Buhari: APC Campaign accuses PDP of dis-interest in Nigeria’s unity

Muhammadu Buhari talking
President Muhammadu Buhari

The APC Presidential Campaign Council has described as felonious, the statement credited to the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation on Sunday, in which questions were raised about the civil war role and commitment to the nation of General Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the opposition party.

In a reaction by the Directorate of Media and Publicity of the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation, the APC described the PDP statement as amounting to questions about the purpose of the continued being of Nigeria as a single entity.

The statement by the APCPCO signed by the Director of Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, described the PDP as questioning the “the continued existence of Nigeria as single entity. This is nothing short of treason. It rocks at the foundation of the oneness of Nigeria, its constitution, its flag and desecrates the blood of fellow citizens who fought on both sides of the war as part of their commitment to one, united nation.”

The APCPCO dismissed the PDP attack on General Buhari’s illustrious war record and inspiring patriotism as “a grim pointer to the desperation by the President to return even if in the process, he causes a permanent damage to the wellbeing and continued existence of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”
Mr. Shehu accused the PDP of riding roughshod over the emotions of the Nigerian people, saying that the latest statement shines an unflattering light on the PDP and its government and lends credence to those who accuse the ruling party of having lost interest in the unity of Nigeria.

The APC noted in the statement that the world history has shown us that in the process of the development of any nation, challenges bordering on national unity always crop up.

“This is the case with most developed nations. Take the United States of America for example, the civil war they fought did not decimate the nation but rather set up the base for unified development. Today, we all know how great the United States is.

“So, as it happened that here, we, Nigeria as a nation equally faced this type of challenge. We had to take actions, difficult as they were, to ensure peace, unity and progress. As a soldier of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Buhari’s participation in efforts to keep the country together was not because he loved the Igbos less but because it was imperative that we develop as a unified nation.

“Today, we are all here because of the sacrifices of our past heroes. Buhari as a person believes that these sacrifices should not be in vain; that we should build on our gains as a unified country on the pains of the past. Neither as Igbo, Hausa, Efik, Yoruba, Ijaw and Fulani, among other tribes but as brothers and sisters unified in the vision of a greater future for our children.”

The APC said “on the Igbo Question, Buhari as President will create the environment and provide the platform that will ensure that the concern of the Igbos and all other Nigerians is addressed in a fair and just manner.”

Garba Shehu
Directorate of Media and Publicity
APC Presidential Campaign Organisation


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  • BlackieUmukoro

    APC is fond of making falacious and vexatious statements boedering o the unity of this coutry and when they are given same dose they run to the public arena to shed crocodile tears. When Buhari said if given the opportunity he will kill the Ibos again and that he has no apology for participating in the first progrom, which message was he sending to the ibos. These APC idiots should stop insulting the itelligence of nigerians with their false statements

    • TRUTH


      • BlackieUmukoro

        Devil’s advocate
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  • Public Commentator

    With due sense of respect to the millions affected by the civil war nearly 50years ago. This 2015 election is not going to be about the civil war – this is a distraction in my view and which should be ignored by all of us! Our problem today is about our collective destiny as Nigerians – our security, monumental corruption everywhere you go, jobs for our teaming youth, modern infrastructure, power supply and of course our economy is in real danger!! Whoever has the solution to these problems is our man in this election!

    Please stop promoting division – religion, ethnic, tribal or whatever!

    • Curseless

      Thank you for your comment. Let us be real, this election has nothing to do with civil war like you said and people better get this straight. The Nigerian nation is in turmoil now by every imaginable indices and instead of people to be more concerned about how to change the course of things they are belly aching about irrelevancies. President Jonathan has tried his best and we thank him for his service , but for now we need someone that can do the heavy lifting and steer the nation out of this troubled waters we are in.

  • Ekwekwe

    Bokohari loves Nigeria? Why did Bokohari, as Nigeria’s head of state in 1985, aggressively campaign for Ide Oumarou of Niger Republic against acting Secretary General Dr Peter Onu of Nigeria to be the Secretary General of the Organization of African Unity, despite President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania begging the wicked, “Nigeria loving” Bokohari to “please give us Peter.” Is it because the so called Daura-native is actually from across the boundary – Niger Republic.

    • Maitama Tambari

      What the heck is Ekwekwe talking about? What has the election of OAU Secretary General got to do with the current election? How many countries are in the OAU? Where was President Jonathan in 1985 when GMB was the Head of State? Many Nigerians usually claim of being educated whereby in reality they simply enter one classroom and after some years emerged in another door of a classroom. Pick piece of paper call certificate, but the brain is completely empty. Mischievous not adding value to society is what filled the empty shell of thei brains. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA.

      • Ekwekwe

        Every head of state fronts for his/her national candidate running for international jobs. Bokohari fanatically backed a candidate from Niger Republic against a Nigerian who creditably served as an acting Sec Gen of OAU, so much so that other African leaders begged Bokohari not to deny Dr Onu the support of his own national government – which meant that his candidacy was considered invalid. If Bokohari did not act in Nigeria’s interest in 1985, I do not want to count on your “being educated” as evidence that this wicked fanatic will not place Islam and the Fulani race above Nigeria if given the another most improbable chance. By the way, do yourself a favour by ceasing to advertise your – lets say – shallowness.

      • B. Messi

        Bros, are you OK?? Most of us actually want a better country, but for God’s sake, must we be blind to the truth? This administration is monumentally corrupt, but should that be enough reason not to scrutinise other ‘alternatives’??

        “What has the election of OAU Sec Gen got to do with the current election”???
        INCREDIBLE! That election has EVERYTHING to do with the current election because while the APC spokesperson would have us believe Buhari is committed to a Unified Nigeria with equal rights/privileges for all Nigerians, Buhari’s action during that election of the Sec. Gen proves otherwise! Talk is cheap..anyone can claim to be anything..but ones past and antecedents are the best pointers!
        It would seem most of you APC supporters are delusional..living in LaLa-Land. Why do you think no one should question or scrutinise yur candidate? And instead of providing answers to probably explain Buhari’s absurdity, you run from a germane contribution?

        • Ed

          That’s why a completely independent debate between Jonathan and Buhari before the election need to take place.
          We need answers. Jonathan is a hopelessly corrupt and incompetent president . Buhari’s human right record is troubling. Couple with his stand on Sharia law moving forward. We need a clear explanation before we vote.

  • deri

    Look at Buhari—–now single shame left in him—How can a man who travelled to London to campaign against his adopted Nation–be more patriotic than the people in PDP who stayed at home to reach out to Nigerians———-When Buhari was head of state–was he not the one who voted for Niger Repubic delegate instead of a Nigerian-at the OAU meeting in Ethiopia?

  • New Nigerian

    We the people say, On Buhari’s presidency we stand. Buhari is a living hero. A legend and we pray God chance us all to benefit from this virtuous leader of men, once again. I pay with all humility even as I know we the people would carry our weight, God willing by doing our bit. I pray God protect him, keep him safe and help us through his leadership after we must have voted for him massively – which we will. May God checkmate and render to naught all assailants against the person of Buhari – as we know with the desperation in PDP (People Desperation Party) they would stop at nothing to deny Nigerians of this champion of the masses, they had tried to assassinate him literally last year as we all know – those are still on the loose – God we worship is a faithful God and will deliver us whole. Having said that I am calling once again on all patriots within and without the army to protect a human shield of security around Buhari even as we are confident in God’s protection for him.

  • Gideon Orkar

    Was Buhari part of the Asaba massacre? For this who don’t know. During the civil war, Nigerian soldiers (Northern ones mostly) entered Asaba and rounded all males, over 500 of them, and shot them. Buhari should come clean. Was he part of those that carried out this genocide?

    • Guest

      If you were present and a eye witness please tell us Nigerians, we would like to know. Don’t be a false witness, with hearsay you tribalist.

      • Gideon Orkar

        The civil war never took place. Happy now?

  • stella

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  • Mr. Abdin

    I don’t think wether this Biafran sympathetic government will succeed in all its tricks. Nigerians have realized the importance of unity. No body can divide us.

  • As i see am

    “Why do we want to drag this country to a cliff because of the ambition of one man
    (Muhammadu Buhari) who is supported by some greedy persons who
    don’t even represent their people? They (northern APC wing) assumed wrongly
    that Bola Tinubu is the leader of the Yoruba race, and that if they can strike a deal
    with him, they have got the south-west. While doing that, they left their former allies;
    including General Adeyinka Adebayo, Richard Akinjide, Olunloyo and others.”

    ………………..Doyin Okupe

    (March 9th, 2015)

    • akindee

      Buhari cannot plead ignorance. He should have known by how much Bola Tinubu is hated
      in Yorubaland for almost thievish acquisition of state assets and finances. Buhari was daft.
      There is no way Buhari can pronounce ‘INTEGRITY’ whilst standing beside Alhaji Bola Tinubu.

    • robbie

      Shashshshhh, no noise please, APC Lagos Leaders are in caucus session;

      featuring Alhaji Bola Tinubu, Alhaji Raji Fashola, and, Apprentice Ambode:

  • bib

    This government is really desperate. It shouldn’t be lost on us that this president does not mind, because of the atrocities he unleashed on the country, if he is the last president of Nigeria. But most of the Nigerians know better and are asking for change! With God’s help the change is just by the corner.

  • JibrilMusagroup

    Buhari is a man full of contradictions. He will fight corruption but Tinubu is his friend. He will give us security but said BOKO HARAM is anti-north. He is honest but refused to show Nigerians his certificate. He is poor but all his children school abroad. He will fight terrorism but sees others fighting against terrorism as anti-north. He will help the youth but is never known to have helped a single almajiri even in Daura. He will fix the economy but has not even the basic rudiment of economics. He will fix education but build any school when he was Head of State. He wants to benefit from democracy but overthrew a democratic government. May God protect us from this hypocrite. President Goodluck Jonathan is the best president in the history of Nigeria. #goodluck4president

  • Garden-City Boy

    Igbo people know that any vote for Buhari translates into a betrayal, especially of the spirits of victims of barbaric brutality of Buhari and his likes. Buhari was asked what he would do differently, with the benefit of hind-sight, to avoid the senseless genocidal war that left over 3 million Igbos dead. The man saw that as questioning Nigeria’s unity and his “patriotic” zeal. In a fit of demonic rage, Buhari blurted his resolve to kill more Igbos than he ever did between 1967 and 1970, should the trouble-making Igbos present another occasion for it.
    Clearly, Buhari is not the human being that can do be creative, do things differently. At 73, his habits are iron-cast, an old dog cannot learn new tricks, nor than a leopard wash off his spots. This man talks about people expressing “felonious” opinions. He calls himself an “ex-head of state”, a title he usurped with the gun, an act of high treason for which he should have long been hanged.
    Since after his jackboot nightmare, this man never made efforts to improve himself or his knowledge. All he did is regard himself as one bid untouchable, allah-anointed holy cow, sit on his butt waiting for the presidency to be handed to a senile fraud on a platter of threats and intimidation. We need to get it clear early in the day that when Buhari vows to have “DOGS AND BABOONS SOAKED IN BLOOD” after the elections, his eyes are on IGBO people. Buhari as president is like to have a hyena as guard over goats. Nobody should ever touch Buhari, not even with a long pole.

    • Uzoma John

      Shut up and don’t delve into areas you know nothing about. The evil perpetrated by you riverine people to Indigbo during the war cannot be compared to what happened at the war front. It is now election time, you want be brothers to Ndigbo. When did that start? Who betrayed Biafra by giving the Nigerian military open access to attack Biafran land. Who used the opportunity presented by the civil war to claim the sweat of Ndigbo in the name of “ABANDONED PROPERTY”. The war had been fought and there are casualties on both sides and at the end no victor, no vanquish. Nigeria must remain an indivisible entity. If you creek crooks of the Niger Delta want war, fight it alone and don’t bring Ndigbo into it. Enough is enough. All we are saying is that we need a credible leadership. We need a bright future for our children and childrens’ children. Enough of cluelessness, grand corruption and idiocy on the part of GEJ and his criminal gang. The best Nigerian have now is GMB, and God willing, March 28 will herald a new beginning and direction for Nigeria.

      • Garden-City Boy

        We find a few rogues on this forum pretending to be Igbo. Full-blooded Igbos people have left you behing the Igbo hate propaganda hangover. My people did not declare Igbo property abandoned; rampaging awusa/fulani buccaneers did. It may interest you to know that many people, acting according to the dictates of conscience turned over property to their Igbo owners. That their actions were not publicly acknowledged does not detract from the facts.
        However, the Garden-City Boy does not curt anybody’s favor; nor is there a wish to patronize Igbo people for Jonathan’s support. You may want to know that I have never seen Jonathan live. I would not spare Igbo people had they done to awusas the same atrocious genocide they endured in 1966 through 1970. Mine is the human angle, the recognition of crime, evil and impunity and the importance of punishment for perpetrators of naked impunity and barbaric crime.
        Igbo people know who their friends are; it is not for rogues and pinheads to make that determination. From your conviction that “….the best Nigerian have now is GMB, and God willing”. you come across as one imbecilic cretin, a raving jackass that houses a rat’s brain within a human skull. But you did yourself some little favor by adding, “God willing”. The God we know will never will for a butcher, a murderer of Youth Corpers to be president. It will never happen. That I can tell you…..jackass.

        • Uzoma John

          If you don’t know, get it into your ogogoro skull. Abum nwafo Igbo. Imo State and Owerri for that matter. You are an aborigine, exported from Equatorial Guinea. You trouble makers don’t have any base in Nigeria. Gaa nwuo – Go and die. Devil’s advocate.

          • Garden-City Boy

            Na lie! You are a pathetic, rogue Igbo, although you may masquerade all you want. But if by some painful misfortune you happen to be one, your people should better donate you to awusa people. That is the better option than to do you in in secrecy. You are simply not worth such effort. Igbo ko-o, Igbo ni-i.