Nigeria2015: Jonathan’s election-motivated actions too little, too late – APC

Lai Mohammed

The All Progressives Congress, APC, has described as too little, too late the recent, election-propelled pretend acts of governance by President Goodluck Jonathan to convince Nigerians to vote for him and his party in the forthcoming polls.

”Mr. President, you cannot undo, in six weeks, the glaring instances of cluelessness, incompetence and near total lack of governance that your administration has exhibited in the past six years, even if you move Aso Rock to the South-west or bribe every Nigerian with the proceeds of corruption,” the party said in a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed.

”Your Administration-sanctioned smear campaigns against APC leaders, your obscenity-laden meeting with youths, your offer of jobs to 167 out of over 40 million unemployed youths, and your temporary relocation to the South-west where you believe your naira and dollar rain will translate to votes are all belated and of no effect,” it said.

APC said all the President’s latter-day efforts went up in smokes on Saturday when over one million Nigerians marched through the streets of Lagos in support of change, even as a hurriedly-organized, pretend march led by the President in Abuja failed to distract from the success of the Lagos march, as envisaged by the organizers.

The party said its latest opinion poll on the forthcoming elections shows that Nigerians have already made up their minds regarding which party they will vote for, even before the six-week postponement of the elections, which was orchestrated to allow the sinking PDP and its candidates at all levels to recover from the dizzying effect of the daily blows being dealt on them by Nigerians.

It said a President who was playing dirty politics while over 15,000 Nigerians were being murdered by the evil Boko Haram cannot now expect to reap from a sudden resurgence in the fight against the terrorists.

”Mr. President, you had all of six years to secure the lives and property of Nigerians, provide jobs, improve the economy, give Nigerians constant power supply and curb corruption, but you did none of those things.

”Under your watch, Mr. President, the economy has virtually collapsed with the US dollar now exchanging for over 220 Naira, the highest ever, millions of youths are roaming the streets even as your government fleeces them from time to time over phantom jobs, industries are collapsing in droves, Nigerians are more divided than ever, many states and even the FG can’t pay workers’ salaries and corruption is at an all-time high as the looting of the public treasury has become the order of the day while Nigerians have never felt so insecure.

”It is amazing, therefore, how you can even think that six weeks of unprecedented bribery of individuals, pretend governance, and cash-induced occult-like ‘prayer’ sessions, among others, will turn the tide in your favour. Nigerians are not fooled by your antics, Mr. President. Your efforts are too little, too late,” APC said.

The party said it is now glaring that the missing 20 billion dollars, the multi-billion-naira pension scam and the multi-trillion oil subsidy fraud, just to mention a few, all fed into the massive bribery that the Jonathan Administration has engaged in over the past few weeks, hoping to buy the votes of Nigerians.

It said, however, that such profligate and immoral act would not have been necessary if the administration had done what it was elected to do in the first instance: provide good governance!

”They thought six weeks constitute an eternity. Well, six weeks are almost over now and Nigerians are ready to give the Jonathan Administration the score-sheet it deserves, because they are more interested in contents than in labels, hence would not be hoodwinked by the contrived acts of governance,” APC said.

The party thanked Nigerians for their support, both morally and financially, that has seen the APC becoming a people-driven movement.

”In spite of the massive muckraking by the Jonathan Administration, the use of statistics to dish lies to the public about economic growth and the unprecedented bribery of some citizens, Nigerians are solidly behind us and we thank them for their support. We urge them to continue to eschew all acts of violence even in the face of the most egregious provocations, and to remain vigilant in the three weeks remaining to the decisive elections,” it said.


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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    It is not for diaper-wearing, mouth odour-suffering Lai Mohammed to say Jonathan’s actions are too late. The electorate will decide.

    • Night Crawler

      You are a proven lunatic, face the issue on ground, gej is clueless and should be voted out by the same electorate you are talking about.

    • Tom Turban

      Wasn’t that his point exactly?

      • Muktsa

        The likes of Omooba will never get it . All they can do is insult others and wallow in their own delusions

    • thewatcher

      They are too late you pdp lackey

    • Agent Harvey

      the electorate have decided your paymaster is vgoing back to otuoeke

    • taewo

      You foul-mouthed one, the game is up and your master Dr. Jonothing Gridluck already knows, hence his acts of desperation.

    • Wähala

      Fake Yoruba man,
      The only odor is coming from illiterate Lady Hippo and her drunken hubby, Dumbo’s ogogoro breath. The electorate have decided to send them back to the zoo in Otuoke and there’s no going back this time. Even the Ooni of Ife cursed him when the Obas reversed their staff to “pray” for him without the mumu realizing it. Go back to that picture and see for yourself if you’re truly a Yoruba son-of-the-soil. Conny man come, conny man bless am… Hahaha chai!


      Anarchist. Never for once a meaningful contribution. Absolutely frustrated with his own life, this Orafidiya!

  • thewatcher

    Jonathan has failed Nigerians for five years, there’s no last minute magic that will let us concerned Nigerians consider voting.him. He should pack his bags and prepare for Otuoke

  • Night Crawler

    What gej can’t fight in 6 years, he wants to finish it in 6 weeks, this is to show how clueless gej and his expired cabinet are

  • SB

    Nigeria change is on the way.


      victory for APC. AMEN

  • Agent Harvey

    Nigerians are wiser now we will vote jonathan out.

  • Pee

    The breeze of change is blowing.

    • wode

      You mind the wind of change…so strong!

  • taewo


  • Wähala

    Your God is a Jealous God… Thou Shall Not Worship Any Other God!
    From kneeling in Jerusalem to be prayed for by fake pastors Ayo Oletsejafor and David Oyedapo, to kneeling in front of Emir Muhammadu Sanusi Lamido Sanusi… Dumbo’s desperation has led him to kneeling before atheists Obas of the South West and Bini Kingdom for “prayers” and anointing. Even going to the extend of soliciting support from faraway Monarchy in Morocco and getting snubbed! How low can a man sink into the gutter without deference to the office he occupies? Dividing Nigeria’s fragile socio-economic fabrics with stolen dollars and causing discords within Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Afenifere, CAN etc, all in the name of re-election campaign. It’s really too little and too late á lá Lai Mohammed. Nigerians are older and wiser to the antics of kneeling before fake Adeboye and proclaiming, “I had no shoes”. Elections are won or lost on track records and unless PDP can convince Nigerians within 3weeks with Dumbo’s achievements in office, all the Baba Alawos and Obas in continental Africa cannot raise a sunken canoe. Next jetty: Den Haag and the ICC to face criminal charges for his role in murdering over 15,000 Nigerians in peacetime, and rendering another 3million homeless against his sworn oath to protect lives & property… not to mention the mammoth corruption he supervised in 6yrs calamitous years of retrogressive governance. No praying in Hell. Oloshi buruku… his days are numbered indeed!


      What a desperate President. He has succeeded in degrading the high office of President. It is indeed true: Never give a man any responsibility beyond his capability. Never Again!

      • bib

        If you give a small man a big office, he will reduce it to his own dimunitive size!

  • BlackieUmukoro

    Lai muhammed hate trade is now beyond politics. This is a pure religious war being uleashed on Joathan and by extension that christians are Not fit to rule this coutry. Lai muhammed canot in his druken state of mind insult a mallam but here he is gleefully insulting the president everyday. It is his religion that is driving him into this mad frenzy and he has been brainwashed right from his almajiri school days to look down on other faiths especially the christians with disdain. So the more isults he heaps on jonathann the more accolades he gets from his brethrn of same faith. Jihad is fought not only through war and killings but also through bad mouthing deliberate spreading of falsehood against a christian govt. But the good news is Jesus is metioned 25 times as agaist mohammed 4 times I the quoran. We shall prevail

    • Desmond

      Muslim rules E A U are they not better than Nigeria? What is your point, I voted for Jonathan 2011 nothing will make me vote for him again 2015

      • BlackieUmukoro

        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

      • Advocate


    • Advocate

      do you know that lai mohammed is a yoruba man?


    We the youth expect people like this baba to know that the election postponement was for the good of all. When elders that are to speak the truth for shame to catch the devil are not on ground, what becomes of the younger generation? If Mr President cannot do any thing within the space of 6 weeks, why then are we complaining.#GEJ4Naija

    • political_impasse

      GEJ is going back to Otueke after the elections. BUHARI/Osinbajo2015.

  • Advocate

    jonathan is doing crash course on governance.

    • wode

      What more do you expect from a Trainee-President?

  • Arabakpura

    Taking Jonathan through oat as we saw in Ile-ife is against the sovereignty of the Nigerian state. What if he was bewitched in the process? Desperate measures! If only the ritual will let the flakes fall of his eyes so that he can see the drum he is acquainted to as wife!

  • Widodo

    Has this man brushed his mouth this morning? Is this not the same man Fani said has an offensive and ‘long distance’ mouth odour? I can even perceive the smell from my ipad.

    • political_impasse

      NO POINT, PDP is finished, chai….

  • political_impasse

    PDP cannever recover from the pit of failure they sunk themselves in.
    vote for BUHARI/Osinbajo2015.

  • bayuse

    Lai Mohammed should write a book on the clueless Jonathan after he must have been despatched to Otuoke on 28 March

    • Emeka215

      Sorry it won’t sell.

  • wode

    “such profligate and immoral act would not have been necessary if the administration had done what it was elected to do in the first instance: provide good governance!”

    That’s the quote of the day.

    • nwaeke


  • real

    because your foot soldiers are being decimated in your stronghold. Kaiiiiii Laiiii

    • stackCrawler

      I thought you were “real” too bad to see that your reasoning is fake.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    My vote is still on PDP and Jonathan, no matter what APC says or do.

  • Nelson David

    APC always talk nonsense. They have not told us reasons why we should vote for them. they are there making noise.

    • stackCrawler

      #change! has a very powerful meaning.

  • Etega

    Buhari’s move is too late and desperate. He has no point to prove, we need him to go and die pls!

  • chinwe davis

    #team GEJ, the flag is high, my vote is for jonathan i suggest you do the same.

    • stackCrawler

      hehehe, good luck to you and your boss.

  • Enumah

    I think what should be done is that, Jega should be sacked and the electoral council dissolve.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Very good judge of the election and its outcome. Mr Lai Mohammed and his party are participants in this forthcoming election. Prudence, at least, demands you allowed the real judges (the electorate) to give their verdict. Your party may win or may not win, but please don’t run down your opponent this way. Sometimes the electorate might see this action as an act of desperation, especially when they see that the subject of attack is a good act by your opponent.

  • There is nothing to offer, nothing to show, no platform is created, all we hear is talks, negativity, sounds desperate to tarnish GEJ’s government and effort, but all these can not win the heart of the people, the people want things they can see , feel and GEJ has done well in that aspect so tell me why they should go contrary to a man who has provided so much. APC should know when to take a bow because the curtain just came down on them.

    • stackCrawler

      Dear jonathanian, if you have been brainwashed kindly keep your ignorance to yourself. GEJ’s lack of performance is something that is visible to all. i virtually lived in this country for 5years without knowing Nigeria had a president. Now tell me again what can people see or feel? bokoharam? power failure? incompetence?… stop lying for the poor guy.

      • Ona

        Mr, stackcrawler. We can see massive improvement in the fight for corruption in the Agric sector. We can see Almajiri schools to help the vicious circle of poverty in the north. What did Buhari do for the youths in the north? We can see roads across nigeria. travel time is now shorter. We can see federal universities in all states. We can see freedom of press. We can see elections being won by different political parties at state levels that is not pdp. We can see our sports sector doing better than ever. Do u want me to continue?? We can see our military winning the war against boko haram. I am a woman. i believe the chibok girls will be rescued. My heart bleds for their families. They will be rehabilitate from the trauma. The apc has played politics with human lives. It is very unfortunate. the apc is a party filled will old liars and propaganda. How do u explain the interview Buhari held in hilton as london?? Boko haram operates only in apc states. why??

  • In “kanye west’s” voice, excuse me is you saying something?? ha ha, you cant tell me nothing, Am for GEJ and its GEJ for naija APC get your act together before i flip the script on y’all.

  • ubong ekanem

    PGEJ is ahead of the game and the APC are scared

  • kemi

    i think is very much late for the APC

    • stackCrawler

      Lol, APC has only just begun. it can never be too late.

  • uzo

    APC are telling us they are ready for defeat

  • JibrilMusagroup

    The alleged political alliance being promoted against the second term aspiration of President Goodluck Jonathan will crumble like a pack of cards because Jonathan remains the best and the most credible candidate for the 2015 presidential election. We should sweep APC out with their evil. APC’s Change means Critical Harm Awaits Nigeria’s Growing Economy,we say no to 18th century change.On march 28th we will March into the future with President Goodluck Jonathan our fellow youth and our fresh air. President Goodluck Jonathan is the best president in the history of Nigeria. #goodluck4president

  • Mrs benita akpan

    Whether sun or rain, my vote goes to GEJ.

  • felicia jones

    Last breathe of a drowning man, times and seasons never end, the ability of the leader to put things togther is what makes the difference. GEJ has done noble in this regard.

  • kingsley obi

    They should be praying hard as the health of buhari is drastically deteriorating, who knows, he may finally give up soon.

  • faith adams

    That is all they are good at, talking from the break of day till dawn, members of the APC, when will you all get tired?