Nigeria2015: Jonathan has failed in agriculture – APC

The All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation, APCPCO, has accused the President Goodluck Jonathan administration of massive corruption in the country’s agricultural sector.

“President Jonathan has failed woefully in the agricultural sector, and all the self-praise of the administration on agriculture is simply a ruse,” the APCPCO said in a statement released on Sunday, February 1.

The statement, signed by Garba Shehu, pointed out that whereas President Jonathan had promised in 2010 to make Nigeria self-sufficient in rice and wheat production by 2015, “the grim reality on the ground today is that Nigeria emerged as the world’s highest importer of rice in 2015, and a whopping $11 billion is spent annually by Nigeria to import rice, wheat, sugar and fish.”

The statement added that according to the former Acting Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Sarah Alade, Nigeria as at 2014 spends $4 billion on rice importation – that is about N600 billion annually on the importation of 2.1 million metric tonnes of milled rice.

“This is after the Federal Government had approached the China Exim Bank for a loan of $1.2 billion for the financing of 100 large-scale rice processing plants with a total capacity of 2.1 million metric tonnes.

“The troubling truth today, is that Nigeria is nothing close to self-sufficiency in rice production and what we have at hand is a close web of corruption where government cronies stumble over each other to get import licenses for rice.”

The statement also noted that a similar unacceptable situation pertained to the importation of wheat.

“According to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina, Nigeria’s wheat consumption as at year 2000 was about two million metric tonnes. But, by 2010, wheat importation to the country had risen to four million metric tonnes and Nigeria spends N635 billion annually on wheat importation.

“Five years into the Jonathan’s administration, Nigeria spends even more than we did in 2010 to import wheat; yet the government continues to brandish false achievements in the agricultural sector – a situation that is completely at variance with what President Jonathan promised Nigerians in 2010, saying that his government would make Nigeria save N635 billion annually on rice and wheat importation.”

On fertilizer accessibility to farmers, the APCPCO faulted the claim by government that local farmers now have unhindered access to fertilizer through the Growth Enhancement Scheme.

On the contrary, Mr. Shehu says that what gets to each farmer under the e-wallet arrangement, which he described as, “excessively laborious and technically difficult for the farmers to work through” are two bags of fertilizer throughout the entire farming season, “and government has not come out in one instance to tell Nigerians how much it receives as grants on fertilizer distribution to farmers from donor agencies.”

“The government will want to give us the impression that fertilizer is being given to farmers free of charge. But we know that what subsists is a 50 per cent subsidy per bag of fertilizer. Our farmers are being shortchanged under this so-called e-wallet arrangement because of lack of transparency.

“We may be looking at another subsidy scam over fertilizer unless the Jonathan administration comes out clean to tell us how much it has received as grants over fertilizer and how it comes about the 50 per cent subsidy per bag of fertilizer,” Shehu said.

The statement dismissed President Jonathan’s claims of achievement in the agricultural sector, pointing out that “throughout the periods preceding the Jonathan’s administration, the contribution of agriculture to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was at 7 per cent, while under the so-called transformation agenda of President Jonathan, agriculture’s contribution to the GDP has been consistent at 5 per cent – an all-time low.

“In any case, food commodities are items Nigerians buy on a daily basis. If the Jonathan administration was sincere with the statistics it reels out on agriculture, why would the government buy pages of newspaper advertorials and TV commercials to force bitter falsehood of its achievements down the throats of Nigerians? The Jonathan administration has failed woefully in its agricultural policies and the facts are self-evident out there at those food stalls in our markets.

“In 2015, Nigerians know they spend far more to buy food than they did in 2010. That reality, in itself, is President Jonathan’s scorecard in agriculture,” the APCPCO concluded.


Garba Shehu

Directorate of Media & Publicity

APC Presidential Campaign Organisation


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  • tunji braimoh

    Bloody liars ,before it was Liar Mohammed now it is Garba Shehu talking nonsense since 1800

    • King Carlos

      What is the nonsense in this clear fully analyzed statement. APC is trying to open our eyes ln the mismanagement of the economy, yet some people don’t understand.

      • D1

        King, they pretend not to understand, hence the needless ‘certificate’ distraction.

  • tunji braimoh

    1. If Boko haram
    means ‘Western education is sin’ and Buhari has no
    certificate…it means there is a link between d two.
    2. If Buhari became a general in Nigerian Army
    without a certificate he ought to be investigated, he
    is corrupt and not a saint u guys tink he is. 3. If
    electoral laws says attach ur certificate and Buhari
    is attaching affidavits, even if he wins court of
    competent jurisdiction will disqualify him cos he
    was never qualified to contest. 4. Those illitrates
    saying Nepa bill will take GMB to Aso Rock, I just
    want to remind u that Aso Rock is not PHCN’s
    office. 5. A man who doesn’t have school cert, if
    made a president will never place any value on
    education which is d platform for development

  • Original_Raskal

    APC should not even mention agriculture if not they will lost several more votes. Agriculture is the strong point of GEJ govt and he has lived up to his reputation with help of an unparalleled minister for agriculture! APC now you hit a rock!

    • D1

      On agriculture, APC is ready to ‘lost’ more points and voters! They are ready to tackle the rock head on, and won’t leave it alone.

      These are the issues, we asked to debate on, before the needless distractions by Fani werepe.

      Oya, here we go, bring forth your facts!

  • Remi

    The simple question is if promise Jona has performed this wonder in agriculture how come these farmers prefer to fund Buhari campaign and not miracle Jona? What kind of logic is the PDP advertisement portraying that miracle and promise jona did this miracle and the farmers prefer to help his opponent and prevent continuation of the miracle. Also are Nigeria so daft that they cannot see the drop in price of foodstuffs in the market if that is the situation in the market? Also how are the N60 billion farmer’s phones doing? Are they using solar or wind power to charge them or are the batteries resting in peace? Or are they yet to collect them? Please where can I check the list as I will want to bring our family members to thank miracle jona if my uncle is on the list?

  • henry angelo

    Allied Party of confusionists (APC). Why are you guys fooling yourselves. Why going to Agriculture,why are you guys washing your dirty linens outside, you guys are losing your supporters, even boko haram will bear witness that GEJ did extensively well in Agricultural sector. Look for another loop whole and forget agriculture. Just a piece of advice

    • tundemash

      give us the statistics to counter Shehu Garba’s figures. Is it true food cost much more than it did in 2010 or not ? Lets hear your own data !

    • D1

      Haven’t you seen the Locally bagged rice from Kano in Boko Haram’s Hilux vans in one of their online videos? I have!

      They are ready to bear witness for GEJ! Just contact Shekau!

  • Ette

    But NIGERIAN rice is difficult to find in the market, even the one Kashamu is distributed ing in Ogun State is not Nigerian rice. Please tell us where we can buy the miracle NIGERIAN rice. Ever since the sweet talking minister for Agric tricked Nigerians with non existing cassava bread where GEJ demonstrated eating it in one of their EXCO meetings, I have not been able to see the cassava bread in the market. See the shame of this wicked government?

  • olamide martins

    This guys are serious confusionist, always looking for a loop hole in a transparent government. Initially it was security failure and corruption, now its agriculture i can’t fathom what later will be, running from pillar to post to defame the president and discredit his hard works.

    • tundemash

      why don’t u fault the figures he gave ? Is it true food cost more than it cost in 2010 ? is it true Nigeria soends N600bn annually on importation of rice alone ? Is it true fertilizer is being subsidized by donor nations and not actually Nigeria.
      We are waiting for your own figures to dispue these

      • True Nigerian

        They hate figures and facts because; once you tackle them with facts and figures, they get jittery. It can only mean one thing. Their claims of transformation are built on a foundation of propaganda (lies). As soon as you confront them with facts and figures, it punctures their inflated claims of transformation.

        • D1

          I concur with you 100%. Infact, we need the debate as soon as possible.

          We have to put the ‘Phd’ and ‘primary six certificate’ to test.

  • Ahmed usman

    Am worried as to the extent that politician will go to make sure that they achieve their selfish interest, who is this man again, of all the places that you will find jonathan incompetent, its in agriculture, you have failed woefully. your plan will not materialize. Al this time you wasted gathering facts to defame the presidency should be channeled to a profiting and edifying ventures.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Is food cheaper for you now?

      That is the ultimate test; forget the numbers!

      Answer, please.

      • Ahmed usman

        have you stopped overpopulating the nation, have you thought of the sabotage

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          “Ahmed usman an hour ago
          have you stopped overpopulating the nation, have you thought of the sabotage
          ReplyView Comment”

          Is that the PDP mindset and would that explain why Jonothing is allowing boko haram to have a free hand in the North East?

          • D1

            Unbelievable! What a reply! SMDH!

            Failings in GEJ’s agricultural ‘transformation’ is now due to overpopulation and sabotage, haba!

            Oga Kay, abeg we need this debate o. Infact it has to be ‘live at Eagle square’.

            We need to put that “Phd” and “Primary six cert.” to test. What do you think?

        • D1

          Ahmed, I hope part of the ‘sabotage’ include the GEJ’s bags of rice, Buruji Kashamu wants to use to use as ‘Stomach infrastructure’ in Ogun state, to canvass for votes.

          We have to check if they are local rice bagged in Kano or from Benin Republic!

          Agriculture transformation ko, transfigure ni!

    • D1

      So it bothers you that they are using ‘facts’ to defame the presidency, and not ‘falsehood’ to defame Buhari!

      • nafisat

        you want to entrust the affairs of a whole country to a man guilty of forgery?
        how can we ever trust buhari?
        if you owned a company would you employ someone who forged certificates?
        D1 Tell me will you?
        or did pdp fake the result buhari released?
        its not about his pathetic results its the fact that he’s a liar and he tried to play on the intelligence of Nigerians….and i bet thats DISGUSTING coming from a great grand father.He has no wisdom in his grey hairs, so he cant be president i’m sorry.

  • Wole benson

    Story for the gods, tell that to the birds, now you want to defame the presidency by putting up erroneous facts where your employer cannot put of a defense against not possessing a school certificate examination or to to feature in a presidential debate set up by the nigerian people, let him bring this facts to the podium and put this facts on the table.

    • Ette

      Have you bought the Nigerian rice and cassava bread? Even the rice distributed by corrupt PDP in Ekiti and Oshun and now in Ogun are not Nigerian rice but imported. The fanfare in Abuja did not have any Agric products but poor women were given money for them to get to Abuja for a jamboree. Statistics from Adesina are all fraudulent as nothing in our markets confirm any appreciable level of Nigerian agricultural products.

  • Spoken word

    PDP is full of lies!lies and propaganda.

  • King Carlos

    I used to think Jonathan’s performance was fair, but now…. I realize its a woeful performance.

    • Uncle Charlie

      You think your school father GMB would have done a better job abi

  • Elis Davia

    Whoever that is saying that President GEJ didn’t do well in the agricultural sector should go and ask questions.

  • Elis Davia

    Transformation of the agricultural sector by President GEJ is highly commendable

  • Bassey

    I strongly believe that you did not do any research before coming out say this nonsense. I active to do your research properly before making your assumption.

    • D1

      Lecture us on the real facts and figures so that we don’t keep assuming!

      I’m ready.

      • nafisat

        GOOGLE IT!!! haba!

      • Who gives lectures in modern day when Google has all the references? Seems like you are way behind technology.

  • Divine West

    Is GMB better in anyway ? Buhari is not a democratic leader, he should wait for another military regime to rule that is if there will be any.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    In the last one year following the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture under the Agriculture Transformation Agenda of the Jonathan administration, around $8 billion in private investments have been attracted to agricbusiness, crop production, processing and other forms of value addition. That’s a fact so stop making noise.

  • Kayode

    Nigeria has reduced its food imports by over 40% as of 2013, moving the country closer to self sufficiency in agriculture.
    Nigeria is the world’s largest producer of cassava with an output of over 45 million metric tonnes in 2014 according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

    Fact Fact Fact…do not let these flabby faced APC liars deceive you, be smarter than them, go for the facts.

    • uko bassey


    • nafisat


  • uko bassey

    there is nothing the APC will say. GEJ has made remarkable landmarks in his stay as president he’s remaining the president

    • bib

      I will agree he made landmark in agriculture if denounce with facts the following:-)

      whereas President Jonathan had promised in 2010 to make Nigeria self-sufficient in rice and wheat production by 2015, “the grim reality on the ground today is that Nigeria emerged as the world’s highest importer of rice in 2015, and a whopping $11 billion is spent annually by Nigeria to import rice, wheat, sugar and fish.”

  • nafisat

    is it until he comes down to start planting?

    • Nna my brother, I taya o. He who has given you food should also show you where to put it?

  • Jack Daniels

    Well, Jammeh has now said he’s not going to accept the election anymore. In that regard, he’s behaving like a true African leader who doesn’t want to give up power and put his country through hell because of his own selfish ambition