of Nigerians. While you have the right to say what you like, I also reserve the right to respond the way I like….and that is what I have done!

  • samson john

    Letter to Buhari from the grave of the innocents – By Bashir Yusufu
    March 14, 2015

    Dear General Buhari; I would’ve addressed this letter privately to you, but in the expectation that you may not receive it, I decided to make it an Open Letter, in the hope that you would stumble on it, read it and hopefully feel some of the pains and anguish that have been my lot. Having said that, permit me therefore to proceed with the rest of this missive from the grave of innocents departed.

    Last night, while I was at my modest home in Katsina, relaxing and probably half-awake, I heard the voice of my cousin who was killed in the North in April 2011 during the post-election violence instigated by your loss of the presidential election. With bloodshot sad eyes, my cousin, looking apparition-like, was wailing “Gen Buhari, why why”. My cousin’s name is (or was) Mallam Yusuf Danfulani, a bright young lad originally from Katsina State, who was slaughtered in cold blood and set on fire by youths chanting “Sai Buhari”, like they are again now chanting in 2015.

    Gen Buhari, in case you have forgotten, Yusuf was slaughtered in your name even though he never did any wrong to you, and even voted for you against Dr Jonathan. He lost his life just because the murderers you encouraged by your many hate speeches believed Yusuf to be from middle belt or southern Nigeria, most probably because of his bulky looks and brave, patriotic attempts to prevent the killing of an innocent Youth Corper, Ukeoma Ikechukwu. Even though he cried out in Hausa and Fulfulde, he was still not believed by those you (Buhari) managed to brainwash to see all non-Fulani Nigerians as conspiring to vote against you. In this very case, Yusuf voted for you but his ‘Sai Buhari’ killers never believed he did. Like you, Gen Buhari, the mob was baying for the blood of innocents.

    If not for Yusuf’s best friend who was with him and was himself nearly killed, we would not have recognized his charred body that was burnt beyond recognition. And thanks to the same friend for recounting to us the little he could make out at the last moments of Yusuf’s life, the agony he passed through and the most important words he uttered before he gave up. It is the same words I heard him utter last night from the grave: ‘Gen Buhari, why why’. Yet, to this day, you (Buhari) have not cared to apologize or show any remorse, but you instead offered lame excuses for the bloodletting you had instigated, and still instigate. I now ask you this: Gen Buhari, must you always shade blood, like you started doing from 1983, to rule Nigeria? Do you recall how you killed Brigadier Bako in 1983 just so you could take power by force from Shehu Shagari?

    General Buhari, Ukeoma Ikechukwu himself was reported missing that same day Yusuf was murdered by your supporters, and finally confirmed dead the following day when his charred remains was discovered in a hooded area. Apparently, your supporters had dragged him out of the open and tortured him before finally snuffing life out of him. Like my cousin, Yusuf, Ukeoma was very young and an innocent. Unlike Dr. Jonathan, they were not contesting against you. Yet, when they were killed, part of Nigeria was killed with them; the same Nigeria that you are now angrily campaigning to rule.

    Yusuf and Ukeoma were not alone. Six other innocent Youth Corpers were also murdered in Bauchi, where you Buhari, polled 1,315,209 votes (almost 82 per cent), defeating Dr Jonathan who scored 258,404 votes and did not even hit the 25 per cent mark. The corps members were reportedly chased to a police station where they sought refuge. But the rioters, who were raving mad with bloodlust and chanting “Sai Buhari”, overran the station and murdered the young Nigerians in cold blood. So, Gen Buhari, as you can see from the Bauchi result and it’s aftermath, your supporters even shade blood when you win; still you have no qualms. Today, you are prancing around the nation, arrogant and angry as usual,

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      A samson in the Bible lost out because of lust. This one called Samson John will lose to filthy lucre.

    • Onike24

      Shade blood? How do you do that? If you must lie; do so” properly”

    • Curseless

      You should have sent this to President Jonathan on behalf of those innocent Nigerian slaughtered in the North Eastern Nigeria.

    *TRAILER LOAD QTY: 600 or 900 BAGS.
    *Total Cost: 600 BAGS X… 1000 NAIRA: d=600,000 NAIRA.

    ABIMBOLA ON 08039415204

  • DTaj

    Some clowns celebrated the so-called endorsement yesterday, not knowing it was political 419! lol! Thank you, National Chairman, for making this clarification.
    They will all cry when Buhari is sworn in as President on May 29 2015!

    • chinwe davis

      please, in your dreams that’s where that sort of thing will happen. not in real life.

      • Divine West

        Please let that dreamer keep dreaming.

    • Divine West

      It is better you wake up and face reality because there is no Buhari can win this election.

  • APC spreading their forbidden Gold every where,brace yourselves APC, a shock awaits you all when jonathan emerges victorious.

  • uzo

    all we know is that PGEJ will win the election period

  • ubong ekanem

    with or without you PGEJ will defeat GMB hands down

  • emmanuel

    PGEJ you will win the election and nothing will happen

  • Divine West

    GMB is not a match for Jonathan in this election and i believe most of us knows that.

  • Bassey

    How many are your members self ? When party like APGA endorse Jonathan with much members compare this party.

  • Nelson David

    Your noise will end on the 28 of March and those of members who made the right choice will tell you that Jonathan is the right man for Nigeria.

  • Mrs benita akpan

    Denial will not change the fact that he is their choice.

  • bello isah

    They will kiss their toes when buhari locks them and their families up.

  • faith adams

    buhari said he will never contest again, so he should stop fooling around.

    • Curseless

      Jonathan also said he will spend only four years why is he running aroung Nigeria begging to retain his post?

  • kingsley obi

    This is who buhari is so the choice is theirs

    • Successman

      Get 1000 of this picture and paint everywhere with it, GMB is the man at the moment.

  • nwaeke

    Oh! I see, aggrieved PDP members who defected to APC, now went ahead to form PDM after much disatisfaction from the Opposition also. How confused can this group get?.

    • Ukpono

      So confused that they don’t even know who will lead them

  • Enumah

    Am not bothered when i see this kind of header especially when the party in question is confused and holds no importance.

  • samson john

    As leader of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Honorable President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has created a transformational vision of a more secure, peaceful and prosperous Nigeria.

    President Jonathan’s vision is rooted in his steadfast belief that the Federal Government can and must provide the necessary investments in people and infrastructure to transform the Nigerian economy. The President and his team have striven to create an enabling environment to grow the private sector, create good jobs and allow greater inclusiveness for women and youth in a successful economy and society reaching far into the twenty-first century.

    This is the foundation for the President’s national Transformation Agenda. The Agenda’s achievements pave the way for the next phase of broad based economic development and will cement Nigeria’s preeminence as Africa’s biggest economy.

    The Transformation Agenda represents societal change as it is designed to lift millions out of poverty and offer hope where little may have existed before. It is an ambitious initiative that is laying the cornerstone of a thriving, secure, safe and prosperous future for all Nigerians. The government of Nigeria is excited to present these policy priorities.