PDP’s resistance to use of Card Reader: We have been proven right – APC

The All Progressives Congress has said the Peoples Democratic Party’s public avowal to oppose the use of Card Readers in this month’s rescheduled elections has shown the accuracy of the APC’s accusations that the ruling party is doing all in its powers to either prevent the election from holding or to rig it.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Thursday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party described as curious the fact that the PDP that rushed to the press to deny the APC’s claims quickly turned around to confirm them.

”At the press conference we addressed on Wednesday, which rattled the PDP and the Jonathan Administration so much, we listed the conditionalities of the PDP/Jonathan Administration for holding the election: No PVCs, No Card Readers, No Jega and the fact that they want the military deployed to harass and intimidate voters.

”We mentioned ‘Card Readers’ at least three times during the press conference, and said they (PDP/Jonathan Administration are doing everything possible to sabotage the machine and prevent its use.

”Both the spokesmen for the PDP and the Jonathan Campaign Organization rushed to the press to deny any such ‘reprehensible’ plan. But a few hours later, the spokesman for the campaign organization told an incredulous country that they would oppose the use of Card Reader, apparently after the spokesmen were overruled by
their party. Obviously, these men are outsiders in their own party and it is now obvious that the opposition knows more about the inner workings of their party than they do,” it said.

The APC said in an apparently-choreographed show, some 15 portfolio political parties called a press conference to also announce that they will oppose the use of the Card Reader, vowing to boycott the
elections and use a legal process to prevent the use of the machine.

The party said these syndicated threats are the latest indications of the mortal fear in the corridors of power about the machine that has now become the nemesis of election riggers and manipulators worldwide.

It said contrary to the claim by the PDP, Nigerians are ready for a free, fair and credible elections to be made possible by the use of the Card Reader, and will massively resist any move to dump the machine.

”Nigerians have sacrificed all they can to obtain their PVCs, which is now their most-prized possession. They have also hailed the plan by INEC to use the Card Reader to give Nigeria credible polls. Only
dishonest politicians, those who plan to rig, those who have engaged in a massive purchase of PVCs and those who have something to hide are opposed to the use of the machine.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, our party is ready for any tool, including the Card Reader, that will ensure that the votes of Nigerians will count in the forthcoming election. In this regard, we sincerely hope
that the nationwide tests of the Card Reader to be carried out this week by INEC will not be sabotaged by those opposed to the machine.

The Card Reader has been demonstrated to work, including at the Senate, and no one must come out to tell Nigerians anything to the contrary.

”The huge investments in providing PVCs for Nigerians will not be worthwhile if the cards would not be authenticated by Card Readers which, by the way, have been used in many other countries, all of them
less endowed than Nigeria, in Africa,” APC said.

The party said it is taking the forthcoming elections very seriously and closely monitoring every move of those who do not want the elections to hold, or if they must hold at all, only on their own terms.

It said, for example, that the party (APC) is aware of an all-night meeting (Wednesday/Thursday) between a South-west Governor and security chiefs on how to rig the forthcoming polls in the geo-political zone, but it remains convinced that no one is powerful enough to stop an idea whose time has come.

The APC thanked Nigerians, both within and outside the government, for their efforts in keeping a close eye on those planning to sabotage the forthcoming polls, imploring them not to relent since eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.


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  • jade

    This pdpigs self will never be satisfied..u may delay change certainly it will come. March for buhari! Change we can and change we must!

  • Fula

    Nigerians are ready to resist any attempt to rig the forthcoming elections. the REAL reason why the election was postponed is now known.

  • Wähala

    One-man, one-vote… using Card Readers was used in Ghana to dump the ruling Party; in Burkina Faso to drown a ruling diehard Party, and in other places. Thus, the angst of our ruling PDP cabal is understandable because the Card Reader has become an effective antidote to election riggers worldwide, and entrenched tyrants unwilling to relinquish power. The PDP that claimed they used modern technology to conquer corruption in the Agriculture Sector, discover & defeat Ghost Workers in government agencies are now scared silly of technology, why? The Card reader has been challenged in court and it withstood that test, demonstrated at the Senate to joy & happiness of lawmakers. Haba! What else does the PDP want biko? Prof. Jega cannot bend over backwards to please the masters of rigging, we want free & fair elections and everything possible to actualize that dream should be welcome news. Maybe, it’s better if the PDP joins her satellite goon-Parties in boycotting this elections make we ressi jare. Afterall, the Card Readers will be deployed everywhere and not just in PDP enclaves, only the insincere would oppose a transparency-enabling system of elections. Everyone saw how clean & crisp APC primaries were, as opposed to the wuru-wuru charade that produced Dumbo and now no one has rested for him and his corrupt gangsters in PDP…Animals!

    • segun


    • share Idea

      The party in power was never defeated in Ghana when card reader was introduced, rather opposition was defeated in an election prior to Ghana introduction of card reader. I’m for card reader and I believe PDP is. Card reader will not confer much advantage to any of the main party but will improve election credibility.

      Do you think that if GEJ does not want card reader to be used, he could have released INEC vote (money) to enable them procure them? APC is just looking for anything to generate controversy. Before 14th Feb, INEC (Jega) said they were ready even when millions have not collected their PVC and up till now same Jega has confirmed that over a million PVCs have not been produced.

      Let not worry ourselves so much as we all have a date this month for proper confirmation of who the masses will vote. On a lighter note, where is Buhari? is he still on a working visit in UK

      • Wähala

        Thanks for the correction on Ghana… taken at face value. Point is, Card Readers enhance transparency and fairness in elections. Dumbo is a fraud whose word is not worth shit to me, never mention his credibility issues to me as the man has never been known to keep his word. INEC’s budget was appropriated by NASS and has nothing to do with him releasing it or not. Fact is, he thought he could manipulate Jega but the Chariman has his name to protect with History on his mind. There are 68million registered voters in Nigeria and in previous elections, not more than 39million have voted. What is 1 million especially given the fact that not all eligible voters will actually vote… never vote not even in advanced democracies like the US, UK, Germany. The average has been 57% worldwide. In Anambra State’s Guber elections for instance, only 450,000 voted in a state with 1.5million registered voters. A candidate was disenfranchised even in his own ward and Dumbo was rushed to congratulate Willie Obiano against his own Party’s candidate… shortly afterwards, Peter Obi defected to the PDP. The class action lawsuit nko? Dumbo instructed his PDP candidate to withdraw from the case and the Tribunal upheld Obiano as the “winner” of a clearly compromised elections. Whatever happened to that INEC official arrested for disenfranchising so many and compromising INEC’s computers? Nada! So, don’t feed me that crap about Dumbo suddenly becoming an advocate for fair & transparent elections. Bottom line, he and the PDP are scared silly they will lose this elections whenever they’re held that’s why you’re seeing all this wuru-wuru and satellite Parties running their mouths. Abegi…

      • tundemash

        The nightmare for the roges is back !!!!. Anything else ?

      • kolafemi

        Jona and PDP never thought of loosing the election until the campaign started. The massive support for Buhari jolted them and then, the possibility of defeat stirred them in the face. Hence, all plans by INEC for a free and fair elections including use of card readers suddenly become their problem. They need to rig the election to win, either by getting INEC to change its plans or keep shifting dates to give them time to restrategise on Buhari and his support base.
        Buhari came back from UK this morning

  • segun

    haba why oppose the use of card reader by this time after concluding long time ago…part of the reasons why election was postponed?….one thing that baffles me..Jonathan appears to have no motive to rig he’s always sounding clean but his members body language means they really want to rig.

    • kolafemi

      Don’t rely on what he says but his actions He is the brain behind the poll shift and is scheming to shift again

  • Goodluck_Nigeria


    • FirecloudOFGOD

      That is true, So they are mature and reliable, unless “stealing is not corruption”!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    The problem I have with PDP is that the party is not behaving as if it is in power. What should obtain is whatever PDP decides is good for the people it governs. Over rule INEC on card readers, use the military for safety and security of INEC personnel and voting materials and let APC go to hell and stay there. PDP should stop clamouring for things like an opposition party.

    • Wähala

      Shows how daft you are. And that you don’t even understand what the acronym, INEC, stands for. You think democracy functions that way ba? Then why not advise the PDP to kukuma conduct the elections and tell everybody else to “go to hell and stay there”…with your mama! DIDINRIN!!!

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        All I have to say is that you are worthless trash. I have more respect for cows than you.

        • One nigeria

          U must be a bastard!

        • Funso

          Omo ale.

    • FirecloudOFGOD

      Are you an ex soldier or despot? Listen to yourself again- “Over rule INEC on card readers, use the military for safety and security of INEC personnel and voting materials and let APC go to hell and stay there”

      I repeat – “Over rule INEC on card readers,”

      I guess PDP has been living the life of jungle justice for years anyway, so why would apologists like you not talk about overruling an INDEPENDENT Electoral Commission! Unlike EFCC’s head, Jega has maintained that independence to the detriment of PDP’s nefarious plan!

      I am most baffled, What is PDP afraid of? Why would a system that vets the genuineness of voters not be pleasant news to those who pride themselves in ‘rule of law’ (YarAdua) ‘Telephone -read technology- for farmers’ (Agricultural minister), not be good news for affirming the credibility of this election? I have not met any rational being that admits that PDP pulled its weight and acted with sense of direction and responsibility in the last 16 years more so in the last 6 years!

    • tundemash

      Omo Ole Orafidiya,

      The meaning of the acronym INEC is Independent National Electoral Commission, now take your dictionary or ask your unfortunate son to check the meaning of independent for you !

      Only in an atmosphere where a Dumbo rules do criminals like you have an opinion !

  • sammyctu ode

    Why is pdp against everything about this election, why are they raising evil people to go and form unknown political parties to be registered by INEC, why do they send idiots to go to courts and get spurious court judgments to register political parties at this late hour of the election, why can’t let INEC BE, why can’t they behave like human beings for once? It is a shame that we have criminals ruling us since 1999 which is why Nigeria has never moved forward, Nigeria started in the 60s, 70s as 6feet 8ins tall country but since 1999, our height is now at 1foot 3ins. I have never seen a ruling party behaving like an underdog (which they are) and come March 28th & April 11th, they will be underdogs and loose the elections. Their behaviours are animalistic which even the wild animals will not even behave like that. Shame on this useless party deceiving people.

  • simon tor gideon

    When banks in Nigeria copied the now generally accepted banking standard of using ATMS to ease their operations and decongest banking halls pdp did not complain.When the Nigerian military and para military institutions introduced electronic cards in place of written applications to recruit Nigerians into various existing vacancies pdp did not complain and the system was not tested any where before it was introduced into the country.Why are they now resisting the the use of electronic card readers introduced by INEC if they have no sinister motives?