Nigeria/Morocco standoff: Jonathan embarrassing Nigeria — Group

The Muslim Rights Concern has stated that President Goodluck Jonathan is embarrassing Nigeria and giving off the impression that the country is a nation of liars.

The group was reacting to the ongoing standoff between Nigeria and Morocco, a North African country over a phone call.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had claimed that the Nigerian President spoke on telephone with his Moroccan counterpart. But the Morrocan Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied there was any phone call.

Its Nigerian counterpart, however, insisted there was a phone call leading Morocco to withdraw its ambassador to Nigeria.

On Friday, President Jonathan admitted that he did not speak with the Moroccan king as claimed by the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

MURIC say it is embarrassed by the incident.

“Like many other patriotic individuals and groups in the country, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) is seriously embarrassed by this avoidable diplomatic conundrum into which the Federal Government (FG) has driven Nigeria.

“It reflected our infantile diplomacy, administrative ineptitude and irreversible leadership failure,” it said in a statement Saturday.

The group said the President Jonathan-led administration has been characterized by a litany of lies and broken promises.

“It only recently became too clever by half when its local propensity to mislead gullible Nigerians assumed an international dimension.

“The manufacturers in FG’s factory of lies simply overreached themselves by taking on foreign countries,” MURIC said adding that Morocco is not alone in rebuffing Nigeria in recent times.

It recalled that American security officials allegedly clashed with their Nigerian counterparts two days ago because the Americans were angry that Nigeria lied by claiming that America supported the postponement of elections.

“It is rather unfortunate that President Jonathan is yet to appreciate the full implication of his admission that he actually did not have a telephone conversation with the Moroccan king.

“It means that Nigeria lied and if Nigeria lied it means our president lied. This is what Mr. President underestimated.

“The underestimation syndrome has eaten deep into Mr. President’s character. After all he shocked Nigerians by saying that stealing was not corruption.

“He underestimated the kidnapping of the Chibok girls and for weeks he did not believe any girl was abducted. The girls are yet to be found to date.

“He also underestimated the Boko Haram insurgency. He reportedly admitted this much. It cost us thousands of lives and untold suffering.

“Yet Mr. President said the Moroccan saga in which his government has been caught lying was “less important”.

“He considered drawing the opposition into the gay debate as more important. It is nauseating”.

MURIC added that the Moroccan affair is yet to take its full toll and said Nigerians in the diaspora may soon start facing the music.

“It has happened before. They may be subjected to contempt and dehumanization.

Nobody is going to trust citizens of a country whose government takes pleasure in telling lies to both its citizens and the international community,” the group said.

It also said Mr. Jonathan should give Nigerian explanations on the issue

It said the Presidency always reacts with the speed of light to statements made by opposition parties, wondering why it took him a full week to refute the allegation.

“Will he say he was in total darkness regarding the raging controversy between the Nigerian Foreign ministry and its Moroccan counterpart? Was he also unaware of the recall of the Moroccan

“We urge FG to urgently discard its garb of deceit. The international community will address Nigeria the way the country is dressed.

Nigerians deserve transparency.

“We are a people rich in the culture of integrity. This government is an embarrassment and resident Jonathan has become both a political and moral liability on Nigeria,” it said.

MURIC also appealed to Nigerians at home and abroad to bring back the nation’s glory by dint of hard-work, honesty and high moral standard.

“We urge the international community not to judge Nigerian citizens by their leader’s yardstick but by individual merit,” it said.


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    Jonathan`s administration is probably the worst ever in our history as a
    nation. The hallmark of Jonathan`s regime has been lies, propaganda,
    deceit, pretentious and so irresponsible. Democracy is not all about
    winning elections at all cost, but its active ingredients remain good
    governance, transparency and accountability to the people for every
    actions, inactions or anything affecting the nation. Sometimes l really
    wonder if Jonathan understands the responsibilities and duties of the
    President of FRN? Jonathan has reduced governance in Nigeria into a
    huge joke. Elections were postponed by INEC on the recommendation of the
    Security Chiefs. Jonathan feigned ignorance. Any responsible President
    could have addressed the nation immediately. The Chibok girls were
    abducted, it took the President 10 days to even acknowledge the
    incident,Never address the nation but was busy preparing for the
    daughter`s wedding. BH insurgents had a field day occupying Nigerian
    territories, the President never addressed the nation or even accepted
    officially that,Nigeria has lost territories. We hear foreign troops are
    operating in Nigeria.. No word from the President. The Police tear
    gazed law markers with impunity. No word from the President.The Attorney
    General of the Federation filed an affidavit for the court to reject
    the use of Card readers. The Minister feigned ignorance and no word from
    the President. Scores of Nigerians lured into the NIS scam and killed,
    the Minister responsible is still at post as if nothing happened. To
    mark their one year death anniversary, the President decided to give the
    victim families 5 million naira. The one responsible for the deaths of
    these Nigerians is a TAN ambassador and Minister of Interior. As a protegee
    of David Mark he is untouchable. The Ekiti gate tapes are still very
    current; and the actors are being compensated with Ministerial
    appointments and promotions. Morocco has withdrawn her Ambassador from
    Nigeria and technically broken diplomatic relations with Nigeria. Yet,
    we hear a President via his SA issuing a press release refusing the
    President never spoke to the King, whilst the Ministry of Foreign
    Affairs is still insisting the President spoke with the King. The
    President has requested that, the matter is investigated. By who and by
    whom? It is regrettably some Nigerians are not realizing that, Nigeria
    is a failed state and gradually sliding into a pariah state with no
    central and effective govt. We have a President whose main concern is to
    renew his tenancy at Aso rock even if Nigeria breaks or becomes
    bankrupt or a pariah state. Jonathan cannot give what he does not have. His personal life is shrouded and founded on lies, deceits and falsehood. This is a President who swore that, he never said he will serve one term anywhere in the world. This is a President who said he holds a PHD, yet nobody has seen a copy of his PHD thesis. This is a President who claims his wife is graduate from UNIPORT and has been a teacher. Nothing suggests she has even being to a secondary school. This is a president who sworn his is married to only one wife and Patience has two kids for him . This has turn out to be false as patience is barren.

  • Asking Question


    • progress

      He doesn’t need to show us his certificate, even if he presents a nepa bill as his certificate we go vote GMB any day any time.

    • Tanko Maihula

      Go and read what the law says about the qualification to contest election in Nigeria. GMB doesn’t need to show his certificate to anybody.

    • Guest


    • Scatter



  • Jerry Marok

    With 419ners, drug couriers, Internet scammers and now presidential lying, I pity Nigerians that have the habit of traveling out very often. Would a traveling Nigerian strive to proof that he is not a 419ner, Internet scammer, drug courier or an agent of presidential Lying? The world has a lot to expect from Nigeria. Unfortunately, the current leadership hasn’t got much to offer the nation just because the leadership is bereaved of trust, integrity and sensitivity. We need to break out of this vicious circle of integrity deficit. GMB is it.

  • Ismail Ibrahim Bakori

    Morocco is not happy and blackmailing Jonathan because Nigeria abstained during the UN voting on the Palestinian question. MURIC is a one man pretender and an extension of the Islamic fundamentalist agenda against the Nigerian State. I have evidence on the source of his funding from the Northern Islamic Orligacy and other Arab related extremist groups. It is a clear case of hatred and grand conspiracy against Jonathan simply because he is a Christian minority from the South. Akintola is a come and chop Professor using Islam as a tool of survival. Where was this dubious man when Okada riders, Taxi drivers, wheel barrow pushers and other sundry misguided islamists were using stickers of Osama Bin Laden as their role model in Norhern Nigeria? Where was this Boko Haram inspired Professor When people were naming their children Osama, Sadam, Gadafi and other global terrorists? Where was this pretender when thousands were killed in the year 2000 when his sponsors wanted to impose Sharia on the Nigerian state against the liberty of moderate muslims, christians, traditional worshipers and sundry democratic loving citizens

    • Arabakpura

      Was it morroco that told Nigeria to lie like their president and land themselves in an international mess? The only thing I see is that the Morocan king is an APC member for failing to keep quiet and exposing Jonathan who desires sympathy from all!

      • Rose Ankeny

        Jonathan as unleashed all the retard from the SS on the Nigeria social media landscape before now I hardly see people with such appalling unintelligent response on the comment action before Jonathan became the president

      • neromagana2015

        Are you sure he is an APC member? Shei, I dey laugh ooo! Diaris God ooooo!

    • Tanko Maihula

      ohh…ohh sadam and gadafi are no longer dictators they are terrorist now…… Then what of mabuto sese seko of zeire, robert mugabe & co ?
      If really you are from bakori you know very well sharia is and will always be a part of muslims whenever they are. It was never an imposition of any politician either in or out of office.
      It’s very uncharitable for any body no matter how much he hate Islam and muslim to try and use the attitude of some misguided elements within the muslims community and equate the entire religion with it or to say they represent islam. Just like in any world religion you will find the good and the bad elements within it.
      Let me ask you, the crusaders in the past and Lord Resistance Army in Uganda, are they representing the christianity? If not, Then why will boko haram represent Islam? All the two groups are killing, raping and stealing in the name of their religion.
      My friend shine your eyes and read between the lines. There are facts, lies and propaganda it’s left for you to use your common sense. Don’t allow any one to blindfold you to hate your fellow human being simply because of his tongue (tribe) or faith (religion).

    • Scatter

      You are not who you say you’re. Very, very infantile, naughty, and dishonourable. Let’s have your evidence against MURIC and its President, or forever keep your peace. You have personal tiff with MURIC and its leaders or Muslims in general. That is not good for your health. Purge yourself of your bigotry and you will be a happy man. Goodluck.

  • Spoken word

    This is what you get when you allow mediocre persons to assume leadership positions.

    • Scatter

      And a fake PhD holder, too!

      • Spoken word

        a bloody PHD(port Harcourt degree)holder

        • Scatter

          Yeah, a fake PhD. Nobody has ever seen the thesis.

          Uncle Sege confirmed it, Dumbo didnt have a PhD when he nominated him to be VP. But the man had long been answering the title. Who knows, he may even have obtained previous employment with the fake degree.

          • Spoken word

            everything about the clown is fake, that is why he has been overwhelmed by the job.


    Clueless, incompetent and now lying presidency!!!

    • Tanko Maihula

      Haba…Haba…. Respect our oga at the top. He is still our president, show some level of respect for him.

      • Scatter

        My broda, how can you respect a thief and a liar just because he is your Oga at the top? So you will follow a devil when he becomes your Oga at the top, right? Dumbo Dumbo has desecrated the Nigerian presidency well beyond what the likes of IBB, Abacha and innocent-looking rogue Abdulsalami did.

  • Scatter

    Very good statement — informed, measured and patriotic. Thank you.


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  • GusO

    I didn’t read the original post of this article in 2012 because I didn’t read Nigerian newspapers online at the time. This article is just as pertinent today as it was in 2012 and as it may remain for the forseable future. The ethnic and regional groups in Nigeria talk past each other instead of talking and listening to one another. Due to the prebendalistic posture assumed by present day politicians and maybe assumed by their future successors, the country’s massive resources continue to benefit the corrupt few and their foreign collaborators and bankers. I agree that severe judicial sanctions for corrupt practices will put a dent on the sectional patronage system. But corruption in our judiciary gives me a pause regarding that desired outcome.