Card Reader Testing: PDP worry over lapses

Olisa Metuh, Spokesman, PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party says it has noted the series of complains from Nigerians regarding reported lapses experienced in the Saturday’s testing of the PVC Card Readers by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in some states of the federation.

The National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Olisa Metuh, in a statement on Saturday said the worrisome fall-out from the test “vindicates earlier widespread calls by stakeholders that the card readers should be thoroughly tested to ascertain their workability for free, fair and credible elections before being deployed for the actual polls.

The ruling party expressed worry over the reported lapses which include but not limited to non-verification of voters’ fingerprints even after authenticating their PVCs, slow accreditation process as a result of poor internet server operations in some locations, and apparent inadequate knowledge of the card readers by both INEC officials and voters.

“Our response to the emerging problems and challenges from Saturday’s testing of the card reader is ‘RES IPSA LOQUITOR’- the fact speak for itself. The PDP and indeed all well-meaning Nigerians await INEC’s official response and or its final decision after such defining challenges,” the party said.

The PDP restated that INEC must realize that Nigerians expects nothing short of error free and transparent process for credible elections come March 28 and April 11, 2015.


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  • Gbofia Lunar

    Haba, una no even let day break sha. PDP why not wait for INECs official report/ findings. You guys love, anticipate and celebrate failure like no other…

    • Wähala

      Na wa ooh, my broda!
      The NCC could have disrupted network services in those areas just to discredit the exercise. Never trust the PDP government beyond anything.

      • Gbofia Lunar

        Instead of dem to worry about this… Lol

        • Wähala

          Soon they will start fighting over dollars and their fake prayers will kpafuka…
          Methinks, they should have used their walking sticks to beat the ogogoro out of Dumbo…
          Clown. How many places have we seen Gen. Buhari kneeling before Emirs, Sultans, fake Pastors and all sorts of artisans? If it’s not Ohanaeze, it’s Afenifere… from MASSOB to MEND. Desperation has a limit biko… this corrupt thug is desecrating the Office of the President of Nigeria, he must be flushed down the toilet to restore some dignity to the exalted chair. Presidential candidates in Ghana, Burkina Faso, or anywhere in the world do not go pandering and kneeling before all sorts of chracters for votes. This is absurd… bullsh*t!

          • Wale Reze

            Lmfao @ ‘…..beat ogogoro out od Dumbo……’

        • Bunduma Mohammed

          He is desperate because Chad has expose him. He would soon be the guest of ICC like Bagbo and Charles Tailor.

    • Ceejay

      Wait to be told lies again like the one Jega lied to us that INEC was ready for the 14 February elections?

  • Muktsa

    News on NTA going on now says otherwise !

  • shamsudeen sadiq

    This story about network is very worrisome,we all know that there is no network in many parts of this country especially the remote parts this card reader thing should be left for a later time in order to avoid any fracas that they may arise out of its usage.The PVC itself is enough to identify the bearer

  • malik shaibu

    Network and card readers?,is this a ploy to cause crisis and bring about the interim government in this country?

  • evi

    This is the chaos that Jega would have let happen in Nigeria if election has been held Feb 14. Card readers that reject thumb prints and is slow because of slow Internet connection.You can imagine the kind of disaster we would have faced if today has been election day.Jega and apc would have taken advantage of the chaos to rig the election

    • 05FISH

      The test was absolutely successful. Am not surprise by the comment made by PDP. All the observers both local and international testify to that. Card reader most be used. And we should ol vote GMB for positive change. Chikena!

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      It reject thump rint of wrong card holders which is very good. PDP members where expecting the status quo and have no PVC. They wold be defeated by 80% to 15%, other parties 5%. GMB carry go.


    Test largely a success. This is a terrible spin. Shame on Metuh

  • Dankasa

    Chaye! Metu, card reader or no car reader, PDPig is losing March election so stop wasting your effort trying to save your drowning Jonathan he can’t win election. Period.

    • Segun

      It seems u like the name Metu, I think u should reason and be reasonable for ones.

  • Man_Enough

    manual verification is not error free. in fact, no process is!

  • Awarawa

    Failure rates ranging between 24 – 40% is tragic! It means for every 100 voters, 40 won’t be able to vote. Voter collection cut off about 30%, out of the 70% with cards, another 30% will be cut off, leaving only about 50% to vote which some would still not turn up that day…

    • Festuso

      Where did you get those percentages from? Has INEC made any pronouncements on the outcome of the tests carried out today Saturday 7th March or are you an INEC official? Some of you guys are nothing but agents of the Darkness playing the Devil’s Advocate!

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      This useless figure is from you who have no PVC nor concience

  • Wähala

    Prepared text. Oloshi Metuh could not even wait for the REC to return to INEC and summarize their notes before rushing to condemn an exercise largely seen as a success. Network failure, ba? This was where I suggested this PDP-led Govt. which controls the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) will sabotage Prof. Jega by disrupting telecom relays just for Metuh to lay his frivolous claims. His rush-to-judgment has vindicated my position the PDP would do anything to thwart the Card Reader technology. Criminals. Oly Metuh, be it known to you that local TV stations are reporting a largely successful outing for INEC, card reader or not… Rig-n-Roast is a reality in the coming elections. Animals!

    • Ceejay

      Even in the UK, they do experience Network failure sometimes

      • Wähala

        There we go again, even in the UK…
        In the UK their Prime Minister declares his assets and does not go stealing land with his mother. In the UK, have you ever seen their Prime Minister kneeling before any pastors, priests or mayors and dukes? Their PM never misses important public engagement because he’s drunk. Pal, stop comparing gorilla with man… Dumbo is an ugly chimp!

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      Metuh and his co travellers have stolen the country dry and are affraid of prison that is why they are jittery and confused.

  • Yusuf Ahmed

    It is now very clear that INEC is not ready for the election.

    • truth is bitter

      And it now clear u are a saddest. The only thing u are always ready for is mayhem. God save your soul.

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      You have no PVC and cannot vote. You are also a box snatcher but this you have no work.

  • Festuso

    Is there anything that is error-free in this world? Can any election be error-free….even in the established democracies like UK and USA? What everybody tries to guard against is the deliberate attempt to sabotage the system by people going to thumb-print stolen ballot papers in their hotel bedrooms, stuffing them in stolen ballot boxes and getting away with it, all in the name of ‘election and practice of democracy’! The card readers are the best way of ensuring that NOBODY gets away with deliberately sabotaging the system. It may cause some delay or even disenfranchise a few individuals who are not enlightened enough to follow the rules guiding its use, but such anomalies disappear with time and continuous fine-tuning of the system and processes. As they say, Rome was not built in a day but Nigeria must make a start. Little Ghana has already done it using the modern device of card reader but big-for-nothing Nigeria is still fiddling because the DARK FORCES within the nation will not allow it make progress. What a shame!

    • Abufata Gumi

      yes the system should be error free. maybe you don’t know the difference between error and mistake. go and find out and stop engaging in unnecessary blind argument

      • Wähala

        In life, nothing can be guaranteed to be error-free. INEC, UN observers, EU observers have all given the Card Reader a pass mark, tell your moron to start gathering his empty bottles of ogogoro, he’s heading back to Otuoke. The PDP have been buying up PVCs with the hope of rigging the coming elections, it has blown up in their faces bcos the Card Reader makes it impossible to rig. That’s why only the PDP have rushed out a statement even before field officers could return to INEC. Rogues. They will be voted out… shikena!

      • Festuso

        No system devised by humans can be error-free. No electronic device in use in this world is error-free. Look around you and tell me which modern-day device we rely on even on a daily basis is error-free. Use of mobile phone, laptop, desktop computer, banking systems, satellite transmission/reception, etc, are all these things error-free? The margin of error may be minimal but they’re not 100% error-free which is why human back-up is often provided.
        If an electronic device is meant to check your finger print, the quantity/quality of ink in the ink-pad could easily affect the margin of error in identifying the owner of the finger print. These things are not sent down from Heaven where Perfection lies but are devised by Humans who are themselves prone to error!

  • INEC had conducted PVC, Card-reader tests in 12 states. If PDP insists, INEC should test them in all 36 states and keep testing them in more local govts. until the days of elections. That should satisfy every doubter. In any case, that’s the best that can be done.

  • Segun

    I am still confused on the mission of Jega if he had gone ahead with this election on Feb 14, without testing the card reader, training adhoc staff and other logistics.

    Truly Jega planned to rig.

  • Segun

    Now that the card reader failed in many states, let’s see what INEC will tell us again. Jega is a failure.

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      Card reader was a success for those wo have PVC. The riggers and box snatchers are having headache.

  • Patriotique

    The PDP does not want Nigerians’ votes to be counted in this election, obviously, like it had always been. Flimsy excuses everywhere, like the Card Reader was supposed to be perfect, without hitches! How we managed to have leaders who hold us, citizens in so much contempt, I cant imagine it. Victory shall be Nigerians’. Just like good will always triumph over evil.

    • Etang Chris

      It is the contrary bro. rather it is APC that doesn’t want Nigerians to vote in this election because he has perfected plan with APC to rig Buhari in.

      Are u not worried that while PDP wants all registered voters to collect their PVCs before election, APC wants the election to go on. Why do APC and Jega want to disenfranchise nigerians? What is their plan?

  • BoT

    I thought they said they will not participate in the elections? What’s their business with the card readers?

    • Etang Chris

      Abeg who said he will not participate in the election?

    • Etang Chris

      Their interest is the workability of the card reader. Does it confer any undo advantage on one candidate against the other? Will it slow or hasten voting process? Can it be manipulated? Is it likely to disenfranchise any genuine voter and many more.

      • BoT

        And you honestly believe that the PDP is genuinely interested in the “workability” of the card readers? Their intent is to amplify the shortcomings of the process as much as possible, with the intent to justify their much avowed bias against it. Imagine the speed with which they went to town to give a report that is completely contrary to those shared by observers and NGOs on various local media outfits. If they have said they will boycott the elections, they should rather stay away completely.

  • Etang Chris

    Jega and APC have failed. Since Buhari came back at the cover of darkness has anyone seen him. He was absent at their rally in Lagos yesterday and he stated on arrival that he is fit.

  • Etang Chris


    The table has turned. Jonathan set to win south west votes. This photo shows the final endorsement by the highest cultral, tradtraditional and spiritual leadership of yoruba land.

    With south east and south south votes already in his palm, the battle moves to north central.

    North east is already happy with defeat of boko haram. There are happily returning to their various communities, singing Jonathan praises. So Jonathan will at least poll 55% of north east votes.

    North west is APC but not enough.

    I see Jonathan winning with wide margin.

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      MMM if these useless Ooni of Ife has power or has respect of Yoruba’s Omisore would have been governor of Osun. The Ooni infact caused Jonathan with his chiefs pointing staff wrong on him.



  • Bunduma Mohammed

    No body would vote PDP. PDP has lost this election before kick off they know it.

    • danjuma

      Mr dreamer wake up. PDP will win APC with wide margin.

  • Alagbara M Sule

    Card reader must be put in a perfect order so as to produce free, fair and credible election as it was Proposed.
    Whatever that can only produce incredible election should and must be discarded!!

  • danjuma

    Jega should be sacked for this confusion he is causing.