Jonathan’s comment on Chibok girls callous, morbid, insensitive — APC

The missing Chibok schoolgirls held captive by Boko Haram

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has described as callous, morbid and insensitive, the comments made by President Goodluck Jonathan that the Chibok girls are still alive because Boko Haram would have displayed their bodies if they had been killed.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Saturday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party​ ​said​ ​it finds the comment deeply offensive to human sensibilities rather than providing hope and succour for the traumatized parents of the girls.

It said a key role of Presidents everywhere in times of tribulations and tragedies is to offer hope and be the Consoler-in-Chief, not to make statements that will deepen the suffering and sorrow of victims.

The APC said one would have expected a President to speak on the basis of actionable intelligence, not some twisted, melancholic and offensive logic.

The party said the statement played on the fears of the parents of the girls and indeed of all Nigerians concerning the fate of the girls, who have now been held in captivity for over 300 days, with an impotent government unable to rescue them.

It said all the parents of the girls as well as all concerned people around the world want to know is what the Jonathan Administration is doing to bring the girls home safely​ ​and as soon as possible, not a depressing statement about their bodies being displayed via a video by Shekau if they had been killed.
APC said President Jonathan should borrow a leaf from his Chadian counterpart, who came across as being very presidential in his comments on Shekau, in which he said: ”It is in Abubakar Shekau’s interest to surrender, we know where he is. If he refuses to give himself up, he will suffer the same fate as his comrades.”

It said the Chadian President’s statement​ ​also​ ​contradicts the earlier claim by the Nigerian authorities that Shekau had been killed at least twice, the last of which was backed up with a ‘pictorial evidence’.

”The Shekau that President Deby was referring to is the same Shekau that the Jonathan-led Administration claimed to have killed at least twice, and the same Shekau the same Administration is now seeking to capture alive.

”Mr. President (Jonathan), how many Shekaus do you want to kill or capture? Or is there a Shekau that is known only to the your Administration?,” APC queried.


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  • BlackieUmukoro

    It is clearer by the day that APC might as well be having links with ISIS just like boko haram. If not I don’t know why lai muhammed if he is not actually a bus conductor as described by mama peace will be taunting nigerians with the exploit of boko haram istead of codemning the idiots. Lai latest outburst is morbid, wicked and satanic. Ebele will always spread hope as that is the faith he has as a christian. Ulike your own that preaches death


      This deadender is still here? Thought you have joined the ISIS….Lollll…..

    • Jika

      You may disagree with Lai Mohammed which no one should begrudge you.But to insinuate that Lai Mohammed’s faith preaches death is to say the least smacks of bigotry and hatred.Such kinds of comments do not engender peaceful coexistence. Comments from people like you across religious divide is totally condemned.

      • BlackieUmukoro

        What I said l have said
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

        • Jika

          Thank you for your honesty by agreeing with my perception of your personality.


    Very apt description of the sad comment from a clueless President!

  • Wähala

    “The good story is the girls are alive… terrorist always display when they kill. Shekau has not display Chibok girls’ body therefore, he didn’t kill our girls” – Dr. Jona Dumbo (Portharcourt honored Drunkard, PhD)

    This is why I say Dumbo is a mentally retarded imbecile who cannot think in isolation. A mother’s nightmare. That’s why his aged mother escorted him to go steal land in Abuja Aviation Village with the $500million dollars he stole from Malabu (OPL-245) settlement. How can anybody see a “good story” to the very sad saga of the missing Chibok girls that is now going on one year? Only a deranged and inarticulate man would not be sober at the very thought of the plight of those young girls. Dumbo is an amoral character, a callous and hopeless drunkard who cannot differentiate between right and wrong… and certainly does not know what to say, when and how to chose his words in saying his usual gibberish. It’s believable if one claims this clown does not have any formal education. His wife on the one hand is calling on citizens to “stone anybody calling for change” and disparaging an elderly ex-President as, “ihm no get brain… ihm brain don die pata-pata”. Dr. Dumbo on the other hand is proving to the world who is actually brain dead. Different folks, different strokes…but this nightmare Nigerians are living through must end asap. Tufiakwa!

    • Original_Raskal

      you are a very big f00l! If he says nothing to the parents, you will say he is clueless, if he says they are dead, you will say he is wicked, now he gave the parents hope with facts, tou are insulting him! May you and your father suffer the fate of a drunkard! Just as you insulted a president God place over you, so may your life be insult forever and ever! Basta*d!

      GEJ will be president till 2019! If you can’t cope with that, then you will die in your insanity! You are the most useless animal in this country!

      • Wähala

        How I wish I can wrap my hands around your Aborigine neck right now, you cross-bred chimpanzee. God had no role in making that criminal president, unless Obasanjo is your oracle, idyiot. The problem with you creek wetbacks is the contaminated education you suffered makes drunk & lazy Amnesty Program animals like you think you’re on par with sane Nigerians. After 1yr, a responsible president would be apologizing to those parents for not re-uniting them with their lost children, but an ignorant drunk from the village made wayward comments about their faith and punks like you think it’s appropriate. May Amadioha Ndigbo wipe out your entire family in one blitzing moment. Your moron will die in prison at The Hague, then cross-bred brainless animals like your illiterate self will no longer be come around to mix words with humans like me. Arschloch. May the Spirit of all who have died under Dumbo’s drunken gaze hunt you and your entire generations to come… Ise o!

        • Original_Raskal

          you are a useless dry chicken who will also die like one! smelly bush rat like you!

          • Wähala

            The only thing you smell near you is your mother’s open knees. It’s winter where I am right now and nothing smells around frozen ice surrounding me… tell you mama to close her musty knees. Chump. Dumbo will die like Ghadaffi if he refused to return to your slimy & polluted riverine in 3weeks. Even fossil Clark realizes the game is over, obese Asari and the equally illiterate Tompolo all know it’s over… keep beclouding yourself. Amnesty Program ends in a matter of week, start gathering your empty bottles of ogogoro. Drunkards!

          • Original_Raskal

            your brother is on death row in Indonesia! Why not cry about that? buhari must have fuc*ked your smelly mother in the anus! You child of a prostitute! pig!

          • Wähala

            Tell your mama to close her knees… simple.
            Cross-bred Aborigine Animals. Slimy drunks.

          • Original_Raskal

            allah has abandon you? go and bomb a church today and get yourself 75 virgins! see what koran has done to your brain! maggot!

        • Eberechi Ezeh


  • Original_Raskal

    I have said it from beginning that considering the propaganda politics of Tinubu and his ideas of bribing press men to report only the news he wants, arranging the boko haram stug in kaduna for buhari and setting up the “bring back our girls” campaign, it is obvious that Tinubu, Liar mohammed and Buhari knows the whereabouts of the girls! Time will tell!

  • danny

    I now agree APC is the most irresponsible and wicked ‘opposition party’ worldwide!
    Instead of joining hands to support the war against terrorism, they rather Aligned with elements whose comments have left a lot to be desired over time. The same group that swore to make the county ungovernable..the same group who canvassed for amnesty for terrorists..likening them to militants in the SS!
    This same irresponsible opposition party were at the front of the smear campaigns on our military. Till it became obvious that ‘campaign strategy’ was backfiring.
    Truth is, when comments are made solely to score cheap political points, it will often lead to regret! What readily comes to mind is the same APC’S flag bearer, Buhari’s comments over time which he made to put pressure on the government in power..same words that have come back to haunt him!
    *in the heat of the Sharia issue during Obj’s tenure, we all know his(Buharis) comment. No need repeating it here. Those reckless words of his are what have made him lose a chunk of the xtian community which hold him in eternal suspicion and disdain.
    *in the early stages of the insurgency when the military had the terrorists on the back foot, the same Buhari and members of his ‘opposition party’ were in the forefront of calls for amnesty..saying the N.A were killing their sons. He is now having a nightmare trying to explain those words!


  • anonymous

    Jonathan is a callous and wicked animal disguising as a human being. How can a leader make such irresponsible remarks about the fate if teenage girls abducted over almost a year ago under his incompetent and bungling regime?

    • umar shehu

      Are you sure you know all the facts? please do not make conclusions, try and get the story and go through it, you know APC are always countering the good of GEJ. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • korona melvin

    It is really a sad fact to read the bitterness from this apc folks, makes me wonder if they are also not Nigerians or are not affected by the menace of insecurity, if they are truly Nigerians, what have they done as a party or individuals to help curb this menace, or where in the world has name calling and insulting the president achieved any positive result against insurgency? it shows how desperate they are and are willing to say anything to get to power, speaks much about their ambition that will never be realised. I think it is high time that everybody stops politicizing the issue of the chibok girls, families are grieving , we shouldn’t rub it with our politicking. All hand must be on deck to ensure that this girls are rescued. We all have a duty to play in ensuring peaceful co-existence. May God help us all #GEJ4NAIJA

  • zuberu

    APC: Another Public Confusion! It seems to throw the Nation into confusion is more important to you than to win election. i just pity Nigerians that will follow you and your lies.. as for me and my house,,, its GEJ ALL THE WAY….. #GEJ4NIJA


    APC must stop politicising every issue. While the chibok community are thanking GEJ for what he has done for the chibok people which they are very appreciative APC is calling it names. At this point there is nothing that comes out of the mouth of Mr President that they will not read it in one way or the other. My advice to APC is to stop politics of bitterness. #GEJ4Naija

  • Atinuke

    What did Buhari offer when he lost the 2011 Presidential Election, What has Tinubu ever said or Buhari or even Fashola ever said to show sympathy to the Internally Displaced Persons, to the victims of Boko Haram before their campaign began. What did Buhari say to the victims of the Sharia crisis. APC has no shame calling the President’s comments callous when in the rankings of making callous and insensitive comments, APC members have remained unbeaten. #NO2APC #NO2Buhari #GEJ4Naija

    • Ibrahim M

      Frankly we are used to APC’s negativity and we are well aware of their dirty politics. Very insensitive of them #NO2Buhari

  • mallam lamido

    HABA! Why APC? I know whoever wrote this now must be regretting. how can u deduct from what the President has said concerning a very sensitive matter as chibok girls issue, to start casting aspersion on the president of this nation, giving rooms for nonentities to come here under anonymous names to insult their leader. May Allah have mercy on you all.
    GEJ has proven to be a man of wisdom. his qualities are worthy of emulation’.

    • Ibrahim M

      It is sad how APC will turn everything into dirty politics even a sensitive matter such as this. They are so negative. We don’t need them, we don’t want them. We say #NO2Buhari

  • Alagbara M Sule

    If you (APC) feels Jonathan is callous and weak as described by you then it is better for you a brave group to go ahead and bring Shakau and the Chilbok Girls before is too late.
    Mr President is assuring Nigerian to be calm and be fear free about the Chilbok Girls which he Promised to bring back live and healthy.
    The whole masses shall see this and confirm it soon.
    Vote back President GEJ

  • Maimunat Tambuwal

    APC you guys will never stop amazing me, what do you guys want the president to say to the parents of those missing girls, If he tell them they are dead you guys will insult him, if he says nothing you will say he is clueless. I believe the only thing GEJ has to say in a time of tribulations and tragedies is to offer hope and be the Consoler-in-Chief, not to make statements that will deepen the suffering and sorrow of victims. Mr president thanks for giving them hope again. #gej4naija

  • umar shehu

    As far as is concerned, all BH league are all shekaus, so the ones that have been killed are shekaus, the one being seek is the leader himself-the Shekau. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • zuberu

    My fellow Nigerians lets think twice n vote wisely. Lets vote somebody who is physically, mentally, socially, psychologically, emotionally, physically n above all spiritually fit. vote GEJ for President come’s March 28th 2015. #GEJ4NIJA

  • umar shehu

    I for one believe that the Chibok girls could be alive and if Allah’s willing, they will be found. There is nothing wrong if GEJ said the girls will be found, he is only speaking in faith, and that is part of giving the people and the parents of the girls hope. #GEJ4NAIJA.

  • Eberechi Ezeh


  • zuberu

    My dear People of Nigeria…don’t be deceived by the lip change by APC. You cannot find that change in APC. Shine your eyes and don’t let them play with your emotion. APCs are evils.. Be Wise and vote wisely.. GEJ all the way.. #GEJ4NIJA

  • umar shehu

    GEJ is indeed doing something about finding the Chibok girls, the army are working tirelessly to make sure these girls are found and that is shown in the victories they have made so far. #GEJ4NAIJA

    • Ibrahim M

      Instead of APC encouraging the military and uniting with the President even this once to find these Chibok girls, they are busy turning words of comfort to dirty politics and inciting more hatred to themselves. Typical APC #NO2Buhari

  • Ibrahim M

    These APC impolitic politicians don’t understand what ‘hope’ is do they? Let me teach them… Hope is telling someone in pains that everything is going to be alright, and that’s what President Jonathan did. Callus and insensitive is turning words of comfort which wasn’t directed to them into politics all in a bid to tarnish GEJ’s image. That’s dirty and negative politics. Is everything politics to these APC people? How insensitive, manipulative and selfish can they be? Don’t they have limits? Or will they say and do anything just for politics? We say a big #NO2APC #NO2Buhari

    • Moe

      Look at shit telling dirty socks that it smells!

      Maybe you are reading with palm wine stained glasses, please Finish learning first before you try to tech someone else.
      Jonathan said if Boko Haram had killed the girls, they would have displayed their bodies!!! *translate to common sense”
      What kind of comfort words are those? While you are correct that telling someone in pain that everything is going to be alright, is a hopeful statement. It is only hopeful if you are being sincere, otherwise it is a vile,malicious and down right evil thing to say to a grieving person.
      What Jonathan statement did is even worse…instead of just comforting the parents that we are doing all in our power to find the girls, your Phd. Holder President inadvertently conveyed to the parents that he has been searching instead for their dead bodies! Semantics my friend, semantics!

      they would have displayed the dead bodies = I have not seen the dead bodies = I have been searching for the dead bodies

  • Moe

    @Ibrahim M:

    Look at shit telling dirty socks that it smells!

    Maybe you are reading with palm wine stained glasses, please Finish learning first before you try to teach someone else.
    Jonathan said if Boko Haram had killed the girls, they would have displayed their bodies!!! *translate to common sense*

    What kind of comfort words are those? While you are correct that telling someone in pain that everything is going to be alright, is a hopeful statement. It is only hopeful if you are being sincere, otherwise it is a vile, malicious and down right evil thing to say to a grieving person.

    What Jonathan’s statement essentially did is even worse…instead of just comforting the parents that we are doing all in our power to find the girls, your PhD. Holder President inadvertently conveyed to the parents that he has been searching instead for their dead bodies! Semantics my friend, semantics!
    Follow the arithmetic below:

    “they would have displayed the dead bodies” = “I have not seen the dead bodies” = “I have been searching for the dead bodies”

    Of course Jonathan did not mean to imply this……..which perhaps is the biggest problem with his administration. You can not be in a position of power and do or say things inadvertently……I do not blame him though….after all, he found himself in this position of power INADVERTENTLY.
    …but look here, Luck can only take you so far. If after 6 years you are still prone to inadvertent self inflicted misadventures, you should move on………..we all know that Luck has two faces, and if you have been enjoying the one face for a while, sooner or later she will show you her other face, and none of us want to see that one…do we?

  • Moe

    I am looking at the replies below and I notice they are all chastising APC’s categorization of President Jonathan’s insensitive speech as INSENSITIVE.
    It is either all these replies are by 2 or 3 highly motivated PDP Jonathan supporters, or the majority of Jonathan’s supporters not very educated. Some education but not to the point where they can extricate unspoken meanings in sentences.
    These is particularly baffling because most Nigerians know how to hide meanings in their words… we should all be semantic experts……except of course, if our abilities are relegated to just the mother tongue……a notion I doubt wholeheartedly!

    WHo are these folks then? Paid E-rats as I have heard them called?

    If PDP is actually paying people to counter negative opinions online….who the hell is hiring this morons??

  • muhammed abudulah nuru

    #18O,0O0, G_olf4 #2OO,0OO