You can’t intimidate us, APC tells Jonathan

Lai Mohammed

The All Progresives Congress has said the party’s leadership and members will not be intimidated by the latest antics of the Goodluck Jonathan Administration aimed at harassing and intimidating the opposition, especially in the run-up to the March/April general elections.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Thursday by its National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, the party said the recent military siege on APC National Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s residence and the Imo State Government House as well as the police harassment of the APC’s Presidential Campaign spokesperson, Garba Shehu, fit perfectly into this emerging pattern.

“As the elections approach, we know the harassment and intimidation will be stepped up. We know our leaders, including the National Chairman Chief John Oyegun, National Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Gov. Rotimi Amaechi, former Gov. Timipre Sylva, Senator Bukola Saraki and National Publicity Secretary Alhaji Lai Mohammed, are under surveillance and their phones being hacked.

“We are aware that several of them, especially the National Publicity Secretary, have been marked down for arrest in the days to come. We know there are evil plots to frame some of them on trumped-up charges. We know our lives are in danger. But these and more will not deter us from continuing to act in the national interest or from seeking to effect change through the ballot box.

“Yes, we are alerting Nigerians that if anything happens to us they should know where it is coming from, but for us there is no going back because we are resolute,” it said.

APC thanked Nigerians for their immense and unwavering support, especially since the postponement of the elections, aimed at dampening the enthusiasm of the citizens, and urged them not to relent.

“We are glad that instead of weakening the resolve and enthusiasm of Nigerians, the Presidency-orchestated postponement has further galvanized them to be more determined not only to vote but also to defend their votes.

“Nigerians must demand and insist that the elections be held as rescheduled, that there will be no interim government or tenure elongation. Nigerians have the power to forge change with their voter’s cards and no one must deny them that right,” the party said

APC called on President Jonathan to remember the verdict of history and put his dogs of war on a leash, realizing that history will judge no one but him even for the actions of his supporters, who are all acting in his name.


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  • Advocate

    “I don’t see what would change for the ruling party in six weeks in terms of its political fortunes. If anything it could get worse,” said Clement Nwankwo, director of the Abuja-based Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre and a veteran democracy activist. FT



  • Aminu M.J


  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Well….noisemaker Lai Mohammed, APC will not only be intimidate but also subjugated, humiliated and eventually annihilated.

  • Mr. Abdin


  • excel

    CHANGE can not be Intimidated, March 28 will bring end to impunity, intimidation and harassment. March4Buhari

  • uzo

    you are intimidated already becus you know APC will lose

  • BlackieUmukoro

    At the last count lai muhammed has issued 119 press releases/statements, full of deliberate falsehood, half truths, outright lies and some bordering on near insanity. There has been no political assasination since Nigerians made Jonathan their president, and by the grace of God there shall be none until 2019 where he leaves office gracefully. So if you want to die go somewhere else, don’t blame it on PDP. Your vulgar repetition of the postponement matter want to make me vomit. Cry to INEC and leave Nigerians alone

  • warry

    Now that there is no missing $20 billion, when is Buhari and his APC going to apologize to GEJ and PDP? Also since OBJ AND Atiku are now in APC,is it not APC that ruled from1999 -2007? GEJ is the change. Say no to lies, manipulations, deceptions, propaganda, etc. Say no to APC

  • warry

    To those who believe the lie that Buhari is coming to fight corruption, what can he do to the 36 state Governors who would enjoy immunity from prosecution? Do not let anybody manipulate you. The real agenda is power must return to the North now.

  • basil edoma

    Apc as a party has shown that it has no game plan at all. Why continue to stoke fire when evidently it’s chieftains has no clear focus on how to really get on with this elections. Why always antagonise the opposition at any given turn when it should be galvanising it’s house at this time? But then it’s nothing new when you have pirates and thugs jostling for the power to rule. Please leave PDP alone. You(apc) can try all you want but in the end the slogan failbuhari will always be synonymous with apc. #GEJ 2015…

  • jessica nma

    Can u imagine? GEJ 2015

  • jessica nma

    Goodluck ebele jonathan is our last best chance

  • jessica nma

    @ warry u are dia. Vote PDP for change

  • The first thing an intimidated person will tell you is “you cant intimidate me”. this right here is not a coincidence

  • Are they not already stating the obvious? We know they are scared to death

  • Uncle Charlie

    The inferiority complex knows no bounds. APC feels highly intimidated

  • jessica nma

    UP PDP till 2019

  • Ayodele Eruobodo

    Intimidate you for what? The lot of Nigerians that you have continued to deceive with your message of hate, lies and dangerous propagandas will soon be after you Only hope you have mapped out your usual exit strategy- escaping from the country incognito

  • Emeka215

    Anyone who makes such statement has displayed his inferiority already.

  • nwaeke

    The opposition should seize this opportunity and go back to their drawing board instead of waggling their tongues all over the media.

    • Etega

      Dem no even get notepad talk more of strategy board.

  • nafisat

    Hahahahahaha….this is the exact words you get when the opposition knows that they have already been defeated..APC clowns.GEJWINS#NIGERIAWINS

  • Etimbuk’showy Okpudo

    lol..fear will kill APC..they know they’ve lost already…

  • geraldine jaja

    GEJ’s achievement as a president is exiting fear in the apc camp…they know they will not win!#GEJ till 2019

  • Nelson David

    We shall see who will blink first. If it were when the retired dictator was president would APC insult and make noise as they are doing now? is it not because we have an enlightened Educated civilized God fearing very young GEJ?…do not worry keep pushing Him one day you will know that red oil and blood may be red but they are different.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    All Buhari and APC supports have something in common, they have been brain washed with lies and they lack knowledge. How can Buhari fight corruption when those supporting him are corrupt? Atiku, Tinubu and many others. Let’s not forget how Buhari killed so many innocent Nigerians who stood up against him, how he flogged our fathers on the streets and called them irresponsible, how he made them do frug jumps because they came late to work, how he sentenced school children to 30years in prison for exam malpractice, now, he’s a shadow of his past by presenting to Nigerians a fake result and taking an oat, how he supported the Fulanies to kill the Yorubas in Ibadan, Ogun and to mention a few, he said and I quote, “why are you people (YOU PEOPLE ‘Yourubas’) killing my people (MY PEOPLE ‘Fulanies’), how he sentenced his rivals to 300years in prison, how he kill three able young men (youths) with a back dated decree, is it how he bacame the first and only man in the World to vote against his country man because he was Igbo and voted a fulany man from Niger in the AU meeting. These are just few of what he did. Any Man that does not know his history will never tell his Future. The Boko Haram issue started from the North, they are Muslims and we all know they are not happy to have Jonathan as their leader, they claim they are against western education, lies, they are political groups formed against GEJ’s government by the same people who parades themselves as saints, why didn’t they fight when western education came? Why aren’t other islamic countries against western education? They said Jonathan is corrupt, even Obasanjo and Tinubu said so (imagine Obj and Tinubu) I laugh. They have bloods on their hands and God is never asleep. Buhari’s islamic brothers are killing Nigerians everyday yet he attacks Jonathan for that. As a good citizen who loves this country like he claims, why can’t he support the government and fight against boko haram? Instead, he is using the death of many Nigerians who were killed by his islamic brother to seek for votes to become the president.
    Let us open our eyes, ears and minds to see beyond the mask they wear. A leader is called to serve but a tirant forces himself on the people, he has tried 3 times and lost, now he is desperate and will do anything to win. Buhari is NOT the CHANGE we need.

  • Bassey

    Rubbish, when APC has been the ones hitting up the polity and harassing in the name of politics. Crying wolf and polarizing the society is not a responsible partisan politics, it could backfire and create a sinister and awful reality we will all regret

  • lekanbaraka

    Nonsense, if there is any body intimidating any party is the APC, we are not fools as they are we can recount how many of our banners and vehicles they have destroy in Jos and in some cases stoning PDP during their campaign process in some state. am very sure they do not reason before they talk or who is intimidating who?, anyways, March 28th is around the corner when the right candidate will be re-elected. #GEJ4NAIJA