Nigeria lacks institutions, systems, to prevent corruption — Okonjo-Iweala

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

The Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, said on Tuesday that corruption has persisted in Nigeria because it lacked the institutions, systems and processes to prevent it.

Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala made this known when she spoke on the topic: Preventing Leakages in the Nigerian Economy at the Catholic Caritas Foundation Forum in Abuja.

The minister gave the verdict despite the country having in place two key anti-corruption agencies – the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission.

According to her, the absence of the relevant systems and institutions that will help check corruption has created opportunities for people to engage in the act.

“This thing has been with us and we must crack it. This is not something that started in this country today; but it is something that we must crack,” she said. “Fundamentally, we have to ask ourselves, why has this continued to be a problem? I am convinced that it is because we constantly look at the symptoms and not the cause of the disease.

The cause of the disease is we don’t have in place the institutions, the systems and the processes to block and prevent it in the first place. That’s the only difference between us and the people abroad.”

The minister assured that people would be compelled to do the right thing always if the appropriate systems were in place to block and prevent corruption.

She urged youth in the country to ask the relevant questions that would help tackle corruption.

She said: “This is so important now because of technology and I am a total fan of the use of technology and electronic platforms to block the leakages in this country. We must use them the way they are being used in other countries.”

Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala said that the introduction of the Government Integrated Financial Management System had helped to reduce physical movement of cash to make payments and curb corruption.

She said that the Integrated Personnel Payment System had also helped government to remove ghost workers from the system and save money in the process.

She said, “We have been able to weed out about 62,893 ghost workers till date saving N208.7 billion and we have not finished in the system. That is addressing the root cause.”

The minister said that the names of the persons found to be involved in the act had been sent to the ICPC for further action.

Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala said that through the electronic wallet system introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture, government had been able to reduce corruption in fertilizer distribution in the country.

According to her, 10.5 million farmers have been registered under the system with more than 6 million being able to access the product personally.

This, she said, had contributed to increased food production.

The minister said that with the creation of the Pension Transmission Administration Department as demanded by law, issues with old pension were being handled systematically

She said that 14 people were presently under trial for various pension scams in the country.

Commenting on the outcome of the forensic Audit on the alleged $20 billion missing oil money, she said the ministry had written to the NNPC asking it to remit the amount as directed by the auditors. (NAN)


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  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Just a case of one of those PDP oil thieves landing a stiff jail sentence could do more than all the TAN prop ups put together have been able to achieve. You folks have completely lost touch with the realities of our times. Those prime targets whose activities have brought our nation to its knees are still out their daring Jonathan to even query them. Those are the ones we want you to go after, before these small fries. You don’t still understand…


    Thank you, madam Ngozi, for indicting yourself and the administration you serve. After six years of GEJ, is not an indictment to say that Nigeria does not have the institutions, systems and processes to fight corruption? If Pres. Jonathan cannot do it in six years, why should we believe he can do it in four?

    • Alao Moses

      You are not reckoning with the fact that she had been in govt before GEJ earning dollars.

  • Alao Moses

    The drummer whose drum is partly made of wood that could have been used to make fire should not complain that the yam is half cooked. What has she been doing working with the past two regimes?

  • Spoken word

    All this woman can come up with are excuses.

    • Abubakar

      The whole of the administration only comes up with excuses not only this woman.

      • Spoken word

        Failed government that does not want to relinquish power.

  • Arrest warrant

    Madam during obj and yar adua without this so called awaiting system of yours to fight corruption ..corruption is not as open as it is in this your administration..
    madam you work at world bank,you even contest to head that come this system is not inplace here in Nigeria..
    inshort how many years have you been and still heading our financial sector you failed to initiate the anti corruption institutions and system as you said….this is a clear failures and full definition of your bad leadership by yoursef ..unless you need forever to introduced it..
    I’m sure you forget employing 234 personals to your office from your home town too..SOLUDO will answer you properly.

  • ConScience

    In spite of the premise based on falsehood doesn’t this directly indict the ruling party where for 16 years they have been unable to create the said “institutions and systems to fight corruption”.
    Every time this woman opens her mouth I cringe. She is the most inept entity in the current administration and that is saying a lot. She makes Mama P look like a Harvard graduate. I know a lot of Nigerians that were able to excel at Harvard based on the ability to cram concepts. But when it comes to imagination they fall short in the real world. She has never managed private sector economics so how the hell can she suggest, guide and implement policies to drive public sector economic ideas and reforms. May the good lord help us. OBJ and Jonathan do not realize that the downfall of their economic policies is this inept woman. I know loads of Nigerian Economic Machineries in the form of women on Wall street running market based economies that would put her to shame. I shiver for her utterances!!!

  • kykkyk

    Oga madam what were you employed for. If you do not know, you were employed to create those institutions and processes. but you failed after collecting salary in dollars. Heartless!!

    • Kayode

      Don’t be blinded by malice. Madam has clearly been working to create those institutions. The improvements in the administration of public funds is an example of what she has achieved. Do you know what it means to remove 62,893 ghost workers from the system?

      • Charlie Sheen

        LMAO…you are blinded by bias and sentiment too. Take politics and partisanship out and see how rotten our system is. We need to hold public officers accountable and impose sanctions then we know they are working. Corruption is killing us day by day.

      • Abubakar

        What happened with the subsidy scam, she pays subsidy and she knows that the amount tripled in less than a year when the amount of consumption did not triple, what has she done to address this problem? She removed subsidy, the price of what we are still paying for at the expense of the few greedy subsidy takers, how does this ever amount to a good job?

  • Omo Akin

    What institution is this woman talking about? What has happened to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, DSS etc in Nigeria? Is it not a fact these institutions see themselves as working only for the President’s party as shown by Ekiti video and the raid on APC data center. The fact is that PDP destroyed all institutions they met or created.
    On corruption, the most potent solution is a sure unpalatable consequence for the act. In the USA, once you are caught, no matter who your parents are or your own position, you will go to jail and loose everything you worked for in your life. Two former Governors of Illinois State were imprisoned, in fact one is still there right now. That realization of what you stand to loose is the deterrent.

    • Edward Ekeoma

      @Omo Akin, I think you need a little education on this matter and I’m here to help you. The Airforce, Navy, Army, Police, DSS, etc. are all agencies until the step up to the responsibility for which they were created for before they can be seen as institutions. But even at that, it is not these bodies that you mentioned are responsible for asking questions on corruption. There are Civil, Human rights groups that should be responsible for holding our public officers accountable. And such groups should be made up of “me and you”. All we need is information and this government has signed the FOI bill. So we can get information which we need to hold our public officers accountable. You can see that we should thank the minister of finance and this government for doing the right thing.

  • taewo

    After over 10 years as Minister of Finance, Coordinator of Economy, Minister of Foreign Affairs, this woman is still complaining that Nigeria doesn’t have the structure to fight corruption. Please ask: what is her job description? Apparently, she still sees herself as a world bank official sent to review Nigeria accountability structure.

    • Ken

      You have obviously missed the point. Building institutions is not something that can be done by one person or achieved in one day. If you read this article well, you will see that she has been working with other like-minds in this administration to solve the problem. The introduction of Integrated Personnel Payment System in public service and the e-wallet in Ministry of Agriculture are some of the positive developments in this regard.

      • Charlie Sheen

        And in your small mind these 2 solutions they came up with in 6 years will rid nigeria of these blood suckers abi? Or are you telling me that these are the 2 places corruption is thriving in this country? She just showed how she has under achieved. Please put Nigeria 1st not an individual or particular set of individuals. Corruption is what is killing this country.

  • Otile

    It is impossible to get rid of eye-poking corruption in Nigeria without resorting to drastic measures. How can one root out corruption in a country where the leaders and their predecessors are corrupt to the teeth? In Nigeria coupists and looters are glorified and adored. With these dragons roaming around where do you start fighting corruption? How can you go after a petit thief while begging a known looter to come and lead the nation? If Nigerians are serious about fighting corruption they should not look the other way when their kinsmen, party leaders, and coupists try to grab power inorder to perpetuate their corruption.

    A case i point, how can people of conscience allow a candidate to forge a certificate as a qualification for his candidacy? In a sane society mere accusation of forgery and perjury would touch a candidate to withdraw, because the world will see such a candidate as dishonest. Here in Nigeria unthinking supporter will not care, they will tell you that the end justifies the means, not minding that corrupt leader are a bad influence on the young generation.

  • Advocate

    it will prevent chris uba from withdrwaing cash from cbn and bribing general momoh. instead of cash, chris uba will use credit card. #crazystupidfool

  • Most Honestly

    Anuofia nwanyi

  • Bolaji

    Thank God for someone like Madam Iweala who does not only recognise the challenges facing Nigeria but also taking practical steps to address them.

  • Ken

    Nigeria will be forever grateful to the Minister of Finance for reducing physical movement of cash in the administration of public funds and introducing the electronic system that has helped to curb corruption.

  • Kayode

    I have always admired Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala for insisting on transparency and accountability. It’s so encouraging to see that she has remained undeterred in spite of malicious efforts to weary her.

  • Man_Enough

    “spare the rod and spoil the child”. impunity is why corruption festers. madam tells us that they were able to weed out almost 6300 ghost workers yet nobody has been brought to book over this. does she mean they were not able to detect who has been collecting the ghosts’ salaries?

  • Republican in VI

    Every finance person knows you cannot have fiscal policy working in a vacuum without enforcement, fighting against theft of public funds and graft. With purposeful leadership from former president Obasanjo NOI was on one hand able to pay off our Paris Club debt and build up reserves, despite huge pressure shield those reserves from greedy governors and at the same time the chairman of the efcc Nuhu Ribadu was fighting corruption sending Inpesctor Generals and Governors to jail as a result the naira gained value from N144 to N118. In this regime Okonjo Iweala has failed on the fiscal side, they have borrowed, they have not saved for a rainy and there is zero enforcement on graft and theft of public funds as a result the Naira has gone from 155 to 215. If as a professional you are noir getting the support of your leader in enforcing the fiscal discipline and fighting corruption it is easy for people to label you as an accomplice. If Okonjo Iweala did not want this label as an accomplice she should have resigned years ago.

  • Charlie Sheen

    Madam you just shot yourself and your master in the foot. UTTERLY USELESS!!!!!

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Madam Minister, are you knowing this now or did you know this all along and kept mute over it? As the ‘Treasurer’ of the nation’s purse you can’t claim not to be aware of how money moves under your watch. After all, all facets of corruption translate to illegal movement of money which eventually gets to your notice.

    • bib

      The Minister of finance who kept paying on presentation of fake papers until budgeted N280billion 2010 oil subsidy exceeded 2trillion Naira without NA authorization! What is she talking about system? She is as corrupt as her oga on top. But the her oga prefers stealing.

  • Ette

    This woman is very disgraceful to make this senseless statement. For her EFCC and ICPC and Asset Declaration Commission are not institutions, the Public Service Procedures, Financial Regulations and Public Procurement Act are not processes and systems to prevent corruption. She smells corruption and is blowing lies all over the place in attempt to cover her dirty and corrupt deals. May God deal with them the way they are dealing with Nigerians. God bless Nigeria.

  • Patrick

    Sincerely, and I’m not just saying this to make

    her feel good; Okonjo-Iweala is one woman that has worked tirelessly for the

    good of this country. Talk about economic reforms and improvements; she has

    been there. From the days of the debt pardon during Obasanjo regime to the

    times of Nigeria becoming the leading economy in Africa. I mean, this woman is

    really trying. No wonder she keeps bagging awards all over the world.

  • Ifeanyi

    When systems and structures are in place, things

    run seamlessly and there is hardly any way that someone can do shady deals.

    said it is difficult to be corrupt in America because if not immediately, later

    the person would be caught. Imagine 20 years the line, the person would still

    be caught nevertheless. That is because they have viable systems and

    structures. The

    Government Integrated Financial Management System (GIFMS) and the Integrated

    Personnel Payment System which has helped to weed out ghost workers are

    laudable achievements. This is what we have been talking about, we want more of


  • Cyril

    When systems and structures are in place, things

    run seamlessly and there is hardly any way that someone can do shady deals.

    said it is difficult to be corrupt in America because if not immediately, later

    the person would be caught. Imagine 20 years the line, the person would still

    be caught nevertheless. That is because they have viable systems and

    structures. The

    Government Integrated Financial Management System (GIFMS) and the Integrated

    Personnel Payment System which has helped to weed out ghost workers are

    laudable achievements. This is what we have been talking about, we want more of


  • Kenneth

    The much talked about forensic audit report is

    out; that is a big milestone. It has not gone the way previous allegations have

    gone. This one was not swept under the carpet, it has been pursued to a logical

    end; we have the results as Okonjo-Iweala promised. Well done Madam, you are

    truly a woman of interity, a woman of your words.

  • George

    The Government Integrated Financial Management

    System (GIFMS) and the Integrated Personnel Payment System are great milestones

    coming from this administration. It is indeed time to sanitise the system and

    there should be no sacred cows. Well done Madam

  • Sanmi Falae

    May God please deliver us from these lunatics RUINING our lives in the name of running it. Fundamentally, corruption requires human agency either to perpetrate or to curb. For example, human beings invent, run, and manage institutions, systems, or social structures thus human beings are responsible for functionality or failure of structures.
    It is thus a simple logical conclusion to draw that, corruption thrives and prospers in Nigeria because we have incompetent and corrupt people like Jonathan Goodluck and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as our LEAD SOCIAL CHANGE- AGENTS or managers and gate-keepers of our national institutions or structures.
    This is because either they personally corrupt (debase or make unfit for purpose) the due process for running and managing our institutions; or they connive with those who corrupt them; or ignore and turn a blind eye to abusers of our national structures. So it is characteristically ignorant of the Finance Minister, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-iweala, to blame structures for perpetration and perpetuation of corruption (or indeed other social vices) in Nigeria.
    God knows how many plane-loads of Nigeria’s money are stolen and flown overseas in private jets owned by Nigerians who could barely write their names or think to save their lives. So why is Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s electronic devices not preventing or catching these people. Such a brickhead who thinks you have to breakdown whole national social structures to reform or innovate!!!!!
    breakdown societal structures to innovate or reform them!

  • djay

    I notice the write up by George,Kenneth,Cyril,Ifeanyi and Patrick followed the same pattern. The new media man 4 Gej is straight to work.

    NOI, Nigeria does not lack the institutions, systems and processes to prevent corruption what Nigeria lacks and don’t have is Leadership and Political Will. Gej and his pdp led govt has failed in leadership.

    • Great Anunobi

      I disagree with you Nigeria lacks institutions. It is people like you and me that should hold our leaders in public office accountable. Where we fail, we shouldn’t put the blame on our leaders. It is an inclusive participation and everyone should be involved. So the question is how involved are you. Madam Iweala has created a level plane ground for all. This government signed into law the freedom of information bill. They have set the foundation to fight corruption. Now the information at your fingertips what have you done with it? Stop blaming committed Nigerians.

      • bib

        Like the 2010oil subsidy that she overpaid unauthorised on fake papers by two trillions! As so called head of economic team and the chief treasurer ought she not have queried the expenditure as soon as she reached 75% of the budgeted figure and claims kept coming in floods? Ought she not supposed to have advised Mr President to ask the national assembly for viament when the budgeted figure was about to be exceeded?
        No, there are systems and institutions to stop corruption in Nigeria but the Kleptocracy she represents would not permit them to work.
        If we want to stop corruption in Nigeria we must go for BETTERLUCK! VOTE FOR BUHARI!!!

  • Olumide Abas

    Corruption is a more subtle way of stealing, i believe, and it is sure more malignant for its covert nature and believable balance sheets & therefore very difficult to deal with than a gun point stealing, for instance. Sentiments apart, corruption is rather asymetrical! and would require more painstaking investigation to unravel ad weed out and that’s what the current administration has been doing. Say what you want, but the President is spot on in this regard.

  • Shaanu Akowe

    To represent truly patriotic Nigerians and put public perception straight, i’d just say that culpability should rather be put on our weak judiciary system and not on the so called government’s lack of political will as its been flying around. let’s quit the cynicism and find better practical things to do than badmouth sincere people.

  • Great Anunobi

    I agree with the Minister, putting systematic checks and balances in place is what we need to check corruption. Corruption needs processes and systems that cannot be possible without institutions. And Institutions are agencies with men of reputable integrity that will stop at nothing at doing the right thing. The minister of finance is one of such people; we need people like her in our agencies to have great institutions. Will you stand out where you are; I think that is where it starts from.

  • Giggs

    Non of Okonjo Iweala’s critics have been able to reply this speech by her back on counterfactual grounds. These cynists are so funny! Keep up the good works Okonjo-Iweala.

    • Charlie Sheen

      i believe there are institutions and systems to prevent corruption its just that it is not being in proper use. Aside that i think she can do more regarding accountability of public funds as she is the custodian.

  • Usman Mohammed

    At a critical look at what the Minister said about having institutions, as the solution to corruption is in line with President Obama’s opinion about Africa. It is not just about Nigeria, but the mentality of the people of Africa. And it will take a collective effort of everyone and not just a particular set of people. And this can only be made possible when the people are committed to their own cause and are ready to make sacrifices in their personal lives and career lives too. Just as Madam Iweala had to sacrifice a career at the World Bank to further the cause of Nigeria’s democracy. The youths should learn from your good works.

  • Edward Ekeoma

    Great leaders are leaders with vision and fight for the cause of the common man. Madam Iweala uncommon resilience for the transformation of this country will not be forgotten for generations. Thanks as you remind our agencies that they should step up become institutions to hold public officers responsible to make this country a better place.

  • Promise

    I must accept that I have no fault to Mrs Iweala’s super
    opinion about the nature of corruption and insecurity in Nigeria. The Minister
    said my mind with these honest words from her. My God give us the fortitude to
    understand and accept this painful truth as revealed by NOI. God bless us all.

  • Rose

    For the first time in my life I find myself on the same page
    with the Minister for Finance. This shows how fast things can change. Mrs.
    Iweala really impressed me with her comments today. I am proud to be a Nigerian
    once again!

  • Muh’d

    Let’s face it, is the Minister right or wrong? Prejudices
    and party affiliations aside! The fact the even the Nigeria’s main opposition
    party the APC has dropped its toga of partisanship to throw its weight behind
    the Minister is very commendable. But for those who want to be more Catholic
    than the Pope can keep on in their self-imposed ignorance.

  • Yewande

    I don’t really know why we pretend about certain things in
    Nigeria. To fight corruption and insecurity, we need strong patriotic
    institutions. Let us take a good example of the Nigeria Police. How can you
    curb graft with such an unpatriotic corruption-filled institution? I sympathise
    with the ignorance of opponents of Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala for deliberately shying
    away from the obvious reality of the Nigerian predicament in its
    anti-corruption crusade. May God help us all!

  • Bayo

    We live in a country where we have demonised public
    officials as all corrupt. For me no matter the source of this erroneous belief,
    there are still men and women of integrity that holds public office. A good
    example is Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-iweala. This opinion of hers is what I have
    canvassed a long time ago, but nobody listened to me. We have to accept the
    fact that we presently have weak institutions and these institutions themselves
    cannot fight corruption. This is why I welcome the Minister’s timely call.

  • Segun Adegoke

    It only baffles me in this country that we don’t appreciate
    acts of courage. Mrs Okonjo-Iweala is saying exactly what virtually everyone
    knows. Can anyone please tell me which of our institutions can stand to fight corruption
    presently? Is it the Judiciary, police or which? Let some point to one
    institution. Definitely none! Now that Mrs. Iweala has pointed out our obvious
    deficiency, can we just for once appreciate this great woman for this act of

  • Bolade

    What is the new thing in what Mrs. Okonjo-iweala said that
    hasn’t been said before? Obama came to Africa in 2009 and said just what the
    Minister said. We prefer a white man come to our land to tell us we already
    know, we should not forget that Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala was for many years World
    Bank MD so she knows exactly what she
    was talking about when she said Nigeria lacks the institutions to fight

  • excel

    In other words, you are not fit for the job, you and gej are a failure. March4Buhari

  • Maitama Tambari.

    Haba Madam Economic Coordinator. Is it not the Managers or Administrators of the Institutions charged with managing and charging corrupt and rogue public officials that are the Managers and Administrators of the Institutions you are claiming now do not exist. How about the laws, Acts of EFFC, Police and ICPC? The laws are their but the administrations are handicapped by corrupt and rogue Public Officials. As long as Nigerians are the Administrators of whatever Institutions you put in place, they would not function, period. CHANGE will make the current Institutions work as they did in 1983. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • grace folarin

    This is an area GEJ administration is going to tackle immensely. corruption is a menace that has been dragging this nation backward. there has been tremendous progress is the fight against corruption. corruption is goin to come to a grand halt in this country under the leadership of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • Annabel

    Oh, I love, love, love this woman. You remain a role
    model to many. Even in the face of so much pressure and antagonistic behaviour
    from the people whose future you have been fighting to protect, you have
    delivered the prognosis and the cure to what ails our motherland. You are just
    too much! You are still Mama Nigeria to me. May your days be long!

  • Lenz

    So, if Nigeria lacks strong institutions to tackle corruption — is it the responsibility of Madam’s audience to create these institutions or the responsibility of government (which Madam has been a part of since the days of OBJ) to create them?

    What has Okonjo-Iweala and the current administration she has been a part of for six years been doing about creating the institutions she says are lacking? Or is it the Americans or the British that will create the institutions for the government and for Nigerians?

    In the US, cabinet ministers are actively involved in the drafting of innovative and transformational legislation that is integral to driving change in governance and society.

    Again, what has Madam Okonjo and the governments she has been a part of since the 1999 – 2007 era been doing?

  • Amos Peterside

    Spot on!!!

    Always articulate and on point! Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
    has once again identified what ails us. It is not only in government that this
    lack of systems and institutions create a thriving environment or corruption,
    it is everywhere. And like she rightly said, we have a responsibility to crack
    it! This cycle must be broken if this country is to truly move forward. God
    bless you ma! Carry go!!!

  • Jola Daniels

    I wonder why people are so full of negative energy to
    the point where they can no longer recognise positive input. Has Mrs Iweala not
    said the abosolute truth on this matter? Even APC agrees with her, yet some
    people will still post some comments that just expose their level of depravity.
    Such a shame…SMH

  • The Patriot

    When I read the comments of some of my brothers and sisters, I am ashamed to be called a Nigerian because it would mean that I am bound to some nonentities by national association. What has the CME said that is out of order? She has raised an issue that we all know to be true and rather than for people to ask themselves what role they have in “cracking” this lack of systems and institutions, they talk such nonsense. As well educated as some of us appear, our hearts are just full of bitterness and our mouths, bile. Nigeria is the way it is because of ALL OF US. Stop heaping blame on Dr Iweala and take a look into the mirror to see the number one problem this country has…unpatriotic people.

  • Danylo

    Nigeria has the institutions, systems and processes to prevent corruption. The problem is the corrupt people running and managing these.

  • Anwuli Okoro

    You don’t have to be an economist to understand what the honourable minister meant by her remarks…however, you have to be a sincere person to agree with her. What Naija needs is more sincere followers and not those whose consciences tell them one thing while their lips say another. The minister has given an honest representation of what ails us in this country. We should be asking ourselves how we can make a better Nigeria not casting blames on the ills of the past. For once, let us look to the future with a promise of a bighter tomorrow. #IStandWithGEJ

  • Cyril

    The case of the e-wallet system in agriculture is particularly commendable. Prior to this, farmers complain that they don’t
    get the fertilizers and other benefits. Thanks to the e-wallet system, the farmers now have direct access to facilities and benefits.

  • Bankole

    Kudos Ma, thanks for giving us the real picture. Together, let us crack this problem of corruption once and for all! You are truly a blessing to this nation…whether people accept it or not. God bless

  • Lake4r

    I can’t agree more with this global icon on the effective way to combat corruption in Nigeria. This nation has been bruised for so long under the weight of corruption. Until we start to build institutions, Nigeria will continue to see the number of corruption growing across the nation.

  • Lake4r

    I detest rhetorics. But as far as I am concerned, this is not a rhetoric. NOI highlights some of the steps she has taken to block leakages in the system. Imagine if we had four of her type in this administration, things would have changed in a great way.

  • Africa

    She made very good points! However, I disagree that we lack institutions to prevent corruptions. Most ministries and MDAs have anti corruption and due process units, these are systems that have put in place to check against corruption. The failing in the system is one of leadership rather than institution/system. Realistically speaking, when a president has zero tolerance for corruption, the ministers, perm secs, Dirs and other employees read his body language and sit up.

  • David Abiodun

    This is her statement:

    The cause of the disease is we don’t have in place the institutions, the systems and the processes to block and prevent it in the first place.

    You will notice her statement speaks of blocking and preventing it. Not fighting it. Dear so called educated Nigerians, there is a difference between blocking or preventing something and fighting it. You can block or prevent a disease from happening or you can fight it after it happens. Which is actually better?

    I will continue to say that one of the many problems with Nigerians is too many educated illiterates. I guess Nigerian education system is too blame for this.

    Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is totally right. Nigeria does not have the a systematic process to BLOCK or PREVENT corruption from happening. Once a politician says I will FIGHT corruption, he or she has instantly lost my vote. Why? Because I will assume that its either he or she does not know the art of governance in modern societies or he or she purposefully want corruption to happen. What Nigeria have is government agencies set up by the government to fight corruption. Such agencies will be ineffective for many reasons I cannot explain here but by so doing, the government, in my opinion, actually wants corruption to flourish.

    How many developed countries government or politicians say WE WILL FIGHT CORRUPTION? Is it because there is no corruption in their countries? NO!! Actually, there is corruption in their countries and there is corruption everywhere. Corruption cannot be eradicated but it can be prevented by creating a transparent system in the society PERIOD!

    • Guest

      deterring, blocking, preventing, arresting, jailing, educating = fighting corruption. okonjo is the woman behind the monumental failure of jonathan ebele goodluck fighting corruption in nigeria – these includes nnpc fraud, fuel subsidy fraud, youwin fraud, sure-p fraud, import waivers fraud, etc.

  • Advocate

    deterring, blocking, preventing, arresting, jailing, educating = fighting corruption. okonjo is the woman behind the monumental failure of jonathan ebele goodluck’s corruption in nigeria – these includes nnpc fraud, fuel subsidy fraud, youwin fraud, sure-p fraud, import waivers fraud, etc

  • odumosu

    I think the problem with Nigeria is becoming obvious from day to day.
    To read that our Minister of Finance said such nonsense explains why Jonathan’s government, of which she is a key figure, had become the most corrupt in the nation’s history.
    If we don’t have the institutions to prevent or deal with corruption, what about the EFCC, the courts, the police and the National Assembly?
    Did I say National Assembly? Pardon me, because the current National Assembly has become part of the problem with their outlandish salaries and allowances.
    Did I mention the police? I am very sorry, because it would take more than a Rawlings to inculcate discipline in the Nigerian Police Force.
    The real problem is not that we don’t have the institutions to fight corruption, but we don’t give these institutions the power to do the job.
    Can we imagine what will be the case if the EFCC is truly independent of the executive branch?
    Can we imagine what will happen if our courts are completely rid of the Awokulehins of this world?
    Can we imagine what glorious land we’ll have if our police force stops being a police farce?
    Imagine! Imagine! Imagine!
    Last word: just in case someone thinks all the above are not possible, then he or she should know that in countries we call developed today, that is exactly what happens. Unlike the proverbial goat and yam story told by Corrupt Jonathan, the solution is NOT separating the goat from the yam, but letting the goat know that there are consequences for eating the yam that does not belong to it.