I will build roads from one end of Nigeria to another — Buhari

The Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, has stated that if elected, his administration would invest massively in road construction “from one end of Nigeria to the other.”

Speaking at an interactive meeting with members of the Organized Private Sector in Lagos, Monday, Mr. Buhari said his government’s priority would be three-pronged – tackling insecurity, reviving the economy, and stemming bribery and corruption.

“Road construction alone will unlock a value chain of opportunities in the (building) industry for construction companies, builders, engineers, architects, quarry operators, cement and iron production and supply,” Mr. Buhari, a former military head of state, told the gathering of business executives, manufacturers, and investors.

“The successful opening up of Nigeria by the construction of new roads and highways will revive road transportation, truck and tyre manufacture, engine oil and brake pad production on one hand and it will also create a demand for jobs for mechanics, drivers and those engaged in transport support businesses.”

Mr. Buhari pledged to end the importation of tomato puree into the country by setting up its manufacturing industries, as well as providing facilities to preserve the products for transportation across the country.

“I was shocked to hear how much was being spent in importing tomato puree because while driving from Kaduna to Kano, I see the quantity of tomatoes wasting while being harvested and transported to markets across the country.”

The APC presidential candidate also promised to support initiatives that would build local refineries.

“We will support this initiative because a local refinery means many things including availability of jobs locally at a Nigerian refinery instead of a refinery abroad, local fuel supply and national security, reduced importation, less demand for foreign exchange and strengthening of the Naira,” he said.

On the issue of corruption, Mr. Buhari noted that it is interconnected with insecurity, job creation, provision of infrastructure, and attaining self-sufficiency in food production.

“Corruption affects our ability to secure ourselves and it also undermines the performance of the economy,” Mr. Buhari said.

“This current government is being challenged to account for an estimated $20 billion and the whole country is awaiting a report of a forensic audit. $20 billion at N210 to $1 is equal to N4.2 trillion – nearly a year’s federal budget.

“If it is true that this sum cannot be accounted for, this is grossest form of corruption. Just think at N5 million per vehicle, this money would have bought 840,000 patrol vehicles to improve security in every town and village in the country.

“At N13.5 million for a high capacity bus, this money would have bought 311,000 buses; from information at my disposal, Lekki Bridge in Lagos cost N29 billion to construct. N4.2 trillion would have built 145 Lekki bridges.”

On whether his administration would probe past corrupt officials, Mr. Buhari said, “If we continue to look back, we will never move forward but the day an APC government is sworn in, those who have been responsible for doing government business will have to behave themselves. That’s all I can say.”


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  • Alcindo Satori

    Mr. Buhari, Nigerians don’t need all these backyard talk. Go in front of the cameras and debate your boss/superior, GEJ on how you plan to “CHANGE” the country; and then watch him (GEJ) take you to the cleaners!

    • Timothy Aseer

      abi oooo.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      Jonathan, The Abdicator-in-Chief, was AWOL during the debates in 2011 claiming his opponents wanted to embarrass him. When did he get his mojo for a debate back? The guy whose aides makes spirited efforts to shield from the press to avoid deadly gaffes is now being packaged as a debate tiger by a bunch of unserious quacks like you. Nigerians are confronted daily with the cost of corruption that has reduced the quality of live to a banana republic and you have the effrontery to say a debate is the solution?

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Senile, certificate-less and demented Buhari will build roads deep inside Sambisa forest.

    • PROF

      Buhari will build the road from somwhere to nowhere

      • zacchaeus Akinleye

        He will build the road to connect you with common sense which Jonathan and his cohorts has robbed you of.

  • True Nigerian

    GMB! GMB! GMB! Truly man of the people!

    If ever I become a politician, I hope I can have the aura that surrounds you, your magical personality, and the trust that people have in you! An incredible man.

    They falsely said he is illiterate. And now that he is mathematically and convincingly reeling out facts and figures at town hall meetings, they have turned again to ask “why is he not saying it on a rigged live debate in front of live television camera?”

    Buhari, as Nigerians fondly say, nothing do you. Ride on, Buhari! You are an idea whose time has arrived! Vox populi, vox dei!

  • Yusuf

    Real Issues, this is what we are talking about; I pray we will not dance on what may be our last chance to save our country

  • Timothy Aseer

    oh but thanks. GEJ has transformed Nigerian roads already. We are voting him again for a change we can trust. Go home and retire to your children old man.

    • larry

      We want buhari to debate !

  • Akinwande Kolawole

    is lack of patrol vehicles reason for boko haram insurgents? This illiterate sef. GEJ has built almajiri schools and conventional universities in the north,if your people stop donating their children as suicide bombers to boko haram,insecurity will be a thing of the past in your violent north.

    • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

      where are the almajeri schools you are talking about and the universities in the North, most of them are still proposed. Aside the alamajeri school in Sokoto, there is no other almajeri school in use and please I taught in an almajeri school in 2000 as a youth corper in kafi Madaki, Bauchi state.

    • larry

      Thanks for telling them the truth .

  • Ademola Arowosaye

    Why not go and debate these with GEJ in front of Nigerians? You have no idea Mr. Buhari, you are not change at all. Nigeria doesn’t need you in the 21st century.

    • Amir

      Why debate when there is no power supply?. Do you read in darkness? Vote APC first for electricity before you debate.

    • Es3

      My brother , please ask Buhari and his APC for me oh!!!!!!

      A man that cannot tell Nigerians the how, why and where of his plans by looking eyeball to eyeball at other contestants (and Nigerians alike) in a live TV environment, cannot argue out his plans in the face counters and various questions from Nigerians is here promising to build road from one end of Nigeria to another???!

      Live debate can only be handled by those that are cerebral active, definitely not empty-heads as it requires thinking on your feet, proper recollection, smooth flow of facts and figures, etc and Buhari is far from such capabilities!!!

      Anyone that believe would believe that can as well ask a totally blind man to lead him on their way…?!

  • Hard truth

    Are we babies? Building road from one end of Nigeria to another in how many years? Does grandpa know what he is saying. What you say today will be quoted tomorrow. This is the crux of Soludo’s articles. Promises without articulation of how. FAYEMI did not remember to double check that script before handing it to grandpa.

    • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

      At the PTF, he did it in less than 3 years

      • tyson

        where are the roads he built in the south-south–show me one road that he erected in the entire—–President Jonathan had just built the road leading to his adopted——–village in Daura—————-all he did was to grade it with bull-dozers

        • aladeadekunleoluwaadeshinaola

          The Benin-Sagamu road was motorable before PDP came in 1999, we are discussing what the man did between 1996-1998.

  • @Amuwospeaks

    very possible! because you constructed large numbers of roads as the PTF chairman than the FG then

  • Hard truth

    “The successful opening up of Nigeria by the construction of new roads and highways will revive ……….truck and tyre manufacture, engine oil and brake pad production on one hand and it will also create a demand for jobs for mechanics, drivers and those engaged in transport support businesses.” Really? Just like that? Is this also an electoral promise? Road construction should not be a promise to canvass for votes in a 2015 town hall interactive season. Political gimmicks and empty promises that we are used to. Electricity, road, water etc as electoral promise is primitive, unserious and outdated. Fayemi as director of research, strategy and policy can do better please. This is 2015.

    • Spoken word

      no matter how you spin it GEJ has been the worst president ever. Go and talk to PDP guys they will tell you. The truth is bitter but it will also set you free.

      • philipfred

        see your head monkey

        • Spoken word

          why you dey abuse yourself now. even your mama know se na monkey im born.

  • tyson

    I thinks those handling Buhari needs to go back to school————-don’t we already have roads from one end of Nigeria in the Fulani North to the furtherest part of the South? Again what was buhari doing when he was allocated more money than the Ministry of Works and Health-aS THE EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN OF PTF-?–such that the Ministers of d two Ministries, had to go cap in hand begging Buhari to release funds to them—Yesterday he said he will ban the importation of Rice the same way he punished Nigerians–when he was head of state—and forced us to queue for rice–sugar- bread–tea bags—cooking oil—milk–and Garri–Nigerians could not afford to buy a cup of garri–they had to resort to the use of cornflower and starch to replace their staple food Garri-among others–now he is promising to build road from one end of Nigeria to the other——————–a clear indication that something is wrong with the head of Buhari—no wonder he was not able to sit for his WASC-and had to plead with his school teacher to send a letter of recommendation to the Defense Academy for him to be enrolled as an officer when all he was qualified for was for him to be hired as an ordinary recruit–a private in the army——Buhari is a hardcore cheat————-who should be cooling his heels in prison by now for forgery-

    • Sunday Ire

      Reading your nonsensical comment makes me shudder and tempted to think that maybe there is no hope for Nigeria. If you cannot admit the obvious fact that the road network in Nigeria needs rebuilding .. because you are obviously blinded by other sentiments, then how can we even agree on anything! I will admonish you and others like you to open your mind to the REALITY of PRESENT DAY NIGERIA and the PRESENT DAY GOVERNMENT that is embarrassingly incompetent.

  • FortB

    Talk is cheap. I will, I will is old school. That is the usual way politicians have been fooling us and getting away with it. Sorry times have changed. We need to know how you will do it. Where will the funding come from etc.. Better get used to the fact that Nigerians are more educated and politically enlightened now

    • Ukpaka

      What has GEJ done in 6yrs. Do you want him to say I did?. I’m trying to understand what your message really is.

      • FortB

        If you understand simple English language, understanding my post won’t be difficult

  • UK BOY

    Vote UKIP. one nigerrriaaa. You will build road to the moon. Put every nigerian in a space capsule and launch us into orbit. But really guys even with this gaff, i think buhari would do a better job in fighting corruption and be a better president and probably with osinhajo (ie the yorubas) who i must admit are capable administrators, i believe the tenure would be better than what we have at the moment. My problem really with the APC, is with the man called tinubu, i do not trust his intentions, if he can make a public statement or write in a way that convinces all other tribes in nigeria that when he comes into power that they’ll all be carried along, not just the yoruba’s (which frankly has always been the way they operate, not trying to diss you guys, cos we all know that nigeria is not a nation but a country made up of 250 ethnic nationalities, with 3 dominant ones) it’ll go a long way in easing the tension in nigeria. All this brouhahaha that seems to be the penchant at the moment, would most definitely ease off and fizzle away.
    Cheers all.

  • Colonel MH Mariama(rtd)

    This man plans to bring back the PTF as a conduit to divert all federal development to the North. Never again.
    Whether he calls it PTF, Escrow Account or Dedicated Account, it is just another mechanism that past Northern tyrants have used to siphon money from the CBN.Sanusi did not complain back then at all.

  • maureen

    U hv a sincere heart to transform this nation but the. Fight from evil. Forces on u r too much but one thing I know is dat they can’t stop ur four more yrs for GEJ till 2019 in Jesus Name Amen.

  • Fillip

    Yes you will, big boy. Brand new roads and highways all over the country, with pretty cars and happy people. Dear lord, the old man is so senile he is having a second childhood.

  • philipfred

    in your next generation or world just go rest baba, you no do em when u dey reign na now, we no want #GEJ4NAIJA #NO2BUHARI