I will not rest until there is steady power supply — Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan has reiterated his administration’s commitment to the provision of stable electricity in the country.

Speaking at the inauguration of Unit 4 and Unit 6 of the Egbin thermal plant in Lagos, Saturday, Mr. Jonathan said he would not rest until Nigerians begin to enjoy steady power supply.

“For government, there is no going back until we surely stabilise power in the country,” Mr. Jonathan said.

“The Egbin power plant and the result shown today demonstrate without doubt that we have made a strong foundation upon which we are building a sound and sustainable electricity industry.

“Let me restate that we are committed to irreversibly reposition the Nigerian power sector as a pivot for the attainment of our nation’s development targets.”

In January, the Egbin Power Plc announced the completion of its rehabilitation of a Steam Turbine generator, raising its capacity by 220MW (megawatts) and bringing the plant back to its installed capacity of 1,320MW.

The generator, which was commissioned in November 1987, had been grounded for over eight years after suffering a boiler explosion in 2006.

Though the company had stated in January that the rehabilitated turbine would bring about an increased power supply to Lagos and its environs, the areas have continued to witness poor power supply.

On Saturday, Mr. Jonathan restated that the restoration of the plant would be beneficial to the Lagos industrial layout and its environs, leading to job creation.

The president further noted that the rehabilitation would extend the life span of the power plant by 20 years, adding that the power sector privatization had yielded more dividends to the country.

He also said that his administration is exploring various options to diversify energy source in order to remain the largest economy in the continent.

In his remarks, Chinedu Nebo, the Minister of Power, said that the company’s new investor had funnelled over N50 billion to rehabilitate the plant.

Mr. Nebo said while other operators in the sector had failed to hire or employ any engineer over the past 16 years, Egbin plant had hired over 100 engineers in training.

According to him, work in the other power generation companies has boosted the nation’s power generation capacity, noting that Ughelli had increased to 600MW, Shiroro 600MW, and Kainji 230MW.

The minister also said that a minimum of 5,000MW would be added to the grid at the completion of the coal turbines across the country.


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  • Awarawa

    That’s a working president. Let the janjaweeds continue their ranting and foaming at the mouth.

    • ODOFIN, Lagos

      working president indeed…I am sure you are powered by gen set right now just like me. Deception kills

      • starbucks

        I will not rest until there is steady power supply if i dey pain u die nah

    • Maitama Tambari

      Titi and Awarawa are confused kids if really they believe that Ban Ki-Moon calls President Jonathan regularly, it doesn’t mean any thing because anywhere there is a flash point especially created by the incubant, the Secretary General of the UN usually place a call to that person to appropriately advise him. It cannot be a sign of hard work. Ban Ki-Moon has no right to call the President’s opponent because he has no control to the machinery of Government and cannot be held responsible to any disappointment of the Nation to International Community. Change however may lessen the regularity of Ban Ki-Moon calls to Nigeria, rest and pay more attention to other flashy areas around the World. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

      • Omoagunmate

        I think Titi is being sarcastic, she (he) must be.

        • Tunde

          Actually I believe Titi is pointing out the level of intelligence, or lack thereof of president jona, who believes that he is superior or is a formidable president just because Ban-ki- moon calls him regularly. Jusk like when he equated how wealthy Nigeria is by the number of private jets owned by Nigerians, remember?
          See how hopeless the man is?

  • Titi

    ‘The difference between me and the other aspirants is that Ban-Ki-Moon call me regularly’-Jona, PhD

    • Omoagunmate

      Yeah, to warn him not to destroy the last bastion of hope of the Nigerian masses – elections, their right to reject him in the polls.

  • me

    That will be at Otuoke honestly.

  • Musuru

    Okay…. Then switch off all the power sources in Aso Rock, Senators houses, Representatives ( of what I still haven’t seen any impact but pure nonsense ), your Ministers etc… When you find all of you listed in total blackout, Mr President, there shall then be light for us!!! If you really mean what you are saying! Torture yourselves first, curb all your excesses, and make and show Nigerians that you truly care! You can’t be living in intense luxury and keep telling us tales by moonlight!!!!

  • Omoagunmate

    Nigerians want you to go and rest. Don’t waste your time, you are just a bad president polluting the minds of the youths, encouraging corruption and deception, corrupting all institutions including the churches and dividing the nation across ethnic and religious lines, you are only the president to a section of the country and to the few who are benefiting from your ineptness. We are not fooled by your lies and tricks, but whatever you do in the coming weeks, please just don’t destroy the democracy that allowed a “shoeless” guy like you to be flying around in private jets and to be the president in the first place. There are many shoeless kids in Nigeria and their only opportunity of ever having shoes or being able to provide shoes for their own children rest on the survival of our democracy and those institutions that you – and those before you – have been undermining unabated for years.

  • raymond johnson

    There is no doubt about the fact that President Jonathan has invested immensely in the power sector.Although there is more to be done and that does not change the fact that most part of the enjoys uninterrupted power supply. He has promised to do more if reelected. Thank you Mr President for your TRANSFORMATION #GEJ4NAIJA

  • ayomide

    President Goodluck Jonathan has reiterated his administration’s commitment to the provision of stable electricity in the country.

    Speaking at the inauguration of Unit 4 and Unit 6 of the Egbin thermal plant in Lagos, Saturday, said he would not rest until Nigerians begin to enjoy steady power supply. #GEJ4Naija

  • Zainab Ibrahim

    Mr President is doing it. Support the Transformation agenda of GEJ today.#GEJ4Naija

  • Adio

    Jonathan in South West? I never thought South West is that
    important o. Not only did he make the zone irrelevant in the scheme
    of things but looks at the Yorubas as no-do-gooder. He never hides his disdain
    for the Yoruba. The Yoruba have to cry for crumbs under GEJ. I recalled that he
    once called Yoruba leaders Thugs. Not only that, he makes the Yoruba look
    ashamed of being Yoruba. Is it not my Yoruba that I read of its gallantry
    in the old?. Is in not Yoruba that people ran to for guidance and wisdom
    in the past? Is it not Yoruba that did not learn the concept of
    Checks and balances and separation of power from anybody? Is it not the Yorubas
    that blazed the trail in commerce, culture, education. Is it not the Yorubas
    who the concept of beggary, I am told, is foreign to. I think “Ajise
    bi Oyo laari Oyo ko se bi baba enikookan”. is it not the Yoruba that
    never looked down on anybody and would not allow any tribe to look
    down on . it is that Yoruba that… that, yes… that that
    Jonathan chose to rubbish at will, aye, at the height of his
    power carousal and when he need, them he came a begging. It is that Yoruba that
    now falters in the sight of Lilliputians. I am very sorry for the Yoruba if
    they chose pottage in place of pride. Come to think of it, the exit of GEJ will
    not stop Yoruba from being its BEING. And yes yes, its BEING. Alas!. it would
    not diminish us a bit. But may I ask, are we this hungry? Is our
    land thus famished? Are we this bereft of ideas that we beggar for crumbs?
    No! We must put a stop to this rubbish. Igunigu yan nije akala yanije.
    With restructuring or without restructuring Yoruba is Yoruba and will
    ever be Yoruba and no any other tribe can be Yoruba and Yoruba can never beg
    for food. Perhaps we have lost our sense of history hence our
    present is troubled and our future is tortured. Do we hate ourselves this
    much that we cannot forgive ourselves and have to hurt ourselves in order to be
    even with some errant individuals. I have seen this scenario before and if we do
    not rise above sentiments and be gallant in our pride and be resolved to
    shed the toga of incompleteness, this episode of exploiting our decency
    and taking Yoruba for granted will be sustained and our hope of being the
    bearer of integrity will never be attained. We should not do what will bring
    tears to our eyes in the old and shame to our children unborn. Definitely, the
    Yoruba hope is not in someone who rubbished the Yoruba thoroughly and
    publicly but to pacify you in secret..Our hope is in God and being
    Yoruba. Our fault is not in our star but in ourselves that we are underling!

    • nnadoris

      Am so ashamed of some yorubas.your so call Buhar will never never rule this country

      • Adio

        May your shame be permanent.

  • Moe

    Don’t worry Mr. President. We will send mattress to your village mansion.

  • sagereal

    Remember the president said in 2011 that if elected has the president he will tackle power supply in his 4years and he said if he can’t achieve that even if he stays in Nigeria for hundred years he will not achieve anything. Enough of this lies and deceit, Mr President you have tried your best give way for change and be celebrated as a man of peace, Nigerians will appreciate you for it.

  • adnoy

    Yes I know you will be restless after your imminent defeat at the poll; it’s your choice.

  • GbemigaO

    My dear President , You can rest now! You did your best . See you at Otuoke on May 30th. Rgds

  • Nelson David

    Act of governance is not always about speedy policies and actions. Oga jona knows what he is doing

    • Olu Ade

      Yap, “Oga Jona knows what he is doing”Economy is F9, Naira exchange rate is F9, security is F9, Corruption is A1…Anyway, you can handover your won life to him and go to sleep…He is heading to the Canyon, I only hope you wake up before you find yourself at the bottom. As for me, my eyes are wide open and will send Mr. Dumbo packing on March 28th as we March4Buhari

  • korona melvin

    President Jonathan changed the focus from state to private sector run system,built more power plants, expand transmission lines,resolve gas to power debacle, break the jinx of Zungeru and Mambilla hydro dams, and now fine tuning teething problems in the generation and distribution sectors. VOTE WISELY, VOTE GOODLUCK JONATHAN #GEJ4NAIJA

  • korona melvin

    Under the guidance of the president,this council now have critical roles to play in the post privatisation state of the power sector. The administration has now expanded the scope of participation in the power sector to involve all levels of government. This is a commendable step.. VOTE GOODLUCK JONATHAN #GEJ4NAIJA

  • emmanuel

    thank you mr president for your commitment

  • uduak akpan

    we are getting there under GEJ.GEJ till 2019

  • ubong ekanem

    carry on with your transformation GEJ till 2019

  • kemi

    we are counting on you for steady power.GEJ till 2019

  • Emeka215

    One good term deserves another.

  • Enumah

    One good tenure deserves another.

  • Nwaobilor


  • nwaeke

    Has done so well in improving good governance.

  • uko bassey

    Mr president is committed to make Nigeria better country for all to enjoy…and Nigerians are committed to keeping GEJ as president till 2019

  • nafisat

    We have GEJ#We have everything#GEJtill2019

  • ahmed

    I totally respect Mr president’s words because they’re like laws#GEJ remains president forever

  • Tunde Fabian

    With the commissioning of these plants i am positive that power failure will soon be a thing of the past

  • mubarak

    GEJ is working. #GEJtill2019

  • mubarak

    Vote #GEJ4Continuity

  • elmustapha sadiq

    I just thank God for the kind of president Nigeria has who do not make empty noise he a man of his word once he say it he will try his best to bring it to fulfillment he has done it again carry go sir 2015 await you. by God grace.#GEJNaija

  • sani

    I believe GEJ because i already have constant power where i live in Minna, i know it is reasonably good compared to before, now i can have light without blinking for a whole month, i know it is not the same throughout the country but i believe before the end of his tenure things will be different, Go on GEJ

  • Depreiye Adrian

    GEJ will not relent until his reforms have come to pass. GEJ 4 continuity

  • adamu gulu

    GEJ is just a man that keep to his words.that is whyhe should be given a second chance to complete his promises

  • Moe

    ALL of you you mentioning GEJ’s achievements, you forgot these ones:

    …because of GEJ’s preoccupation with Women’s
    health and his dedication to the education of our youths, all Nigerian
    babies are now born with their own WAEC certificate;

    …he has single handedly banished the thing that kills people in car
    …he has reformed flies so that they no longer follow shit or
    carry disease;
    …he has confronted the weather and chastised the sun to reduce its heat thereby reducing our air conditioning costs;

    …he has privatized the rainy season and stopped floods from happening; and in his last visit to Lagos, he personally warned Bar Beach to behave itself and stop overflowing its banks, or there will be hell to pay….and BarBeach has complied!
    There is no longer corruption in Nigeria because he has changed the definition of corruption.

    • D1


  • bashdo

    Abegi story story from one commissioning to another for the past six years which one have u finished?