War Threat: Jonathan Refuses to Condemn Asari-Dokubo, Tompolo others

President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday during the Presidential Media Chat refused to categorically condemn some prominent Niger Delta militants ​who threatened war should the president be voted out of office in the forthcoming elections.

Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, leader, Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force; Victor Ben Ebikabowei, aka, Boy Loaf; and Government Ekpudomenowei, aka, Tompolo had in January declared there would be war if their kinsman, Mr. Jonathan does not win the elections during a meeting in Yenagoa, capital of Bayelsa State.

​Speaking Wednesday, the president said provocative statements were usually made by “actors” surrounding politicians, adding that such statements might not actually imply the intentions of the politician contesting an election.

“You know the actors around you can be carried away. These people (ex-militants) made these statements … based on ….you know when they have been carried away,​”​ he said.​

He said provocative statements had been made by his opponents, stressing they too had threatened war.

Mr. Jonathan said he had been careful in making statements, being a sitting president.

“The issue of insecurity is beyond Boko Haram,” adding that “Politicians are instigating some young people to act in ways not expected.”

​​He however ​​​said Nigeria will not go to war.

“Nobody will go to war. Nigeria will remain Nigeria​,” the president said.​ “My plea is that without Nigeria, there will be no president.”

​​But Mr. Jonathan categorically refused to condemn the ​​​threats by Mr. Dokubo and the others.


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  • amazing2012

    ……..refusal, denial, rejecting, bla bla bla is not answer to hate speech. We have a law, anybody who made such statements should be brought to justice ! Because of their statement many Nigerians has travel home to escape “imminent war”. Please any body from any party,group, religion,region,etc that made such statement should be proscuted !! Because others are doing the same is not justification to do it !!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Jonathan did not endorse the posturing of Tompolo and Co. He actually deprecated there utterances. Incidentally, he also condemned APC’s violent rhetoric at the party’s rallies, too. Neither did he have good words for online platforms like Premium Times for always twisting facts like in this case.



  • Ette

    GEJ was in the know of the statement of war threat before it was sent out, and they believe it was an election winning strategy. This demonstrate how clueless and wicked they are. Sitting leaders win second or third term election based on their people oriented performance during previous terms yet GEJ feels he can win election by issuing war threats to Nigerians. He should get ready to go back to Otuoke and we can close down the oil wells in Ijaw land as other Niger Delta ethnic groups also have oil in their land and swamps.

  • Niger Deltan

    His excellency, the President of the ‘Federal Republic’ used the term ‘these people’ but Premium Times chose the adjective (Ex-Militants). Herein lies the seemingly intractable ignorance displayed by journalists and their media houses over and over again. How can you refer to a Niger Deltan as an ‘ex’- militant? It is absurd and naively so. I’ll explain.

    From the day you are born, you are bathed right there in the creeks with water contaminated with kerosene and crude from the incessant spills from the environmental terrorist oil companies owned by US, UK, Italy, Dutch etc ..and then you soon begin to drink that contaminated water…and then traditionally, your first swim in such murky and militant aqua…and then you breathe in air with toxins mixed with it from continual gas flaring here and there…and then the brave fishermen manage to go as far away from the shore line to get some Fish…and the Fish are contaminated too…and most bridges are made with wood from Bamboo trees…

    …and then one day, you manage to visit outside the Niger Delta, and you breathe fresh air for the first time, you go to the internet and you realize how beautiful beaches can be from Brazil to Egypt to Dubai to Mexico to California etc and you ask yourself, where are the beaches in Niger Delta? Why are they black and not even fit for flock of birds to perch and play? POLLUTION!…and to make matters worse, you soon realize that money from your Niger Delta builds other beautiful cities and beaches in Nigeria…and then you begin to THINK! Yes…you begin to do some serious THINKING!.. Now in that state, you just realize that EVERYTHING around you and about you is MILITATING against the ideal. How then will one with sanity refer to you as an ‘ex’ militant? I has no other name, it is called GROSS IGNORANCE, because for the Niger Deltan, once a militant, always a militant. Militancy will only be drained out of our blood when all, (not some) of these factors militating against the ideal are completely eliminated.

    Conclusively, the President being a 100% Niger Deltan knows too well not to use the phrase ‘ex’ militant…and of course should not condemn the comrades bcos their utterances were only reactionary. Why has Premium Times not stated that the President refused to condemn the threats by APC, Liar Mohammed etc when the declared that they would form a parallel government? What is good for the goose should be for the gander.

    • Efe


  • Maria

    Jonathan cannot condemn them because he is their godfather and they are acting based on his orders. If you read his responses very well you will understand that the man is the one asking those miscreants to issue the threats.

    • onenigerian2014

      Major General Muhammadu Buhari has asked the Federal Government to stop the clampdown of Boko Haram insurgents, saying Niger Delta Militants were never killed or properties belonging to them destroyed.

      • Sani

        GEJ said “They (Boko Haram) are our siblings and you cannot send the army to wipe out your family”- President Goodluck Jonathan (NEWS). How do you juxtapose GEJ’s statement above with the statement you are crediting to Buhari? It is important to note that, for us to have a genuine debate, we must employ the same set of rules for the two scenarios. Does GEJ’s statement indicate that he is in support of Boko Haram? If your answer is No, then I say it will be fair to use the same set of rules in analysing Buhari’s statement also. This does not excuse the fact that I do not agree that Buhari did say those words. It is important to note that any attempt to say look this Boko Haram issue must be viewed holistically is viewed as an apology to BH. We have seen instances where people are levelled as apologists of BH because they are advocate the use of the stick and carrot approach. This is wrong.

        • Tobore

          ‘They’ meant ‘the villagers/community’. If you disagree, then I challenge you to quote the entire sentence. An Ijebu like you masquerading as an Aboki is nothing but cowardice and fullishness. You dey fear to identify yourself? …this is why you lost Ilorin forever.

          Just like MKO, Oba Afonja was assassinated to pave way for an alien Fulani called Alimi to become Emir. It can only happen in your land. The rest of Nigeria don’t have that mentality.

          • Sani

            For me, where I come from is immaterial. On the issue of the “they” in my comment, it is definitely in reference to Boko Haram. I have seen Fani Kayode use the same quote to describe GEJ’s incompetence in fighting the BH menace. It is easy to find out the truth. Just run a search on the internet to verify.

        • onenigerian2014

          And then Boko haram nominated Buhari as their negotiator not GEJ what an irony!!

          • Sani

            I believe that is your perception and I do not care whether you discard it or not.



    • Mariana

      Yes. Jonathan is their godfather. Is anything wrong with that? Give me one if any. Nonsense!

  • BlackieUmukoro

    What do you want him to codemn, when the war threats are from both sides of the politocal divide and from all parts of Nigeria. No section of nigeria has monopoly of war threats and if we are trutful to our selves, the propoents of war threats, organised chaos, and making the country ugovernable because they are not in power are situated in one part of the coutry. Who has codemned them to date v

  • Maitama Tambari

    Foot soldiers including Maria and Umokoro are always around politicians, yes. But a respectful politician hearing the kind of violent statement coming from those associated with his campaign, in a civilized environment, would distance himself from them. it is even worst if that politician is the President of the country. He would immediately come out to disassociate his Campaign Team, his Party and himself from them. President Obama would have done so without hesitation or rethinking over it. Prime Minister David Cameron would dashed to the Radio Station to distance himself from them. But this is Nigeria, Nigeria of today where for first time in its history, religion, tribe, ethnicity, region, dressing and what not, not employment opportunities, quality leadership, economic, social cultural cohesion among people, education, housing, transportations are missing in the vocabulary of the ruling PDP Administration. What a shame. What a pity for Nigeria. However, CHANGE! YES WE CAN.


    this’s the only wise decision mr.jona have taken since he be came president of the zoo called nigeria.Yes he is right taking that position

  • Let’s be fair to Mr. President, he openly condemned it when he said he must happily leave for Otuoke come May 29th. What other condemnation do you want?

  • Zubairu Usman

    Let us be fair to one another. Leadership should never be a joke, for a joker, ’cause in all our religious books, leadership issues and leaders are what made half of the teachings for the followers. So must be it in our day to day activities, someone must head a team of three people and to direct as appropriate. If there’s a failure in any part of a body, it affects the whole body system, Mr . President wld have condemn all threat from anybody, otherwise everything will totally collapse and accusing fingers wld be pointed at the head.



  • Ayobanna

    I wonder why they didn’t ask him same question regarding Ciroma, Buhari et al on their baboon and monkey threat to Nigeria? What a funny set of panelists.

  • A lot will be written, views will be aired, words will be spoken, things will be said but we all shall see the verdict on that faithful day, when the umbrella shall display its worth above the broom.and jonathan doesn’t condone or support war.

  • kingsley obi

    buhari said he will make this country ungovernable for GEJ,he also said there will be no peace if he loses, thereby instigating some youths to act uncivilized,because of his useless ambition………….has he taken these comments back??????

  • chinwe davis

    please stop saying or writing certain things about jonathan,how true is this? tread carefully please the country is in a sensitive state and the election is not as far as people think it is

  • mehn make dem lock up, if e set we go togbo the area, but e no go reach that level sha, na just initial gra-gra. make una leave my president with all this too much talks..

  • Mrs benita akpan

    a leader that wants peace is GEJ.a leader that wants development is GEJ………comments or not,our minds are made up for him

  • uduak akpan

    GEJ is a peaceful and humble president.He is not a man of war

  • emmanuel

    nigeria don’t want war.If GEJ loses the election he will go back to his home

  • uzo

    there will be no war says GEJ

  • stella adesuwa

    GEJ is a peaceful man so no need for war………….My vote goes to GEJ

  • ahmed

    A true leader minds his words as he knows the people live by it#GEJ is a true leader#GEJ till 2019

  • uko bassey

    A wise man talks less…Wisdom dwells with our able president, he is the leader Nigerians have always been praying for# GEJ stays as president till 2019

  • nafisat

    rock on GEJ Nigerians are with you always till 2019!!!

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    hw can he condem them, when they re attacking him nd no body s talkin, his brodas dat came out is wat u want him to condem, when d northern elders re thr doin nothin to help halt bokoharam. who is dat mad person dat s sleepin dat don’t kno anythin relevant to ask

  • Uko akwa ibom

    If Jonathan did not condemn Buhari for declaring Nigeria ungovernable and has actually made real his threat by sponsoring terror group, how then is Jonathan espectected reprimand free citizens who are merely giving voice to a growing concern of the minority south