Jonathan campaign accuses APC of plotting fake attacks on own leaders

Femi Fani-Kayode

The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation, said on Friday that it has uncovered a plot by the All Progressives Congress to stage attacks on some its own key leaders in order to blame the ruling PDP.

APC had on Thursday raised the alarm that the lives of some of its leaders were in danger.

“As the elections approach, we know the harassment and intimidation will be stepped up. We know our leaders, including the National Chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, National Leader, Asiwaju Bila Ahmed Tinubu, Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, former Bayelsa State Governor Timipre Sylva, Senator Bukola Saraki and the National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, are under surveillance and their phones being bogged,” the APC said in a statement by its spokesperson, Lai Mohammed.

Reacting to the allegation, the Director General of the organisation, Femi Fani-Kayode, said the plot by the leadership of the opposition party to stage-manage the attacks on themselves was meant to portray the President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP as being violent.

“As diabolical as this plan appears to be, it should come as no surprise to the Nigerian people given the antecedents of the APC,” the organisation said.

“It is their stock-in-trade and their hallmark to engage in cheap propaganda and blackmail and to indulge in the most hideous form of violence. The recent torching of some of the branded buses of our party by the APC in Jos did not come to us as a surprise.

“Again the attacks on the convoy of our candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan, whilst he was campaigning in Katsina, Bauchi, Taraba, Adamawa and Kaduna States were all carried out by members of the APC and the supporters and disciples of General Muhammadu Buhari.”

The organisation noted that as an example of the APC leaders’ sheer deceit, there was a video of the burning of the PDP campaign buses all over social media.

It said the video footage showed a group of hoodlums offering songs of praise to presidential candidate of the APC, Muhammadu Buhari, and chanting war songs whilst they indulged in a gruesome and unrestrained orgy of violence.

“Yet the APC still attempted to deceive Nigerians by claiming that the burning of the buses was carried out by members of the PDP in Plateau State,” it said.

“The fact of the matter is that our party was not embroiled in any violent intra-party fracas in Plateau state. Furthermore our party leaders and members in Plateau State have demonstrated the highest level of decorum and civility even in the face of sponsored violence in the state.”

The organisation said it recalled that a serving senator, Gyang Dantong, lost his life in one of such sponsored acts of violence by the agents of darkness who have serially supported amnesty for terrorists.

It stated that it was self-evident that those who burnt buses in Plateau State were supporters of the APC and not members of the PDP.

It said rather than accept full responsibility for these attacks the APC quickly linked the attack on Mr. Oyegun to the PDP, insinuating that there were more attacks to come.

Describing the alleged stimulated attacks by the APC as “irresponsible and dangerous path to tread,” the organised said “we hereby serve notice to the leaders of the APC not to play with such dangerous fire.”

It stated furthers, “If they insist on doing so their plan will backfire in a way that they cannot possibly comprehend and it will have far-reaching and tumultuous consequences for the fortunes of their party. Yet the truth is that their plan will not work. It is yet another cheap attempt at poisoning the political environment and fouling up the political space.”

The organisation asked members of the public and the security agencies to be very vigilant so as not to become objects of collateral damage whenever the APC choose to carry out their plot.

It also recounted that Mr. Jonathan had repeatedly said that his ambition was not worth the blood of any Nigerian and that by way of contrast Mr. Buhari had told the Nigerian people that ”the dog and the baboon will both be soaked in blood in 2015.”

It said, “The Nigerian people will decide which of these two statements are more responsible and which of the two candidates is fit to lead our nation on March 28th.

”On that day they will decide whether it is the candidate that wants peace at all costs and that insists that there must be no shedding of blood or the one that consistently talks about violence and the shedding of blood that will lead Nigeria for the next four years.

“We urge those that are set on the track of simulated violence to desist from carrying out their wicked plans and to desist from employing such foul means to gain sympathy for their candidate, their party and their dwindling fortunes.”


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  • Maria

    Femi Fani Kayode, I am expecting your media response to the endorsement of GMB by OBJ… f00lish man.

  • George Ager.A

    As usual, after 2 snorts of cocaine, his mouth goes into free style mode

  • delbod2002

    This Fanikayode is truly on drug . Since the allegation of rigged election in Ekiti, he has, not said anything about it. He has conscience because he knew about Ekiti rigged election before it was blown open. He was in in Ile Ife during the Oshun state election. All of a sudden he became friends with the perpetrators of Ekiti rigged election, believing that the 2015 election will be smooth sail.
    They are set of lazy , robbers,crooked, thugs and mischievous people always wanted to reap where they did not sow.

    • emmanuel

      Which Ekiti election was rigged? He goat.

      Fayemi knew that he was roundly trounced and immediately congratulated Fayose. Tinubu is only wagging lost battle. Even if he finds another Salami to upturn the case, Ekiti will become a Somalai because Fayose will go no where.

      Tinubus days are almost over, because an Agbaje in Lagos and Jonathan back on the saddle is Kirikiri for him.

      Ribadu published in the Tribune of November 2007 details of Lagos state investment in Vmobile which Tinubu credited to his personal account upon sale. That single case is enough to send him to jail

  • Tahir

    So na APC send police to Shehu Garba and Army to Tinubu house abi?

    • Maria

      The guy is mad…. the whole world knows that PDP is harassing opposition leaders.

  • Sams

    That means the PDP is planning to attack APC leaders. Just because they made this statement doesn’t mean ppl can’t blame them if the attack happens.

  • Tunde

    What can one say about this guy? Really?

  • Maitama Tambari

    Sick man and spoke person of a sick Party, PDP. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • aminuabdulwahab

    APC is a violent Party. All they know how to do is to sponsor violence for political gain. No matter how hard they try, they will fail…..#GEJ4NAIJA

  • King Carlos

    The problem about Jonathan’s campaign is that Fani Kayode is not working in tandem with Olisah Metuh hierarchy. That’s why FFK said they have no confidence in Jega, but Adamu Muazu said they do. Fani Kayode is trying to hijack the Jonathan government, looking for relevance at all cost.

  • prsson

    Fani Kayode is a person that must not use to pray for any couple looking up for the blessing of a child from God, it is better to be barren than having the like of psycho disorder child like FFK who will rather be an embarrassment to the family. Though it is hereditary, his father is not in the good side of history too so also the present FFK and his coming generations will be.

  • It will be unwise to throw away your cooking pot with a soured soup, it will be unwise to set your kitchen ablaze because you saw a rat in it. Goodluck may not have been our best president, or your dream president, but he may be our only available source to frustrate the islamized APC’s agenda against Nigeria. Note that Vice President has little or no influence on the decision of a President; in that case Osibanjo may not have much to influence if these Islamists, peradventure hijack the highest position in our Nation, and thereafter roll out any agenda that undermines Christianity. This might serve as a pointer to what I am saying; please read on:
    1. Party Leader – North: Gen Muhammadu Buhari (Muslim).
    2. Party Leader – South: Bola Ahmed Tinubu (Muslim).
    3. National Chairman: Abdulkareem Bisi Akande (Muslim).
    4. Deputy National Chairman: Aminu Bello Masari (Muslim).
    5. National Secretary: Tijjani Musa Tumsah (Muslim).
    6. Deputy National Secretary: Nasir El-Rufai (Muslim).
    7. National Publicity Secretary: Lai Muhammad (Muslim).
    8. National Treasurer: Sadiya Umar Faruq (Muslim)
    9. National Financial Secretary: Alhaji Shaibu Musa (Muslim).
    10. National Youth Leader: Abubakar Lado (Muslim).
    11. National Legal Adviser: Muiz Banie (Muslim).
    12. National Deputy Auditor: Bala Jibrin (Muslim).
    13. National Women Leader: Sharia Ikeazor (Muslim convert).
    14. EX-Officio Member: Muniru Muse (Muslim).
    15. EX-Officio Member: Alhaji Yemi Sanusi (Muslim). Yet, these people want us to believe they are PROGRESSIVES and that APC is a national party. I think APC has a hidden religious agenda..Be guided people!

    • emmanuel

      Osibanjo is a crook who has been on the Board of Alfa Beta, the notorious company used by Tinubu to clean out Lagos.

      If Osinbajo was trully a Pastor he would understand the Biblical injuction in Proverbs which condem profiteering and all others against stealing.

      The same Osinbajo backed down on a case he was prosecuting for some Christian group because his Master Tinubu threatened him with withdrawal of his financial gain.

      • ConScience

        Do you know it is quite amusing how you all cast aspersions on the opposition party without once accepting your party or leader is flawed and in need of a revamp or awakening. And yet you call the opposition misguided, fanatics and lunatics. I guess I just have to come to any message board full of PDPers and GEJites to fully comprehend the definition of IRONY. May the good Lord guide us from the times of the Babylonians. Because you all have chosen to speak in unintelligible tongues and with that the House of Cards is soon to be seen tumbling down. I pray you will understand why it is significant to reverse course because it will show for once that Nigeria actually does not reward mediocrity no matter who portrays it. And if Buhari is fortunate enough to win then he too will be held with the same standards Jonathan was. And if Jonathan is blessed enough (the math does not favor him by any imagination) does win then maybe it will be God giving him a second chance to right his ship, With that said I pray you PDPers, South South, South East are not too fanatical to ignore the pervasiveness of your delusions when the pot calls the kettle black.

    • Jika

      At least we have not seen the APC candidate running from one mosque to the other campaigning.But lately,we have seen how our dear President has been in and out of different Churches subtly canvassing for votes.Who is fooling who really?

    • Jika

      Please can you tell us the names of the National Chairmen of APC and PDP as well as their respective religions?

  • chinwe davis

    APC is full of suspicious people, most of them were in PDP, bunch of hypocrites ad Back stabbers, their plans will not work.Jonathan has been ordained.

  • Story for the Gods.

  • First of all FFK ways are becoming questionable, then Buhari and his APC cohorts behind the scene plotting and scheming like Rick Ross,They should take it in good faith when jonathan emerges victorious.

  • emmanuel

    They state-managed one unimpressive attack on Buhari two years ago.
    Let them continue with their plans.

    Nigerians know that Jonathan is aversed to violence, hence politically motivated killings is no more common place in Nigeria.

    The 58 killed in political violence so far are APC induced violence and shemes orchastrated to give the PDP bad name.

    The wind of voting allignments is sweeping accross Nigeria.

    Hear the current trends “although Jonathan has not done well in a lot of areas, but I will rather vote for him or not vote at all”

    Hear my ex-junior colleague who called from Ilorin last night “oga I just want to ask you what do you think about the two key candidate? I feel in spite of the criticism of Jonathan and the areas he has not done well, it will be suicide if I vote for Buhari/Tinubu ticket………., the truth is that most people I have spoken with are of the same opinion……..thank you sir, greet madam o”

    All we need today is for the FG to ease off the APC rigging machine – Jega and peoples vote will count

  • Etang Chris

    APC is the same as Islamic brotherhood in Egypt, Nigerians must avoid them.

  • Segun

    One of the best political and campaign strategy of GEJ is using FFK who knows the antics of APC to checkmate them. FFK carry go.

  • charles peters

    APC is good at hitting a gong inside the bush and running out to the main road to ask who hit the gong in the bush. They are good at raising false alarm. They are deceitful and can lie.

  • Aisha

    This APC can cry foul always, hmmmmmmmm, this is never the change we want.

  • Anene Mercy

    Even when APC bought over Jega they are still complaining. What else do they want? what is wrong with APC?

  • kingsley obi

    FFK is talking from experience, the APC are wolves in sheep clothings…………

  • onyekaokorie

    Na FFK fit APC. He once worked for them so he knows them too well.

  • All hands must be on deck to make sure Nigeria moves forward. We can’t afford to toy with this great opportunity to CHANGE the story of our great nation Nigeria. Mud-slinging will never be a solution. GEJ all the way!

  • danjuma

    After the postponement everywhere was calm. Tensions came down. APC has started raising false alarm again. Why do they like blood a lot? What kind of people are in APC?

  • Dr Sam Nwiyordee

    the APC plotted with Jega to rig the elections but their plans failed once again like always

  • Victor Gee

    And their plans will continue to fail.

  • Mfoniso Udoekpo

    Goodluck to Nigeria. We’re moving forward!

  • XsquadMagazine

    You people can talk oo! Na only Jonathan me I sabi oo…

    • faith adams

      may the good LORD bless you bread and water…………….he is our choice…and not the dictator

  • ije2014

    The same lunatic featured in this story has planted comments in various user names. I think we’re being told of impending attacks by PDP on the opposition. As a camouflage for murder and mayhem, this doesn’t work.

    • Mary Frank

      U are the lunatic !u actually believe some of us to be docile enough to keep quite while ur terror group APC will have a filled day running amock with unthinkable lies?nah sweetie some of us are here life and kicking.

      • ije2014

        Please send me a reply in proper and correct English. Thanks.

        • Mary Frank

          Well at least made some sense out of it,so keep the sense and leave the grammer after all Buhari can’t put two English words together,and yet u want him to rule me.hmmm Mkpo Ase aba ooo!!!

          • ije2014

            “grammar”. I see Fani Kayode now uses his house helps to comment on his stories.

  • faith adams

    GEJ all the way………whether APC or not……its GEJ we know

  • Uko akwa ibom

    “gruesome and unrestrained orgy of violence.”that’s how the fantastic Femi Fani-Kayode described the daily activities and indeed electoral plans of APC which in actual sense is the political wing of the terror group known as boko haram

  • Mary Frank

    APC in the days ahead will offer nothing more than violence,Nigerians beware!

  • Mary Frank

    APC and their leaders have constituted themselves as greater nuisance to the Nigerian society,they are cancerous

  • shola

    Femi Fani-Kayode, a man who has refused to grow up and face the reality of live.
    Why not go back to Ghana to continue your psychiatric THERAPIE.

  • emmanuel

    APC crys like babies

  • uzo

    their fake plot will end them in defect

  • Akpan Itam

    Opposition is capable of anything…they are very desperate!

  • anneedu

    APC will be defeated, more reason they are planning plots against themselves and blame it on PDP, may the plots of APC be their own defeat AMEN.