Minister slams APC for opposing Obanikoro’s ministerial appointment

Former Minister Musiliu Obanikoro
Former Minister Musiliu Obanikoro

The Minister of State for Works, Dayo Adeyeye, has chided the All Progressives Congress, APC, for the party’s opposition to the appointment of Musiliu Obanikoro as a minister, saying the party was becoming too irritating in its desperation for power.

The minister, who said in a statement issued in Ado-Ekiti on Sunday, that Mr. Obanikoro never participated in the rigging of any election, added that “Ekiti people wholeheartedly voted for Governor Ayodele Fayose and no amount of falsehood and propaganda can erode that fact.

“Even the United States said the election result reflected the will of Ekiti’s voters and that the security forces collaborated effectively and provided a safe and secure environment free of major incidents.”

Mr. Adeyeye said it was becoming more worrisome the way the APC elements go about trying to pull down any individual or organisation that refused to be corrupted by them.

He said; “assuming but not conceding that the audio tape they are talking about is real, there’s nothing in it to suggest that soldiers were told to rig the election. What I heard was people showing
apprehension on the need to prevent APC thugs from operating and money from being shared at the polling units.

“If one may ask, was it soldiers and Obanikoro that made the APC to lose in more than 80 per cent of the polling units in Ekiti State?”

The minister said APC was only showing its fear for Obanikoro because of his political influence in Lagos and across the Southwest by kicking against his ministerial appointment.

He challenged the party to take the audio clip to court instead of going about passing verdict of guilty on innocent Nigerians who only refused to be corrupted by the party.

“The truth is that APC cannot operate under a credible environment. Once the party is against an institution, be sure that such an institution has refused to be corrupted.

“That was the reason they went on the streets of Abuja in November 2013, calling for the removal of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman, Prof Attahiru Jega because the party lost
the Anambra State Governorship election.

“Interestingly, the same APC that wanted Jega sacked in 2013 are now the apostle of ‘Jega must not be sacked’ apparently because they perceived the INEC boss as doing their bidding,” Mr. Adeyeye said.


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  • Spoken word

    By his name you can tell he is a yeye man.

    • peaceometer

      Hahaha hahahahaha,Hahahaha,hahaha,Hahahaha dont make me laugh

  • Guest

    Mr. Dayo Adedayo must be worst than Obanikoro. How can any right thinking Nigerian support Obanikoro nomination as a minister? It does not matter your party, we must not support abuse of power. It’s not about PDP or APC winning the Ekiti election

  • Dele k

    Mr. Dayo Adeyeye must be worst than Obanikoro. How can any right thinking Nigerian support Obanikoro nomination as a minister? It does not matter your party, we must not support abuse of power. It’s not about PDP or APC winning the Ekiti election

    • peaceometer


  • Is this one of our so call leaders? yeye dey smell.

  • real2x

    Another syncophant just wake up so as not be sacked. What a pity. Yoruba ronu.

    • peaceometer

      .aun ro

  • Adelove5070

    Responding to Adeyeye falazies amount to waste of time, since all PDP are known for perstent LIES. Shameless people. If Bode George can puplicly said Obaniko is not a good material for lagos state governorship post, then it will be a great insult to the larger Nigeria to have motor park tout as Fedral minister. please forward another name from lagos to replace OBANIKORO

  • Ola

    I fit slap this guy oooo

    • peaceometer

      SLAP minister?..from Ekiti, haa, dont do it, thugs will invade you if you dare

  • Maitama Tambari

    What a funny situation, Dayo Adeyeye must be a novice in politics. Ministerial nomination is different from confirmation. The oversight of the Senate is not to allow a criminal into a position of power. The tape, as long as it is still uncleared, your friend cannot be confirmed by the people’s Senate as Minister. The people are speaking through their representatives in the Senate, not APC. APC is the people’s vehicle in conveying the message to the Senate. WE BELIEVE CHANGE! YES WE CAN IN NIGERIA.

    • DCW

      PDP should not worry, one bad turn deserves another. What goes around comes around. It will soon be the turn to confirm an APC candidate still under GEJ. When that happens PDP will laugh last. That is the beauty of democracy

  • tundemash

    He challenged the party to take the audio clip to court instead of going about passing verdict of guilty on innocent Nigerians who only refused to be corrupted by the party.

    Are these the daft heads that surround Dumbo? Someone, a soldier has produced evidence of a crime perputuated and you are asking APC to take that to court? Is APC the law enforcement agent who is supposed to act on evidence of a commission of crime? Where is that DSS ashewo woman and the dumb police IG ? Anyway if a crime suspect is the only man in Lagos PDP that Dumbo deems for to be Minister, APC and all sane Nigerians ought to oppose it.

    • peaceometer

      Honestly, you can see how Nigeria minister is messing around with constitution in his statement.. that mean the government is very,very, crude,..

      • DCW

        The beauty of democracy is that nincompoops are free to talk, but the tragedy is that fools also vote during election. You see why we are where we are! Nigerians oh Nigerians!

    • DCW

      Tell me any member of APC with clean record. Is it Tinubu, Amechi, Lie Mohammed or Okoroacha, or the man who committed the worst of all corruptions Buhari by removing with his gang, a democratically elected government of Shehu Shagar in 1983 at gun point. Hence subverting the will of the people. And committed terrorism by attempting kidnapping of Umar Dikke to Nigerai by stuffing him, a fellow human being, in a container. What a crime against humanity! Don’t you know that corruption goes beyond money? Even at that, he cannot claim innocence because the key to the national treasury was at his and his gang members’ hands after sacking democracy. The same democracy he wants to embrace now. So shut up in shame. 60 % of APC members came from the PDP you claim are corrupt, so how clean is APC? Are you under some influence too?

      • tundemash

        Another amnesty cl0wn just released unto the forum repeating same old tale !

  • The people

    The government of the thieves, by the thieves and for the thieves

  • Worried Mother

    Dayo, when did the US say the Ekiti election was free and fair, was it before or after the tape?

    • dd

      You are just coming out of your snake hole? So you don’t read news. Even the EU, AU, US and all the monitoring body said so. No single indication on the audio on how the election was rigged.

    • John Matthew


    • DCW

      Which media do you listen to? I hope no be Agege bread…sorry Agege radio?

  • Akanji92

    Agree. Let there be independent commission of enquiry constituted by the CJN to investigate the Ekiti audio recording

    • Dan Arewa

      But Mr president have said that the tape was made-up even though there was no investigation on it. How can the president come to such conclusion before letting investigation take place. That was how the clueless concluded, immediately after the incidence, that the independence day bombing was carried out by some northerners who does not want him on power. He immediately tried to count MEND out of it, but what happened later?

    • DCW

      No let APC go to court. Yeye deh smell!

  • Kessy Toks

    I tink jonah is just confused,now dey dont trust dere chairman again muazu,soon dey will blame apc for dat,confused people without direction

  • peaceometer

    Mr. Minister, the majority have spoken. ..go and sit down..Nigeria is developing, we must star to get it right..the intellectuals are taking over,by the way, you mean PDP don’t have anyone out of 100000s of Msc, Bsc,Phd,HND,with good educational and moral background to serve? Please get out of stage, Nigeria needs to move ahead

  • Dan Arewa

    The US you are talking about, Mr. Minister, does not know about the Ekitigate scandal at the time of their comments.

    • DCW

      Then why not go to court if you have a case. Ranters

  • Sir k

    Well I won’t blame you because you are bird of the same feather .You this blood sucker.

  • yemi

    you hear people shouting, heenn keep hearing people shouting. No way for election riggers.

  • JibrilMusagroup

    The APC is made up of all kinds of liars and evil men. We have known APC for all its kinds of evil, Tinubu must have done this because APC is full of liars, May God see us through all their evil plans. Amen. President Jonathan has scored a moral victory against his opponents, as a role model for the younger generation to emulate as the new face of modern Nigeria. President Goodluck is the best President in Nigeria. Vote for Goodluck. #goodluck4president

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    How come money and position of authority or power in Nigeria always make people to lose their sense of probity. All of them dancing palongo just to turn facts on their head. Well, we listened to the audio tape and we know what we heard. No amount of spinning will change the fact that the Military was used to rig Ekiti election. The success of it or not is not the question. The intent and the attempt is the issue now and the tape in question shows it without any doubt.