Jonathan commissions $650m power plant, says he’s fulfilled election promise

President Goodluck Jonathan has said he has fulfilled his 2011 campaign promise to transform Nigerian, including the power sector.

He stated this on Friday while inaugurating the 750 MW Olorunsogo II Power Station in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State.

“I am happy that I have consistently delivered on my campaign promises to transform Nigeria and my administration would leave no stone unturned to achieve its goals,” he said.

“I have lived up to my campaign pledge to make the power sector a priority.”

Stating that his administration would not relent in its efforts to “drive away darkness from Nigeria,” Mr. Jonathan said it had invested about $8.26 billion in the power sector through the National Integrated Power Project, NIPP.

He further explained that out of that amount, a total of $650 million dollars‎ was committed to the Olorunsogo power plant and that there were 10 of such power projects ongoing across the nation.

He said that he inaugurated two of them in Kogi and Ondo States in 2014 and that they had been privatised while that of Olorunsogo was in the process of being privatised.

Mr. Jonathan however, assured that he would equally inaugurate the Egbin power station on Saturday.

He pledged that the interface between the government and the private sector on the privatisation of the power sector would be completely sealed by 2017, if elected again.

The president also appealed to Nigerians to support his administration in its desire to improve electricity supply.


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  • Bin Fodio

    Promise fulfilled? Sir as I am writing this, there is no light in my ward.

    • dd

      Ask your village thieves what they did the transformer

      • Trutalk

        The same thing Jonathan and his cronies have done with the national revenue

  • 2gee

    $650m this guy will empty the treasury

  • Maitama Tambari

    What a calamity? 750 MW is nothing for Mr. President to claim that he had fulfilled his 2011 election promises when I am sitting in Abuja now and power went off five times. Since morning when the power was taken off, it came back at 18.30. From then we experience five failures. It is now 24.10. In 2005, we attended a Conference in Dubai with a Permanent Secretary, a well known person. The pamphlet given to us on power supply in the Gulf States were clearly showing Dubai in 2005 was consuming 2,500MW while Saudi Arabia had 25,000 MW. We came back to Nigeria and then our first week in Nigeria, Power Authority advertised in THISDAY NEWSPAPER the amount of power generation and distribution. Nigeria and Niger Republic were allocated 2,300 MW total generation. The following weeks, the generation started falling from 2,300 MW to 2,100 MW to 1,800 MW. I picked the three papers to meet the Permanent Secretary with the pamphlet. I posed the question that the Gulf States are not using nuclear plant to generate these massive electricity because if they do USA and Israel would have been bombing them. They are not using hydro generation plant because their environment is desert without any rainfalls or rivers of consequent. So what are they using? Gas and fuel. We have more gas than the Gulf States. Nigeria flares its gas. It became the only identify able flame from the space South of the Sahara. The Gulf States maximize the use of their natural resources while, though, we have more resources than the Gulf States, they have better attitude than us. Mr. President I hope and pray you were not commissioning a hurried executed project as a gimmick Campaign which was done to another Head of State when he went to commission a water plant for a community. The bore hole had not been completed but the State wanted to impress the Head of State, so water tanker solved the problem with overhead tank which was filled up for the occasion. After the ceremony and departure, the community enjoyed the tank water until it was empty. This quick Commissioning cannot be for fun fare, just like the Navy Boats that cannot be used in the North East because it is desert. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • Otile


    Buhari in London Hospital: I Have Been Vindicated-Fayose

    Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has said that the All

    Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Major General
    Mohammadu Buhari (rtd) who travelled to the United Kingdom (UK) for
    medical treatment is being attended to at a London hospital,
    describing the medical trip as a vindication of his earlier stand that
    Buhari was sick and lacked the required capacity to rule Nigeria.

    He said; “as against the claim of the APC that Bihari was on a short
    working visit to the UK, Buhari is being treated at a hospital located
    at Cavendish Street, Cavendish Square, W2 London West End, London.”

    Speaking through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and
    New Media, Lere Olayinka, the governor described claim by the APC that
    Buhari will give a talk at the Royal Institute of InternationalAffairs, Chatham House, London as “deceit taken too far.”

    He said; “The event listed on Royal Institute of International Affairswebsite; …
    to hold on February 23 and 24 is; ‘Security and Defence: Rising powers
    and the future of defence cooperation’ and Buhari’s name is not listedamong the speakers.

    “For the avoidance of doubt; the event’s keynote speakers are; former
    Brazil Minister of Defence, Celsius Amorin; UK Parliamentary Under
    Secretary of State and Minister of Defence Equipment Support and
    Technology, Celsius Amorin; Chief of the Defence Staff, UK Ministry of
    Defence, General Sir Nicholas Houghton; Chief Executive of BAE System,
    Ian King and Secretary General, Cooperation Council for the Arab
    States of the Gulf, Dr Abdulatif Bin Rashid Al Zayani.

    “Apart from the above listed five persons, 25 others are listed as speakers.

    “So, in which Royal Institute of International Affairs’ event is Buhari participating as a speaker?

    “This is not to mock Buhari or wish him dead. Rather, it is to expose
    the falsehood of the APC and desperation of its leaders, especially
    Senator Bola Tinubu to foist another Yar’Adua saga on Nigeria.”

    The governor maintained; “The truth is that Buhari travelled out on
    Thursday to seek medicare in UK and he was attended to at a hospital located in Cavendish Street, Cavendish Square, W2 London West End, London on Friday.

    “If the APC people are saying otherwise, let them publish the picture
    of Buhari boarding the plane and granting interview to Aviation Correspondents at the Abuja Airport.

    “While I am happy that the APC people that are packaging Buhari
    finally hearkened to my plea that they should allow him (Buhari) to
    seek medicare abroad, I must say that it is unpatriotic for the APC
    to have lied that Buhari travelled on a working visit.

    “The party should be honest enough to tell Nigerians that Buhari is
    actually sick and lack capacity to rule Nigeria and that they are
    only packaging him, hoping that he will become incapacitated if he becomes president so that they
    can take over power by proxy.”

    • Sams

      I thought GEJ’s campaign have stopped the negative campaign rhetoric, didn’t you get the memo???

  • korona melvin

    President Jonathan changed the focus from state to private sector run system,built more power plants, expand transmission lines,resolve gas to power debacle, break the jinx of Zungeru and Mambilla hydro dams, and now fine tuning teething problems in the generation and distribution sectors. VOTE WISELY, VOTE GOODLUCK JONATHAN #GEJ4NAIJA

    • Aly

      I feel sorry for you!

      • korona melvin


  • korona melvin

    Under the guidance of the president,this council now have critical roles to play in the post privatisation state of the power sector. The administration has now expanded the scope of participation in the power sector to involve all levels of government. This is a commendable step.. VOTE GOODLUCK JONATHAN #GEJ4NAIJA

  • Aly

    Look at this mumu lol Does Mr. President seriously think that Nigerians are a bunch of brainless monkeys? It’s a no-brainer that this is a desperate attempt to appeal to prospective voters. Why must it be the basic needs of our lives (security, water, electricity) that these wicked leaders campaign with? All this while what have u been doing with the 650M dollars? What about the other monies (far greater than this $650M) that have been stolen? Anyway, it is our right to have these basic amenities! That’s why you had to take an oath before taking that position.

    Leaders shouldn’t be seen as “heroes” for performing their duties. Unfortunately in Nigeria the ill-informed (which is the majority of Nigerians) see them as gods and “life-savers” once they build small boreholes or substandard power plants for them. One can’t help but feel sorry for this country. No wonder God’s punishment for some people will in every sense of the word be ETERNAL! A well-deserved requital for the wicked and unjust! Because if u think of it, even if these wicked people are given 50 more years to rule, they will never stop doing what they are currently doing.

    A simple example is GEJ’s recent ministerial nomination of a criminal who was overheard in a secretly-recorded tape giving instructions on how the Ekiti state elections should be rigged. These actions are the exact causes of people like Shekau today! Ok, here’s a scenario: We have all agreed (as Nigerian Christians & Muslims) to secularize the country and embrace democracy – so that there won’t be any issue of one religion trying to gain control by all means and impose its values on everyone. But within the democracy itself, the procedure is being subverted. Won’t this eventually lead to frustration and people getting fed up with the whole democracy thing? As someone who really knows God, won’t you rather go back to your scripture and abide by it? Rather than follow an unsigned contract (i.e. the constitution) which has now been violated? Ok, if we don’t want to follow the constitution, then what the hell are we following? Or are we just living like animals? Won’t you feel as if your life is without a purpose? Of course this is the natural mindset that will be born. Since democracy is now all about cheating and imposing leaders on a group of people, then why should anyone follow it and adopt it over their spiritual/religious stipulations?

    • kingsley obi

      Look at this dummy, the tape was fabricated by your friends in the APC

      • Aly

        was it your father that fabricated it?

  • bello audu

    President Goodluck Jonathan administration unbundled the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) into 18 successor companies for greater efficiency and effectiveness in power generation and distribution and also The Federal Government of Nigeria during his administration entered into an MOU with worldwide leaders in the power sector, General Electric. The MoU stipulates that General Electric will invest up to 15 percent equity in power projects in the country summing up to 10,000MW capacity by the year 2020. General Electric also proposes to establish local packaging facility for small aero-derivative turbines in Nigeria which will promote job creation. for Mr President to achieved these he need your support to solve the country electricity problem be wise and vote wisely course PDP is all about Progress #GEJ4Naija.

  • The tale bearers are allergic to development and won’t admit this

  • Uncle Charlie

    The propaganda carriers are specially gifted when it comes to acknowledging the good works of GEJ

  • APC and its cohorts. Are you reading this?

  • Sams

    “Stating that his administration would not relent in its efforts to “drive away darkness from Nigeria,” – I thought GEJ is the ‘darkness’ in Nigeria..

  • Enumah

    I don’t have a problem with change but my issue is if Buhari is the change then i stick to Jonathan.

  • And they say he isn,t doing anything. Until he picks a shovel and start working manually that’s when they’ll see he,s working keep it up sir

  • Etega

    Well done sir!

  • Nwaobilor

    Step by step we shall get to the required power generation scale for constant power supply.

  • Lekan Badamosi

    It is on record that this Government has given highest investment to power sector, Olorunshogo1 335MW,Olorunsogo2 750MW in Ogun
    State,Sapele 225 MW in Delta State,Omotosho 112.5MW in Ondo State,Geregu 425MW in Kogi state.This may not have translated to immediate gain in short periods,but given the comprehensive work being done across the chain of electricity supply ranging from distribution,Transmission to Generation,inclusive of steady Gas supply to various NIPP projects,Nigerians will soon witness a massive turnaround in the power sector.People who dismiss these statistics have never left their comfort zone to check out installations and the works being carried out on them,Old installations such as Egbin,Kainji,Jebba are also being put back on track due to years of neglect.Nigerians need to be sincere,fact check and make research about government policies before castigating them.GEJ means well and will continue to deliver

    • kingsley obi

      Thank you for the stats so the general public will be fully informed.

    • Abdul

      We must thank Obj for this achievement, he started the NIPP project and paid almost $14billion for them, why should we give the glory to Jonathan who only commission the project?

  • The man has done well, I endorse him and commend his efforts

  • emmanuel

    GEJ you have done well

  • Nelson David

    Na u we want ooooooo, your dey shw well 4 najia pple.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    Most Nigerians will not see what mr. president is doing today but with time they sing praises of he has done.

  • Divine West

    If our past president could done half of what mr. president is doing then Nigeria will be a better place. Keep doing it mr president.

  • geraldine jaja

    all the past leaders of this country ought to be ashamed of themselves, GEJ has achieved more thats all past leaders put together#GEJbestpresidentever#Ride on till 2019

    • dkb

      Then let that speaks for him by next month.

    • dt

      I don’t know if this is just ignorance or a deliberate choice to close your eyes to the truth. The Olorunshogo plant was not a Jonathan project. The project was by Obasanjo completed under Jonathan. Jonathan has done practically nothing for the sector.

    • Abdul

      PDP and their erats are very ignorant and so mischievous, Obj started that project, he paid for it, Jonathan only commission it. Crooks.

  • uko bassey

    GEJ has fulfilled all the promises he made to Nigerians in 2011, now he has made us another set of promises and he is already delivering#Go GEJ till 2019!

    • Abdul

      Its obj project not Jonathan, Jonathan is claiming Obj’s glory

  • uzo

    GEJ is good for nigeria

  • uko bassey

    GEJ is all nigeria needs to excel!

  • ahmed

    As we march to a greater and better Nigeria GEJ is the right pathway!

  • Chief Emeka bakogu

    The entire nation is at your back Sir, be rest assured that we put the opposition to shame in this March polls. GEJ till 2019

  • Blessing Ndubisi

    Our Power supply just got a lift in supplies, may GOD bless Nigeria and GEJ

    • Abdul

      You should instead pray for Obj because he started that project and paid for it.

  • Tunde Fabian

    I am sure by the time GEJ inaugurates the Egbin power station on Saturday, we will feel an upgrade in power that we have never had before.

    • GbemigaO

      Same old story. They added 1000 mw and lost 1200 mw the next day through vandalism . Story

  • Comfortkay

    Nonesense what kind of promises that has been deliver? There is no Light in many part of the country, PDP means no good for Nigeria, because if they want constant power supply they should have BAN importation of Generators, but they refused to do that. It is interesting to watch how in this country overnight people become a Billionaire for doing nothing. PDP has killed Nigeria Economy and Rubbished Nigeria Democracy.
    Every unbaisased sincere Nigeria knows GEJ wants to win by all means and at all cost. What a shame.

  • Ladidi Danlami

    Initally, not many gave him the chance of succeeding in restructuring the 750 MW Olorunsogo II Power Station in Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State. Today, this feat has been achieved and has been re-commissioned alongside the Egbin power plant plc at Ikorodu in lagos state…. This is another milestone achievement of President Goodluck Jonathan who believes in delivering the dividend of democracy to all Nigerians. This has reaffirmed his commitment at electrifying the country. Great work Mr. President. We are with you till 2019…..#GEJ4Naija

    • Abdul

      Jonathan is a crook, that power station was started by OBJ. It is a shame that Jonathan is talking about fulfilling a campaign promise when he was not the one that started the project, THAT PROJECT WAS ONE OF THE NIPP PROJECTS STARTED BY OBJ.

      • Ladidi Danlami

        Jonathan remains an achiever in this stead. He never said he started it, he only motivated the success of the work and recommissioned it. How many times has this contract been awarded under obasanjo alone? Now that it was restructured and monitored to completion by him, we should keep sentiment apart and give this man his credit.

        • Abdul

          He said he has fulfill his campaign promise, what was the campaign promise as it relate to this power station? he did not envision it, he did not start the project, he did not pay for it, he only came to commission it, now he wants to claim the glory. Obj awarded the contract ones and that was it, what do you mean by how many times was the contract awarded? i beg carry your ignorance comot here.

          Do you know how much Obj paid for all the power project (about 14 of them), almost $14billion. Jonathan should give us a break, his supporters can chose to fo*l themselves BUT MAJORITY OF NIGERIANS REFUSED TO BE MOCKED BY HIM.

          • Ladidi Danlami

            Just hear urself talk as if since OBJ awarded the contract work was in full swing. I can imagine ur intellectual prowess of reasearch… If you need info about how many times the contract was awarded, i would gladly tell you. I bank on facts and not just mere say as you APC moles argue.

          • Abdul

            Sorry for you, i tell you again, stop displaying ignorance here, the NIPP vision started with Obj and the contract was awarded ones, maybe you are finding it difficult to differentiate between the NATIONAL ID CARD PROJECT and the NIPP project. If you say the ID card project was awarded many times by successive govt, i will agree with BUT NOT NIPP project.

            Stop showcasing ignorant, i am talking to you because i have information. Pls go i beg.

          • Ladidi Danlami

            i never argued with u as to who started it…. who saw to its completion?

          • Ladidi Danlami

            Or are u telling me that OBJ wud get the glory for the completion of the Abuja-Lokoja express way which he reawarded again and again before being finally completed by GEJ?

          • Ladidi Danlami

            It was first awarded for restructuring in 2002 but was re-awarded in 2007 by the YarÁdua/Goodluck administraion. Its rebuilding process was monitored by the GEJ administration running through its completion. In this light, you should have me thanked for the enlightenment.

          • Abdul

            Hahahaha, you are fraud honestly. You are making serious effort to give your clueless president the glory but sorry i am not buying that because i know its Obj project.

          • Ladidi Danlami

            Just say thanks for the intellectual exposure of ur ignorance and stop hiding under guise of what GEJ has or has not done. Next time, do a thorough research before analysing blindly. Macabre Abdul…. Starck Illiterate like ur Boss and a certificate forger GMB

          • GbemigaO

            You are not serious . The main project was commissioned by OBJ before leaving power. This is the second 235 MV project , I believe .

          • Ladidi Danlami

            No one is arguing with u as to who first commissioned the project. My question 2 U is this… How effective was the power plant after being commissioned by OBJ? The only thing we are saying here is that it was restructured and recommissioned by GEJ, equiped with modern facility coupled with a maintenance terms signed. Who then really commissioned the power plant?

          • Ladidi Danlami

            mr serious… Who saw to its restructuring when its functioning ability fell tremendously. Speak facts and dont be myopic

          • GbemigaO

            So you commission when you maintain or restructure as I am talking about the first plant and not the second phase. Who is myopic now ?

          • Ladidi Danlami

            In the first intance, nobody ever said nothing about the first plant which everyone knows was commissioned by OBJ…. GEJ never said he commissioned… He only said he re-commissioned the egbin power plant. Do not misconstrue dat fact. mr serious

          • GbemigaO

            Ladidi. I got you now. You are obviously responding off point. I was refering to Olorunsogo plant which was the subject of the debate on this forum. The issue people were responding to was that GEJ is commissioning Olorunsogo without giving acknowledgement to OBJ who first commissioned the plant and my point is that he must have been refering to the second phase ! I never mentioned anything about Egbin power plant.

      • Ladidi Danlami

        Intellectual Abdul… In a relay race, if the beginner starts slow and the finisher works hard to close the lapses and ends well , who gets the most commendation?

        • Abdul

          Start slow? lol, what makes you think the person that had the vision, paid for the project started slow? are you alright?

          • Ladidi Danlami

            Go and ask your ill presidential candidate if he is alright…. If he gives u an answer, den sure i would give u mine as well…. mole!

  • Uzoma John

    It is not commissioning a power station, which mere ceremonial, it’s about the power station actually adding positively to power generation. Not after commissioning, we won’t hear anything again. That’s GEJ’s government for you. His idea of transformation is commissioning and planning but not checking whether the project(s) commissioned is working or plans being implemented. This our PhD President won’t stop to amaze me.

    • Ayelala

      The power plant was already fully paid for, built and commissioned by Obasanjo. All this when crude was selling for $38 a barrel. Obj built 7 power station in total. When you include tinubu’s 400 MW thermal, AGIP, Mobil,odili ‘s, then you know that t his man is not only a liar, but a useless one at that.
      Only fools will fall for this man’s theatrics.

  • GbemigaO

    Obasanjo commissioned this power station at the tail end of his administration ! Are you commissioning the extension or what ? We need to be transparent in this country. Nigerians are not fools !

  • Agozie

    Yes we all agree OBJ commissioned the project or whatever, but as someone clearly stated , its not by starting a project, it’s seeing it through. Some of these projects are often awarded so they could syphone some money, but GEJ’s administration has been pulling through all awarded projects. Even the second Niger bridge that was commissioned just last year, has its pillars up already.

    I know we can’t all agree, but it is wise to discredit honestly. One Nigeria people

  • korona melvin

    Under the guidance of the president,this council now have critical roles to play in the post privatisation state of the power sector. The administration has now expanded the scope of participation in the power sector to involve all levels of government. This is a commendable step.. VOTE GOODLUCK JONATHAN.. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • ayomide

    Goodluck Jonathan Administration have consistently delivered on his campaign promises to transform Nigeria and many sector have been touch in his administration, he always say he would leave no stone unturned to achieve its goals.

    The number of private sector seed companies grew from 10 to 70 within one year. Over $ 7 billion of investments from Nigerian businesses have been made to develop new fertilizer manufacturing plants, which will make Nigeria the largest producer and exporter of fertilizer in Africa. It is also noteworthy that agricultural lending as a share of total bank lending has risen from two per cent to six per cent in two years. #GEJ4Naija