Bauchi Governor, Yuguda, is an APC mole, FCT Minister says

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Bala Mohammed, has denied allegations leveled against him by the Governor of Bauchi State, Isa Yuguda.

Mr. Yuguda had accused Mr. Mohammed of sponsoring the thugs that attacked President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign team.

On Thursday, when the president’s campaign team stormed Bauchi State, some thugs who converged at the Ibrahim Babangida Square, venue of the campaign event, hurled shoes, plastic water bottles and other objects, at the canopy where the president and members of his campaign team were delivering their speech.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, had accused the All Progressives Congress, APC, of masterminding the attack on Mr. Jonathan’s team, but on Saturday, Mr. Yuguda exonerated the APC, and accused top members of the PDP in the state, including Mr. Mohammed of mobilizing youth against the President’s campaign team.

In reaction, Mr. Mohammed, in a statement signed by his spokesperson, Nosike Ogbuenyi, said it is “irrational” for Mr. Yuguda to allege that Mr. Mohammed hired thugs to stone and embarrass himself while addressing the presidential rally in his home state.

Mr. Mohammed said Mr. Yuguda has, by the claim, proven that he hobnobs with the APC at night and runs with the PDP in daytime.

He said that the governor must answer “quickly without equivocation why the thugs did not stone him whilst he was addressing the same rally, on the same podium and on the same day?”

Mr. Mohammed said Mr. Yuguda should tell the world why he has suddenly turned into an APC spokesperson, exonerating the opposition party of culpability in the attack on the PDP presidential campaign team in Bauchi.

Mr. Bala said he has no apology whatsoever for consistently supporting his principal, Goodluck Jonathan, because he believes in Nigeria’s oneness as well as the transformation agenda of his administration.

Mr. Bala said he will never be deterred by attacks on his person and/or malicious fabrications by selfish, mischievous and insincere politicians.

He said politics is not a do or die affair, adding that he sacrificed his gubernatorial bid to allow peace to reign in Bauchi State.

Mr. Bala noted that this is the time for everyone to focus on issues that would promote rancour-free campaign and elections to ensure victory for the PDP and called on Nigerians to disregard Mr. Yuguda’s allegation.


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  • Dumbo

    God is exposing the hypocrites. Bala Mohammed the worst FCT minister. He did nothing in Abuja apart from land racketeering. All land allocation is paid to him cash upfront. Very corrupt.

    • Jacob Kallamu

      The man was bad news right from the very start.

    • Magenta

      Bala is always high though loyal to jJonathan no doubt but could did that mischievous act to get at yuguda after his failed governorship ambitious which yuguda truncated due to influence of hard substance

  • tundemash

    God has thrown confusion into the evil party !

    • jack

      Evil APC will end in desaster!! APC tugs will kill their illiterate master Buhari.

      • tundemash

        yeah right .. it is APC that told those Bauchi youths to thrown stones at Dumbo.
        Same APC told Yuguda to admit it
        and Same APC told Bala Mohammed to disgree with Yuguda.
        Same APC told Muazu (PDP Chairman) to sign sharia into law when he was Bauchi state gov.
        Same APC told your Dumbo President to attend OIC (Organisation of Islamic Countries) meeting in Egypt in 2013.

        • Otile

          Deny it all you can, APC is evil. I advice people to vote for other parties they like, but avoid APC like the plague.

    • Otile

      Don’t blame God. Acknowledge that APC people get their own power from Beelzebub their god.

  • arewethishopeless

    Lol! PDP making fools of themselves. So comical. So Bauchi state governor is an APC in PDP clothing?!

    One question is, how did the so-called APC hoodlums enter a secure PDP rally area with brooms. Where did they hide the brooms? Did the security personnel not see the hoodlums enter the venue with brooms?! This could one have been pulled off as an inside job.

    So childish …..

  • tundemash

    These cl0wns will blame God very soon !.

    • Otile

      Don’t you say Allah again. I hate when you Muslims say God instead of your Allah

      • kalio

        bastard you again.

      • syaki

        Useless. Keep hating. Y not just comment on the topic of discussion?

        • Gaskiya

          Exactly. Otile is full of disappointment that Jonathan and PDP have become irrelevant even before the election. We are going to witness more disintegration of PDP in the coming days prior to the election. Bauchi has already turned into an APC state especially for the presidential election. More states will follow soon.

      • Gaskiya

        You are callous. Talk about your dying party. Wawa kawai.

  • Olu Ade

    Things fall apart…the center can not hold for PDP! Thank God, The Merciful God is answering Nigerians’ prayers.

  • Dankasa

    Bala Kaura, you are right but if you said politic is not do or die affair why don’t you say it to your good friend Asari Dokubo who was over the weekend siting with a State Governor in Yenagoa to boasting to declare War if Jonathan loss election (the man cannot even go to Diye-Diye alone and talk that rubbish talk less of Kano or Lafia) Is that not condemnable and even treasonable? What Yuguda said had no iota of treats in it (to the peace and unity) these guy are only gasping for little air at their terminal point but have nothing to offer to this country. Kaura, you and whoever you are calling your Master have less than 20 days to leave power, so say your wish to Nigerian, danganye kawai…!

  • Adaora Oleh

    This Bala Mohammed is just grasping at everything that will help him discredit Gov. Yuguda cos he’s obviously gunning for his seaT. But he will not succeed. Gov. Yuguda is a very honourable politician and won’t lie just to gain favours.

  • Dan Ogomosho

    Bala Kaura plan the protest just to embarrass Governor Isa Yuguda. It is courageous for Isa Yuguda to tell the world the facts because he is in charge of security of the state. PDP can do their worse to him. He will be welcome into APC, after all. He was ANPP before he moved to PDP.

  • Jacob Kallamu

    FCT minister abi FCT landlord. Bala is no good. see how the levels in Abuja deteriorated since he assumed that office. metechew!! someone who does not know his left from right is pointing fingers at a Governor who has served his people to the very core. whats my business with PDP or APC? we Nigerians just need people who can effect change in our lives period!!

  • Blessing Areo

    im quoting the writer here ” Mr. Yuguda should tell the world why he has suddenly
    turned into an APC spokesperson, exonerating the opposition party of
    culpability in the attack on the PDP presidential campaign team in
    dear writer, that is the right thing to do, that is the way to show that politics isn’t a do or die affair as it is to people like Bala. afterall when its all over APC and PDP would still have to work together.

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      PDP is party of criminals who do not listen to truth. When Yuguda supported 16 is greater 19, he was said to be a democrat but when he speaks the truth since unlike many of PDP criminals he cannot continue to be telling lies PDP is saying he is APC. Who need a dead party that has brought so much poverty? Yuguda should defect APC because PDP is dead.

  • Ama U.

    I will provide a white hanky for APC wide mouthed on the line supporters to wipe their tears when their master forger must have come distant second. I am convinced that these people talking on the line have no PVCs
    and can not vote.

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    Bala Mohammed the drunkard and errand boy of illiterate Dame Patience Jonathan. He sold all Abuja street and green areas. His fear of prison is what is making him desperate to the extent of organzing voilence that would lead to purspond the election. Bala would definitely go to prison.

  • Worried Mother

    Continue to expose yourselves roaches kawai! Muazu, Yuguda, Bala. Bauchi these three people can destroy your good State. May God get rid of the trio in one stroke for the good of the state before they turn it into another Maiduguri.

  • Yusuf

    what a big mole; very soon Akpabio will turn out to be another mole

    • Bala Luguja

      lol lol lol

  • Omo Akin

    When this FCT Minister turned over land that was paid for by Mrs. Yardua to Mrs. Jonathan, I believe then a wise President would have been wary of such a person because he will do the Jonathans in in a heart-beat when the Jonathans are no longer in power. But it appears the President does not know better. With all the security dragnet that spread over five miles around the campaign, how could APC supporters get that close to the President? How come the protesters were so close and none of them was arrested? In all the protests in Kano, Katsina and Bauchi, how come none of the protesters were arrested? The simple reason is that their sponsors were highly placed PDP chiefs who shielded them from arrest.
    Mr. President, your house is leaking badly because you failed to work for the ordinary Nigerians who voted for you in 2011 but think that you can get some political jobbers and hacks to help you.

  • Ahmed Joe

    All well said however Mrs Clinton, Obama etc represent a destructive class that has done more harm than good to African-Americans by being too politically correct i remember the fall out of Supreme Court’s Clarence Thomas hearings at the US Senate back then clarifying issues more coherently than your kind of apology which is counter productive to your American children as you put it

    • Musty

      well said

  • Musty

    Haba Prof. Where do you think Hillary will make a best president? Prof, just look at it this way, that it was you that work for the US government with highest security clearance, and decide on your own to you use a personal server for official emails, what do you think will happen not only to you, but to the server provider too? Secondly, let us look at her records at DOS, what positive records does she left behind? Just assumed what happened in Benghazi, happened in a Nigerian context (that Nigeria lost its’ service men in the same circumstances as that of the USA under Sec. Clinton), I actually can’t imagine what you are going to write. Prof. you need to understand and accept that America is in a similar situation with Nigeria (in terms of leadership recruitment) if both parties were only able to produce Trump and Hillary, that to shows us how leadership recruitment was bastardize too in the US. Another point Prof. look at Hillary’s ties with corporate America!

  • Daniel

    Utter balderdash!